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HAPPY NEW YEAR Urantians. Enjoy these new offerings from

AN INSIDER HISTORY of the Spiritual Renaissance Institute and Vern Grimsley’s legacy in the historic wake of his war scare messages in 1983-4. Free E-Book and Links to some of Vern’s most powerful Jesus of Urantia lectures. Review of the facts and the players in the downfall of the Family of God.

DESTINY, from human to morontian to spirit, by HAM, a visiting celestial teacher. Free e-book follows the flow of evolutionary progression in lessons from 1991-93.

SIMEON’S JOURNEY, an impressive collection of spirit-connected poetry from Bob Devine of the Association of Light and Life, with a rejuvenated website that includes New Teaching Mission lessons.

WILL & CO., IN FLORIDA. Early TM lessons from Tallahassee, 1991-2.

BEYOND BAGGAGE, a two-act stage play and other writings on the theme of mental baggage by Jim Cleveland. Al Johnson, everyman, confronts dogma in his life, with a circle of personalities from his past for a reckoning and a new direction — deeper within. Stillness and celestial teacher contact. Want to stage it?

Hope you enjoy our huge library and links to the latest information from Urantia, ACIM, Pathwork, the Institute or Christ Consciousness, the Correcting, Magisterial, the Divine Love Sanctuary, Humanity’s Team, and 11.11.


‪For nearly 30 years now, the Urantia-based Teaching Mission supernal teachers have been drilling us lovingly in foundational spiritual values and warning us of this turbulent era which they have long called our “Time of Correction.” We can call it Apocalypse.‬

‪We have been forewarned by a quarter of a century, but too few people got beyond their ‘channeling’ issues and constraints to pay much attention. They should reconsider in 2021. ‬

‪For insights and guidance, we are processing and displaying nearly 6,000 transmissions and conversations at, where the next phase of the very personal Teaching Mission has melded into the new Magisterial Mission of co-creative cooperation and service in the re-building of our institutions. We are building a database and library for every visiting celestial over the years, and feature packets of timely 2020 advice from Melchizedeks and celestial personalities.‬

This Apocalypse, as foretold,‪ is essentially a global War of Values and Intentions. We will make soul-building or soul-crushing choices that resonate with spirit or else drag us further into acrimonious animalism. Value choices. ‬


‪Quarantine is a great time for Stillness—quiet time for worship, prayer, forgiveness, and your resulting guidance into loving service. After all these years, personal connection with teachers and celestial artisans and healers is still your ever-present opportunity. ‬


This is where meditation meets God, where contemplation and faith meet in personal peace. ‬


Be mindful, be spirit-full, and learn to listen and learn more in this time of quarantine and personal growth.


          jim cleveland


Artwork & Graphic Design by Gwen Cleveland, David L. Hubbard

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