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*2022-02-21, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #25, Machiventa*

Planetary Manager’s Group #25– (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


*Manotia: A stirring of angels*

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


*Manotia: A stirring of angels*

*Avahlah—a new article*

*Genomic memory*

*A previous change in the vibration of the planet*

*Panic attacks and living faith*

*Positives of coming paradigm shift*

*Cooperating with your guardian seraphim*

*Revelation does not cease*

*Update on a request for proposal*

*Manotia: *Good morning, this is Manotia—Associate Chief of Seraphim on
Urantia. I'm here today with the blessings of Machiventa Melchizedek. My
presence here today is due principally to the fact that your world is under
assault by negative influences, and I am here to assist you to keep your
shield up, your guard up, and to remain steadfast to Christ Michael’s
dictates. He is the benefactor of us all, and He has a plan for returning
this planet to the fold of all Nebadon's planets. The second part of my
message is that there is an awakening, a stirring, among the angels on
Urantia. Urantia is a particular planet that has special significance to
many angelic corps. They are stirring—they are awakening. There is a change
of spirit on this planet which is significant in which many of us have
participated in awakening. You call this a change of consciousness, however
there are younger generations which understand this as a change of the
“vibe” of the planet—that something has changed. This is not the same
planet—the same feeling—that existed on your planet five years ago. There's
a change, and the change is for the better. There is a shaking loose of old
habits, old, crystallized traditions, which are no longer applicable. Now
[is the time] to find something that will replace it that is positive,
proactive, and helpful to new generations.

We are here in this awakened state because we signify this time as being
highly instrumental for forming the future—a forming of the future that is
highly desirable to future generations. You of this generation—the older
ones, and even those who are 40 and above—will see great changes which will
make them uncomfortable, yet these are useful to the spiritual plans for
this planet to change the old to the new. The disasters and the cataclysms
that you are experiencing and will experience even more, were not designed
by anyone. They are simply a facet of the planet’s change as it goes
through time, as it warms, and so on. This has happened before on this
planet even to a greater extent than is current. This caused great
discomfort to your human races. We ask you to join us in this awakening—to
join in, not the reformation, but the recreation of this planet as a
civilized planet among all the millions of planets in Nebadon. This is
Manotia, Associate Chief of Seraphim, thanking you for your time. Good day.

*MM:* Good morning, my friends. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a
pleasure for me to be here with you and have you listening in and observing
what is going on here today. Manotia has a great interest in this planet as
it is the assignment she was given after the rebellion was settled and even
before. Her presence here is significant for these times. She is one of
many who works with and for all of us under the guidance of Nebadonia.

This is Machiventa. Let me cede the podium and release it to Avahlah
Melchizedek who has been working with This One in their writings.

*Avahlah—a new article*

*Avahlah:* Good morning, this is Avahlah Melchizedek and the one who has
been working with This One for so many of your years in writing and
producing the concepts which are part and parcel of the plan for
reconstructing your world. These plans and concepts are essential parts of
the recovery after the collapse of your civilization and your societies.
These are being more and more refined. You have recently received the book
entitled *Democracy—Planning for Recovery Before the Coming Collapse*. We
are now working on a shorter article which more clearly specifies what will
be needed and how to do it. The timing will not take as long as you may
think as long as there are individuals in organizations that support the
construction—creation—of a socially sustainable democratic nation. We
anticipate that this will be finished within the next month, and you'll
have a copy for yourselves. Thank you.

*MM:* This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I'm open for your questions if you
have any. Thank you.

*Genomic memory*

*JT:* Sonwabo asks: What is genomic memory and how is it different from
recall memory? Let me read all his questions, and then re-read them one at
a time. They are all questions about genomic memory.

1. What is genomic memory, and how is it different from recall memory?

2. What effect does genomic memory have on the human will, desires, and

3. It seems to me that it's not easy for a person to become aware of these
genomic memories, is that correct? If that is the case, it seems to be a
great task to attempt to erase or heal something that you are not aware of.

4. Is the willingness to do the Father's will sufficient to heal or
transcend the undesirable genomic memories even if a person may not be
aware of such memories?

5. How does one erase or heal undesirable genomic memories? I'll go back to
the first question. What is genomic memory and how is it different from
recall memory?

*MM:* Thank you for your question. First of all, there is what I would call
genetic memory, and that is much like a ROM memory—Read Only Memory—in a
computer. It is that which is written into your genes from before birth. It
is part of the genetic inheritance from past generations and is embedded in
your genes and helps guide you to safety and to fulfill your needs. There
is epigenetic memory, and that epigenetic memory from the memory recordings
of behaviors and decisions of your parents, grandparents, and so on. It
comes to you when you were born and expresses itself throughout your life
until you make the conscious decision to uphold it or not. The epigenetic
memory is augmented by your own behavior and decisions, and these behaviors
imprint upon the recordable part of your genetic structure—your genome—so
that you are guided to your behaviors automatically during your lifetime.
These are learned by yourself. There is memory in your mind that you learn
from school, from behavior, and from rote learning such as how to find your
way home from school when you are walking home or how to find your way
across the city while you're driving and older. Once you do it several
times it is recorded in your memory and you look for the signposts and
landmarks to assist you to find your way to where you want to go and, of
course, return home. This is a major part of your learning in school.
Further this memory is also augmented by your own thinking, the cognitive
and reasoning facilities, that add to your cognitive and reasoning
abilities. You find solutions—or wisdom—from your experiences which you
garner from reflecting *on* those experiences. We hope that this helps you.
Thank you.

*JT:* I think that answers his second question. The third is: It seems to
me that it's not easy for a person to become aware of these [I’ll call
them] gene associated memories, and if that's the case it seems to be a
great task to attempt to erase or heal something that you are not aware of.
Could you kindly comment on that?

*MM:* Again, thank you for your question. It's a very good one. This is
something that you would observe in yourself, this is part of the
proprioceptive aspect of your behavior, that you are an observer of your
behavior. If you're behaving in a way that is detrimental or causes you
dis-ease you then are learning what has been embedded in your memory. For
instance, if you make a faux pas in public and you were embarrassed, that
was probably caused by some behavior that was spurred on or motivated by
something in your epigenetic memory. This is how you learn about
yourself—from your behaviors; and, you begin thinking about your behavior,
decisions you can make. In a way you are becoming a vicarious observer of
your own behavior, of your own thinking. When you observe something in your
behavior and thinking that you do not like, your will-mind can choose to
command your conscious-mind not to repeat the erroneous thinking. As you
all know, sometimes this takes many repetitions to correct your thoughts
and behavior as the conscious mind is what would be called “stubborn.”

These corrections are the means by which you become more sociable, wise,
caring, and compassionate—by expressing the higher aspects of your being,
thinking, and doing. You would want to weed out those decisions, behaviors,
thoughts, and even language that is detrimental to you in relationship to
other people, and to yourself. You know these things as they become the
opposite of rewards, they become punishments in effect to you. Thank you.

*JT:* Is the willingness to do the father's will sufficient to heal or
transcend undesirable genomic memories, even if a person may not be aware
of such memories.

*MM:* Yes, this is a good beginning. Your willingness to do God's will and
your active command to *will* to do God's will is the beginning of
retracing and changing your behavior and your thoughts. You can augment
this by asking your Thought Adjuster and your guardian to assist you to
become aware sooner of your negative thoughts, verbiage, and behaviors, and
that you would ask to be given instructions consciously or unconsciously on
how to correct yourself. By willing to do God's will and invoking your
guardian and your Thought Adjuster’s assistance, you become more and more
enlightened and God-loving individual. Thank you.

*JT:* And I think that really answers his fifth question, how does one
erase or heal undesirable genomic memories?

*MM:* Yes.

*Rick:* Hello Machiventa, how are you today?

*MM:* I'm excellent, I'm living in the light as you strive to do as well.
Thank you for asking.

*A previous change in the vibration of the planet*

*Rick:* It's good to be here today, and my question to you is based on an
earlier comment by Manotia in which [she] said five years ago, there were
the beginnings of a very big change on this planet. And I do remember March
and April of 2017. I was feeling quite irritated, short-tempered, and
angry—not at anybody or anything—and I couldn't figure it out why. There
seemed to be no reason, but since that time I have felt, I think, what
Manotia was talking about which is this change. Part of it has been
uplifting—the school with my kids, very successful in my own creativity,
art, but then there's been times where I felt these latent panic attacks
late at night, and I'm just wondering if all of this is part and parcel of
this wave of change that was initiated five years ago, and if so, could you
expound on this major change and how it could possibly affect us?

*Panic attacks and living faith*

*MM:* Your question is ambiguous, but I will strive the best I can. You may
recall around the same time approximately when Nebadonia began the
advancement and upliftment of the vibration on this planet. That was the
beginning of that. And so, you are a part of this environment here where
you are affected by those vibrations, and you respond to it. Now concerning
your panic attacks, your anxieties, those are also part of the upliftment
process. It is a means by which you can consciously confront your own
insecurities. This is a challenge to your faith. Many people have a
“knee-jerk” faith that is old and traditional to many Christian religions.
Active, living faith is that you live life without worry, without concern,
without anxiety. You *know* that you are safe, you are cared for, you are
loved, and having willed to do God's will, you are being guided in the way
of right living that will assure your care for today and for all tomorrows.
This does not necessarily relieve you of physical death or harm. However,
it is a matter of assurance in your mind that you live by, so that you can
progress in positive emotions and responses. If you're always in anxiety,
worry, and so forth, then you are not allowing the good to be enjoyed each
day. Thank you.

*Rick:* Thank you for your answer. If I might further ask regarding this
important and major transition, I've also felt positives over this period
of five years. In other words, there's been some dark, short chapters, but
there's also been some uplifting [ones]. Should we be experiencing maybe a
spiritual or just an overall sense of elevated well-being as a result of
this paradigm shift?

*MM:* If you would remove the “should” word and restate your question, I
would appreciate it.

*Positives of coming paradigm shift*

*Rick:* Sure. Might you share with us the positives of this paradigm shift
and how it might manifest itself in our lives?

*MM:* Certainly. You have begun to live in accord and in synchronous
vibration with the uplifting vibration that the angelic corps has begun to
tune your world. The matter of consciousness on your planet has been
uplifting. For others, it is highly disquieting, and they do not trust it.
However, those of you who are in the flow of God's consciousness, you can
appreciate this as those uplifting moments of joy and of mutual felicity
that you have with other people and with yourself. It is like giving
yourself a big hug. Thank you.

*Rick:* Thank you very much.

*Cooperating with your guardian seraphim*

*Recca:* Greetings to Manotia. Will you give us guidance on cooperating
with our own guardian seraphim during daily life in this attuned or
expanded ministerial work of Nebadonia?

*MM:* This is Machiventa. I will answer your question. You were not
specific as to who you requested the answer from. Yes, your work with your
guardian is highly augmented by asking for your guardian’s guidance,
besides her guidance to avoid your early death and harmful circumstances.
You would want to ask for closer monitoring of your thinking—that you
would, so to speak, “catch” yourself in the middle of self-dialogue where
you say something negative about yourself or something negative about
someone else. You want to have your guardian assist you in curbing a sharp
tongue, your anger, your regrets, your silent hostilities, and so on. We
know that you have made great progress in this and that you have made
significant changes in your own behavior by your own will-mind. Now you
want to become tuned in to the subtleties of angelic guidance. You and your
Thought Adjuster, working with your guardian, can become quite a powerful
triumvirate of consciousness. We hope this helps. Thank you.

*Recca:* Thank you.

*JT:* That's all we have today Machiventa. Do you have a closing for us?

*Revelation does not cease*

*MM:* This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary manager. Yes, I do
have a lot on my plate. I do have a lot to consider—many projects, hundreds
of them in fact. Were it not for the Melchizedeks, I would be too busy to
attend these meetings every two weeks with you. However, the value of them
is *very* significant, and it is important that the continuation of
revelation continues for *you*. As you know, revelation does not cease. It
is constant, it is continuous, it is without cessation. It is part of your
life as a God-conscious individual. Revelation is not special for any one
individual, any one age, or any one generation. It is always here, present
with you. The revelations that you seek are those now for your world, how
you fit into it, and how your grandchildren will fit into it. It is
important that we now work together in designing the future that you want
your grandchildren to live in. It is important that they have the means to
also design and change and adapt their social environment and their social
institutions so that they support them more easily. And it is always that
you pray, and we pray along with you, that their quality of life would be
more explicit, would be less complicated than it is today, and that with
every generation there would be social and spiritual evolution which
assists in that process. And for these things, for you, your consciousness
and for the revelations that come to you, we give great thanks. Thank you
for your presence today. Good day.

*Update on a request for proposal*

*Daniel:* This is Daniel. Just for anybody's information, the application
request for a proposal for a workshop for Machiventa has been rejected. It
is the choice of the Fellowship that only workshops that pertain directly
to, on, through, and for *The Urantia Book* are approved.

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