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Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S., and may Peace be upon us all. — JT

*2021-11-15, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #18, Machiventa*

Planetary Manager’s Group #18– (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


*Passing of Raymon Miller*

*The Wingmakers materials*

*Wingmakers materials II*

*Agondonter status and ideas in general here about the afterlife*

*Hold the light and radiate it*

*The Adjuster, the soul, and past lives experiences*

*Vibrational level and health*

*Energy projection and the aura*

*Social disruption and the end of planetary quarantine*

*Democracy in America*

*Your “intellectual portfolio” and T/Ring*

*Strategic intelligence and learning organizations*


*Ethical and moral considerations in Artificial Intelligence*

*Living life with broken systems—giving and receiving*

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: JT


*Passing of Raymon Miller*

*Machiventa: *Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, your planetary
manager, and I am delighted to be here with you. While you mourn the loss
of your friend Raymon Miller, we have greeted him here and we celebrate in
his presence here, as we know that he will have many stories, anecdotes,
and lessons to teach us here and to share with all other morontial beings.
It is not that he is exceptional to other mortals traversing from Urantia,
but he was one of the individuals of the Planetary Management Group and the
Northern Colorado Group, which originated it. We are very thankful for his
contributions as I know you are as well. This passing of your friend is an
occasion for you to think about your own life, your contributions of
service, and to your friendship and love of your fellow Urantians—your
fellow brothers and sisters of mortality on this planet. I have no specific
lesson or presentation to give you today, so let us open up our
conversation with your questions. Thank you.

*The Wingmakers materials *

*JT:* Let's see, I have a quick question here from Katie, who asks:
“Machiventa, are the Wingmakers materials legitimate?”

*MM:* Wingmakers? What are Wingmakers?

*JT:* I don’t know.

*Daniel:* I don't know anything about that. That's not part of my database.

*JT:* Yes, It wasn't a part of mine either.

*Stéphane:* Hi Machiventa, Stéphane here. How are you today?

*MM:* I’m excellent, thank you. As I said a couple of weeks ago, I live in
the light, and it's just beaming around here.

*Wingmakers materials II *

*Stéphane:* It’s good to be around this light. Thank you very much. I just
wanted to pitch in because I have been made aware of the Wingmaker material
that's been referenced in the previous question. It's a cave that was
discovered in New Mexico that had some interesting technology and writings
associated with this. It had a CD-ROM type of material with thousands of
pages of text that the US government presumably has taken ownership of, and
there have been some books written about it. It is described to be a time
capsule left by extraterrestrials to be uncovered at a specific
time—presumably now—in our history. It was planted (this time capsule) by
some extraterrestrials a few hundred years ago. There's also presumably
another six, similar cells located around the world that have been
uncovered. The material is, from what I can gather, not offensive, and
seems to be aligned with our ability to destroy ourselves, and what to do
for us to align ourselves for progression of our civilization. I would give
that insight, and maybe you can comment on that.

*MM:* One moment. I will defer answering any questions regarding that until
This One has updated his database with these materials. Thank you.

*Stéphane:* That's fair enough. Yes, I just thought I'd give an insight
here, but I will give it back to JT now so that Rick can ask his question,
and I may have other questions later on. Thank you.

*MM:* Thank you.

*Agondonter status and ideas in general here about the afterlife*

*Liz:* Good morning Machiventa. It’s nice to be with you today. I was very
interested in what you were talking about two weeks ago with regards to
motivation and the seven core values, and this brings me to a question: Are
most of the citizens of this planet agondonters?

*MM:* Yes, definitely. As long as they are of belief, they are agondontors;
meaning that they have faith without seeing, without knowing, or having
been in the presence of the divine or celestial being. Thank you.

*Liz:* Well, thank you for that answer. That was my idea that that is true,
and when I think about motivation toward the seven core values, I think
about a vision of the afterlife and what it would take to get there. This
was one of the topics last session about motivation and what it will take
to get us there, and I'm not sure that the citizenry of this planet have a
full-fledged idea *about* the afterlife, and I'm wondering if that is
something that could be expounded upon to the population in general. Would
you speak to this please?

*MM:* Certainly. This is Machiventa. I thank you for your question and your
statement. Let me begin this way: You truly are created beings—evolutionary
beings—by Christ Michael's Life Carrier laboratories, and you have all of
the resources, accoutrements so to speak, that are necessary for you to
arrive in Paradise. You have been invested with the motivators of the seven
values, and these motivate individuals to make right decisions. Of course,
it is a matter of choice, and that is the critical aspect of free will. You
have the free will choice to make decisions concerning your partnership
with other people on your planet, meaning that you have a choice of living
ethically and morally outside of fear and ego, so that you can fulfill the
best attributes—aspects—of the seven values. This will provide you with the
means to ascend through the seven psychic circles, with the use of the
seven adjutant mind spirits, your guardian, and your Thought Adjuster. You
have all the means to arrive in Paradise. Please ask the last part of your
question again.

[Multiple technical difficulties today. Some microphones weren’t working,
and some people were disconnected from the meeting as Liz was here.]

*Hold the light and radiate it*

*Recca:* Good morning Machiventa. Maybe I can follow up with the second
part of Liz’s question. Given what you've just said about each of us on
Urantia having the adjutant mind spirits, spirit of Truth, and the openings
of the cosmic consciousness circles, how do we as inhabitants of the 21st
century bridge the gap between the current unchurched, non-faith-based,
more science-based, attitudes of people about the afterlife?

*MM:* For the most part, that is our business, and it does not concern you
personally or immediately. This is part of the change of consciousness of
your planet, of people, and as you will see in the weeks and months and
coming year or two, there has been a tremendous evolving, a tremendous
change of attitude and consciousness away from materialism. I know that is
like “watching paint dry” as you would say. It is tedious, it takes time,
and the overturning of one consciousness to another consciousness—a higher
consciousness—does take time. You, as individuals, simply hold the light.
You hold the higher vibration, and as you go about the world, you radiate
this light and this vibration from yourself outward, across, and around
your world. This is the greatest contribution you could make to this
effort. As your question alludes, Nebadonia and her many corps of angels
have been a great influence to change the consciousness of your planet. It
is an influence. You might say that angels are *influencers*—to use the
contemporary word for those who have the ear of those in power—and of
course, when it comes to power on this planet, each individual is a
sovereign individual unto themselves, and they have the power to effect
great things in their life to the good or to that which is detrimental.

So, you do much by contributing to the augmentation of this positive,
constructive vibration that the angels have been putting out,
disseminating, and radiating for many years. You become, in other words, a
regenerator, so to speak, of the positive vibrations that bring about a
change of consciousness. We do not suggest that you begin any
organizational efforts to do so as there is a pessimistic, skeptical,
jaundiced attitude among the unchurched, as you call them, about efforts to
bring them into the light. For us, it is a matter of watching individuals
change their own consciousness through their own decisions, their own inner
contemplation and reflections of their life, and what is going on. Those
who do not sit in reflection or contemplation, oftentimes close themselves
off from even the influence of their Thought Adjuster and their guardian.
Does this help?

*Recca:* Oh, certainly. Of course, it does. It gets *me* off the hook for
sure. I don't have to change the world all at once, just, as you say, keep
painting the paint and letting everybody else watch it dry.

*MM:* There you go.

*Recca:* Daniel and Machiventa have both mentioned “database,” and I would
like to ask this about transmitting and receiving. Never mind. Forget the
question, I'm stopped. I'm going on to the next question.

*MM:* This is Machiventa, Recca, you are on the thread of a good question,
just compose yourself, and when you have it together or a note or two to
give you pointers, you're most welcome to finish your question or
statement. Thank you.

*Recca:* Thank you. Let me compose myself here.

*The Adjuster, the soul, and past lives experiences*

*Stéphane:* Good morning again Machiventa. I have a question again, like
Liz about the last session from two weeks ago. My idea of reincarnation or
a word to address such phenomenon was centered around the Adjuster. If a
soul had rejected a long-time association with an Adjuster, that Adjuster
could come back. And this is how we could have past-life experiences, but
what you suggested two weeks ago is that Adjuster *with* its soul together
may make a decision to return to add weight to their soul. That is
different than what I had in my previous set of beliefs and knowledge. That
would imply that souls coming to this earth have different weights and do
not start at the same level. Is that correct?

*MM:* Yes, that is one of the options. The whole genre of soul development,
soul existence, and Thought Adjuster’s relationship to souls is a topic
that is far broader than discussed in *The Urantia Book.* It is something
that we do not offer as “extra information” as it tends to confuse mortals
even further than they are now. The object is to keep it simple. Our
concern is that believers who have dedicated themselves to doing God's will
and who are on their spiritual journey to Paradise beginning here, need
very little information about all of the facets of soul existence, soul
wisdom, and so on. I am therefore reluctant to speak at length or even more
briefly about this topic. I would like to leave it at that. Thank you.

*Stéphane:* Very good. Yes, if you want to leave it at that, then I won't
ask any more questions about this topic, and I'll hand it back to JT.

*MM:* Thank you.

*Vibrational level and health*

*Liz:* Thank you Recca for asking my question, and yeah, there are
definitely some problems today with the technology. Machiventa, this is a
topic that we've covered before and that is our personal, vibrational
status. It came to me in full glory last month when I was grumpy for two
weeks and could not seem to get myself out of that state of mind. My
vibrational level sank so low that I got very sick, and not only am I
committed to never be that grumpy again (or at least for that length of
time). I'm reconsidering all that I know about this raising of the
vibrational level, for our health. And I know that we've spoken about this
before, but I feel remarkably teachable at this particular point. I'm
wondering if you would speak to this again, maybe briefly, about whether or
not there are limits to this raising the vibrational level for our health,
and does it continue on into the mansion worlds and beyond?

*MM:* I will answer the last part of your question first, and yes, it does
continue on into the Mansion worlds and beyond. Now, you've mentioned the
word help or health, would you spell that word please that you were
interested in.

*Liz:* Heath. H-E-A-L-T-H.

*MM:* Thank you. Yes, your mental attitude, vibration, and your confidence
in yourself is definitely directly (though you'd never see the connection)
connected to your health, your physical health. Your mental health is a
generator. It is reflective of the… We have not discussed this concept—the
energy projection centers of your mind. You have an ability that is part of
your will mechanism to increase your vibration and then project it. This is
an aspect of spiritual metaphysics, as you perhaps have read a book by
Louise Hay, one of her first publications about health and your ability to
improve your health through your mind activity. There are many books of
similar nature that would be helpful for this. As far as the interior
mechanisms that go on in your mind, it is very similar in some ways to the
software problems that you are having difficulty with today in these
communications from others outside the immediate contact of our host JT.

*Energy projection and the aura*

Although there is not much known by mortals about this energy projection
faculty of your mind, there is much information about what it does, and you
are correct that your attitude [and] your physical and mental health are
definitely connected. When you are at the peak of your mental health,
physical health, your self-confidence, and your will to command, [you] can
be of great assistance to yourself, to others around you, and to people and
to your whole planet from a distance. That is why we say that each
individual makes a difference and that the individual can affect the whole
Earth population as much as the whole Earth population can affect you. It
presents itself as a great deal of work to do in an individual's life. I do
not feel I have fully answered your question and you were welcome to work
around the edges again if you wish.

*Liz:* Well, thank you for that answer. It's quite wonderful this idea of
this energy projection ability. Is this different from expanding our aura?

*MM:* Yes and no. The vibration I was speaking of… I will answer your
question related to the aura in the moment. Your projection of energy is
outward, it is also inward. As far as your aura is concerned, that is not
necessarily related to your projection of energy. It is a presentation of
your energetic history that is readable by us (by celestials) and anyone
from the morontial realm and upward. It is much like a four-dimensional
holographic record of who you are, where you’ve been, what you've done—your
accomplishments, your challenges that you have not resolved yet, and many
other parameters of your life. Does this help?

*Liz:* It does. So now I have questions about this energy projection
because I think I have a basic understanding of the aura. Is this something
that is like “laser targeted” or is it something that could be more
generally applied? I'm not sure that's the correct word, but [is it] like a
surgical approach to emitting this energy projection, or is it more like a
shotgun approach?

*MM:* Neither one. You mentioned “aura” again, so let's leave the word
“aura” out of your questions and your statements please so we don't confuse
these two. To project your energy is an act of will. To project it
*powerfully* is much like being a bright and shining beacon of the Christ
light that shines through you. You *will* yourself to be in attunement with
Nebadonia’s energies and Chris Michael's energies and let them flow through
you. You become, in other words, a representative or emissary of
Nebadonia’s energy, angelic energy, and Christ Michael’s energy. You want
to attain this position of power first before you project it. You would
project it through your mind mechanism—you would hold an image of where and
when and whom you want to send this energy. And so, when you do that, you,
without words so to speak, call it forward to the destination or to the
condition that needs treatment. You are better served generally in your
unconscious awareness of yourself by holding the presence of Christ
Michael, of God within you, as a radiating presence that moves outward from
yourself to others. Thank you.

*Liz:* Thank you. That gives me much to think about over the coming weeks.

*Social disruption and the end of planetary quarantine*

*JT:* Alright, we'll try and go back to Rick. He's given me his question in
writing. So, the question is: “Currently, it appears that Urantia is
experiencing extreme social and political worldwide polarization. In my
life experience, it seems to have started in the early 90s. My question is:
Is there a relationship between Urantia being removed from quarantine in
the mid-80s and our current situation?”

*MM:* This is Machiventa. You pose a very good question, thank you. Yes,
and yes, they are related. You have in many ways as a global civilization
been protected from the machinations of the realms of evil, if you want to
call them that, that now have been adjudicated and disposed of. And now
you, as a world, are being confronted with the realities of an
experimental, decimal planet that has come out of the stasis of quarantine
and adjudication to now become fully responsible for its own
developments—for wrong decisions and right decisions. And as your world has
been in spiritual, energetic quarantine for so long, there is the lack of
200,000 years (approximately) of education, training, and enculturation by
Spirit of right living practices. The repercussion of that, as I see in the
background of your question, is that when the participants in
decision-making are not fully aware or cognizant of the effect of their
decisions, the results, and the repercussions that come about from those
decisions that affect the whole of the planet, then you have a world that
has “gone amok” to use the old cultural phrase and word. There is much
chaos, hysteria, lack of organization, failing leadership, and so on. And
that leads me into this situation of what we have been doing to introduce
you to conscious living, seven core values, the ethic and morality that are
generated from those values, and the importance of family
practices—productive family practices of parenting and child rearing—that
become multi-generational, and the aspect of epigenesis—that you as a
planet are bereft of almost all of that. There is a need for winnowing—for
gleaning wisdom—concerning the family and decision-making by individuals
and in organizations. It is important to now bring that wisdom together to
be presented. Right living, and the results of right living seem to be of
minor importance to most people on the planet, whereas there are some of
you who have totally dedicated yourself to living the expression of God's
will through your life. This is a much different situation. Nonetheless, if
we were to do some indigenous research on your world, we would find that,
yes, there are parents who have an expression of wonderful parenting
practices and child rearing practices, and the world should know about
that. There are individuals who understand the responsibilities of
organizations making decisions that contribute to the world's benefit, of
peace, and that support the individual to grow into their potential. These
practices are known too, but they are not widespread, they are not
organized, and they are not generally presented.

We see, however, that there is a niche in the Internet services where there
are wonderful organizations which are teaching right practices for
parenting and so on. The Khan Academy, which we have cited before, is a
wonderful source for academic excellence at all levels. Some families know
about ABCmouse.com which helps families raise children, and children help
raise themselves through this program. And of course, there are many games
and some computer simulations which assists individuals to develop their
cognitive thinking processes that support right living as well. So, it's
not as though I am painting a totally bleak picture, but you're right,
Rick, that the past has now caught up with the world. Thank you.

*Democracy in America*

*JT:* I have a second question from Rick in writing, he says: “I fear for
America's democracy. What advice might you have for anyone wanting to
protect American democracy?”

*MM:* This is Machiventa. We are a non-political organization, as you know.
We love everyone equally, we care about everyone equally, and individuals
choose whether they participate in generating good in their life or not.
The problem of democracy is that it is fragile. It takes constant renewal
and attention. It cannot be set into place as so much ROM software that
when you turn on a switch, then everything will light up and work on its
own. As we have seen, and others of you have seen as well, these social
systems on your world that are set up as institutions and formalized have
become calcified, are no longer tractable, and they become authoritarian
and rule bound. This of course is anathema to freedom, to liberty, and to
democracy. What we are calling for and striving to generate in your
democratic societies is an attitude that is accepting of social evolution
of the social institutions of which the democratic process is one. Social
evolution of education definitely needs attention as does healthcare and so
on. There is much work to do, as you can see. And you, Rick, are aware of
this as you have been a good traveler of the world to see many cultures and
are now living in the culture of Mexico and are a former resident of the
United States. You see what is going on from a distance and intimately up
close. As I have said in past sessions, democracy is the best example of
governance because it embraces the core needs and values of being human.
You need freedom and liberty to grow into your potential that you brought
into life, and you need a life that allows you to do that—to express the
fullness of your life. Therefore, what we see that is missing in your
democratic societies is conscientious, functional educational systems. And
as we see, there are no systems existing in education or in medical care
other than those that generate profits. Thank you.

*JT:* Let’s see if Recca has more to say.

*Your “intellectual portfolio” and T/Ring*

*Recca:* Thank you. I tried to write it down. How does our other personal
book reading, book learning—our intellectual portfolio—affect our celestial
teacher’s capacity to be an effective communicator. Do we get in our own
way as a T/R?

*MM:* Yes, you do get in your own way, and this is affected by your own
upbringing, your own attitudes, your own beliefs, your assumptions, and
even your expectations about yourself as an individual. What you read does
have an imprint. Many people do not read “just for information” to add to
their database, but as an affirmation of their own prejudices, biases,
opinions, and attitudes, and some also have the humility to read and learn
from sources that expose their weaknesses and what they need to do to
become more whole and complete. And yes, all of these factors do affect
your ability to T/R. One of the best attitudes towards T/Ring is to be
humble and to accept yourself with all your foibles, warts, and bumps
emotionally, in your psyche, and so on, but nonetheless, you are loved, and
you have the source of wisdom within you that does have a personal and
intimate relationship with you.

The biggest impediment, of course, is not outside of yourself, but inside
yourself—what you believe about yourself, your worthiness, your self-worth,
your self-image, your self-esteem, how you see yourself as being accepted
by others or rejected. Sometimes that last part can work on your behalf,
even if you live socially in exile. A trouble with living in exile is that
oftentimes many people become culturally isolated and not open to the
larger culture. One must be humble above all else and know that you're
worthy of hearing *within* yourself the T/R experience. You see there are
two T/R event horizons: one is within yourself—to hear your guardian, for
example, or your Thought Adjuster—and the other is to become a clairaudient
channel T/R as this one does, where I am able to speak through the
mechanisms of his mind that control his breath, his vocal cords, and so on
so that it becomes an unconscious part of his reality as he sits here
listening to me talk to you. He's not involved in what is occurring here.
There is no volitional participation on his part to become part of this
dialogue between you and I. Three people in T/Ring does not work though we
have had experiences where two T/Rs can tradeoff between themselves from
one teacher or celestial being who speaks through them alternately.

So yes, it is important to be humble and to understand your self-worth (all
those aspects I've just stated) so that you know that you are worthy and
even deserving of being an effective T/R. That, of course, is the mighty
challenge of the ascension program—to overcome the life course that your
ego wants to direct and guide for its own benefit. You see, if you have a
flagging self-image and ego state of empowerment, or if you have a
superiority empowerment, you do not see clearly who you are and what you
are in relationship to others. Of course, the ultimate relationship to the
greatest other is God, the Thought Adjuster within you. Thank you.

*Recca:* Thank you.

*Stéphane:* Hi Machiventa. Thanks again. It’s an honor to be with you today.

*MM:* Thank you.

*Strategic intelligence and learning organizations*

*Stéphane:* I have an opportunity to leave my previous employment and start
a new employment, in fact, start a company. My previous employer was a very
large organization. The next one will be very, very small. The challenge
for leadership today—the transformation from bureaucracies into learning
organizations—can't really be done with existing roadmaps because it's
something completely new. So, leaders need qualities and conceptual tools
to do this. This might be called the strategic intelligence. Can you
comment on how new organizations can set themselves up for success in this
environment of constant, accelerated change?

*MM:* Yes, I will attempt to answer your question. First of all, in this
database I'm working with, you perhaps know about Peter Senge’s book, *The
Fifth Discipline*, and the subtitle is “The Art and Practice of the
Learning Organization.” In the bibliography that This One has provided in
several of his books, there is work by Chris Argyris and David Schöen about
learning organizations as well. In your situation, you are most concerned
about leadership to take on the chore of guiding a small organization into
success. That begins by thinking in terms of your organization learning.
Where do you learn? And what do you learn *from*. Obviously, if you learn
only from successes and then you fail— you have a failure along the
way—then you will not know how to deal with that. The simple, direct
guidance through that situation is that you see this as a learning
situation rather than a failure. You don't want to fix what went wrong, but
you want to devise this system that doesn't allow that mistake or that
error to occur again. So, when you do that, you begin to learn about your
organization and the systems within it. What you'll be doing is preventing
further, similar errors. The strategic intelligence that you mentioned, is
a primary source that This One has recently found and...

*Daniel:* This is Daniel, just a second here. There's another... Oh yes.


*MM:* This is Machiventa. The other source that you may look at is
phronesis—phronetic leadership. There is a good deal of material on that.
It is at this point, as you say, virtually unknown. It is learn-as-you-go,
and you with the wisdom of many years of being in business and having
worked with a very large organization, have a great deal of education and
training experience to assist you to do this by the seat of your pants.
This is very much like learning to live life on the ascension path. You
begin in the past as a mortal making obvious mistakes. You make a
misstatement calling somebody a liar when they actually told the truth, and
then you have to make amends for your mistake. And you tell yourself “I
will never do that again.” And so, you learn your lesson. And the learning
organization is all about learning it's lessons. You would want to do this
vicariously as well. You would want to see other companies, similar to your
own, new company that you're working with, to learn about *their* mistakes
and how they overcame them.

There are some generalities that can apply across similar companies, of
course, but you are concerned about your own place in your new company.
Most of all, you would want to have your employees become aware that they
are working for, with, and in a learning company. The owners of the company
would want the employees to think as entrepreneurs. And in the larger
strategic scope of things, you would want to, in fact, make employees part
owners of the company so that they have an entrepreneurial esprit among
them and within themselves so that they have something at stake, and that
they want to learn from the errors of themselves, the fellow employees, of
other departments, and other companies to improve their profit margin. As
you are beginning to see in learning organizations, you really work for an
organism—a learning organism, and therefore you would want to have the
organism become aware of potential trouble ahead, problems that may cause
default on an agreement, a product, or service, and that you would want to
begin counting up these successes and what brought the successes together.
Strategic leadership is the ownership, so to speak, of the company, and not
only the company, but it's course in time and through his experience of
doing business day-to-day. I hope that helps.

*Stéphane:* Very good. Excellent. Thank you very much Machiventa.

*Ethical and moral considerations in Artificial Intelligence*

*Jeff:* Good morning Machiventa. I recently listened to a podcast by a man
who is very involved in artificial intelligence, and sometime ago you
started to talk to us about how that industry was exploding and how it
could be steered to beneficial use or steered to malevolent use. And this
fellow was saying that the speech computer programs are getting so good
that artificial intelligence can answer questions that people have, and you
think you're talking to a person, and actually you're talking to a computer
with a very large database. It occurred to me that at some point, this is
going to accelerate to the point that individual children could be
literally assigned a computer to give them personal instruction on life,
values, and things. Is there an update that you could offer us about where
we stand now and what direction we might look to ourselves and our families
for this future assistance?

*MM:* This is Machiventa. Yes, I’d be glad to. The future is humanity
coupled with AI. Where to begin? It begins by the database, and the
database, if it is absent of moral and ethical input, will provide skewed
or biased advice and guidance. If you were investing in an AI company that
was developing educational programs or child parenting programs to market,
you as an investor would want to ascertain what the database contains, and
perhaps even who wrote the code—who was the architect of those programs.
Because what is occurring, as you can see, is that as these voice
recognition programs become more and more capable, they will soon crossover
as input to the AI database. The problem there being that just as with
parents who are bad parents, they will generate children who will probably
become bad parents themselves. And so, it is important that the background
programs of AI always have an ethical and moral base that complements the
human preference for the seven values. Even though people are unconscious
of seven values operating in them, people have an actual preference for
those things that work i.e., those things that are in agreement with the
basic levels of their thinking. This, in many ways, if I may draw parallel
between ethics and morality as basic to the database of AI, so too you
would be thinking of investing with a company that is green—that you would
participate, let's say, in a mutual fund, where the emphasis is on green
investments—meaning that the assets of the companies are invested in
recycling, reusing and not generating toxic materials that harm the earth
and harm people. So too, we and you, are looking at AI programs that will
have the same detrimental or beneficial aspect in their programs.

Let me separate the two programs of AI; one is for profit making and one is
for educating, counseling, and tutoring individuals—whether they are
children, or adults, and so on. For the profit-making companies that are
running AI, you can be quite assured that they will most likely *not* have
any ethics and morality programmed into their database, as this would
generate self-thinking programs in AI that would generate investment
programs that benefit everyone rather than just the investors. And of
course, that works against the investment program and profit generation in
companies. For AI in education, it is paramount that an ethical and moral
complement be embedded in those programs. I'm glad you asked this question
because it generates a lot of thinking on our part as my Melchizedeks work
with me simultaneously answering your question. You can anticipate that if
a company does want to assure that their programs are ethical and moral,
that some along the way will say: “Well, yes, we want Hindu ethics.” Others
might say: “Well, we want atheistic ethics and morality.”, and so on. So,
you get into a very sectarian perspective of ethics and morality, whereas
our interest with you and with all people on the planet is that you have an
a-religious ethic and morality, similarly has been developed by Avahlah and
several other Melchizedeks in the writings of This One. It is important
that this complements the values held within individuals, and that those
values become the basis for the generation of a humanitarian ethic and
morality. Thank you.

*Jeff:* Thank you very much.

*JT:* Alright, that's all the time we have today Machiventa. Any final

*Living life with broken systems—giving and receiving*

*MM:* This is Machiventa. Yes. This is a closing statement before my
benediction to you, and that is that you're seeing that the software today
in our communication across nations and across systems has malfunctioned.
We (and you) don't know whether that is an aspect of the solar winds—solar
storms—on your sun, or whether it is a break in some [fiber optic] cable,
or what the problem is. This is much like life on your part—living life
with broken systems does not generate good outcomes, and so it is important
that, when you do read material that you read material that helps
complement the fullness of your life, that you think in terms that help you
make decisions that concern the benefit of your life and others without
separate, selfish benefit to yourself. It is not that you have to give your
life away to others all the time. You are a recipient of the good of others
as well. To give means that someone is receiving. For someone to give to
you means that *you* are receiving, that you are grateful, and that you
appreciate that. And so, you grow in this reciprocal relationship of giving
and receiving, you see the benefit in others, and you see the benefit
within yourself. And when you expand this to whole systems of social
engagement, whether it's a family, a company, or some other function, you
see the benefit of positive ethics, morality, and right thinking. They all
fit together. There is an integrated holism of human activity, thinking,
culture, and associations that is *One*. Your societies work better when
they're holistic, integrated systems rather than those that are separate
and apart and selfish in their own nature.

We bless you. Know that you are going through difficult times—individually,
in families, in communities, and so on. You are coming to the realization
that oftentimes you are alone and that it is you against the world.
However, you must look behind the curtains as you stand on the stage of
your reality to know that we are there behind you, and we are your
[prompter] so that you are guided. And this is your Thought Adjuster, and
this is your guardian angel. They guide you and they whisper in your ear.
They are your personal, human whisperer. Good day.

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