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*2021-07-12, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #9, Machiventa*

Planetary Manager’s Group #9 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


*Broad Terms*

*For Godwin*

*The Peace of Jesus*

*Peace and competition*

*Planetary Thought Adjuster*

*Working with Thought Adjusters*

*Soul Growth and the evolving Supreme*

*Preventing the die-off*

*Moral responsibility for future generations*

*Relocation advice*

*Taking sides in America’s cultural war*

*When you choose Peace, you choose Peace*

*Be at Peace *

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Jeff


*Broad Terms *

*Machiventa: *Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. I am glad to be
here with you as your planetary manager and as your friend. Today we are
going to speak in much broader terms. We have talked to you about the
co-creative activities of the correcting time. Mortal participation is
necessary, and it is mandatory for the healing of your planet. We have not
spoken of the larger parameters of this co-creative relationship. We have
spoken to you before about your co-creative relationship with your guardian
angel, your celestial teacher, your Thought Adjuster, and as you project
yourself to be of assistance to others. Today we will take that to a higher
step. On Urantia, one of the planets that was in quarantine, you have a
vastly important position to play in the expansion of experience for God
the Supreme. In that experience, you will also take with you the
possibility of you working with your Thought Adjuster more directly in
healing your world. This relationship now extends to the planetary Thought
Adjuster—the coordinator, “so to speak”, of all Thought Adjusters on this
planet. I say “so to speak” in quotes simply because your English language
(or any language on this planet) is insufficient to convey the type, the
degree in depth of power, and all parameters of the relationship of
individual Thought Adjusters to the planetary Thought Adjuster. This has
been arranged between Christ Michael, those in Uversa, and onto Paradise.
This, as you know, is a remarkable Creator Son universe. Nebadon is in the
7th superuniverse, and expresses the triunity of God the Father, the Son,
and the Infinite Spirit. With this arrangement, you are recipients of a
greater awakening (when you're aware and in alignment with God and your
Thought Adjuster) to be co-creative partners for transforming your planet.
Remember our work is not to restore your planet to where it was before, to
heal it, or to recreate it, but to transform it. This is one of those rare
opportunities in the Grand Universe where planetary citizens, mortals, can
be of direct assistance to the will of God on your planet and the will of
the Creator Son in particular. Know that your Creator Son, Christ Michael,
is deeply involved in this process, and with Monjoronson, has created,
given permission, and empowered this new relationship. Your experience,
therefore, on this planet in the co-creative relationship extends from you
and your personal Thought Adjuster to that of planetary Thought Adjuster,
Christ Michael, Monjoronson, and other Divine beings who may be
participating in this adventure. Your chore then is to become in alignment
with the Will of God through the direct assistance of your Thought
Adjuster. Your will then becomes a moment-by-moment feature of your work
with Christ Michael to help heal this planet—to transform it—along with
Nebadonia and her many corps of angels.

There is no shortage of help that you have available to you. It is simply
that you are the limitation—the bottleneck—in the transformation of this
world. Your learning process would require you to ask your Thought Adjuster
to assist you in learning the larger dimensions of your mutual
relationship. This is a process of consciousness—one in which it is
expanded to include the larger parameters of spirituality in Nebadon. You
must be aware as well that any thoughts or any will expressions that are
contrary to this relationship are null and void and that they will not be
supported in any way—even in the smallest way—by beings of all levels who
are in alignment with the Thought Adjusters of this planet and of the First
Source and Center. Each of you, however, can be greatly empowered and
expanded in your consciousness to embrace this new dimension of your being
and as a direct helpmate to God the Supreme to expand its knowledge
base—its database (so to speak)—that you have within you. Monjoronson has a
major investment in the social development and evolution of your planet
from all social institutions through all organizational frameworks within
your society. The Most Highs are the immediate coordinating body to assist
us in these developments. They are fully aware of the evolutionary and
developmental stages that each planet must go through within their purview.
They [have a] particular interest in the planets that were in the
quarantine—those that were isolated—as this can be the foundry, so to
speak, of these wonderful ingots of molten spirit within each of you to
expand your consciousness to its largest parameters while you are still
material mortals on a gravity-bound planet.

*For Godwin *

Let’s take a break from that. Turning another page, I would like to speak
to Godwin and recommend to him that he use his own insight to analyze his
own urgings as being similar to that of motivation so that he is able to
get to the core and the basement at the root level of motivation. And I ask
him this one question: What motivates you to be thirsty or to become
hungry, Godwin? Thank you. I am moving to questions if you have any.

*The Peace of Jesus *

*Rick:* Machiventa, it’ an honor to speak with you again today. Thank you.
My question: over the past week, I've noticed two other, what I believe to
be spiritual movements, that are very much in sync with the UB. One is
Eckhart Tolle (most known for *The Power of Now* and *A New Earth*), and
also transmissions from Abraham, which is brought to us via Ester
Hicks—popularly known as Abraham-Hicks. One of the quotes from Eckhart
Tolle recently caught my mind and I found it of interest (and perhaps [it
would be] to others as well.) He talked about people seeking happiness and
not peace and the limitation of happiness is that [it’s] fed and supported
by external events, but peace is totally reliant on the inner self—the
spirit. So, with that, when I think of peace and the UB, I think one of the
most potent things Jesus said is “May my peace be with you.” In growing up
in the United States (or around the world as well), peace (my thought) was
basically the absence of war—we're at peace with Russia now because we're
not at war. We're at peace with other countries because we're not at war,
but the peace of Jesus, it seems like to me, that that is the touchstone of
what we as people should be seeking and, if that makes sense to you, I
would appreciate you sharing with us ways that we as individuals can
increase the peace of Jesus within each of us.

*MM:* Yes, of course, the answers are these: first be as Jesus was—he was
at peace. He was not in conflict within himself or in conflict with others.
He is one with himself. And the first beginning of finding peace for the
individual is the peace on the inside—the peace that surpasses all
understanding. You, as individuals, if you were to strive to do that, you
would make great progress. The peace that passes all understanding is
non-competition. You are neither in competition with yourself—with those
ideas, beliefs, and assumptions that you were raised with—and you are not
in competition with any other person. That is a truism among all planets,
for all mortals who were invested with a spirit of the Son, the Spirit of
the Spirit, and the Spirit of God. Your lack of competition will lead you
to a huge change in your life. Simply accepting this as a possibility in
your life is a tremendous (to use the too-well-worn phrase) *paradigm shift*
of profound magnitude. You must will yourself not to be competitive—not to
compare yourself to others either as less than or more than, neither
inferior nor superior to others. You begin to love yourself the way you are
right now—all your bumps, wrinkles, pimples and everything else as well.
You embrace this peace at the level of non-competition.

*Peace and competition*

There are many ways to achieve this and that is to truly have times of
reflection with yourself, with your conscious requests for support from
your Thought Adjuster and your guardian to transform your life to be at
peace. There are other modalities that can be applied. Meditation is a good
one. Meditation followed by contemplation and reflection are excellent
places to begin as well. This begins the process of you reflecting on your
life and the moments of immense competition, your agonizing over defeat,
and agonizing over your superiority over others in your defeat of others.
This is truly highly animalistic and hearkens back to the competition for
food, competition for survival, and competition for mating—both for males
and females. You see, this competition is something that has struck to the
very core of your mortal, material humanity. To rise out of this
competitive nature, you must aspire to your oneness with your Thought
Adjuster, to liken your daily activities to that of Jesus as he worked in
his carpentry shop and met many strangers on the crossroads where his shop
was from various cultures. He became a master of his trade, a master of
himself, and the master of relationships with others.

In the relationship of yourself with yourself and yourself with others—the
*intra*personal relationship and the *inter*personal relationships—are
those fields where you can test your prowess at becoming more superior as a
spiritual being. Are you becoming more like Jesus in your daily activities?
Are you becoming more like your Thought Adjuster in your mental activities?
Peace cannot be discounted as one of the most important features of your
humanity, and of course peace begets love. And when you love yourself with
all your foibles, you will become at peace more and more by every passing
year. It is no coincidence that this is so as it is part of the maturing
human personality with the designs of becoming a more perfect personality
in your soul. This is a part of life and living as a mortal. This is a part
of your maturation with divine guidance. When you open yourself to that,
many questions, problems, situations, and quandaries about your life will
be answered to you in those quiet moments. Ask for guidance. Ask for
insights. Do not be shy about talking to your Thought Adjuster as this is
the fount of wisdom whose source is in Paradise with the First Source and
Center. Be known to yourself as privileged to have a Thought Adjuster with
you and open yourself to Its presence in all ways. Thank you.

*Rick:* Thank you very, very much for your wonderfully informative answer.
Thank you very much.

*MM:* You're most welcome.

*Planetary Thought Adjuster *

*Recca:* Good morning, Machiventa. Thank you for your wonderful opening
remarks. I think I heard you say planetary Thought Adjuster, and in that
flash of a moment I envisioned the planetary Supreme Urantia having a
Thought Adjuster. And then I thought, no, that can't be right, but the next
flash thought was how can we as individuals working to put Jesus’ peace in
our physical lives, physical relationships, mortal relationships, and the
Thought Adjuster within us as a conversation and a partnership, how can we
raise our understanding and intersection with a new version of our planet?
How can we start thinking of the planetary Supreme *also* as a
copartner—not as a commodity, not as our use of planetary resources, but as
a partner in progression. That's my question.

*MM:* Certainly. The how question is always fraught with difficulties. It
is more of a process than an answer, and that is to examine your
intentions. You would want to state your intentions aloud, as we discussed
in our last session, and even *write down* your intentions, and you would
want to test that with yourself to see how sincere you are with those
intentions. And when you have written your intentions, to the sufficiency
of sincerity as you determine it, then this will be taken in hand and in
mind—literally in mind—by your Thought Adjuster and shared with the
planetary Thought Adjuster. You have only to do that one thing. Remember
that in God's ascendant universe and the ascendant plan for each
individual, it is your sincere intentions that you work towards that are
most significant. Whether you accomplish that or not in your life is of
little consequence, but your pursuit of fulfilling your intention on a
daily basis throughout the course of your lifetime is most important, and
it is the intention that will form your thoughts, your words, and your
actions. You then become an expression of the conjoined relationship
between you and your Thought Adjuster for your Thought Adjuster and your
guardian will surely assist you in all legitimate, possible ways for you to
ascend, to grow, and to broaden your understanding of your relationship
with your Thought Adjuster and with God—the First Source and Center. Look
to that as the “how” answer. Thank you.

*Recca:* I heard you say planetary Thought Adjuster again just now.

*MM:* Yes.

*Recca:* What does that mean?

*Working with Thought Adjusters*

*MM:* That means that the Thought Adjuster that assisted Jesus in his walk
in life on this planet is of assistance to you as it is the assistance to
myself and to others. I would like to speak to you now of the communication
of Thought Adjusters and the oneness of communication that occurs. It is
less of a process than it is an event—an instantaneous, shared
understanding or knowing. When that is occurring between Thought Adjusters,
the understanding is instantaneous, and the questions are answered
instantaneously as though they were coming from the receiving Thought
Adjuster itself. What one Thought Adjuster knows, all Thought Adjusters
know, and the questions that are shared that are uniquely new are then
answered in that mindset, that combined mind activity. It is more like an
instantaneous mind sharing among all Thought Adjusters. Therefore, when you
open yourself to give yourself and give unlimited permission to your
Thought Adjuster to speak with you and to guide your life, you have given
your Thought Adjuster permission to access all wisdom that is available for
minds that are similar to your own on this planet and other planets. We are
mostly concerned now about this planet and the informing of all resident
people on this planet of their special given relationship to spirit here.
That relationship is limited only by the individual. It can be expanded to
the limits and unlimited permissions that the individual gives their
Thought Adjuster.

The caveat is that you open yourself to immense societal change within the
context of where you live and with whom you associate and your peers
whether you know them or not. It is a course which many have taken, though
few today want to do so as they feel they must give up “themselves” i.e.,
meaning that their possessions, their acquisitiveness, their status, their
power, their control, and their innermost self-appointed authority. And
yes, that is true. They would need to give up some portions of all of that
and to live simply as Eckhart Tolle and as Abraham have suggested many
times in the past—a simple life is a Christ-like life where you have
availability to all that exists as you need them and as they will
contribute to your life. I hope that helps. Thank you.

*Recca:* Yes, it helps immensely. The idea that the personalized Thought
Adjuster that helped you and helped Jesus is the planet's Thought Adjuster.
Is that right?

*MM:* That's correct.

*Recca:* That's quite an honor to be included in that relationship. In
fact, it brings me to tears to think of that. Thank you for that
clarification. Naturally, I have another question in relation to this. Then
the planetary supreme Urantia is emerging as we state our intentions and
fulfill our intentions (or the process of our intentions) in our daily
lives. That affects how our planet recovers its health. But my question is,
do each of us also have a relationship with this planetary Supreme as the
daughter of the emerging God the Supreme? Do we each have a relationship
with that emergent personality as we act? Can we name that? Can we name
that relationship as we can name the relationship with our Thought
Adjuster, and the relationship with our guardians, the relationship with
Jesus, and with each other? Can we have a direct relationship with the
planet also?

*Soul Growth and the evolving Supreme *

*MM:* You have already, and you are expressing it through your actions.
Become responsible for your actions. Remember that you are an expression of
God evolving within you and you are an evolving spirit entity according to
what you provide to your soul, and that your relationship with the
planetary Supreme needs no name. It's a very Zen situation where, if you
can name it, then it does not exist and exists because you do not name it,
but that you live in it. And so, you want to be one with the All. You want
to become a responsible mortal living their life responsibly making
contributions to the experience and the evolution and development of your
planet through that planetary Supreme. This is not something you need
concern yourself about, your responsibility is to yourself, particularly to
your soul and to your Thought Adjuster to load up your soul as much as
possible during your lifetime through moral and ethical decisions and those
decisions and acts of service. You, in this way, grow to the larger
parameters of your soul by fulfilling your life plan when you ask for
direction to do so from your guardian and your Thought Adjuster. And the
communication between your Thought Adjuster and your guardian is not a
palpable one. It is very similar to the knowing—that what is provided to
your guardian is on a need-to-know basis, and that the relationship between
your Thought Adjuster and the planetary Thought Adjuster is dependent upon
your relationship with your *own* Thought Adjuster. You need not concern
yourself about your relationship with the planetary Thought Adjuster simply
because you cannot surpass that communication with your Thought
Adjuster—your personal Thought Adjuster. And so, with that we say: “Well,
get to the business.” And speaking with your Thought Adjuster to do God's
will means to open yourself to that will of your Thought Adjuster to the
extent of your life plan, and as your life plan can contribute to the
evolution and development and fulfillment of your soul.

This is a lot of work. There is a lot of responsibility involved. You need
not be in a worrisome state about it. We wish you to live easily and at
peace and accept these realities into your life. And your intention to
express that in your lifetime is the highest desire that you can give your
Thought Adjuster and yourself. And with that you will make good decisions
on a daily basis to help fulfill your life plan. Does this just make sense
to you?

*Recca:* Yes, it makes excellent sense. Thank you for leaving me speechless
for now. Thank you for being here.

*MM:* We hardly believe it's possible to leave you speechless, but we look
forward to your questions in the next session or later in this session.
Thank you.

*Recca:* Thank you.

*Preventing the die-off *

*JT:* We have some readers with questions. Linda asks, can we prevent the
extent of the predicted die-off?

*MM:* The simple answer is no. The tipping point has passed for taking any
remedial action to prevent or put a stay on the die-off. The extent of the
die-off is dependent now upon the willingness of earth’s population and
civilization to curtail their deadly onslaught of self-annihilation. And
this is what it amounts to—self-annihilation. This is a natural process of
every species, and it has been proven to be true by animal demographics of
contained populations and so on. It has occurred with many species and will
occur with your species as well. The problem is that mortals are only now
able to come to the insight that they have the authority and power to be
conscious of these past problems in all human history. The problems are
mostly organizational and that organizations of every type, whether they
are governmental, military, commercial or other, have had no consciousness
to think that they have a responsibility to the maintenance and service of
humanity. It is very much like it has occurred in other societies and other
cultures where a society and culture living on an island in the Pacific,
chopped down all the large trees to make dugout canoes, to cross the waters
to assault other societies, and upon the last large tree being felled and
made into a canoe they were without the possibility of inter-island
commerce and trade and sharing of ideas. This is self-annihilation.

You must realize that this whole planet is an island unto itself and that
the inhabitants on this world are slowly (and now very quickly) beginning
to annihilate themselves. You have seen these cataclysms in the form of
floods, and now of heat, and of drought, and overpopulation, and the result
is global warming and the result in the oceans and the Arctic and Antarctic
is the melting of great volumes of ice. It turns into water which will
raise your sea levels greatly. The missteps or miscalculations of your
scientists is a part of this whole process. Very few scientists and
historians have the consciousness and awareness of what is occurring. Now
educators and those who have significant inroads into the socialization and
inculturation of each new generation must give thought to what they are
doing and to create new educational models for the moral upliftment of
every new generation.

*Moral responsibility for future generations *

Each generation has a moral responsibility to every next generation.
Individuals have a responsibility to all humanity. You may think this is
too grandiose to encompass or to embrace that responsibility, but truly it
is yours as an individual because you as an individual make hundreds of
millions of decisions throughout your lifetime that will affect all of
humanity. This is particularly egregious and powerful when you think of
individuals at corporate levels and governmental levels that have the power
to affect the lives of millions of others by their decisions or lack of
decisions. *What you are seeing is the result of a lack of consciousness of
that moral responsibility.* There are more than sufficient lessons
throughout history to teach you now that your responsibilities include
those to all other individuals most immediately in your personal
life—meaning your children and your family—as you know that you received
from your own parents. Perhaps you are a good parental model for your
children. Perhaps you are not. Perhaps you didn't learn much from your
parents as you raise your own children, and you will pass on this lack of
skills. That is truly an issue that must be addressed, and it would make
good working models for design teams wherever they begin.

You have put yourself in quite a crux here. Have you not? And I speak not
of you as an individual, but to you, the whole of earth's population. It is
a consciousness-raising experience that is desired, or you can suck your
thumbs and say poor me and go hide your head in the sand again.

*Relocation advice *

*JT:* Delores asks, should people relocate to a more specific location to
be more useful during the cataclysms.

*MM:* This is Machiventa, and I address you, Delores, as I address everyone
who reads and listens to this message. And it is this: that is your
responsibility. What do you think? Use your head? You're not stupid. You
have enough intelligence to make an answer for yourself—an answer which you
must eventually live by or die by. It is something that affects your life
as a whole and that of others. Think this through carefully. We're not
going to tell you what you should do. That's your job. Thank you.

*Taking sides in America’s cultural war *

*JT:* And we have Will who wants me to address something he feels strongly
about—that the co-creative team of Machiventa and Daniel has taken sides in
the current culture war in the United States, and he specifically says: “A
while back, I asked Machiventa if Marx was inspired and was told that yes,
he had a lot of good ideas.” He adds: “But Marx is the one that said
religion is the opiate of the masses, he took inspiration from Nietzsche
who said that God is dead.” And he's having a hard time reconciling all
that. Do you have a comment for him?

*Daniel:* This is Daniel. I don't fully understand the question or the
references. I would appreciate it if that was clarified. I, Daniel, do not
want to stilt or distort the answer from Machiventa in any way. It's just
that this is something that needs more clarification. Thank you. JT, how do
you think we should handle this?

*JT:* Well, I think the main thing is not the Karl Marx quote from him, but
that he feels like the co-creative team of you and Machiventa has taken
sides in the cultural war he feels involved in. Whether it's liberals vs.
conservatives or progressives.

*Daniel:* Which sides are those? That's a question. Which sides are these?
I mean the question as given assumes so much and so many assumptions.

*JT:* Well, I think a lot of people feel like we're in a cultural war in
the United States—conservatives vs. progressives, republicans vs.
democrats. He's got a list of… He initially approached this as “*woke
supremacy*” as opposed to “white supremacy.” That's one way he's
characterizing the war, or the crossroads were at.

*Daniel:* Okay, Machiventa is ready to answer.

*MM:* This is Machiventa. Thank you for the clarification and you are
correct—America is at cultural war with itself. The choosing sides within
this contemporary society system, and I don't say it is a circular
integrated system, but it is a system of individuals and organizations
taking sides with cultures. In the realm of our work—your planetary
manager, the Melchizedeks and all the angels of high and low positions,
orders, and power do *not* take sides. We have only one side and that is to
do the will of our Father. When you enter into divisional oppositions, you
are arguing with yourselves. This is not a wise thing to do. It is very
much like the intellectual individual trying to do psychiatric
self-analysis at the same time while they are the mind, they are the
thinker, and they are the subject of observation. It is impossible to do
simply because the arguments are always stilted by what the individual
thinks, their belief systems, and so on. You as a nation are doing the

*When you choose Peace, you choose Peace *

When you choose peace, you choose peace—not whose side of peace. It means
you are not in argumentation with yourself, you are not in argumentation
with anyone else. There is no better or worse culture than others. There is
no woke or white culture. It is simply that the individual must be on the
side of God and wills to *be* that way. This is the ultimate side of
reality in the universe. Which do *you* choose? By reading and listening to
these different sides in the news and newscasters sharing their personal
opinions, the viewers can become more divided. Your mass media has tainted
the thinking of many individuals and has been used as a substitute for
individuals regardless of their intelligence level. There are others doing
the thinking for you. Think for yourself, think in alignment with your
Thought Adjuster. Your Thought Adjuster has only one culture and only one
mandate and that is to do its utmost to bring you into the culture of God
and God-like thinking. Thank you.

*JT:* That does it for all our questions today. Do you have a closing?

*Be at Peace*

*MM:* This is Machiventa. Yes, we have given you several closings during
this presentation, this session today. When you look at them, you will see
that there are closings along the way. The closing today is to be at peace.
If you want to create division and to make your enablement and your
empowerment ineffective, then come to the point of division in your
thinking to want to argue, want to be right, and say that you're thinking
is right rather than others. Jesus did *not *have a division of mind. He
was undivided in his thinking; he was at peace; he knew that he had a
tremendous amount of work to do, and he set about doing it as best he
could—even to the point of forgiving those who crucified him and killed him
on the cross as a mortal body. He rose from that and came back to present
himself in the morontial level of existence several times saying: “I am the
Way and the Light. Follow me.” Thank you and good day.

*JT:* Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

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