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*2021-06-28, New Era Transitions Planetary Manager’s Group #8, Machiventa*

Planetary Manager’s Group #8 – (Find this and previous PMG’s at:

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


*When in proper alignment, your way will be made clear*

*When sincere and earnest, you can rely on us*

*We are here*

*Work with us outside of just emergencies*

*Development of motivation*

*In person communication vs. electronic*

*More connected and more isolated*


*Communication among celestial beings*

*Say it out loud*

*And write it down*

*Fill your heart and mind with “We are here!”*

*Modifying weather conditions*

*Planetary Manager’s objectives*

*Suffer the little children *

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Invocation: Sherille


*When in proper alignment, your way will be made clear*

*Machiventa: *Good morning. This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Once again, I
am pleased to be with you, and I thank you for your attendance. As you may
note in some instances when you move forward in a direction that is
positive, constructive, and works in alignment with our goals, you will
find that the resources that you need will be right in front of you. Again,
it is more real than even the old metaphor of walking across the stream and
knowing where the stones are so that you don't get your feet wet. Now, you
will see the stones and you will walk forward through the uncertainty
around you knowing that your way is made clear, that you have a clear path
ahead of you, and that the resources you need will be provided. You, of
course, realize this is a co-creative relationship and so you must also
make your needs known to us for this project that we are co-creatively
working on together. This is how you find fulfillment in your life—whether
you are a teacher, a janitor, are providing childcare, or whatever role you
play in your society, you, nonetheless, are always available to us, and we
are always available to you.

*When sincere and earnest, you can rely on us *

When your heart is sincere and your commitment is earnest, you can rely
upon us to be there even for the smallest of tasks. We are particularly
good at arranging those things which you cannot—those meetings, those
resources, those opportunities that move you forward in a direction that
complements our work and your life. You see, this is the working
relationship at the spiritual-pragmatic level of living life *more* than
just in faith, but in the knowing that you are there with us and we are
there with you and that our relationship is palpable. This is the beginning
of your relationship with your Thought Adjuster. You can begin with your
Thought Adjuster at any time, speak to your Thought Adjuster anywhere—in
the silence of your mind, even in the stadium of the Super Bowl. We are
always with you, and we always wish to be a complement to your life in
meaningful ways. You will find that the superfluous, shallow, and
meaningless details for your life will not be answered, but that those
meaningful ones will be. This helps to lead you in the way of understanding
the light, where the light is, how to follow it, and then bask in it as you
walk forward *in* the light.

*We are here *

The underlying message in my opening statement is that we are here, we are
operational, we are functional, and we are of immediate assistance when
necessary. We have a sense of urgency to be about the Father's work—Christ
Michael's work—in the Correcting Time for this planet. We have said before
that it is our wish to prepare for, not the restoration or the recreation,
but the transformation of your societies even before the cataclysms become
too great and horrendous. This must be something that registers in the
hearts of believers—that they would be curious to understand what this
means and how to prepare. Of course, for you as an individual mortal, the
pragmatics of co-creative participation are very real because *you* will,
in fact, be living through these circumstances which may not be pleasant,
and which will affect your life tremendously. You would like to have
answers provided to you as they're needed, correct? Of course. So, that is
answered prayer in the moment. You would want to ask for assistance in
understanding the way forward so that you can make sense of our leadership
and of the circumstances that you are in at the moment. You then become, in
a way, planetary managers of your own small square footage of the planet,
and wherever you walk, that is your planetary management responsibility.
You are an emissary when you want to be, you can be a compliment to Christ
Michael's journey as Jesus when you want to be, and you can be an example
for others when you provide your leadership through the spirituality that
exists within you and around you. Your guardian angel is always available
for you no matter what your circumstance is.

*Work with us outside of just emergencies *

We're trying to convey to you that we wish to have a working relationship
outside of emergencies. It seems that, in the past, people only came to
spirit with a request when they were in dire circumstances. It is important
for your *mortal* relationships that you maintain them even while there are
difficulties and unfortunate developments in your life. Relationships are
ongoing—they are not here, and there, and scattered in piecemeal. True
relationships are continuing. You feel their presence. You know that there
is someone there for you, and that is us in this spiritual-mortal
relationship. Just as you want to have a friend who has “got your back,” we
too are there for you at all times whether in dire circumstances or not.

As Christ Michael has given us directions for our work, we would never turn
you away from the door of opportunity to come to know Jesus/Christ Michael
and Spirit—your Thought Adjuster—more intimately. When you knock upon the
door seeking help and we open the door, we will not say “We do not know
you. Who are you? We have not seen you before,” but rather we will welcome
you in and assist you as we can. Our efforts with Christ Michael's direct
command for us is to maintain relationships, to establish new
relationships, and to then foster them to grow, evolve, and become more
complete. It is not that we want you to become totally independent of
spirit, but that we wish you to have a working relationship with us in
meaningful ways that you can count on, knowing that when you are in great
difficulty, we truly *do* have your back. Thank you. I'm open for
questions. If you have any.

*Development of motivation *

*JT:* All right, we'll start a question-and-answer mode here. I want to
start with the question from Godwin while we are relatively quiet here.
Godwin says, “Questions two and three were missing, which I sent in on May
third. I've tweaked them slightly and I'm sending them out again. “As far
as I understand, in the history of the unfolding of our evolution there is
a qualitative transition, a gradual development of motivation. In the DNA
structure the seven core values were laid as the foundation, then the first
five Auxiliary Mind Spirits came into play, then time passed, and the 6th
and 7th Auxiliary Mind Spirits began to positively motivate spiritual
development. What is the next step that might await us in this history of
human motivation that could propel us further, in the development of human

*MM:* One moment. This is Machiventa. We recommend to you, myself and all
my Melchizedeks, that you cease this business of your mind with the
penchant to intellectualize your questions, but to enter into your heart
and see where you need development. Is there some area that needs to be
quiet? Is there some evolutionary step that *you* need to go through? This
is not about the steps out there, but this is about the steps in *you* in
*here* with *you*. I could answer your question, I would be glad to, but I
advise myself not to. And so, you are going to be left with no answer to
your question other than to ask yourself the same question and pursue
filling that void in your own spiritual growth with your Thought Adjuster.
Thank you.

*JT:* Alright, I'll leave his second question out then, because it's more
about motivation. And we’ll go to Jeff.

*In person communication vs. electronic *

*Jeff:* Thank you. Machiventa, you told us a while back that there were
important signals that our body sent out and received when we interact with
one another in close proximity and that a fair amount of that, I think he
said up to 80 or 90% of it, can be lost when long distance communication is
involved. So, this may be partially a question of curiosity, but it's also
one that I want to embody if I possibly can in our website and other
dealings. It seems to me today that we experience the world around us in
increasingly digital manners. I used to read newspapers. Today it's
articles. And newspapers you could stack in a pile, and you could go refer
to them and they were always printed. Today we have articles that are
printed digitally but they can be amended or taken down or simply
disappear. So, my first question about this is: Are our brains wired to
accept texting as the same as person-to-person conversation?

*MM:* No, thank you.

*Jeff:* Thank you. My second question is, are digital conversations or
social media conversations less impactful than actual telephone or
zoom-like conversation?

*MM:* Yes. Except to the extent that you would have a video call.

*More connected and more isolated *

*Jeff:* Okay. Thank you. Some people fret that, even though we are more
connected to the world than ever before, we are at the same time more
isolated. Do you have any thoughts on this issue or a resolution to that?

*MM:* How long do you have to talk about this today? That is my answer to
your question. There's so much to be said about personal contact, personal
conversations when you are face to face across a coffee table or lunch or
across easy chairs in your home. You see, your present media, in all forms,
does not provide any more heart contact between yourself and another person
than reading your old newspapers from your stack or the new one that comes
on your front porch every morning. That is the same business. It is almost
callous. It is insulated from an electrical standpoint. You are not in
contact with the energy of the other person. You may hear their words, you
may see their emotional states on their face, but you are not there with
them face to face emoting where your two auras are in contact. You are
missing the message, and the message is one from the heart. This is where
true relationships begin—where you feel this intimate relationship with
another person from your commitment from your heart and their commitment
from their heart. The relationships now are no different than signing a
lease contract and then putting it away and forgetting about it. It is
cold, it is business. You must remove the business from your humanity.
Thank you.

*Jeff:* So, I don't want to suck up too much oxygen, but I want to put that
into context. My questions are really in the context of dealing with the
model, validation, and co-creation that it seems that a very important part
of the energy towards using this tool is that the people who are acting as
organizer, facilitator, recorder, consultant, and enquiring minds really do
need to be physically present with one another for maximum effect. Am I
thinking that correctly?

*MM:* Absolutely correct. Yes, thank you

*Jeff:* Thank you.

*Namaste *

*Recca:* Thank you Jeff for your run up on that with your statement.
Machiventa, when I'm standing with an acquaintance, friend, or anyone
physically (we're talking physically now—in proximity) can I strengthen the
co-creative process that we're learning by consciously inviting my Adjuster
and the person-in-front-of-me’s Adjuster into colloquy (I'm sure Adjusters
are in colloquy all the time)? Does that [apply] even if these are
strangers in front of me, and I will be in a brief conversation with them,
greeting Adjusters, inviting Adjusters and Guardian angels into this
situation? Do we make a physical imprint or a spiritual heart imprint that
walks away and with each of us and we work in our own way strengthened?
That's my question.

*MM:* Thank you so much for your question. Have you ever heard this
salutation namaste?

*Recca:* Yes of course.

*MM:* And what does it mean?

*Recca:* My inward spirit greets your inward spirit.

*MM:* There you are. Yes, you are most definitely encouraged to invite your
Thought Adjuster to contact the other person's Thought Adjuster. And, of
course, when you have this request there's basically only one request that
you would want to make with having that invitation shared [and that] is for
the highest and greatest good of all concerned. So that if the person that
you want your Thought Adjuster to be in contact with their Thought
Adjuster, that person adamantly refuses to acknowledge God and any form of
God, then you're Thought Adjuster will not move forward to engage the other
Thought Adjuster to your knowledge or to the other person's knowledge. Of
course, they're always in colloquy, as you say, so that they do understand
each other. That's what you're doing when you have this request—you are
asking your Thought Adjuster giving your will-made agreement and permission
for this to occur. You oftentimes may not know the outcome, and sometimes
later on you may to your own regret. It is not that Thought Adjusters have
any thoughts of harm for you at all other than their work with your mutual
guardians who would, perhaps, put stumbling blocks in your way so that you
learn something from this relationship. That is perhaps an advanced thought
to you, but everyone on our side works together for your good. Thank you.

*Recca:* May I follow up?

*MM:* Please do.

*Communication among celestial beings *

*Recca:* Somewhere in a transcript, perhaps, I have read (and correct me
*please* if I'm wrong) that Adjusters and our Guardian angels are not in
direct association, and that we as mortals are the 3rd leg of the stool of
the communication and outworking of the work that the Guardian Seraphim and
the Adjuster set out for us. Is that a misconception on my part that—that
there is no direct communication or association rather between Adjusters
and our Seraphim guardians?

*MM:* I chuckled to myself because you're right. You're *exactly* right.
It's not as though they sit down over a cup of coffee and chat about your
life unbeknownst to you. Rather, the lines of communication between
spiritual beings are *multiple*. Your thoughts of conversation between the
two is very rigid. It is very antiquarian and animalistic but necessary for
you to communicate with others. Now recall our recent conversation—my
explanation about vibrations and being next to a person physically. There
is a certain vibrational resonance that occurs between you and someone
else. Well now multiply that times 100 between your guardian and your
Thought Adjuster and pretty much everything that is known to the Thought
Adjuster has some resonance with your guardian. Remember that both are well
informed about your plan of life. Thank you.

*Say it out loud *

*Recca:* I have one more question to follow up. When you counsel us to
speak out loud our thoughts, our prayers, and our aspirations (and forget
about the aspersions we may be casting at the same time—that's a little
Recca joke), is this a way of making [our thoughts] very clear to
ourselves—not only our own ears, but to our Guardians and our Adjusters
(who already know most of these things)? Does this speaking out loud give
permission for our private [thoughts] to be revealed to our spirit

*MM:* Most definitely. If you were your Guardian (or someone else's
guardian), you would have privy access to all the inner conversations of
that person. And even when a person is talking to another person, they may
have another conversation going on in their mind at the same time. It is
helpful for us to have you speak aloud those things that you want us to
hear to ensure that you know that we know what your commitments are. You
have to think in terms of speaking aloud to actually make the vibrations
come out of your mouth. And so, there is a definite amount of commitment,
sincerity, and earnestness in your doing so. All of these are important
conversational signals that assist us and assist you to understand what
you're saying because when you're speaking at another level, you are also
listening to it and sometimes you will reflect on what you just heard and
have a new thought that is highly productive. This is self-observation of a
developed level which is very helpful for your spiritual, personality, and
social evolution. Thank you.

*And write it down *

*Recca:* Thank you. Sorry, one final question (I promise you). Then if
speaking out loud performs the task that you just laid out for us, what is
the parallel use of or advantage to the written word in meditation and in
quiet time when I'm journaling on the page and I'm flowing in my own
thoughts written down. That seems of course slower than actually saying
things out loud. Are guardians able to read over our shoulders? How does
that work?

*MM:* It works very well, thank you. What I would recommend you do is that
you state your intention for your journaling. We would hope that you would
journal with the intention of being led by your Thought Adjuster, guardian,
and others who reveal themselves through the point of your pen on the
paper, that you are really becoming an instrument of the revelation that
they have for you, and that you are willing to listen to them and take
notes, so to speak. It's very similar to a novice artist who is sketching
beside a master artist who is sketching a figure who is posing for them and
that you are attempting to write with the master's mind. Thank you.

*Recca:* Thank you very much. I appreciate your patience.

*MM:* You're most welcome. Thank you for your questions.

*Liz:* Good morning Machiventa. I'm delighted to be with you again this
morning. You have said that it's a priority right now that the world knows
that you are here, and other than seeking a path for my participation in
revealing your presence and your team's presence in my meditation, is there
anything else that you would have us do?

*Fill your heart and mind with “We are here!” *

*MM:* Yes, there definitely is. You may remember back many decades where
you saw this indigent individual with a large placard walking down an
Arizona highway saying, “The end is near, the end is near,” and so on. We
wish you not to become that placard carrying individual as many people will
misinterpret our message. What we wish you to do is fill your heart and
your mind with the energy of this message—that we are here—and that you
share it around the world. Remember, I spoke to you (the group) sometime
ago about expanding your aura and your message around the world. You can
speak to a group of people in your living room, you can speak to a large
group in an auditorium, and if you have the capacity and you have the
fortitude of your heart, your mind, and your spiritual energy, you can make
your message echo around the world, so it comes back to you and echoes back
again and again. This would be very helpful. It is also supportive of
Nebadonia’s work and her many corps of angels who are informing the world
that things are changing, events are developing, this is not the same world
it was two years ago, it's not the same world it was a year and a half ago,
and that you have a message to share with the world and that everyone has
an opportunity to accept this invitation to embrace this energy.

As we said, we are not here just as energy vibrations among you, but we are
manifesting the plans for the recovery of your civilization now. Many
people have engaged this. Many people are working at this level in many
capacities, many that are unknown to you or would not even be recognizable
perhaps, but nonetheless there is an effort for good in the world and much
like water, it seeks the lowest level to enter into your realm, and the
lowest level is the most humble person. Thank you.

*Modifying weather conditions *

*Liz:* Thank you for that. I appreciate your answer as always. As you know,
there is an enormous high pressure dome roasting the Pacific Northwest that
seems to be stalled and my experience with you and with hurricanes in the
Southeast and with fires in Australia, it seems that if we band together
with the good intention of, not destroying this heat dome, but just gently
moving it northward and eastward and letting it get on its way would this
be an appropriate venue for us to spend a few seconds in that meditation.

*MM:* Yes, it certainly would, but I invite you to be creative in how you
would do that. What do you visualize? Are you going to create any even
greater high-pressure dome over your geography? Are you going to create a
low-pressure area in another location that would not harm anyone? The
processes are part of visualization—you are visualizing the energy
vibrations in real terms of atmospheric pressure that can work out to
everyone's benefit. Thank you.

*Liz:* So, it's not a matter of just visualizing what I saw on the weather
map last night, which is that this dome of high pressure is stalled over
the northwest and a smaller line of low pressure is unable to come to our
aid. Would I have to have a greater knowledge of atmospheric science? I
guess I don't quite understand your answer. We can't just move it on its
way so that it takes its normal course of action—just not stalled?

*Planetary Manager’s objectives *

*MM:* I chuckle once more at mortal naivete. Education is always a benefit
and to understand it does not necessarily mean that you have to actuate it.
A thought held in mind will out-form itself in your reality. Remember too
that my training of you, in this group and the audience here, is for you
all to become planetary managers. Now, if you were a planetary manager, as
I am with my capacity to amend circumstances, how would you deal with this?
You see, the naivete of mortals on Urantia is very narrow—meaning that they
only see a small portion that affects them. However, when you expand your
consciousness to envelope that of a planetary manager, you become aware of
hundreds of vectors that will come into being by your moving that high
pressure area. You don't need to know the mechanics of it all, you simply
must need to, as a planetary manager, maintain the welfare of all
concerned. This would be a tremendous advantage for everyone. Even
beginning the process of learning how to be a planetary manager and the
parameters of that is tremendously awesome, and it's big, and it is highly
responsible. However, you, as a mortal, have the same capacity of mind as
many of my assistants have, except that you were unaware of them. And so, I
am trying to expand your consciousness to be of service to this planet. I
will not become more specific than that. Thank you.

*Liz:* Okay, so I'm beginning to understand what you're saying to me when
we all put our energy toward deflecting a hurricane away from the shores of
Florida, that hurricane went out to sea and harmed no one that I know of.
And so, what I'm understanding is that if we move this high-pressure area
off to the north and the west, which is its natural path, it's going to
cause problems for those in its path, and that's not what we ought to be
doing. Am I reading it correctly?

*MM:* Yes, you are reading me correctly. You want the highest and best good
for all concerned, and, of course, that involves the less damage, less harm
to anyone who is in that place where it is moving. You see, when you move
it out to sea—to the ocean, mortals are in frequent, daily, hourly contact
with the meteorological reports so they can make adjustments in the course
of their travels. However, when you're stuck on the west coast of this
continent, there's not too far that you can go. So, you, in moving it to
another direction, would want others to be aware of what is happening even
if it's through their meteorological reports. Do you understand?

*Liz:* I do. I do, yes. Thank you. You've given me a whole new dimension of
understanding this power that I believe that we have and that I have seen,
felt, and experienced. So, now I have a greater understanding of the
gravity of it. So, thank you for that.

*MM:* You're most welcome. And do not forget this is the same energy that
Jesus used to heal the leper, thank you.

*Liz:* Thank you for that.

*JT:* All right, well, that's all the questions we have today. Do you have
a closing Machiventa?

*Suffer the little children *

[ED: A small child was heard on the call during parts of the meeting.]

*MM:* Yes. This is Machiventa. Thank you for your presence here today. For
us, it is truly heartening to hear the voice of a small child, an infant,
who got to participate in our forum. It is wonderful to be reminded of the
early era of mortality of individuals who live on this planet. There is an
innocence and a trust that is palpable, immanent, and is visible to the
individual who is holding that child. That the child seeks solace, comfort,
nurturance, nutrition, love, and care from that individual. You as adults,
who are growing into your spiritual adulthood at the lower levels, are
learning this slowly. You are one of many who is loved deeply and dearly by
Christ Michael, Nebadonia, myself, and many others. My relationship to you
is on a much more pragmatic level to assist you as individuals and as a
civilization to evolve and mature into the greatness that you have within
you. Good day.

*JT:* Thank you Machiventa and thank you Daniel.

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