2020-02-24, NET #84, Machiventa

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Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager




Like attracts like—coming together

Coming together as like-minded individuals, then like-minded organizations

Power of mind

Like attracts like—the flip side of the coin

Transitory relationships during morontial progression

Mortal fusion and the experience of becoming perfect

Machiventa and ageing during his experience among us

Brain structure and behavior—contribution of experience and decision making

Two out of ten

Surviving the cataclysms to help rebuild

Bullying, withdrawal behavior, and the Learning Centers for Sustainable Families

Life changing lessons from others

Becoming in the eternal now


TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD


Members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Daniel Raphael, PhD., Sherille Raphael, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Jeff Cutler, James Travis (JT)


Invocation: Craig


24 February 2020


Like attracts like—coming together


Machiventa: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, and it’s a pleasure to be with you once again. Thank you all for being here. This is a bit of news for you, perhaps, perhaps not. We have spoken about transitions for a long time, and we are in the large perspective transition that will last until the early phases of the days of light and life. Those days would not be recognizable to a citizen who lives in the days of light and life; howsoever, it would be a very great improvement over how you exist in this world now, which lacks peace and social stability among other things.


We have, within this larger transition, smaller transitions as we move from one phase to another. In the last part of December 2019 and the early part of January 2020 we had closed one short transition and then, unbeknownst to you, we were in a holding pattern—meaning there was no transition involved. We were just in a steady state of marching in place as soldiers might know—not going forward, not going backward, just waiting. So, the waiting has been completed, and now we are in the initial phases of implementation. And again, you would not recognize this as an implementation. There is nothing occurring suddenly, there is nothing overt to be observed except that we know that the preparations of Nebadonia and her angelic corps have had tremendous influence upon your world, and that gives us the effective advantage to begin the initiation of some very minor programs. These will not become visible to you for a number of months, although we will keep you appraised of the progress that you may hear about from This One and from others.


You can take it upon yourselves to know, as many people around the world know and have acknowledged through emails, that the world seems to be different than it was in December—that there seems to have been an upliftment of some sort, and the evidence that many people see around themselves is the attraction to people who are like-thinkers. Remember that, in the spiritual influence and energy influence of spirit, likes attract, and the advantage of likes attracting in this way is that those who are opposed to the light—those who work for their own personal, individual agenda or even group agendas—do not have this wonderful influence of cohesiveness between separate groups. And these separate groups think alike, they feel alike, they acknowledge spirit, they acknowledge God as the One God of creation, and that the essence of God is present within themselves. And through the Thought Adjusters globally, there has been an influence (upon the billions of individuals who are open to receive this influence) to find other people, and that there is kind of an eminence between individuals that is almost palpable. You can’t feel it with your fingers, but you sense it. You feel an acquaintanceship with these people you’ve never met, and this is evidence of the work of Nebadonia that these influences and those of the Thought Adjusters are bringing individuals together.


As you know, when people join together, they can be far more effective. And the effectiveness that will be greatly helped will be that individuals, such as yourselves, acknowledge this oneness and urge yourselves to become one with the union or joining of like thinking individuals of the light. This is your agreement (this is part of doing God’s will) to come into oneness. You know from the opposition that the opposition causes separation. It’s not evil that we’re talking about, it is the personal sentiments about being separate, being individualistic, getting advantage over others, and so on. So that, in the end, when there is a need for people to come together in larger and larger groups, they will have a larger and larger influence. What we wish to see in the weeks, months, and years ahead, is a coming together of like-mindedness of such power as to be equivalent to the influence of Nebadonia and her angelic corps. When this happens, your world will change rapidly and effectively to improve the quality of life socially, spiritually, and otherwise, within families and communities alike. That will be quite a hallelujah day for us on this side to witness that among humans.


For now, we are initiating these beginnings within organizations, and that is the most effective place to begin society wide. You know how to sustain yourselves spiritually, and you know how to do that socially with other like-minded people, but what is needed to affect the social fabric and social existence is at the organizational level of existence. Individuals who are of the light do occupy positions within organizations, and it is there that they can be of great influence to effectively assist us to bring about the days of light and life much earlier. In the beginning their influence will be to initiate and to accept the initiation of our efforts for like-minded individuals to join with other organizations in like-minded behavior. In this way, your societies will be challenged to improve themselves.


Now, those of you who have studied the values and dynamics of social sustainability know the continuity of the logic-process of the values, ethics, and morality and its influence upon societies and organizations. You will begin to see this effectively in your organizations through individuals within your organizations who say: “I have an idea. What if we joined with this other group? Has this ever been explored before? What can we do about this?” Or someone might say: “I feel as though this separation that we have with other organizations who are on the same track is not working for us. It’s not helping the spiritual influence of the world. How can we work to assist spirit in improving the quality of spiritual life on our world from the basis of our small organization?”


These are important questions to ask. It starts individuals to wonder and to apply that to their lives and to their associations and relationships. It is a question that begs the mind, even unconsciously, to review this from time to time, and to be an influence. This is where you consciously, with your Thought Adjuster, can be of tremendous influence on what happens in your organization and how it grows and proceeds. You, as a member of an organization, will be on the lookout for feeling that similarity, that resonance with like-minded individuals even though you may not have ever met them. You may go to lunch in the cafeteria or elsewhere and examine your commonalities and explore that. We are not talking about religious affinity.


We are not talking about religious like-thinking. We are really speaking about the likeness of humans who want peace in the world, no matter what perspective or religion they come from. Even those you think are hateful religious-wise want peace as well. Yet, this seems untenable for many in the world to believe. You should know, inferring from what I’ve said, that it has already occurred locally for This One and for his wife, and they are seeing this timeliness of their participating in an organization which is now in transition and which is in need of guidance, facilitation, and mentoring to enter the next phase of its growth. I will say no more about that but say it only for your reference and awareness that it is occurring locally around This One, and locally around you. It is simply a matter of being on the lookout and listening in, watching and observing, and connecting the dots to understand what spirit is doing in your locale. Thank you.


Coming together as like-minded individuals, then like-minded organizations


Craig: So, I assume then that we are seeing that individuals within organizations are going to start connecting organizations together and promoting better programs within their own organizations, and that this is going to begin the uplifting of organizations toward sustainability. Is that what I’ve heard?


MM: Yes, your interpretation is what you would call down the road a piece—being that you will not see evidence of that outwardly for, maybe, weeks or months or even years in some cases—but you are beginning to see like-minded people within organizations come together. And even those people who are outside of organizations do have an influence on other people who do belong to organizations. It begins with the individual and that is where Christ Michael’s efforts have always been—on the individual. In the case of a whole planet that is in need of a transformation, it must then transfer to the organizational level where the values, ethics, and morality of individuals are transferred or infused into organizations over time. As you may perceive from the timeline of the initiation of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time, this phase that I’ve discussed and revealed will take a good deal of time to be evident across the board. And you will find much resistance to changes even of a positive nature. This is where the influences of the cataclysms come into play as a positive influence for social evolution. You know about personal evolution—spiritually and socially—in your own life; now we want to show you the spiritual, ethical, and moral evolution societally—at the societal level among all organizations and groups of people. This is a much slower process.


Power of mind


And so, where do you think Christ Michael would want to start? Where would he start organizationally to initiate the earliest phases of this implementation? It is a rhetorical question, but nonetheless a significant question to muse on in your own mind. The answer is this: Christ Michael’s efforts in the correcting time are to the individual and then to organizations—which would include religious organizations—which have an affinity to the basic concepts of positive thought, positive living, and positive group action. As you know, Christ Michael did work a great deal with his hands when he lived here as Jesus. He was a carpenter, but it was through his mind that he was most powerful. It was through his mind that he could effect changes in cooperation and concert with the spiritual entities around him to manifest water as wine. This came through a thought.


And so it is—that the thought of those organizations which are in alignment with Christ Michael’s thinking, and in alignment of close and intimate associations with Thought Adjusters, angels, midwayers, and others—that this is the line of reasoning where he and the Correcting Time agents such as myself, my team, and many other teams around the world would enact and begin their work. So, it is within religious organizations that have a like-mindedness of their tenets and their beliefs and teach these to their followers—believers of like-mindedness—that we have influenced throughout the years. This is the organizational place to start. You have seen many of your social agencies and non-profit philanthropic organizations work on the worse case scenarios to change those groups of people and those thoughts and ways of behaving. However, the percentage of success in those cases is far less that 10 percent. And so, with the efforts of Christ Michael we are efficacious; we want to be most effective with the least amount of effort and have the most cooperation and coordination with mortals.


We have this project of the Correcting Time open for anybody and everybody—we exclude no one. Those who are excluded have excluded themselves voluntarily, and we ask you not to exclude others as well. What we are doing is what you might call picking the low-hanging-fruit.  This is where we are approaching organizations that are very similar to our own way of thought, living, and behaving—to demonstrate successes early on. They then work as an example and model for other organizations to follow.


It’s as simple as that. You may call this a global marketing strategy, and you would be correct. This is a means by which we can do good for others as others do good for themselves and for others that they know. And so, it is a cascading effect that we are looking for, an infusion and infection of good—a beneficent infection. One that becomes infectious to people who want to do good, and they show their laughter socially among others as an example for them to emulate—and want to. It’s much easier to smile than it is to frown.


Like attracts like—the flip side of the coin


Rick: I have a question on the flip side of the “like being attracted to like” coin. You mentioned about a year and a half ago that there was a paradigm shift that took place approximately April of 2017. And the reason I reference that is because from September 2017 to May 2018, four of my close friendships (one of them I’d had for 50 years) dissolved. It was a really shocking chapter in my life, and as I look back on it, the similarity I saw was all of these people had really no interest in God or spirituality. They weren’t bad people. And the only thing I can really come to is that there was a discomfort in them being close to somebody whose relationship to Christ and God is very important (even though I don’t proselytize—unless, you know, asked). And I’m wondering if you could talk about the opposite side of those who are not like, but who have maybe been friends. How might that have the opposite effect now?


MM: Gladly, and thank you for your question. You are correct, particularly when you said that it wasn’t so much that you were rejecting them, but they were uncomfortable around you. And this is the essence of the vibration that believers give off that others—who are not of our kind, your kind—feel, and they feel a distance from you, which is natural for them, and is shocking to you. You know that you are a wonderful person and you would hope your friends think so too, and that you would still have much in common. This is one of the problems of this paradigm shift. There is a shift in relationships. There is a shift in i-dent-i-fi-ca-tion. That word is very important. So, when you identify with those of light you are identifying with the culture of light, and, as you know, every culture has at its core a set of values that identify that culture and that identifies members of that culture.


These people who are put off from you—I guess that’s the most civil way of saying it—are put off because they recognize their separateness and the uncomfortableness of it. And it really is not having anything to do with you personally; it has to do with the philosophical/spiritual badge of energy and vibration that you wear that you give off to others. Do not take their distancing from you as personal, although after 50 years you must have some association of this being very personal. But truly, it is not. It is simply that you are of another kind. You are from another pack of wolves, and so you are now a stranger to their wolf clan, and you are being exiled peacefully. This is, unfortunately and fortunately, part of the process of becoming a true believer of the way of light. And I do not use the words “true believer” in a religious organizational sense at all. It is simply that you are walking the talk. You are a person of faith who practices their faith every day, all day long in all the things that you do, knowing full well that you are cared for, protected, and provided for. Does that answer suffice?


Rick: That’s extremely helpful and I thank you for that. I intuitively felt that was what was going on—not as it was going on but looking back on it. Hearing your eloquent explanation is both soothing and comforting, and I thank you.


MM: You are most welcome.


Transitory relationships during morontial progression


Jeff: I’d like to ask a follow-on question along the same lines as this discussion. Are we going to find that in our period of ascension, when we go to morontia, and as we personally progress, that what Rick has explained is going to happen in our spiritual lives also—that people who are further along than we are on that path are going to naturally gravitate more toward discussions among themselves, not from a lack of civility? Is this a process that we are going to experience going forward?


MM: Yes, you are right, and thank you for your question. Yes, this is very much the case, as you enter your morontial life and the many steps within your morontial existence. There will be people who arrive in an advanced state, and they will have already passed you up. And you may do the same with others. There are some who come over to the morontial side who have absolutely no knowledge of the spiritual existence, the morontial life and what the afterlife is like, or know whether they like it or not. And so, these individuals will be spoon fed as there is a morontial morality that requires that individuals who had no knowledge in their mortal existence are given full awareness of their mortal existence as it pertains to their spiritual/morontial existence and to their ascendant spiritual journey. That is a moral requirement that is insisted upon by Christ Michael and Nebadonia, and which we carry out faithfully, willingly, and joyfully.


Mortal fusion and the experience of becoming perfect


You will find some individuals who have already fused during the later stages of their mortal lifetime who arrive right beside you. Yes, they are fused, they have beliefs and so on, but they still need to have the experience of progression—of becoming perfect. Now, that might sound very ironic that a mortal who has been fused with their Thought Adjuster would need to have experience in becoming perfect. Yes, they certainly do. The fusion is a matter of commitment—that there is an unresolvable dedication and perseverance of the union between the mortal and the God presence, and this is recognized by the fusion event and their immediate ascension to the morontial existence. Nonetheless, the individual still has the spiritual, finaliter, morality requirement to provide an experience of becoming perfect which is what God seeks in Its existence within the universe.


As you know, the perfect God is whole, but God being perfect has no experience of becoming perfect. And so, to understand how one is perfect, one must have vicariously—or even closer than that through the God presence within individuals—gained the first-hand knowledge of what it is like to make decisions to become perfect. Therefore, those of you who have committed your lives to becoming perfect and are striving to make more ethical, moral, and responsible decisions and actions that contribute to this process, are firsthand observers of this progress, and you will enjoy this very much in your morontial life. Those of you who have made this commitment, even those who do not fuse, will look back upon your decisions then as being: “Wow, that was wonderful. How did I know how to do that?” Well, your Thought Adjuster knew and led you in that direction. So, to answer your question, yes, there are differences. Yes, you will love these people who lag behind you as you grow, and you will love those who advance beyond you as you grow and as they grow. It is not personal. It is simply the attributes that they take with them, the life experience of the fusion adjustment of the mortal, and the mortal process of living and making decisions to become more perfect. It is something that you become very intimately acquainted with, so get used to it my friend.


Jeff: Thank you very much for that, Machiventa. That helps me in multiple ways. I certainly appreciate it.


Machiventa and ageing during his experience among us


Rick: I have a personal question to you Machiventa about the 96 years that you lived as a human on this planet around four thousand years ago.


MM: At least four thousand.


Rick: Yes, but it was approximately 96 years that you were here, yes?


MM: That’s correct.


Rick: You didn’t age during your 96 years, and even today 96 is a long lifetime. How did that affect the people you dealt with—no aging by you in 96 years?


MM: (Chuckle) I chuckle because reflecting back upon those times I knew eventually that this would become a very pregnant question, a wonderment on the minds of those I associated. During those 96 years I saw many individuals who were in the older generation who passed on, those in the middle who saw me age, and those who were younger who saw me age, and those who were born in those 96 years and who died before the termination of my life. And so, there was a great consternation about my beingness—whether I was really a beatific individual in the flesh, or whether I was a tormentor or some kind of devil who had found the secret to living so long in human form. It becomes advantageous to such a program and such a project to realize that there comes a time of diminishing returns.


And so, it was upon the 96th year, having determined long beforehand when and under what circumstances it would be necessary for me to leave, I left just as unceremoniously as I had arrived. What one wants to do as a spiritual leader is not to leave those followers in bewilderment, but to leave them with wonderment. There is a vast difference between those two sides of one picture. And so, it requires a leader to make advanced cautions against bewilderment. And this applies to religious churches that exist at this time. You have seen many religions collapse after the charismatic leader dies, or disappears, or quits, or resigns, or is disgraced, or whatever. And so, it is morally responsible for charismatic leaders to ensure that there is a following that can fill their boots before they leave. In fact, those other leaders, those individuals who were being taught, would practice that while the individual is still alive and would act as a mentor to these younger ones.


I’ve gone far beyond answering your question, but I thought it would be useful to you. Thank you.


Rick: Thank you.


Brain structure and behavior— contribution of experience and decision making


JT: We have some reader questions.


1)    An international team of neuroscientists scanned the brains of life-long bullies and found something grim. Bullies brains appeared to be physically smaller than other brains. They say: “Our findings support the idea that, for the small proportion of individuals with life-course persistent anti-social behavior there may be differences in their brain structure that make it difficult for them to develop social skills that prevent them from engaging in antisocial behavior.” My question is: Is this correlation between physical aspects and negative social behavior valid?


MM: This is a topic I and my team have discussed in the past with the assistance of the Life Carriers. This can be summed up in one word that you are well acquainted with and it’s called “small mindedness” (well, two words) which is quite literal in this case. The researchers have also found that there is a different means of processing data within that individual, and that there are regions within the brain structure (the organ) that are emphasized and those that are diminished. What you are seeing in these regions is the development (I’m going to take you aside for a moment) of the environmental and genetic influences. There are negative influences in a person’s life in the early years which will require the growth of those regions associated with violence, hostility, negativity, and aggression that will cause these regions to expand and to become more dominant.


Once these have grown into place, they affect the thought processes of other outside influences with the internal interpretations of that individuals’ feelings. It is a matter of them accepting different values for making decisions. If a child is beaten consistently throughout their early years, they will have a certain mindset, and they must make decisions to protect themselves. That can present in many ways, such as responsive aggression or withdrawal from society. The answer to your question is not as simple as the actual, physical size of the brain, though the size of the brain does matter. What you will find is that some of the most intelligent people on your planet have very small brains. If you would take a woman with a stature of 4 foot 10 inches, or 5 foot 2 inches or so on, they would have a much smaller-sized brain, measured in cubic inches or cubic centimeters, than those perhaps of a man who is 6 foot 2 inches and has a much larger brain.


So, the cranium space does not dictate the behavior of the individual. What is far more important to consider is the influences on the maturation of the brain as it develops and matures. The outside environment does form, in many respects, the processes of the brain function, and then, to the mind. The junction between the brain functions and the mind are lacking in research as the mind is nondimensional and nontemporal as is consciousness and will. These are in close association with the Thought Adjuster who is also nondimensional and nontemporal in nature. You see, the brain function can be affected by the outside, but it is the interpretation of the individual who interprets those actions upon them that determines the outcome of their mind, it’s functioning, the decisions they make, and how they live.


Two out of ten


We have given the example many times of the two children out of ten who came from a horrific ghetto environment with a mother who has borne children from many different fathers, who lives in squalor, impoverishment, lack of nutrition and so on, yet out of those ten children, two of them become professionals in their lifetime. How did this happen? So, it is some of those wonderful almost invisible nuances of growing up in an environment where the child may have on a subway train overheard two individuals talking about decision making and how they are directing their life. Who would ever have a record of that? No one. Not anyone. Just the child. And so, upon that influence the child makes far different decisions than its siblings. And so, two become professionals who are moral, ethical, make social contributions, and who would eventually become very good parents while the other eight become heroin addicts with an early death, suicides, and the like. You don’t need to have that picture painted too clearly, as you know it all too well. Thank you for your question.


Surviving the cataclysms to help rebuild


JT: We have another reader who asks:


2)    Is there any way that one can avoid the cataclysms if one very much desires to help rebuild, or have these individuals that will rebuild already been chosen?


MM: Good question! Thank you. The answer is many. One, it is being open to being guided by your Thought Adjuster to make decisions that will place you in positions and locations which are known, or will be known, to many of you in the decades ahead that were safe, or that will be safe. And so, you must heed the inner calling (and it would be a calling, you could name it that) to be someplace and somewhere and do some work of some sort or no work at all. It is being open to inner guidance in the real, moral, physical world where you live. It is no mystery to us why these individuals today are on this conference call—they have been called. It is no wonder to us why individuals pick up these manuscripts and read them. It is no wonder at all that some people, out of the blue, who have never thought about channeling, would read a channeled transcript, even though it was only by the briefest of happenstance that they heard a reference where to find them. And so, it is much like the children growing up who become good citizens. You too will be guided to a place where you can be safe. The caution for you is to make sure that your ego is not involved.


JT: I have no more reader questions today.


Bullying, withdrawal behavior, and the Learning Centers for Sustainable Families


Craig: So, I guess this is pretty obvious, that if parents are doing a good job, and people are being given good guidance in their childhood, there will probably be pretty much an end to bullying and withdrawal behavior by children and young adults as they grow up. Would that be a reasonable assumption?


MM: (Chuckling) My dear friend, you catch on pretty quickly. This is one of the reasons why we have co-creatively brought the Learning Centers for Sustainable Families into existence. First of all, the parents must be aware that they can improve their parental skills for child rearing and parenting, and then have a means by which they can improve those skills. And you are certainly most correct that bullying and misbehavior by young children and young adults will eventually disappear. And this is part of the correcting time. This is the social evolution which we seek to generate in your civilization—that there would be those parents who bring into existence children who play well, who do not bully others, but who learn this from their parents—that they are loved by themselves, and that their misbehavior is not supported or accepted, or reinforced, and that it is peacefully resolved between the parents and the child without violence and without outbursts of verbal or emotional violence.


So, this is a skill that is to be developed and one we have begun the earliest work with. We will keep you posted as to the progress of this program as we have developed it to the point where it is one of those programs that can be initiated in the right time, the right circumstances, and the right development. You have been told in weeks past that its development is on a steady rail, so to speak, and that the development has been completed to that point, and that the circumstances have yet to be fulfilled. The timing is now, but the circumstances are not in concert for it to come about. It is our effort to begin efforts in far more friendly territory where people truly want to improve these parental skills. We begin in those people who already have an affinity for God and the relationship Jesus had with his disciples and to all his audiences—one of love, beneficence, generosity, caring love, and support for individual growth. What Jesus started, you and we will complete in the Correcting Time.


Life changing lessons from others


Craig: Marvelous, thank you. And I was also thinking, while I have the floor here, that you mentioned the two children out of ten who overheard an enlightening conversation on the subway, but even in a more ordinary life, if I may call mine that, I remember at least a couple of occasions when my direction was changed by some piece of conversation, something that was said either to me or around me. I especially remember once when I made a mistake and a school got just boiled out by the heat staying on. I arrived at the school at the same time as a plumber who turned on the piece of equipment I had turned off the day before. He said, “Don’t worry about it, because the only people who never make mistakes are the people who never do anything.” That really had an influence on me because I became much less afraid of making a mistake and it left me open to being more active and doing more things.


MM: That’s a wonderful testament. How old were you?


Craig: I was probably about 30-35 at that point.


MM: OK. It can also happen at much younger ages, but it is of great influence to those people who are still evolving and still wondering about themselves and who have a certain timidity to themselves which restrains them from experimenting. One of the wisdoms among you is “if you are not making mistakes, you are not learning.” So, what is required to turn mistakes into learning and wisdom is reflection. So, you had a time from the wisdom of that gentleman to reflect upon his statement and apply it to yourself. That is great wisdom, thank you.


Craig: Thank you. At a much younger age, I was wondering where I was going. My dad was a university professor and I just sort of assumed I would be going to a university, and then I asked someone in high school class where he was going, and he said: “I’m going to NAIT” (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). I thought: “Gee, there are other things you can do besides go to university if you want.” And that opened up my career.


MM: Yes, there are options out there. Options that people see, but never hear, never apply, and so they live in their own quiet lives, which is no fault or benefit either. It is just a choice. If one sees opportunities and those opportunities as choices, then grab the brass ring and ride with it.


Craig: Great, and it’s just amazing how, either having or not having just some bit of knowledge or insight like that can change your whole life pattern.


Becoming in the eternal now


MM: Yes, exactly. Are we ready to bring this to a close? [Nothing but the sound of crickets chirping.] Hearing a resounding yes, we will bring this to a close then.


I hope, we hope, and all the great auditorium on my side who are listening to this, hope that it is apparent to you that you are in a situation, and we are in a situation of providing much wisdom to you young souls. And that you would take some of this to heart. Many of the times we provide to you is wisdom immediately. At other times it requires some reflection upon what you have heard and what you have read to come to an insight about yourself and, perhaps, even to a decision. It is important that you see your life as a young soul. That you are in the process of becoming. That the process of becoming perfect will take you a long time, as you know.


But the process of becoming is always constant. The process of becoming is that moment now, that eternal now. This moment between the future and the past. This is the moment in which you can make decisions to affect the whole of your life and the lives of others. You hold within you the wisdom to make great decisions and to assist others to make greater decisions as well. It is the simplicity of just sharing what you know and what you know well. Not the idle chatter of life, but the meaningful questions that you can bring up to an individual to ask them: “What’s the best thing that happened to you this week?” And they answer you and you ask again: “What brought that to occurrence?” And then you’ll hear the answer. And so, you begin to ask questions that are intuitive in nature, ones that are open ended, ones that lead to great wisdom. And so, this is your life. You have the opportunity to bring great wisdom into your life, into your morontial career. And so, we are assisting you now to assist future generations to enjoy far better lives physically, socially, psychologically, and materially than you have now. It is a quality of life of being one with spirit, and we thank you for your attendance today. Good day.