New Era Transition #40 – Our Life Mission; Defining the 30 Year Eras; Moving from Secular to non-secular basis – Jun. 4, 2018


Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager



Correcting errors of the past

Might we start learning the Universe language now?

Discovering our own life mission, meaning and purpose

Does our life mission carry forward to the mansion worlds and beyond?

Seeking materials for the web site

You are already being led by your celestial team

Defining the 30 year eras and their importance

Will the cataclysms move us from a secular to a non-secular basis?


TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD


Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Jeff Cutler, Stéphane Labonteé, and Sherille Raphael


Invocation:  Roxie


June 4, 2018


Correcting errors of the past


MACHIVENTA:  Good morning dear friends, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  I am glad that you are here and that we can join together in this discussion.  As you may or may not be aware, we are moving closer and closer to making our presence known in ways that can be understandable to most people of the world, in ways by means that are not obvious to the Teaching Mission or the Correcting Time, but in ways to improve your world.  It requires all people to participate in the decision-making that they use to help us, whether they are believers or not in correcting the errors of the past and paving a path of new accomplishments that serve the purposes of Christ Michael and Nebadonia and the Correcting Time.


If you have questions, you are most welcome to ask them at this time.


Roxie:  Machiventa, Liz won’t be with us at this time today but she did send me a question from a Urantia Book reader and a friend of hers:


Might we start learning the Universe language now?


“He would like to know if we should begin learning the Universe language, and if we might get a basic primer to get various groups started learning the System dialect of Nebadon?”

MACHIVENTA:  One moment.  We give thanks for your question and the answers to it are these:  First of all, you do not have the morontial intelligence to encompass this language.  Second, you have the challenge of conforming your decisions and your choices in ways of life to those that are in alignment with the morontial mind, and this is the work of your lifetime to come into alignment of Christ Michael’s will for your life and for your decisions, and for the life you will lead.  Third, you could be using your time on a project that would be better served through learning to be in alignment with Christ Michael’s will and your Thought Adjuster’s directions and guidance.  Being in attunement to the will of God and the will of Christ Michael is your life’s chore.  Learning the language to communicate with us is something that you will be taught how to do in the first eras of your education on the morontial spheres.


Roxie:  As a follow-up to that question, is the cuneiform writing of Samaria and Mesopotamia the writing styles that the Caligastia 100 used and left for us from the Local Universe script?


MACHIVENTA:  This is not a question that we care to answer at this time.


Discovering our own life mission, meaning and purpose


Stéphane:  Machiventa, the many Thought Adjusters currently indwelling subjects on Urantia today have live missions related to this crisis and to what you mentioned in your opening about making your presence known.  My question is about discovering your own life mission and what can be the best activities to finding your own life mission through better contact with your Thought Adjuster.  Do you have any advice on how to find one’s life mission?


MACHIVENTA:  Yes, thank you for your question.  First of all, it is much as Lao-tse has taught you that it is rather the journey that is more important to the destination, and that if we gave you the destination now, you as mortals would tend to truncate the journey and want to get to the destination immediately, thus eliminating the lessons you would learn and the process of working toward the destination.  Your life’s mission is to become more perfect; it is to become more perfect by the process of making better decisions, decisions that are in alignment with the values that the Creator has embedded in your DNA.  Those are explained in the document This One has produced entitled, “The Values God Gave Us,” and it is now available on the web site where the other documents are located for you.


The process of the journey is one of constant discovery; it is one of constant evolution.  Remember, it is your intention for your life that guides the outcome, or destination.  You will discover your purpose as you make the transit through the courses and plateaus and journeys of your life.  Stating your intention for your life is important so that your Thought Adjuster can assist you more effectively.  When you do give your Thought Adjuster full and total effective control of your life by willing to will God’s will be done in your life, then you have made an important step.  The next step is to seek the discoveries of the next step of those parts of the journey in your life.


First of all, it is one of accepting that God is a part of your being, that God’s presence in you exists and that God’s presence is your Thought Adjuster, has the greatest desire to fuse with you, and that your greatest desire is also to fuse with your Thought Adjuster and the process of empowering that union is a process of releasing yourself to the control of your Thought Adjuster, and through that release, the Thought Adjuster will bring you opportunities that will give you more insights into your journey and into your spiritual progress along the way.  That is your purpose!  That is solely your purpose in life.  Now, how you express that in a meaningful way in your own mortal lifetime is a development of that purpose.  Most people seek a purpose in their mortal life as a way of finding meaning in their life.  You, however, as God believers understanding and knowing of the eventuality of your fusion with your Thought Adjuster seek to empower that process.  That is the purpose of your life.  Now, finding meaning in its expression in your mortal lifetime is another aspect.


You, Stéphane, as one will find meaning and purpose in life in your mortal lifetime as you engage where you are, how you are and what you are with your family, your children and your employment.  How you bring that into alignment with Christ Michael’s will for the Days of Light and Life and the Correcting Time is another matter.  You will, through your interpretation of Christ Michael’s will in your life and in your employment and your personal life will find means to express that, not in a doctrinaire way, but as an influence to your children, to your friends and to your family and to your employment, not as an overbearing individual, but one who has a presence within himself that commands respect and attention to that presence within you.  Others may not know what that is, but you do, and in this you will find your purpose.


Does our life mission carry forward to the mansion worlds and beyond?


Stéphane:  As a follow-up, does this life mission carry through to the mansion worlds; is this a mission that will stay with someone for their eternal career?


MACHIVENTA:  Let me give you an example:  It would not be something “to do,” but something “to be.”  As we have shared with others, your mission in this lifetime is “to become,” “to be,” “to become as one with Christ Michael” in this lifetime here on Urantia.  When you have that as your will to become, then you also will that to carry over into all your morontial career developments and into your spiritual and eternal developments.  Then you have hit upon the true course of your spiritual being and the purpose of your lifetime, and the beingness of what you are to become.  In other words, you are willing to will that God take your life course to become a Finaliter, that you become everything that you can become with God’s presence within you, that you become a Finaliter who has completed the full journey of your earthly, morontial, spiritual and Finaliter career to its greatest and fullest extent. 


This is what you may want to “will,” and if by releasing your will to God, to your Thought Adjuster, then it will embellish your lifetime and guide you in places and positions and experiences that will fulfill that to your greatest extent.  You see, you are already a “Finaliter-in-becoming;” you already have the position to bring experience to your Finaliter career that others who will be companions in that Corps of Finality will revel in your experiences and learn so much from you.  This is where you are and what you will become for your experiences are unique to all the Universe and we wish that to be shared with the entire Universe and particularly God the Supreme. 


Stéphane:  Thank you.


Seeking materials for the web site


Jeff:  A little over a month ago, I issued a command to have celestial help finding relevant papers, thoughts, studies, materials that could be posted on our web site in anticipation of classes being taught at various levels as soon as possible.  One of your comments subsequent to that was, “It is not our responsibility to do everything; it is our responsibility to issue a command to get help and to let the celestials work it out how best they think to accomplish the mission.”  My question is: in seeking materials, how passive can I be—I don’t want to interfere and I don’t want to micro-manage—but I am anxious to get materials and I’m taking a little bit of guidance on how aggressively I should personally go out and seek materials that can be useful in the implementation of 7 core values as a life concept for people to live by at home and civic duties and at their workplace?


MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for your question; that was very thoughtfully formed.  You may assert yourself in two ways:  One, you may know a source where there are good materials such as the web site This One has provided to you, and you would go to that site and you would see materials that you think may be useful, and then you would ask the originator of those materials for permission to post it to your site.  With a “yes,” that is given and you can do so.   So too, would you go to other sites that are not directly connected to our mutual work, but from another source and you would select that and then, rather than going to the author of that material, you would go to your Thought Adjuster and to the celestials to whom you gave this command and ask them if this material would be useful.  The answer would be forthcoming to you immediately; you would either feel a positive inclination to do so, or not.  If it is not to be included, you would see that this is material with your mind mechanism you have chosen from your own choice.  When you select a site that is in agreement with the celestials, then you have begun to follow the inclinations and the revelations of the celestials to guide you to those sources that are useful.  So the purposes of the directions I gave you earlier, a month ago or so, are consistent with that answer and help you to develop your kinship, your relationship, your working dialog with the celestials in finding the materials that you seek.  Therefore, you can avoid being aggressive, being willful, and also at the same time, enhance your capability to be in dialog with us.


Jeff:  May I follow-up with a question?  I hope it’s not a curiosity question, but I have found over recent months of seeing materials on a wide variety of Internet sources that I am not historically drawn to.  Can I be presumptuous and say that I am already getting help in that direction?



You are already being led by your celestial team


MACHIVENTA:  Yes, you can be so presumptuous and it is the fact that you usually do not seek out that information from familiar sources that helps validate the seeking and the materials.  And secondly, you have begun to be led, even by mistakes on the keyboard, to sites that can be of assistance to you.


Jeff:  That explains the existence of fat fingers.  (Laughter.)


MACHIVENTA:  Yes, the concept of fat fingers is well known to myself and to This One and has been very beneficial.  Thank you for your question and your candor.


Defining the 30 year eras and their importance


Stéphane:  Machiventa, you mentioned the 30 year periods in the past, the two 30 year periods preceding the publication of the UB, the one after the publication which culminated in the birth of the Teaching Mission and the following 30 years, and now we are entering the third 30 year period after the publication with the implementation of the Correcting Time.  Can you comment on the success and disappointments of the period since the publication, and what are the goals that you anticipate in this current 30 year period?


MACHIVENTA:  I would gladly comment on your question and appreciate how you have envisioned these 30 year segments.  Yes, there were 30 years before the publication of the Urantia Book, 30 years following the publication of the UB when the Teaching Mission began and the revelation of the Correcting Time happened, and the current time now, and the following 30 year era.  So you see, in fact, there are four 30 year eras that we have been engaged in and the fourth one is being engaged now, beginning with 2017 and roughly in this era.  The era preceding the publication of the Urantia Book [1925-1955] was desperately necessary to formulate the text and content and order and development of the Papers such that it would serve both the purposes of Christ Michael and the eventual Correcting Time, and serve the purposes of the readers at the time.  The following 30 years [1955-1985] after the publication of the Urantia Book was one in which we had the experience of contacting many readers and bringing many readers to the book, and the book to many people.  That process was one of winnowing and actually getting to appreciate the experience, it was an experiential process of understanding the experiences in mind of those who read the book, or who heard about it, those who accepted it and who engaged it vigorously, and those who rejected it.


The next 30 year era began in approximately 1987—roughly in that era—when the Teaching Mission began to be unfolded in the Pacific and in the North American Continent, and eventually the world, particularly in Europe and South America.  This era [1985-2017] was again one of winnowing, bringing people to both the Urantia Book and the Teaching Mission to see who would be complemental to both efforts, who would use the Urantia Book as a basis for understanding the true magnitude, breadth and depth and height of the Teaching Mission and the programs that developed from it in conjunction with the work of Christ Michael and the work to fulfill the God the Supreme’s experiential base. 


We have learned a great deal from that and yes, we can understand the radicalization of the fundamentalists who appreciate the Urantia Book and have identified thoroughly with it in a way that they have now seen it as themselves.  This is most unfortunate, but nonetheless is familiar territory with ideologies for the whole course of humanity, where ideologies were developed.  There will be those who become arch-adherents and those who are arch-enemies of it, and those in-between who are enthusiastic and who appreciate what is revealed and can engage it in a complemental way that assists Christ Michael in the Correcting Time and in the healing of this world.


As you are well aware from the number of adherents who have traveled through the course of reading the Urantia Book from 1955 to the current time who are still with us are very few.  You also know that those who became adherents to the Teaching Mission and who engaged the Urantia Book as well now are very, very few.  We are left with a very few people who are willing to both trust and engage and can discern what is truth and what is not truth through this channeling mechanism of TRing, and those who cannot.  The revelation never stops, never quits, it is always available in every generation and every generation is able to hear a new version of the truth in the means they can understand.


This fourth era [2017-2047] is the most important one for it is now in approach to include the secular world that does not believe in God, does not believe whether there is a God or not, but is not in opposition through the truth as they discern it.  Therefore, the materials that we have produced in the last 12 years have been mostly agnostic, have been secular.  They have neither promoted God nor disrespected God’s presence.  We need for this world to become healed; we need every person to make decisions that somehow, someway are in alignment with the good of all and beneficial to the welfare of humanity, both as a species and as a civilization and its societies and its individuals. 


For those who believe in God there is a way of making discerning decisions that do the same.  This process for those who believe in God becomes very personal and very intimate with them.  You now have the values that were embedded by the Creator in your DNA during the process of creating your species.  It is very important for God believers to know that both they have the freedom, free will to make decisions, and now they have the values to make decisions that are in total alignment with God’s will for their life, God’s will for Urantia, its civilizations and all of humanity. 


The benefit of having the secular community, the secular audience, engaging this decision-making process with or without God is important because your world and peace cannot be achieved without making decisions that are in agreement with everyone else.  Everyone on your planet has these values embedded in their DNA to make these decisions.  Hopefully, others will make these decisions and see the benefit of making decisions that assist them in raising their children in an ethical and moral manner, both in parenting and child rearing to give these children a new way of appreciating their own life, with or without God.  In any case, they will be of great assistance to God the Supreme in their experience of benefitting this world in their belief system in a moral and ethical way. 


The abundance of benefits from this revelation now in this fourth era of 30 years is tremendous.  This is an era of when there will be great tumult and tragedies of cataclysmic proportions that will force people to make decisions about their mortality, about their consciousness and their afterlife.  Even those who have heard about God may at that time decide to become one with the Source and choose to experiment with the possibility of an afterlife that is in agreement with God’s course for them in their spiritual journey.


Will the cataclysms move us from a secular to a non-secular basis?


Stéphane:  Very interesting, Machiventa.  To summarize, discernment of the truth followed by decision-making based on these values and then actively moving forward based on these decisions seems to be the path forward on the secular basis.  But I would assume that this would then move into a non-secular territory once the cataclysms happen and the presence of God becomes more real to everyone surviving the cataclysms?


MACHIVENTA:  I understand the intent of your statement and I am in agreement with it.  The seven values are principally for all humanity and in humanity there are two segments of the population, those who believe in God, and those who do not.  Those who do not are part of the secular realm who could use these values in decision-making to make improvements in their personal life and their social existence and in their organizational life.  For those who are God believers, these values assist them also in their spiritual journey to successfully make the transition from the mortal realm into the morontial, which will assist them immensely in their morontial and spiritual careers.


Stéphane:  Thank you.


MACHIVENTA:  I wish to now bring this session to a close.  Good day.


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