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*New Era Transition #27 – Nebadonia’s Message; Sondjah’s Advice on Projects
– Oct. 23, 2017*

*Nebadonia and Sondjah Melchizedek*


The global perspective of celestial angelic assistance

Urantia given immense amount of spiritual energy pressure

The intention of this increased spiritual energy pressure

The ignorance of people making decisions detrimental to Urantia

What are the purposes that you bring to us now?

The co-creative relationship we have with Christ Michael

Participating with Nebadonia and the angelic realm

Can we expect less resistance from people?

The importance of intention in our daily affairs

Advice on developing spiritual fragrance

Intention and free-will to coordinate with angels

Feeling the newly added pressure

The metaphor of connecting dots

The stages of various projects

What range of questions will be entertained?

What kind of direct assistance can we get with our current project?

Social innovation that is radical and remarkable

Use some existent social problems now that can be solved using values

Clarification question on Sondjah’s advice

Kudos to Teacher Ophelius

A future question from a reader

Sondjah’s closing statement welcomes new members

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Members present: Roxanne Andrews, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Doug Dodge and
Stephane Labonte


*October 23, 2017*

*Daniel:* We have a guest to start off with who will be followed by

*NEBADONIA:* Good morning, this is Nebadonia. It is a pleasure to be here
with you today. (Group: Greetings and welcome!)

*The global perspective of celestial angelic assistance*

You have heard frequently from my partner, and you have heard frequently
from the celestial realm of Melchizedeks and celestial teachers and
angels. I am here today to present the view—literally of the global
perspective—of celestial-angelic assistance to your planet at this time.
There is no time in the history of Nebadon when my presence was not there.
Many of you have seen my blue horizon across the expanse of Nebadon, this
wonderful angelic blue that surrounds and envelops and engulfs every part
of Nebadon. There is no place in Nebadon where my presence is not

[Note: Astronomers have remarked about this blue haze in wonderment.]

*Urantia given immense amount of spiritual energy pressure*

My presence here today, my presentation to you is to reveal to you that we
have given your world, Urantia, an immense amount of celestial-angelic
spiritual energy pressure. This does not violate anyone’s self-will. In a
metaphor, it is something that will be familiar to you. I will use the
metaphor of perfume that was used recently by another Celestial, and that
many of us enjoy using: When you consider the fragrance of a perfume when
someone walks in the room, it is delightful. You say, “That is becoming;
that is a compliment to you. Thank you for your presence here.” But if
that same person came in with the bottle of perfume and sprinkled it and
sloshed the whole room with perfume, it would be of such intensity that you
would feel reviled at its being so repugnant; it would be a highly pungent
smell that you would never forget in your life and never want to be around.

In the same way, but without the fragrance or the pungent smell, we have
increased the angelic pressure around and throughout Urantia to the degree
of that intense perfume fragrance that someone may have sprinkled around in
the room. We have gone from a quotient or a factor of 10 to a factor of
10,000 at this time. You will see evidence of much confused thinking on
the parts of many people around you. Those who are even partially open to
angelic presence, angelic influence and the energy of Christ Michael and
Myself, will definitely feel this change. It will be subtle; you will
think it is your own thinking, that somehow your nerves are jangled and you
do not know what to make of this. Almost no people outside of yourselves
and those who read these transcripts will realize that theirs is a response
to the immense increase of angelic pressure and energy here on Urantia.

*The intention of this increased spiritual energy pressure*

You should be asking yourselves, “What is the intention that Nebadonia and
her multiple corps of angels for doing this?” The intention is to create a
very definite, lopsided influence to the evil and negative energy that is
emitted from individuals through their emotions and through their warped
thinking. The intention is to make it so evident that there is another
side to this thinking and to negative emotional reactions that one must
draw the conclusion that something has changed. You may want to keep this
in mind as you go about your day’s business to begin to understand what is
going on. Take note of others’ reactions; take note of those individuals
who have options in business, options in their churches, options in their
organizations, options in their employment and in fact, the options that
they have in front of them as they sit in front of their computer monitor
making choices about what to select and deselect.

You have seen this in the past as the ugly individual who puts the arm
behind someone’s back and pressures them to go where they want [them] to.
We, however, see this as a reality in the universe that has always existed
that is always available as an option for us to use. When a whole
civilization of a planet of over 7 billion people are making choices in the
main, and in the vast majority are detrimental to themselves and to the
long-term stability of your world, then it becomes necessary to use this.
If you have a legal mind, you may say that this is unreasonable influence.
However, if you are the Manager of Nebadon and you are the manager of
10,000 inhabited planets, then you would see that this is a very reasonable
thing to do. And if and when the time comes that you are more
knowledgeable about the management of a local universe, then you would know
that this is most reasonable.

*The ignorance of people making decisions detrimental to Urantia*

It is a matter of ignorance on the part of the people who are making
decisions that are detrimental to your world. This is a means of awakening
people that there is another side of their decisions to the options that
they can make. It is important that individuals see that options of light,
options of love, options of peace and social stability are surely useful
[to] any meaningful long-term sustainability of your planet, your
civilization, your nations and your societies, and to the families from
which you came and the families that you will beget.

*What are the purposes that you bring this to us now?*

Now, you may ask yourself—and we do hope that you do ask questions of
myself and of Christ Michael and all your authority figures above you—it is
meaningful to ask respectful questions; it seems to be a reasonable and
logical question that you would ask, “What are the purposes that you bring
to us now, which are different from the intentions?” And the operative
word is “now.” What are the reasons that we would bring this to your
attention now? The reason is simply this: That you, this small group of
individuals who are listening to this message today, and the larger group
of individuals who will soon read this transcript and those into the future
will develop an attitude, a thought about this. You will choose to say
that this is a good thing, or you may choose to say that it is not. For
those who wish to be in agreement with this and wholeheartedly agree with
what is occurring, then you have joined the consciousness of oneness of the
light and of the angelic realm.

*The co-creative relationship we have with Christ Michael*

Truly, Christ Michael and the Melchizedeks have taught you repeatedly about
the co-creative relationship that you have in the implementation of the
programs of the Correcting Time. There is no argument with that, and in
fact, our entire realm wholeheartedly supports this. What many of you have
not realized and come to the awareness and consciousness of is that you
co-creatively work with us in the development of a global consciousness
that supports the work of Christ Michael. Christ Michael and I truly do
have a co-creative relationship. His work is necessary to build this Local
Universe and my consciousness is necessary to support its ongoing knitting,
its oneness, its energetic integrity. We co-created this together, and so
you see the oneness that is around us is whole and complete. We have,
however, seen that there are “holes in this fabric” and so I am here today
to bring you into the co-creative consciousness of knitting this energy
into a whole cloth for your planet. You not only must hold this in mind in
agreement with us, but also project it onto your world. As you breathe in
and breathe out during the day, you would see metaphorically—but not
figuratively—that this is what is occurring in your mind, that you are
embedding my consciousness in you, and you through your own participation
multiply that and project that outward.

*Participating with Nebadonia and the angelic realm*

If you are questioning further why this is necessary and why I cannot do
this myself, it is for several reasons: One is that it is co-creative,
meaning that you are learning how to participate with myself and the
angelic realm, and also participate with Christ Michael and your Planetary
Manager in the full development of this world. We are striving to complete
your world in its wholeness altogether—not one segment at a time, but all
parts simultaneously. Wholeness does not come a quarter at a time; it
comes in the fullness of your whole oceans, that it is all there and all
complete. We are here to assist you and we truly need your assistance to
fulfill this co-creative spiritual energetic integrity.

I am open for questions if you have any concerning this topic.

*Can we expect less resistance from people?*

*Stephane:* I have a question: I understand the angelic pressure factor,
the “APF” going from 10 to 10,000 now, and I understand also that we are
here to develop new attitudes around working co-creatively with this added
pressure, but as we get rid of our fears to intervene in many situations
where it is worthy to interfere, my question is, “Do we expect less
resistance when we interfere against the more resistance from the people
that we interfere with to increase the benevolence on this planet?”

*NEBADONIA:* Thank you. Yes…, and I say that hesitantly that you are
correct, that there would be less resistance. However, it is very similar
to a sales project where you want to find buyers who have already examined
the field of products that they want or need, and that you then come to
them and present them with very logical, rational reasons for selecting the
product that you have. What you will find is that you will have a much
more receptive audience; it is not a matter of interfering in their life,
but providing them with the convincing arguments that will bring them into
this consciousness. You are most welcome to ask further questions for

*Stephane:* So we can expect a lot more help from our perspective to
promote the new attitude, but perhaps less so from the anticipated response
from the others that we are interacting with?

*NEBADONIA:* Putting it simply, you will find a much more receptive

*Stephane:* Thank you.

*The importance of intention in our daily affairs*

*Liz:* Good morning, Nebadonia, I am so happy to speak with you this
morning. I have a question: I know that the first step in the design team
process, and that you spoke earlier about intention. So, formulating the
intention is a major part of getting things done, and I understand that
this provides focus, but I suspect that there is more to intention than
focus. Would you please address the importance of intention in our daily

*NEBADONIA:* Most certainly, and thank you for your question. Much of the
answer to your question about teams should be directed to Sondjah; I will
answer intention in regards to what I have said earlier. Intention really
sets the framework for your consciousness. It is stating that you want to
participate in a particular way for an outcome. The intention is
anticipation of outcomes that are desirable, and to support that you must
have the consciousness of those results. When you are in a team, for
example, or sitting by yourself, you make an intention and you want to make
an intention that is in agreement with your planet, your Planetary
Management and the consciousness of Myself, Christ Michael and the
Melchizedeks and the angels. In fact, you would want your intention to be
in agreement with the rest of the universe of light. This is not a
complicated sort of statement that you would make; you would simply state
your intention and in the quietness of your mind, you would see it as being
in agreement with the higher good of this world, all people and the
universe. If it takes you over 10 seconds then you are spending too much
time on it. The intention is efficacious, it is highly effective and it is
definitely needed and useful in all regards to human activities.

*Liz:* Thank you.

*Advice on developing spiritual fragrance*

*Jeff:* Nebadonia, this is Jeff. I have a question for you, if I may.
Many years ago, Emma Christensen told me, “Jeff, one day you will be
walking down the street and someone will stop you and say, ‘Why are you so
happy?’ You will know what to say to them.” I have often prayed—very
often prayed—that I could develop spiritual fragrance that would just
simply allow people around me to know that I was at peace with Christ and
you and the universe. My intentions, as you say, were to align myself with
those values. Do you have any advice about how I could develop additional
spiritual fragrance?

*NEBADONIA:* Most certainly, and thank you for your question. It is a
personal question, but also social in its extreme. One is that a fragrance
of true excellence is not diluted: it is true, it is whole, it is integral;
it is not disposed to be less than it truly is. To be truly spiritually
fragrant, you must be free of ego and you must be free of fear. These two
are noxious fragrances; they are noxious odors to the consciousness of
oneness and light and the effervescent spiritual fragrance that you want to
have in your life. You have seen individuals of immense self-confidence;
they smile and when you talk with them, you note perhaps that they are a
bit arrogant and condescending. They have no fear of you, and in fact
would like to dominate you. This is not spiritual fragrance; this is
simply an immature personality being who they truly are as best they can.
However, when you are free of fear and full of joy, and have no ego
embellishment or self-aggrandizement in your presence, you will fully
radiate this and we suggest that you radiate this consciously, that you see
these waves of your aura go out to meet other people. Truly, a person of
this magnitude can fill a room, a small room with their aura when they are
filled with this energy. Unfortunately, this is also true of those people
who border on being evil, who walk into a room and can do the same thing;
they are like a black ink cloud from an octopus where others cannot see
through the darkness. We seek to, in our consciousness, to join with your
consciousness that you fill all the rooms you enter with light.

*Jeff:* Thank you.

*Intention and free-will to coordinate with angels*

*Doug:* Good morning, this is Doug. My question regards intention and
free-will, it’s like to coordinate my free-will with angelic forces—it’s
not kind of a direct link there, as I understand it, so where do I put my
free-will to receive a Christ-like spirit and to coordinate with the angels?

*NEBADONIA:* Free-will is always expressed through decisions; it is as
simple as that. Your intention is to provoke a positive consciousness
about what you want from this outcome, this relationship with angels, and
then you would make a decision and you would state that decision as being,
doing the Will of God. You are not just submitting to God’s Will, but
declaring the you *will* to do God’s Will, and you ask the angels and your
celestial teachers and Melchizedeks to assist you to do that.

*Doug:* Thank you.

*Feeling the newly added pressure*

*Stephane:* I have another question along the same lines in that assuming
the willingness for full cooperation in the intention and purpose described
today, where are we to feel that the most. Is it in the subtle body,
enhanced chakras, is it in [feeling] the Adjutants, with the aural body, an
increase in coincidences with meeting like-minded people—can you elaborate
on where we are likely to feel that added pressure?

*NEBADONIA:* Most certainly. You would—first of all—see it outwardly,
which you see as happenstance, coincidence and serendipity come into your
life, whether it is people you need to meet, or people who need to meet
you, or opportunities for your employment, for your family, for your
children or for organizations that you are involved with—these are all
evidence of being in alignment with the light. These are evident in your
life around you. The other and more subtle feeling is that which you would
have within you is an almost giddy assurance that you are living your life
correctly. Not that you *think* that you are living your life correctly,
but there is a certain assurance within you that is given to you by your
Thought Adjuster that you are in alignment, that you are on track and that
your life is in order. This is an immense development in any person’s
life. Some people liken it to knowing God through a mystic experience, “a
God experience.” It is the residual that remains with you after such a God
experience, knowing that you are loved, that you are cared for and there is
an assurance within you that all is well.

*Stephane:* Thank you.

*NEBADONIA:* I wish to thank you for your presence today. I will now step
aside from your presence and present to you your Melchizedek and Teacher,
Sondjah. Good day.

(Group gives thanks.)

*SONDJAH:* Good morning, this is Sondjah. It is a pleasure to be with
you; it is a pleasure to follow Nebadonia whose train follows her in light
years, rather than in yards behind her as a bride. (Laughter.) For
myself, as for you, it is hard to follow someone of her magnitude; I am
here in awe of having been present with her here with you, and when I say,
“present,” yes, she is present in a diminished magnitude, but nonetheless,
her full presence is here, when she was here with you.

*The metaphor of connecting dots*

[Note from Daniel during editing: This is a difficult paragraph
to follow.]

One moment. We will continue the metaphor of connecting dots. These dots
are becoming more complete. Now, that may not make much sense to you, but
a more complete dot is able to complete itself in connection with other
dots more readily and become more apparent than when it is less mature.
Likewise, as these more complete dots, elements, implementation programs at
the mortal level are attracting those of similar nature. This is all part
of being in alignment with Christ Michael’s plan; you as individuals will
attract people who can help you complete your work, your life and your joy
in life and living. So too, can other groups come to you and help you
develop and complete your projects more quickly and completely. What we
are striving to avoid are start-up programs that are incomplete, proceed
for a few years, and then fail simply because they did not have the
necessary components for them to reach maturity and sustainability.

This may not be material enough for you to understand at this moment, but
you will see this as these programs mature, that if you are in charge of a
program, it would be advisable for you to ask spirit to assist you in the
complete development of your program, so that you attract and bring in more
complete components to your program. This will assist those other
individuals in their work, and in the completion of yours. Is this clear,
or have I befuddled you? (*Liz:* I understand what you are saying.
*Roxie:* It is clear to me.)

*The stages of various projects*

This is where we are at this current time: We have less than a hundred
programs that we are nurturing, some of which still remain in the minds of
individuals who would become the founders. Others are in the process after
that stage of development to begin their work of bringing others and
resources together. But others yet are still in the process of acquiring
budgets and funding to support their work. What is important for us is not
necessarily the money, but the completion of thought. Immature thought can
bring about immature options and immature decisions and immature completion
of projects. This is most unfortunate because it wastes resources or time,
money and organizational efforts and brings about feelings of defeat and
denial of success. The best resource that you can have in the development
of your program is to sit quietly in meditation, asking for assistance to
bring your programs into more and more complete fulfillment.

These beginning phases are slow; they are striving to gain traction, but
before traction, one must have completion of thought and completion of
design. These ideas, these thoughts can come to you in just moments of
time in contemplation as you are reading some material of some sort that
may be spiritual in nature or related to your work. It is important to
have time during the day where your consciousness is open, and when you do
in fact, have an intention of reading some material and using it as a
portal of evolved consciousness and contemplation. This allows us to help
your wandering mind as you read this material to gain new ideas and new
options for your programs. It is important for us that you have the
intention of opening that portal when you read these materials. It is
important that you are open to receive these ideas, and it is most
important that you then, write them down. This may seem like a simplified
pragmatic option, but many of you have wonderful ideas that you think that
you will remember and you never even remember to remember that you had
forgotten. (More laughter.) But we thank you for having a pad of paper
with you in times of reverie, contemplation, meditation and reflective
thinking. It is important that our work, our co-creative work with you,
make some meaningful connection in the programs that you are operating.

I’m going to bring my part to a close today, as I am a little bit
scattered, as you would say for yourselves after the presence of
Nebadonia. I am however, open to receive your questions.

*What range of questions will be entertained?*

*Jeff:* Sondjah, this is Jeff. I am vastly humbled to be invited to this
group and I am extraordinarily appreciative of the actions of the
celestials to aid Liz and myself in our current small project. I have two
questions, if I may for you today. The first is that both Monjoronson and
Machiventa stated quite clearly that they were open for us to ask questions
of them, but often they would decline to answer them for various reasonable
concerns. I am new to this group and so it would be helpful if I had some
idea of the range of questions that you would entertain from me, or those
areas that you would just prefer not to be asked the questions.

*SONDJAH:* One moment. There are two areas that are of concern for your
questions: one is that it relates to you now, regarding your ascendant
career. The opposite side of that is being concerned about your ascendant
career after you have completed all your programs in Salvington. That is
not relevant now to your ascendant career, as you are a mortal on this
world contending with the vicissitudes around you and those within you. If
you maintain questions of concern in your immediate life, concerning your
ascendant career, that would be very helpful. The second area that we
would wish you to entertain are those programs that are related to your
life now, not concerns about those of other people or other possibilities
or other realms.

The work that you have to do involves you, your inner dialog, your dialog
with other people, your relationships with other people, your children,
your partner, your family, your extended family, your community, those
people at work, those people in your organizations and associations, and so
on. When you concern yourself about living factors and your time of rest
on the mansion worlds, that is really not relevant to your life now; it is
something that you will be made aware of at the right time and the right
place and circumstances where that information that is useful to you can be
maximized. We wish to curtail wishful thinking, dreamlike living that many
people seem to want to maintain in their lives as an escapism for the
realities that are around you. It is not that we want to drag your nose
through the mud of living as a mortal on a material planet that is in great
strife itself; it is rather that we wish you to hold our hand as you walk
your life in a meaningful way during the time that you are here.

*What kind of direct assistance can we get with our current project?*

*Jeff:* May I ask a second question? (*Sondjah:* Certainly!) Liz and I
are working on something very new for academia, and as you are probably
well aware, academia is not given to change easily, and we want to make
certain because what we are presenting is probably radical in the minds of
many faculty and people who have their careers invested in the University,
that we put forth material and a new way of thinking about solving problems
that are socially sustainable, that have a time frame that is very long
instead of a time frame that is very short, and I’m wondering what
assistance can we get from you if we get stuck, so to speak, on presenting
a concept or an idea that will have the greatest resonance for our
audience. I am not a professional teacher, I have no credentials, this is
outside of my core competency, and I am curious as to what kind of direct
help we can get from you if we are in a cul-de-sac, so to speak, and need
to move forward?

*SONDJAH:* The advice I am about to give you is such that it prevents you
from ever entering a cul-de-sac of discussion. I’m going to work backwards
here in logic; what we do not want is to have academics that you present
your materials to, to silently form an opinion about this topic that
disallows you to make any headway with them. We want to prevent them from
coming to an opinion that rejects the options you present. The point I
wish to make is this, that if you prepare a subject for a surprise, then it
will not be a surprise and they will not be startled, they will not be
jolted. Whether that is a loss in the financial markets that was not
anticipated, or whether it is a tax bill that was not anticipated, or
whether it is the fact that your child has walked across the street and was
struck and broke her leg. The way to break the news is gently, and we have
seen that this example that I am about to give you seems to work. We used
the example of electronic technologies that have been introduced to your
society, your civilization, into the world. This has come about very
gradually. If you were to ask some child of 12-15 years old to name a few
of those technological innovations, they could easily, perhaps, give you
two dozen within less than 5 minutes. However, if you asked a group of
people, no matter their education or their life experiences, to name 5
social innovations in the last 500 years, they would be hard pressed to
name even 2. The magnitude of cultural dissonance that is involved in the
presentation of social sustainability in this social problem solving genre
that we are giving to you is so new and so radical that it fits the
definition of social innovation.

*Social innovation that is radical and remarkable*

It is necessary that you state to people in your audience that you are
about to tell them about a social innovation that is remarkable, and then
you would strive to set their minds so that they are open and receptive to
receive this new innovation that you will describe. What you wish to do
too is also to provide a metaphor or a parallel. I will give you a very
crude one and that is this: At one time, automobiles—all automobiles—were
started with a crank that was connected to the crankshaft in the front of
the engine, and a person would stand outside that automobile and crank it
with the ignition on so that it would start. Everybody accepted this as
normal; and finally someone said, “Well, let us put a battery in the car
and connect it to a motor, connected to the flywheel so that you could push
a button with your foot and it will turn the engine over by itself without
having to stand in front.” Well, that’s remarkable, isn’t it? In the same
way, this social innovation will solve problems of social natures in the
same radical way that starters did for cars in the last century. Then,
what you would want to do is to then proceed to describe to your audience
solutions to existent social problems that this new mechanism, this new
innovation would resolve. Are you with me so far?

*Jeff:* Oh yes, very enthusiastically so!

*Use some existent social problems now that can be solved using values*

*SONDJAH:* Good. What you and Liz would want to do is find some existent
social problem that could be resolved by the use of these social
sustainability mechanisms. We have assisted This One over the last 10
years in developing the Schematic for Validating Social Sustainability and
Morality that is useful for solving problems, using those values. Another
one that is of major importance is the illustration of the priorities of
social sustainable decision-making—and I wish to advise you that there is a
newer version of that that has come out within the last 6 months—and that
finely, the last illustration are the 7 values of social sustainability
than can be shown/illustrated to people, to your audience. For the
illustration, you would wish to use the “Priorities of Social
Sustainability Decision-Making,” perhaps, or whatever combination you
choose in resolving these problems.

You, as a financial expert in the industry, know that there are many
problems about financial equity. What is useful now is to use these values
and these illustrations to assist financial institutions and corporations
in how to sustain themselves while simultaneously being economically
equitable with whomever would participate in that financial/social
mechanism. On an academic level, you would be presenting these materials
in a theoretical yet pragmatic method. On the other hand, just a moment
ago, I spoke about the financial equity, that is almost too painfully close
for many people to accept even partially. But when you present as a
mechanism, a mechanism for resolving social problems at an academic level
of thinking, then it does not necessarily threaten the harsh realities that
will have to come about in order to design and implement a socially
sustainable society. Our advice is for you to, at this point in time,
strive to stay away from those painful, pragmatic decisions that will be
made in the future about social equity, social justice, what is fair in the
common good.

*Jeff:* Thank you.

*Clarification question on Sondjah’s advice*

*Jeff:* I’d like to ask a follow-up question, Sondjah: I want to be as
clear about this as possible. I’ll read this in the transcript and that
would probably clarify it, but, I think I heard you suggest that in our
original presentation materials, that Liz and I should propose a topic and
use the model to show by the example how that topic could be analyzed so
that there was a prototype, if you will. And you suggested that it not be
about financial equity or deals of equality that we are going to have to
address on the point sometime soon, but rather some social issue that by
most people’s reckoning, should gather some attention. And the thought had
come to me earlier that the inequality of sentencing between classes of
people in the United States is a reasonably good example. Am I correct in
this thinking?

*SONDJAH:* Yes, it is vastly inequitable.

*Jeff:* My question is not whether it is inequitable or how: is this an
appropriate topic to bring to the fore in our presentation to students,
saying, for example, “Here is a topic I think we can all agree upon, which
is sentencing inequality and let’s put it through the model to see if this
is sustainable, is this just, or whatever.”

*SONDJAH:* One moment. After finances, the moral equity that is involved
in your society is the most difficult. Sentencing involves the point of
punishment in your statutes. I am struggling with this answer simply
because of the immense moral issues that are involved in your justice
system, both criminal justice and civil justice. The difficulties are
deeply embedded. You would need to spend some time, face to face with This
One, discussing moral issues *[1]* based on social sustainability in order
to sustain yourself in a discussion even of minor infractions of your laws
as an example. The problem with presenting an issue of a statutory nature
dealing with inequality will ultimately lead to moral questions which you
have not anticipated and have not thought of at this time. The results
could be highly positive in the large scale, or it could be highly
detrimental to your efforts in the short term. You would perhaps have far
better results with sending this to a student group in Alabama than you
would to the academics in Southern Oregon. It is not a topic which we
would advise getting into at this time. However, if you could frame it in
terms of . . . . One moment. You recall that there was a real estate
practice that banks used to disqualify certain zip codes approximately 10
years ago, or so? (Jeff: “Redlining.”) You are correct, that this was
inequitable. Now, you could use that as an example for discussion, using
the terms of the values of social sustainability and of the priorities of
decision-making. This would deal with economics, residence ethics, and
morality and could be approached successfully. You would want to rehearse
this thoroughly before your presentation, of course. Does this help? I
feel as though my answer has not hit the mark.

*Jeff:* Oh, I think that that. . . I can understand that fully. I
appreciate your candor; this is too important to allow me or Liz or the
team not to make a catastrophic mistake here.

*SONDJAH:* Thank you. I would anticipate that we will revisit this again
and again before your presentation, correct?

*Jeff:* I hope so!

*Liz:* Yes, indeed.

*SONDJAH:* You are most welcome to.

*Kudos to Teacher Ophelius*

*Liz:* Sondjah, I want to begin by saying that I subscribe to the 11:11
Correcting Time broadcasts and the most recent one that came from Teacher
Ophelius was very meaningful to me—well, Teacher Ophelius, his messages are
always very meaningful to me—but this last one discussed that each one of
us has a guidance team that we can invoke. It has always been a mystery to
me how prayers are routed to the person to whom they are directed, whether
I was to speak to Mother Nebadonia, or to Christ Michael, or to an angel,
or to a Thought Adjuster and that somehow that all magically happens, and
Teacher Ophelius talked about we each have an entire guidance team that can
be addressed all at once. I really appreciated that. So, there’s no
question there, I just wanted to be on record how much I appreciate Teacher

*SONDJAH:* Thank you. You are not asking a curiosity question about how
that routing works, are you?

*Liz:* I am not, unless I should be. (Laughter.)

[This is *Daniel:* Sondjah has awakened a sense of humor in him recently
that is pretty astounding.

*Liz:* It’s just lovely! Shall I ask a question about that?

*Daniel:* No, never mind.]

*A future question from a reader*

*Liz:* Sondjah, I have a question from a reader and this is what he’s
written: “People differ in their development of their abilities, and
accordingly, their incomes vary as well. Also, a highly developed society
is committed to uphold the equality of opportunities to improve the quality
of life. All the people put their efforts to produce goods and services.
The question arises about the principle of obtaining goods and services in
a highly developed society, which would be fair with the likely condition
that an advanced society does not use money. Obviously, there needs to be
some accounting principles with labor, or a kind of distribution of goods
within the 7 core values of social sustainability. Even in advanced
societies, there are rich and relatively poor. Could you comment on this?

*SONDJAH:* The question is so broad as I am unable to answer. What is the
point of the question, please?

*Liz:* Well, this was a question that was sent to me. I think what he is
asking is will there ever be a time when everything is equitable and there
are no rich and there are no poor, or is there ever going to be a type of
society where money is not the exchange? I’m not exactly sure what his
point is with this question, but that is what I would infer.

*SONDJAH:* To a broad question, I will give you a broad answer: Yes.

*Liz:* Wonderful. I will counsel him on the way he asks his questions.

*SONDJAH:* This is truly a curiosity question and it borders on the future
rather than the present. In order for that future to come into existence
there must be good and reasonable intelligent and spiritually qualified
answers today in order to make that possible tomorrow. That is why we do
no entertain futuristic curiosity questions as they are really quite

I wish to bring today’s session to a close.

[This is *Daniel:* When I get tired, Daniel and Sondjah sometimes get
muddled and I can’t condone that or accept that.]

*Sondjah’s closing statement welcomes new members*

*SONDJAH:* Let us bring today’s session to a close. We certainly
appreciate the new voices, and new questions that have come to our
presence. We wish that these individuals continue their patronage as they
are able on these Monday mornings. We find this very helpful and we know
it to be helpful for our readership and audience to see other questions
that come into being. We wish you to know that we are here with you; there
is absolutely no abandonment of Christ Michael’s work on this world, and as
you know, the revelation continues. Only through a continuing revelation
can the co-creative future of your world be brought into existence and this
requires open minds, open hearts, open souls and a willingness to risk the
time of spending time talking with us as though it is real, because it
surely is in the ultimate equation of your lives and of the over-care of
Christ Michael and of Machiventa Melchizedek. For their presence and for
your presence, we give thanks. Good day.

# # #


[1] Raphael, Daniel (2017) *Organic Morality – Answering the Most Critical
Moral Questions of the 3rd Millennium*. Available as a downloadable PDF
from: https://sites.google.com/view/danielraphael
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