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*New Era Transition #17 – Raising children; Overpopulation; “Churches” –
Jun. 19, 2017*

*Machiventa Melchizedek*, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince


The “event” off the table for now

Two research projects needed for best practices in child rearing

Raising children to be socially competent and responsible

The beginning of great difficulties

Overpopulation of our world is about 60%

Christ Michael’s strategic plan for our world

Implementing strategic plans

Personal reactions to revelations

A new type of “church” for Urantians called “clinics”

The division of the Urantia movement

Discussing the affect of the environments

A “pat-on-the-back” for our French Brothers and Sisters

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members present: Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael and Liz Cratty


*June 19, 2017*

*MACHIVENTA:* Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a
pleasure to be with you once again.

*The “event” off the table for now*

We have spoken in months past, even years past, about a nexus that we call
“the event.” Many of you eventually surmised that it may have involved a
huge amount of money being won perhaps through the lottery. Your guess
would be correct. However, as events have proceeded that option is no
longer viable, at least at the present time. It may be useful in a future
occasion when the current developments become more revealed.

*Two research projects needed for best practices in child rearing*

We have not spoken before of the monetary requirements to develop a global
program of local community clinics for families, or for the societal
development of training projects to train political candidates, social and
cultural leaders and so on. It has been estimated by This One,
conferencing with several others that it would take approximately between
$45 and $90 million dollars over a span of 60 months to bring this program
into completion. The main difficulty with this project is that it would
take approximately 2 years to be up and running and available online.
There would need to be a research project to ascertain and to collect the
wisdom of the ages for the “best practices” for child rearing, parenting,
and family dynamics. This would involve two research projects: one would
be for the indigenous wisdom of cultures that now exist and also the second
would be the survey and collection of all literary social science research
having to do with those best practices.

*Raising children to be socially competent and responsible*

ou know, as well as we do, that there are individuals around the world who
are well-balanced, who are pleasantly engaged in their social life, and who
seem to be fairly content with their life and living. And you may wonder
how these people were so fortunate to come into life with such a wonderful
disposition. What did their parents do to raise them to become so
competent socially and socially responsible? How is it that their
intrapersonal relationship is as pleasant as their interpersonal
relationships are? Surely there must be wonderful parenting skills out
there that could be taught to millions and billions of couples and
individuals who have or are going to have children, who could become far
more competent and capable parents to bring into the world a new generation
of contented individuals.

This is the foundation of developing the Days of Light and Life. All
societies are built on individuals; individuals who are leaders, who are
competent and capable administrators and wonderfully careful and effective
followers. These skills come from the family. As you know from the *Urantia
Book*, families are the basis and foundation for all civilizations and all
societies and the good working order of all communities. They provide the
foundation for the new Era of Light and Life. There is no other place to
start to heal your world than at the family level. Individuals who are
competent, capable, and resourceful would become the best leaders in
generations ahead. By addressing the needs of future generations today, by
raising those children into competent, capable adults, you will have the
basis for actively bringing this world into the Days of Light and Life, for
which the Correcting Time has its main thrust and its main mission.

*The beginning of great difficulties*

On a second note, we have also said that several years ago, beginning in
2012 and following years to 2015 that the year 2018 would be the beginning
of great difficulties. You are seeing great difficulties in the world now,
but if those are exacerbated many fold, then it would harm the disposition
of many billions of people. We simply do not have time to use the lottery
winnings of those millions of dollars to begin the process that must be
engaged within the next year or two. It is not that these programs will
heal your world—no, they certainly will not. You in this generation and
the next generation will have the onerous but great, *great* responsibility
to bring in an era of sustainability of social stability, peace and
eventually social sustainability.

*Overpopulation of our world is about 60%*

What we do in this generation is for the future. What we have proposed all
along is a reclamation project for reclaiming your world. As you know,
your world is far too overpopulated at 7.3 to 7.5 billion people
currently. Your world far exceeds its sustainable level by approximately
60%. How will you reclaim your world; how will you use your technologies;
how will you build sustainable societies, families and nations and
associations of nations? These are the things that we are anticipating now
for your world. It is not that we do not care about you in this generation
or the next generation, for we do. How your world got into this situation
is because of the individuals who are leaders, and followers were not
thinking about the care and disposition of future generations. This is not
something to blame them, or hold them as responsible, for there has been a
tremendous ignorance about how to manage your planet. Most were concerned
about managing their own personal life, and as you can see from millions of
people around you, they cannot even do that.

*Christ Michael’s strategic plan for our world*

What has been needed is planetary management leadership with a strategic
plan that brings your world into the Days of Light and Life. This is the
plan that Christ Michael and his management executive team has developed
for each of the planets that were in the quarantine. Each planet has its
own plan, its own planetary managers, and staff to bring those plans of
Christ Michael into being. It is not a matter of time, but a matter of
development. If you are conscientious to evaluate and discern the progress
we have been making in the last 25-30 years, then you know that your world
has progressed very rapidly. Social change has been immense; it has been
exponential in the last 60 years. In many ways, this works for the good of
your planet and future generation, but it surely does work against the
happiness and the equal and good balance of your world today. It brings
you up short—and when I say, “you,” I mean collectively your nations and
your global populations and your leaders—brings you up short that there is
so much to do and so little has been done.

Planetary management by the spiritual teams of these planets that are in
quarantine is essential for your worlds to be healed. Soon your world will
be engulfed in change, which is immense and which could spiral into great
desperation and destruction. We are here to help prevent that; we do know
that there will be immense losses in all regards across the board for your
world, yet there will be a plan in place for its healing and for the
generation of sustainable communities that will include sustainable
families and the training of those families and parents-to-be to become
competent parents, community leaders, and eventually national leaders as

*Implementing strategic plan*

Now, if you were a thinking individual, you would be thinking to yourself,
“Well, Machiventa, if this sudden huge amount of money would not work, then
what do you have up your sleeve to help us out in this desperate
situation?” If you were a thinking person, you would realize that the
means, which is not just money but connections, and it comes down to
wealth, fame, and power. Who is benevolent enough to bring such a project
into being that would have a global impact within a few weeks and
definitely in a few months and surely within one year, where all those
plans would be shared globally and across all nations that are connected to
the Internet? Those nations are democratic or totalitarian; everyone would
have the benefit of using what we would teach through this network. I am
not disclosing in any way what connection or what this position or what
means this would be, except to say that this is part of the plan of Christ
Michael for the desperate situation your world is in today.

By your clock, we are halfway through our session this morning; it is a
much abbreviated session as This One has a business obligation that cannot
be delayed, but must be attended to.

*Liz:* How does your introductory statement relate to the event that takes
place this fall?

*Personal reactions to revelations*

*MACHIVENTA:* We will defer answering that; we will let you guess at
that. Let me speak casually with you, one of the reasons we “hold our
cards clutched to our vest” is that we have found that revealing even a
little bit to our followers, holds them in apprehension of what will
occur. Their minds become solidified; they become inflexible in their
thinking; they lose the capacity of “possibility thinking,” but only are
invested in speculation without becoming more involved in their active
lives in a pragmatic way in their communities. Yes, they are connected,
and that is all that I can say about that at this time.

*Liz:* Thank you for that answer and I know that is true when we get word
of worldwide calamities to come. I know that personally I go into a place
of fear and I don’t want to be there. I would rather be in a place of
faith, and so I have to work doubly hard to accept these predictions.

*A new type of “church” for Urantians called “clinics”*

To pivot to another topic, I was quite taken with the idea of the default
of the Urantia Foundation in their mandate to create churches. The idea of
a *Urantia Book* based church, is kind of a problem for me—I can’t quite
visualize it as church in general has not been a positive experience for
me. I wonder if you could shed some light on your vision of what a new
type of church would look like.

*MACHIVENTA:* Thank you, I appreciate the opportunity to speak about
this. “Church” is a most difficult concept for people to accept. Everyone
in your communities has been acquainted with churches, even the atheists
who have come across to the *Urantia Book* know about churches; and they
know about the culture of churches and how difficult it has been. We have
sidelined the word “church” in the writings with This One and call them
“clinics.” They are clinics for healing; they are clinics for teaching the
dynamics and processes and skills and abilities of sustainable families, of
a sustainable lifestyle, of sustainable thinking and believing, and of
sustainable intrapersonal structure within the personality of the

Churches have lost their way, and so suddenly the first Urantia communities
have lost their way as well when it comes to churches. They have
immediately thought of some orthodoxy of rituals, ceremonies, pageantry,
costumery, and so on. This is all washed out; this has no meaning; this
has no contribution to individuals. Yes, it does in some individuals raise
them into a state of piety, which is most admirable, a position of
tremendous worship. But for the vast majority of people who come to
church, they are put off by this display. It is simply “too gorgeous” to
believe God is imprisoned here, and that they represent God’s simple
presence in their lives. It is essential that you not hold the thought or
image of a church or priests or ministers in their regalia as being
operational in the Urantian Churches that “we” envision for you, that “we”
are prepared to help you develop and to establish. Think more of churches
around teaching, that are training, even in the very earliest training that
occurred in the Catacombs of Rome, it was not a church; it was a school; it
was a place of spiritual discussion, of spiritual realities, or the
awakening to God as a Father, rather than God that was much as the Romans
held their God and Gods.

You and we are on the same page, Dear One; we hope that this helps you and
others to establish a “clinic” for the healing of souls, for the healing of
minds, for the healing of emotions, the healing of your culture, for
healing in each of the seven spheres of human development are necessary for
the full development of the human psyche and the relationship between the
individual and their Thought Adjuster within. I hope this clarifies for

*Liz:* You have given me much to think about, thank you so much for that

[This is *Daniel*, Liz: Did he answer your question or did he get off on a

*Liz.* No, absolutely. I have a whole new understanding of what he is
talking about.]

*Craig:* When we think of a “church in the new concepts” that they are
really social institutions of religious culture and learning.

*MACHIVENTA:* You are exactly right! It is a complete change of culture
from religiosity of Christianity and Orthodoxy and Catholicism that is so
much different and is so much more friendly and healing. We can only
create this with you, co-creatively. Be aware that there are many, many
millions, if not billions of Nebadonia’s assistants and angels to assist
you in the process.

*Craig:* We can get scared about what’s going to happen in the future and
apprehensive, but that’s not very productive.

*The division of the Urantia movement*

*MACHIVENTA:* As you recall former discussions about the division of the
Urantia movement into the three organizations, you may see a way through
for those progressive individuals in all three communities to begin
designing a “clinic” for sustaining families and for developing good
working families who have a spiritual base that uses the *Urantia Book* as
a reference, rather than as an authority. We are concerned that the
division of the Urantia Movement has become so divisive and unproductive
that the three organizations are no longer able to aid their followers to
grow into the mighty souls that your world needs. You are correct, Craig,
in saying that there is much good among all the groups, and that there is a
way forward by thinking positively, rather than by looking back in the past
of those divisions. Anything that we do and can do for you will be done
now and in the future. The past is only a reference of errors and mistakes
and good working order successes that can assist you and us to build a
global community that works for the good of all.

I see that there is a vacant spot in our airtime and if there are no
questions, then I will ask you to bring this to a close. Roxanne, you have
not said anything. Whether you have a question or not, would you please

*Roxie:* I had a question but you covered it thoroughly in your
introduction statement. I was just now wondering if there was any
particular direction you would like us to go in our inquiries to assist you
in this new stage of implementation?

*Discussing the affect of the environments*

*MACHIVENTA:* Only in one regard. You all seem so deathly serious about
what you are doing. You could be more casual, less formal and more
informal and even friendly. I know that you are friendly with us, but your
demeanor is quite formal as though you were talking to the CEO of some
large organization and you were “hat-in-hand” asking for a job. We are, on
the other hand, very familiar with you and well acquainted with you and
will accept almost any behavior except that which is demeaning, derogatory,
or defaming, which you are not of that type at all. It is not so much the
topics that need to be discussed, but the affect of our discussions that I
would like you to address.

*A “pat-on-the-back” for our French Brothers and Sisters*

With that I will say, “adieu” for today and the French are always present
on our minds, are they not, as they have come into a new social/political
orientation and they seem to be so confrontational, but so willing to find
new routes and new organizations that work to help the good of all. They
are an admirable example of the Latin culture. We wish you good day.

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