2016-10-31, NET #06, Machiventa

New Era Transition #06 – Working Meditations; Details and Objectives – Oct. 31, 2016


Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince



Details and objectives of the Correcting Time

Working meditations with your Celestial Mentors

Gaining confidence with your energetic participation

Ridding society of the controllers of the evil “Deep State”

Group topics

Daily meditations with your Thought Adjuster


TR:  Daniel Raphael

Team member present:  Roxanne Andrews




October 31, 2016


MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa and welcome to our small group.


Roxie:  Thank you, Machiventa and welcome to you as well.


Details and objectives of the Correcting Time


MACHIVENTA:  Thank you very much; your hospitality is always very gracious.  We are here today to provide a brief message, one that helps fill in the puzzle of the Correcting Time.  It involves the closer attention to detail and the Correcting Time programs and objectives than ever before. 


We have alluded to planetary plans, strategic plans, and Correcting Time program and its sub-missions, and down to the point of working out of details.  It is in the details that you find the angels in the work that we do.  “The angels are in the details,” so to speak.  Now, that is where the minutiae of getting these programs engaged with mortals is primary.  We have several individuals that we are working with simultaneously as they prepare their time for presenting their ideas and in their local community design teams.  We ask those organizers/initiators to spend time with us each day in a working conference, working meditations, so to speak, where the individual has questions and seeks answers in quietness, and in the oneness, the stillness that is around them and in them.  Those answers may not be forthcoming immediately, but we also suggest that they keep a pad of paper and a pencil or pen available to take notes.  They will find that as they do so that the problems unravel and the answers they seek begin to appear. 


Working meditations with your Celestial Mentors


This is an opportunity for your guardians and midwayers and Melchizedeks to work with your mind in the quietness of your thinking moments, in your working meditations.  It is in the details that the sureness occurs.  It is much like designing a wonderful machine, but in one of the instances the cogs and the teeth of those cogs do not mesh; they are too distant and too far apart.  It might be just a ten-thousandth of an inch that those gears do not mesh, but that is enough distance so that the operation of the whole machine does not produce an output.  So, with this working meditation you are putting the gears closer together so that you can produce something from your mental mechanism, from your intentions, your diligence, and your love for Christ Michael’s work.  You will find that in the working meditation as this that you will find results.  It is much like having a company or a business, and you are the manager or owner:  You wish to make yourself available to your subordinates, to your sub-managers who have questions for you and seek answers, and that you, in collaboration with them and in the larger mind of your group, you find those solutions and answers.  You have appointed times, and you have a meeting every day at such and such a time, and that everyone is there and prepared for it.  There are other times you will find that you are busy doing the things that need to be done, and you do not have the meeting.  Do not feel guilty about that, but reconnect when there is a need to do so. 


This type of meshing of gears between the mortal and the celestial is much different than your worship and meditation time with your Thought Adjuster.  These working meditations are exactly that: they are a working conferencing as well as a mentoring between your assigned Melchizedeks and Celestial Teachers, Midwayers, and you.  In this way, you begin to build confidence in your relationship with the celestial realm, and that you have confidence in yourself to engage them productively.  They as well seek your partnership to become one with these programs.  And yes, you may not know the way; it is very simple when you have a map to go from one place to another, you just find the route you want to take.  But in this case, this is much like a Taoist seeking answers without “pushing the river,” so to speak, that you proceed and wait for answers; you proceed and wait for invitations; you proceed and walk through the doors of opportunity and explore and expand your projects and programs.  We are there, available to you to work on the very smallest details of your operation. 


Gaining confidence with your energetic participation


It is Christ Michael’s intention—in fact he has a number of intentions for the Correcting Time program—and one of them includes the working operation, coordination, and cooperation between mortals and celestials on an operational basis, so that you gain confidence and they are able to advise you on your life and your work and your life’s mission with your energetic participation.  In this way, the relationship that has been spoken of in mystical terms becomes much more operational and productive for you and for your world.  It is important at this juncture of your world that individuals become involved in the minutiae level of its operation; that you make a small contribution by one or two, and expanding to one or two million, your world will progress and evolve to its greater maturity and its eventuality of the Days of Light and Life.


As you know, your life course, your spiritual journey is all about relationship:  Relationship with the First Source and Center; relationship with your Thought Adjuster.   And this is not an “airy-fairy mystical sort  of relationship,” but one that is operational, and in fact, mentoring and tutoring to you, so that you improve your skills and capability of making right decisions consistently through the future of your life as a mortal, and as a morontial being, and eventually as a spiritual being.


We thank you for your attention today.  If there are questions, you are most welcome to ask them.


Roxie:  Thank you, Machiventa.  We did have a question from our Russian friend, but you exactly answered the question in its entirety, so I won’t go into that one.


            [This is Daniel:  (Laughing.)  Don’t you just love that!]


Ridding society of the controllers of  the evil “Deep State”


I also received another very lengthy email from one of our readers.  I’m not going to read the whole thing; it’s just too long.  He’s referring to something called the “Shadow Government,” or “The Deep State.”  Machiventa, are you familiar with what he’s talking about from the Internet?  (Machiventa:  Yes, I am.)  So, his question to you says, “When the cataclysms hit and our entire world economy crashes, the ones who will have the majority of assets will be the “Deep State.”  How can the 99% take control if the Deep State is still in power, or will they still have power over the remaining masses?  Up until that time, the Deep State could care less about Christ Michael’s plans or helping the masses.  What is the plan to rid society of the extremely evil Deep State?


MACHIVENTA:  We have answered this question multiple times in the past, that the Correcting Time engages those topics; it engages the macro-level of your society’s operations and also the micro-level of operations.  Those forces that you refer to will have surprises awaiting for them in the coming months, years and decades.  We do not get into specifics about addressing this, as it is more of a mental state, an attitude of the masses—the 99%—than it is anything else.  There are sufficient empowering processes involved in democracies for the 99% to take control; they simply have not done so, as they are unorganized.  It is important that they begin to involve themselves in the organization of local communities and individual citizens.  If you recall the training that we have provided to you through the local community design teams using the 6 core values, you will understand that these are very pragmatic processes that find results.  One must have a plan before they can expect results, do they not?  So too, must the 99% have a non-violent plan that brings about the results that they desire, and which is good for your planet and your societies, and are conforming to the 6 core values that have sustained your species.


Group topics


Roxie:  I have only one more question:  In our last session, you talked about this information from our group should come from many individuals, not just one person.  However, in reading transcripts from the other TRs, I do not recall them ever presenting any of the material on the 6 core values, or social, political, and economic topics.  Each group seems to have its own topics of exploration.  Your comments, please.


MACHIVENTA:  Those different topics by different groups are important to be explored.  If every team was talking about the same topic, we have found that it causes confusion and dissonance between the teams and what teams think will work or will not work.  There is enough influence of the TR’s consciousness and their data base to influence the TR session by just a little bit.  When you have listeners reading these comments of these sessions, then it can become more skewed.  We prefer to have individual teams pursue their work individually with great diligence and expertise, to define and hone those topics so that they are easy to understand for readers and those who come later  in decades and centuries ahead.


Roxie:  Thank you; that’s all the questions I have for today.


Daily meditations with your Thought Adjuster


MACHIVENTA:  We thank you for your attention today and your participation and your questions.  We know that it is difficult for you to follow our work in your own lives, that is why it is important that you be in meditation with your Thought Adjuster every day to become aware of your life’s mission, your life’s goal, the work that you have to do, the problems that you have to overcome, and the humility that you need to gain.  One of the greatest hurdles for mortals to overcome is to overcome their own thinking of what “ought” to be, rather than what is.  And it is the “is” of the moment, the being in the moment that is most important, particularly when it is spent with your Father Within.  Thank you and good day.