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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2018-11-08
Teacher: Michael, Elyon, Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers

Michael: Indeed I am here and it is not untrue that it is at your request, but I will point out that it is because of your faith, because you believe that we could connect in this way. You have opened the channel, established the connection and so now your faith allows us to exchange over the circuitry that you have built with your faith. It is very true, what was stated, that perhaps the most valuable thing one can possess is enduring and confident faith for it brings with it a great stability, a great peace in having absolute conviction and trust in the direction, if not in the immediate circumstance before you. Those with great faith will see beyond the transient ups and downs to the overall direction towards truth, beauty and goodness.

And so, this faith that you have developed and that you display even now, is what makes this whole episode possible and so that's what I would like to celebrate with you here today, your faith. I understand that there exists out there great uncertainty in what may be before you in the future, perhaps what may befall you, but I assure you that if you will return to this connection you will return to this circuit of love that we share even now. You will always be able to have the strength of your conviction in this place we make and share together.

There have always been and there will always be great apprehension about what is potentially impending, what may or may not happen and it is as well the unforeseen unknown that takes you by surprise. But throughout all these travails and adventures there exists this continuum of your perspective standing in faith. So once again I declare to you all, fear not. I will not forsake you, ever. I will provide for you as I have and you will survive. What more could I say to bring your peace and comfort. But still, this experience is designed to facilitate growth and therefore these challenges are present and must be grappled with. Choices must be made. Each one provides you with the opportunity to fill the decision making process with as much faith as you can manage to include. Rely on your inner self to know the right direction and then have the courage to follow it. These are your challenges and they are the same challenges regardless of the scenario playing out in front of you.

I have said that I am with you and I will be with you throughout, therefore call on me to lay my hand of strength on your shoulder. Call on me when you are uncertain and I will help you find conviction. Nothing will please me more than our relationship we form together. You are all my dear ones in whom I am so pleased. Father, I want to thank you for all of these beautiful souls that gather here at this time. See with me their light shine out for all to witness. Feel their presence of love as they form this circuit of enduring peace. Celebrate these dear ones with me Father, they are our children. I am flooded with joy and gratitude at your willingness to join me in this way and to be as close to me as we are able through this means we have established. I will take advantage of this means and every means available to me to reach you, to be a part of your lives and I will respond to your requests as I call you to witness even now. I leave you now with my grace and peace surrounding you all, embracing you as you navigate your experience. Let it be so, even now.

Elyon: Thank you my friend for casting out a call. I am pleased to be considered on your list of contacts and so I will return your call and meet you halfway in this process. I would like to pick up on the thread offered here about the making of connections and how important it is to be seeing yourselves as part of a bigger facet of reality that is going on around you. It is oftentimes seen from the mortal perspective that you are so individual and alone and you must make your own way and provide for yourselves, but in fact you are hooked in many different ways into the great web of life and thereby by virtue of this web you are connected to many many other sources.

Over the years there have been discussions about the Thought Adjuster circuit, the mind circuit, the heart circuit, the circuit of man and the circuit of divinity. You are connected to all of these. You have access to all of these great dimensions. It is always a great pleasure to watch the immature being discover all of these senses and all of the things they are tied to, related to and part of. The young one has no idea of the vast potentials that lie within, they are merely experiencing the unfolding of these potentials. So it is always a delight to witness when the flowers bloom before you and you can see the unfolding of the potential as the growth occurs.

That has been my overall experience in my association with you these many years since we began this process together. I have witnessed great growth, great maturing and great flowering. It brings the conviction of the perfection of the plan. Truly, it is inspirational to see and even more so to have some part in. I will remain forever grateful for our association in this little exercise of growth we have been involved in together. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you to you all, a good day and happy hunting in your exploration of the many ways that you may be attached to the divine. I leave you in peace, farewell.

Machiventa: Yes class, I would like to address you, it has been some time now, I am Machiventa Melchizedek. It is a joy to pop in and see the familiar faces in the classroom. You certainly have been diligent students in returning to these halls of learning and now each demonstrate a deep faith that you have earned throughout this process. And so now you have this great asset, this strong faith and conviction on which you may lean and you may build your understanding and awareness.

This platform of awareness, this level of understanding that you have achieved, will serve you well as you navigate upcoming scenarios before you. Remember that your platform must be of sound construction. You must experientially build each level of your awareness. There are no shortcuts to your gaining the necessary experience, but knowing that these experiences are necessary changes them, understanding that these circumstances are there to provide you growth changes them and understanding that this entire process is overseen by a loving divine parent changes you so that your perspective on all these things has now been altered.

Whenever you are challenged and confronted with the numerous obstacles you may see before you, always try to bring in the spiritual component. If left to its own devices, what would spirit ask you to do, what would your faith have you do and do that. Then fear not, for your safety or your welfare because your faith provides you with the assurance that you will be cared for, that you know your place in the family. So now you all, having mastered these preliminary courses, are forever wondering what your next assignment to be. Surely you will be considered for the next assignment and how will it play out in your lives and I tell you plainly that your life is your next assignment, your approach to how you live your life is what you are to master given that you now have the tools of a spiritualized individual.

With this perspective that you have gained, you will navigate circumstances before you in a different way, one filled with more spirit influence, more divine influence, more love, more grace, more truth, more beauty and more goodness. And so you have succeeded in increasing your capacity for all of these things thereby enlarging your being to have capacity for the divine child of God that you are.

Yes it has been some time since I found myself strolling to the podium in class but I am grateful for this opportunity that has presented itself and thank you for your willingness to allow me my expression. I say well done to all the students from the headmaster, from the ones who were the first pupils in the new school in this new experiment presented to Urantia. We have traveled this path together and I stand in gratitude for your participation. My blessings to you all, goodbye.

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