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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2018-03-25
Teacher: Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers

Machiventa: As the students are ready, the teachers arrive and as I have been requested by this conversation, I will respond to this group of students. There is this question of will-command and the idea that this represents of your having authority to issue this will-command. But as you know, it is a matter of authority. You may command an orchestra, you may command a vessel, you may take command of your own destiny and in each case it is as a result of the authority that you have granted yourself to do so. When you see yourselves as worthy, then you grant yourself the authority to take the steps necessary, to execute the next step in this divine universe principle.

You have been batting around for a long time the association of thought, word and deed and this is even shortened in the concept of will-command because it sums up the will of the individual, the desire behind the motivation and the focus of this motivation, the purpose that has been chosen. And so there is this different reference to the same principle. You are executing the same step of harnessing your intention, your purpose and directing its focus. It has been referred to in these terms as well. And this is no different from simply a vocabulary choice. The principles are universally the same, to first realize there is this potential, to gather up the intention and to direct it, thought, word and deed will-command.

This is an old principle with a new twist and we will never cease in attempting different ways and different models for you to look at to approach these concepts. We appreciate the varied attempts and many tries to describe this illusive principle. I appreciate your consideration of my material and allow for any questions you might have at this time.

Question: It seems that there is an encouragement to effect the state of the world, is that why we are making commands?

Machiventa: As a matter of fact, you are already making the commands, you are simply not referring to them as such. You may be referring to them as prayers and requests as beseeching the ones on high, in fact, these are your universal commands and the difference may be in your appreciation of your role as commander in chief in the process. You are the captain making the calls of where your vessel will be directed and as such, you are a commander. Ultimately the decision will rest with you to issue the commands so that the universe will respond and comply. One who is too tentative in this role may lose focus and may lose direction. The more you take responsibility and assume the role, the more control over the entire process you have.

So this latest discussion may be used to elevate your awareness and in an attempt to do so I would ask a question of all of you to answer for yourselves. It has been asked of you before but I will ask it again now to trigger some thought about this issue. My question is to you: What prohibits you from assuming divine command in association with Michael and His plan? What obstacles are before you that keep you from seeing yourself legitimately in this role of divine command? What sets you apart from this vision? Is there something that you can point to in consideration that distances you from this truth of your divine association should you choose to accept it? So what then might keep you from accepting this divine association and assuming unworthiness? Perhaps, as it has been referenced, you have been conditioned to see yourselves as unworthy but even in this short life, each of you have come to taste divinity in your spiritual experience and feel association and know that you are a part of this whole.

I hope consideration of this question individually and personally may bring you even more questions to entertain and to investigate. As good students, I am sure you will see to your homework.

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