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*New Era Transition #31 – Innate potential; The Challenge; Developing Teams
– Dec. 18, 2017*

*Teachers: Machiventa Melchizedek, Ahshah Melchizedek and Sondjah


Infinite innate potential

Invite your Thought Adjuster to guide you

Opportunities and difficulties in your life

Am I ready to receive?

The final test is when you engage in an opportunity

A question on personal catastrophes

Accepting the challenge

You cannot mandate how others will receive and use your information

Time limitation and making choices

Managing resources

Team leadership and relationships

Developing team cohesiveness

The future of civilization

Ahshah’s closing remarks

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Team members present; Roxanne Andrews, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Doug


*December 18, 2017*

*MACHIVENTA:* Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. It is good to
be in your presence once again, thank you.

*Infinite innate potential*

Today, I wish to borrow a lesson from Rayson’s lesson book and talk to you
about your innate potential—your infinite innate potential. This is a
lesson which was given long, long ago and now needs to be shared again. We
have spoken to you often in the past that you were born with an infinite
potential within you, that you have capabilities of expressing that
potential in ways that you had never imagined, and that you can become an
incredible instrument of Christ Michael’s work and of your Thought
Adjuster’s work. What you have asked is, “How do I do this?” and first of
all the answer is that your Thought Adjuster guides you and directs you,
makes suggestions to you and when you are open and receiving of its
guidance then it mentors you consciously in the approach of your life to
develop that infinite potential. As you may not have imagined the infinite
potential of your innate capability is empowered by the infinite capacity
and ability of your Thought Adjuster, the God presence within you.

*Invite your Thought Adjuster to guide you*

When you have the presence of mind to invite your Thought Adjuster to guide
you in the development of your life, and to express all of your potential
then you have invited the infinite potential of the God presence within you
to assist you to unlock, unfold, and implement the infinite potential which
you brought with you at birth. Now, this is a simple lesson, but one which
has very intimate repercussions on your ascendant journey.

*Opportunities and difficulties in your life*

As you move forward in your life, you will be greeted with opportunities;
you will also be greeted with difficulties. They both offer you a means of
transcending the past of your life to make improvements. You have within
you the ability to see through those developments positively and
constructively. You have a means, an insight, the wisdom of your Thought
Adjuster to guide you in the unfoldment of your infinite potential, even
when you do not recognize what that is, even though you do not know how to
work through this opportunity. And, yes, some of the opportunities you
will pass by because you do not recognize them, you may not feel that
little inkling, that little urge within you to explore that opportunity.
Some of you simply disregard it out of hand as irrelevant and unimportant.
However, it is an invitation without any responsibilities at that time
other than to explore it just for the initial moment so that you are able
to come to understand the opportunity and then consciously, and with your
*will,* decide whether to follow that opportunity or not.

*Am I ready to receive?*

There is a challenge for you in your life when you can articulate this
infinite potential to yourself and ask yourself, “Am I ready to receive?”
and some of you will not ask the question, and some of you who will ask the
question say “I am unworthy or undeserving, or that it is just a falsehood
that I have this capability.” But the truth is, Dear Friends, you do have
the ability, you have the infinite capacity and you have the *will* to
decide—it is your decision. Let us examine the measure of your ability to
receive: How much are you willing to receive? Are you willing to receive
the infinite expression of your own potential? Or do you put limitations
on yourself? Do you have confidence to unlock that infinite potential? Do
you really trust confidently that you can unlock that potential and develop
it to the greatest ability? This is dependent upon your beliefs, your
basic beliefs about yourself. If you do not have confidence in yourself to
unlock that infinite potential even in a miniscule way, then you will limit
the ability of your Thought Adjuster to act with you in concert to unlock
your infinite potential. Do you see that you are the limiting factor in
the expression and development and implementation of your infinite

If, for example, you were hired onto a new job with incredible
opportunities and your employer said, “This is the array of
responsibilities that you can accept that are presented to you, and you can
accept any part or all of them as you wish, and you will be compensated and
paid accordingly. Do you wish to supervise 3 people, or would you like to
supervise 3,000? Would you like to make $50,000 a year, or would you like
to make $250,000 a year?” The employer would say, “The limiting factor is
your confidence to handle the responsibilities that you choose. You will
be compensated accordingly, but when you over-reach yourself and your
capability, then they will be withheld from you and your pay will be
diminished accordingly.” Now, as you estimate your confidence to accept
what you can responsibly handle, how much would you accept? This is the
discerning factor of your spiritual growth and puts you to your own design
limits. Will you be able to ask your Thought Adjuster to assist you in
those responsibilities that you can capably and confidently handle and

Let us take another example: Let us say that a humanitarian project you
have been working on drew the attention of a multi-billionaire, one who has
an altruistic bent to life, who saw that all of his or her money was for
nothing unless it assisted others to live as well as he or she does in
their own lifestyle. And let us suppose this billionaire was attracted to
a program that you had devised, and that he or she came to you and said, “I
will offer you and open-ended, unlimited fund to implement your program
that you have designed. How much money are you willing to accept to
implement your programs?” And the billionaire would say, “And remember,
that if you over-reach yourself, and yet you misuse this money or simply
invest it in stocks and bonds and treasury notes, and do not use it
fruitfully, or you make bad decisions in its use and you squander the
money, then it will be withheld from you and the service that you desire to
give other people will also be withheld from them. How much will you
accept? Do you need $10,000,000, a $100,000,000, half a billion dollars,
or a full billion dollars? No strings attached, other than the
qualifications I give you.”

Now, My Friends, when you think of your personal lives and your use of such
money, how much would you accept? Remember, it is not there to be used for
self-aggrandizement, other than the salary you would make that you would
assess to yourself as you work through your program, equally as well as the
earnings that you share with your employees. How much could you willingly
accept with confidence, knowing that you could fulfill the requirements
that the billionaire had mandated, and also come to be of greater
assistance to those you would serve? This is a true measure in your own
monetary terms of how much you can accept confidently, and your own
spiritual mastery.

*The final test is when you engage in an opportunity*

We know that most of you would like to win the lottery, and we know that
you would like to have a new car—maybe 4 or 5—and that you would like to
have a house, or a mansion—or 3 or 4—and that you would like to go around
the world a number of times and eat wonderful cuisine in many different
nations and cultures. And then what? How would you express the infinite
potential within you? What is the limit that you would go to in developing
your egoistic needs and self-aggrandizement with this money before turning
it into use for others? And you—you who follow Christ Michael’s mandates
of the Correcting Time in its various forms and missions—how would you
handle this situation? What would you do? Would you go back to reading
your transcripts and your *Urantia Book*, and spiritual books, or would you
begin to develop a program to help others? This is not a simple question,
and it is not a rhetorical question. This is a pragmatic, practical
question which your Thought Adjuster has been urging you to accept and to
work with. And remember, the final test is while you engage in an
opportunity such as this you get to explore that infinite potential within
you and continue to lead the adventure of your spiritual career.

If there are questions concerning this you are most welcome to ask them. I
might add that if you have no questions at this time and you would like to
ponder them for some time or the next few weeks, you are most welcome to do
that. Standing to the side of me are both Sondjah and Ahshah; you might
know Ahshah as the Melchizedek who helped This One write the book, “Sacred
Relationships: A Guide to Authentic Loving.” They have something they
wish to share in their lessons.

*A question on personal catastrophes*

*Roxie:* Machiventa, I do have a question for you. I have been counseling
an individual lately who will be able to benefit, I’m sure, from your
opening remarks. The problem that she is facing is that just one
catastrophe after another happens either to her or in her immediate family;
these are both health concerns and financial ones. How come certain
individuals like this seem to have so many catastrophes as this? Is it
related to their spiritual growth, or lack of it?

*MACHIVENTA:* It is neither. It really has to do with the pragmatics of
living and making choices. As you look back over the history of this
individual you will find that he or she has continued to repeatedly make
the same error of judgment in those decisions that affect his or her life.
You must see these maladies as a symptom, they are not the cause. You and
this individual must search for the original cause of these difficulties.
When that is discerned, then there must be decisions that empower the
development of positive outcomes. I am well acquainted with your situation
as we have spoken many times about it. This is an aggravation to you and
it is an aggravation to this individual and their family. It is one that
needs resolution, but one that requires courage, fortitude and personal
self-discipline to implement a decision and then follow through with it
constructively with the support of others. Is this clear to you?

*Roxie:* (Pause.) Yes, it’s just that it is difficult to watch this go on
over and over again with no resolution for the individual and her family,
but I see your point.

*MACHIVENTA:* If you want to take it from a spiritual perspective, she
cannot unlock the spiritual potential until she makes decisions that
empower her to move ahead constructively in her life. I understand your
situation and her situation clearly, and I am reluctant to say further for
reasons of privacy for yourself and her.

*Roxie:* Thank you, Sir. I appreciate your comments.

*Accepting the challenge*

*Liz:* Machiventa, thank you for your opening statement—I am quite taken
by this challenge that you’ve given us today and you have given me a lot to
ponder for the next couple of weeks. I do have one question: As you know,
Jeff and I had a very productive meeting with the President of the Honor’s
College and the Director of Curriculum of SOU a couple of weeks ago when we
met with them about our curriculum for the course we’ve designed, “The
Introduction to Planetary Management.” There were excellent suggestions
for what we had prepared; they both seemed to grasp the entirety of what we
are trying to do, so I thank you again for your assistance with this. Jeff
and I are very excited about moving forward.

Our next step is to revise our materials in line with their suggestions,
but I am stuck on one suggestion that they had. I understand and see the
wisdom and the brilliance in the design team model, and I want to present
it to the students as it was presented to me, but these decision makers
believe it is more important to have the students design their own design
team model. They said we can lead them by the hand, so to speak, but these
are smart kids and they are going to want to be co-creative in their own
right. I’m having a hard time letting go of what I think to be the perfect
way of making value-based decisions, sustainable decisions, using this
design team model as I have come to understand it. Can you give me some
guidance as to how to proceed with this?

*You cannot mandate how others will receive and use your information*

*MACHIVENTA:* Yes, thank you for your question. First of all, you cannot
mandate others how they will receive your information and how they will use
it. The best way of learning, of course, is experiential. What we suggest
is that you present the model of the social sustainability design and
validation team with its values and its procedures to the class. It is
important that the roles and the values be understood by the students and
that they then have the latitude to develop their own team model and see
how it works. Those who choose to use a different set of values will
muddle through and find that what they are doing does not work. The work
of the design team has been validated many times and is circular and
integral and consistent because the values are consistent. The students
will also get stuck on beliefs; they will think of beliefs as values,
whereas they are simply interpretations of the fundamental values that have
sustained your species. You will necessarily see them muddle through and
fail, and failure is a necessary ingredient of them proceeding onto the
right directions. Failure, in other words, provides a validation for
integrated circular system of solution finding using these values. This
process will prove to be very useful to you, and in fact you “must”—and I
put “must” in quotes, as it is not mandatory—that you encourage them to try
other model systems and in your own mind you will know that they will fail
and that you must be prepared for their failures and know how to explain to
them why they failed and why they are having difficulties in proceeding and
this will also substantiate and validate the model that you are teaching.
Does this resonate with you?

*Liz:* Absolutely! Absolutely; I understand completely what you are
saying, and of course that is the missing piece that I’m having, as I want
them to get it exactly the way it was given to me, but of course I
understand that they have to try it out on their own. Thank you so much
for that; that answers a big piece of my question.

*MACHIVENTA:* I would further add that you do not use the term
“co-creative design team process,” as this is reserved for the use of a TR
and Melchizedek as members of the team. Rather use the “design and
validation team process.” Would you consent to that?

*Liz:* Of course.

*Time limitation and making choices*

*Craig:* My Thought Adjuster may lead me to recognize new opportunities
many times and maybe some sort of infinite potential in me to accept and
explore those, but I live in a world where there is time and there is only
so much time, and so sometimes I am almost aghast to start exploring a new
area because I recognize that it’s going to take a lot of time and take
time away from other areas that I’m exploring. Perhaps you could comment
on that, please.

*MACHIVENTA:* My first comment is factual, but it is “tongue in cheek,”
and that is you will have a wonderful time in the morontial realm with so
much time available. My second point is that you must discern the
importance and priorities of your work. You do recognize and you do see
the infinite potential of options within your mind for different
opportunities that come about. Part of the process of coming into wisdom
and being an effective agent of Christ Michael and Nebadonia is to discern
where you can be most effective to support their work. This may mean
configuring a new architecture for a computer chip; it may be many things,
it does not necessarily have to be in the social sciences or other sciences
or health sciences. You can explore this in many ways, but it is important
for your own ascendant journey to make a contribution that is meaningful to
you, and that you know would be meaningful to others. It is not
necessarily that this contribution has to be incredible, magnanimous or
have a civilizational impact of that magnitude; it could be even a small
thing of assisting your neighbor’s child going to and from remedial reading
classes—it could be many things—but it is important that you begin to focus
your energies on something where you can be productive. And even if you
were unsuccessful in your whole life in producing something, at least you
have worked through the process of discerning and have made a choice and
have asked your Thought Adjuster and your teachers and angels to assist
you, which also assists you in growing wisdom in your soul and the choices
you make for eternity.

*Managing resources*

*Doug:* In your analogy about having the billionaire offer unlimited
resources, it makes sense in business; you have to be smart enough to hire
[someone] smarter than you to manage your business. And thinking of the
resources of a billion dollars, I would need someone smarter than me to
manage that resource, and that also taps into the idea that that’s where I
need to have the key and let my Thought Adjuster be the one smarter than me
to help me manage those resources, so I get your analogy that you were
posturing there. Thank you.

*MACHIVENTA:* Excellent. Thank you.

Hearing no further questions addressed to me, I will now step aside and let
Ahshah and Sondjah discuss with you.

*Team leadership and relationships*

*AHSHAH:* This is Ahshah Melchizedek; it is a pleasure to address you once
again after such a long period of time. As you know, my expertise and my
team leadership involve relationships, relationships that are particularly
constructive, helpful and assist individuals to grow into their spiritual
potential that lies within them. This is a well known area of our work,
and as This One and I have written about a sacred relationship, it is where
you have the consciousness and discernment to see each relationship as a
venue for you to learn about yourself and where you need to grow. As you
grow to become a spiritual master you will realize that the irritations of
others and the things that made you so angry and upset in the past were
really speaking to your weaknesses within you. And as you questioned
yourself, “what is it within me that makes me so irritated when this person
says this thing or acts this way?” and then by asking that question, you
will find an answer that you need to address in growth. And as you grow
through each of those problems and grow in your spiritual career, you will
move from an apprentice to a journeyman to a master, and then to teacher.
You will still be learning the lessons of the students as you work with
students, and as you see within yourself the areas that you had to work on
before that are now reinforced. With that you will have confidence,
confidence that you can engage in new situations with new people and be
able to appreciate the irritations that people give you that are
expressions of their own inadequacies and own inferiority, self-image and
self-worth and you can find an opportunity eventually to be of great
assistance to them. In this vein you will find within teams that you will
have opportunity to work in a team which is much different than other teams
that you have worked with.

This is *Ahshah* and this is my introduction and my segue to Sondjah. (
*Roxie:* Thank you, Ahshah.) You are most welcome.

*Developing team cohesiveness*

*SONDJAH:* As you can see within the team environment, and I speak
particularly to the last question that was given, that this is an area
which requires much work. To develop a team that works together, feels
comfortable together and feels socially and emotionally and intellectually
safe and at peace as an equal with others within the team, requires much
work and experience. And in this regard too, you will find that you as the
facilitator or the organizer cannot foresee or even ameliorate or heal the
divisions and difficulties that will come about. This is unfortunate, but
it too is an experiential learning lesson for those individuals and
particularly for the other team members who are not directly involved. It
is a learning situation and you, as a facilitator, must have the capability
of assisting those individuals to gain the insight in discernment to value
what is occurring as lessons for them to grow through, just as Ahshah has

Your teams will be frayed and ineffective until all the team members are
bonded with each other and can trust and feel safe in that environment.
When people feel safe in their environment, then there can develop a sense
of personal revelation, of revealing their vulnerabilities knowing that
they are safe from accusations and attacks by others. You will see that
when people feel safe emotionally and socially, that they can open up and
then let their spiritual and intellectual capabilities bloom in front of
the group and make immense synchronistic contributions to the whole group
and to the problem you are working on. You see, it is the intent of the
validation and design teams to be more of a laboratory than a
solution-finding factor in the long term. In the short term, yes, they are
meant to be together to find solutions to the problems the team has chosen
to work on. But in the long run, these people will come away from the
teams thinking of themselves and thinking of the relationships and the
other areas and associations they work in with a new respect for their own
capacity and capability and leadership than they had before. It is
important that this occur, because these teams will number in the
tens-of-thousands around the world and become little incubators, those
germinating areas where you will find transcendent activity that will
affect many other areas. They will become areas of spiritual, emotional,
social and personal blooming, where individuals can feel capable and
competent within a group to express their innate potential.

*The future of civilization*

This is the area of your civilization; this is how this will work for the
future, whether it is two individuals, a team of 5 -11 or a group of
nations. This is a process of seeing your own black eye when you look in
the mirror that is reflected to you from your neighbors. You will see
where you have work to do. This is a most productive area for the New Era,
as individuals will be coached by the facilitator and by the consultant to
access the hidden resource that is within each individual. It is not
necessary that individuals believe in God, though those who do believe in
God and access their Thought Adjuster will be more highly integrative with
the group and team and far more productive.

What will occur within the team is that the facilitator may ask its members
to step aside and be in stillness, whether that is smoking a cigarette on
the porch outside—which we disagree with—or it may be sitting in silence,
going within to be with the stillness to receive those unexpected answers.
It is not necessary that people be a TR, or that they be conversant with
their Guardian Angel, Celestial Teacher or Thought Adjuster. It is simply
necessary that there be a time set aside when problems arise or an impasse
occurs that the facilitator asks everyone to take a timeout of 10 minutes
to 30 minutes to come to oneness and peace in stillness, to become
centered, balanced and grounded. And then to return to the team and work
productively again. You see, this team process is one of working through
your own personal difficulties that you have in life, whether it is as an
academic, an engineer, a mother, father, child, student, company owner or
other. You will find that this is an area where the personal experiences
within the team become those that are highly prized, heart-centered and
deeply revered by individuals after their experience in the team. You will
see much growth from this, and you will also see that the team members who
have bonded well with each other will meet repeatedly in the future to
regain that same kind of intimacy and trust and expression of themselves in
relationship to one other person or the whole team. If you have questions
regarding this, I would be glad to receive them. (Hearing none.)

*Ahshah’s closing remarks*

*Ahshah:* I feel and sense your contemplation and the inward movement of
your thoughts as you examine your own life in participation with others.
Let us enjoy this moment as a closure for today’s session, which will give
you time between this session and the next to think about this work and how
to develop it.

I speak on behalf of Machiventa and Sondjah. We know that we have thrown
you quite a bit of material today in this short and brief session. We
thank you for your attention and your thoughtfulness, which we sense, feel
and even read very clearly. We thank you for being here to listen to these
words and this guidance and to contemplate it within your own time apart
after this session. We know that we have given you a tremendous amount to
think about as you work with yourself, your infinite potential and your
Thought Adjuster. We also know that we have thrown you a lot when you
consider that relationship in conjunction with a design team. This is the
venue for the New Era; this is a venue for rehabilitating, and not
necessarily reforming your old civilization, but for creating from scratch
with every bit of your thoughtfulness and celestial and spiritual
participation in the eventual outcomes, which we will see in the near
generations and through the development of time. What we are asking you
and inviting you to do is an opportunity—consider this thoughtfully.
Consider that you have the opportunity to make great strides in the
progress of your society, civilization and your families—particularly your
families for this is where individuals begin to become great, or to become
diminished in time in the course of their lives. We are asking you to
become generators of a new social era within your world, beginning with the
family. We thank you for your presence today and your thoughtfulness and
we wish you well at this Holiday Season. Good day.

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