[tmtranscripts] LIghtline Teleconference 2017-10-19 [CORRECTION]

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Thu Oct 26 08:06:19 PDT 2017

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2017-10-19
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: I accept your invitation, I am Charles, first up at bat I guess. Your questions ring true to your awareness and your seeking for a greater awareness. It appears as though the action has been turned up and that there is more going on and you also ask what might be these spiritual credits that one might attempt to achieve and how one might attempt to achieve them. I tell you these two things are intimately intertwined.

In order to pursue and achieve these credits as you refer to them, these gifts of grace from on high, you must be prompted to do so, there must be some spiritual pressure that will help to propel you in the direction of embracing the next level of awareness. And what greater pressure may be applied than the turning up the heat under the grand experiment of life on Urantia. As the heat is turned up, as the spiritual pressure is applied, the solution of all of mankind becomes active and dynamic and there is great movement in many directions. This is a time when potentials rise exponentially. These potentials are your spirit credits you refer to, these potentials that would not be there if spiritual pressure were not causing circumstances to accelerate and seem to bloom and blossom.

So while you ask how to identify and achieve the attainment of these spiritual credits, you are at the same time surrounded and immersed in them. This is a gift of grace. While it may be seen as a challenge and a diversion from the path that you saw yourself on, I assure you that when you respond to the spiritual pressure and move in the direction of spirit influence, when you are engaged in the process, the process you refer to as spiritual credits are going on all the time, around you, with you, as a result of you, even in spite of you.

So thank you for your question of attempting to identify what this may be and how it may happen and to examine instances where one can clearly see that their desire for spiritual growth is granted in the very experience of your lives. It's as if it were a miracle just for you when in fact it is normal operating procedure for those who are engaged in routine spiritual advancement. This that we engage in at this very moment is one of those credits that you refer to, this gift of spiritual grace that we embrace and activate and choose and foster. This gift of grace is one of our mutual spiritual credits that we will have and hold throughout our eternal career as you would consider a badge of honor in the mortal life.

So I thank you for this opportunity that we create and support which provides us with this unique opportunity as a result of our choosing to make it so. I appreciate the opportunity to make it so with all of you and I pray we have many bountiful encounters before us. Thank you for your support, a good day to you all.

Question: Charles, I failed to mention that I would assume that asking is almost a given in this situation, is that not so?

Charles: Your posture in one of seeking, is one of asking, is one of pursuing the truth. It is a condition of your life and yes, your physical request, your petition on high may certainly be formulated and submitted in whatever form you might choose. You may use words if you so choose, but your life is your stance of seeking, is your posture of approach, it's your condition of being and this is well observable by all spirit beings. What "asking", so to speak, does is help to condition your posture, help condition your stance, help ground you out in the process and link you up. It is useful for you as a participant, to use whatever method creates this connection and certainly gratitude and your petition of help are very genuine methods which may be employed to help you make the connection.

Strictly speaking, they are not absolute requirements, they are avenues of approach. Use them as you so desire, use any others as you so desire. This taking the efforts to be in a mode of gratitude or a position of assistance is a certain way to bring yourself to the vibration level you wish to function on. It conditions your being wherein you may move forward in that vibration. This is the benefit of asking, it is not so much a requirement of the Creator as it is the method of one seeking to join the circuit. Does this help make a connection?

Comment: Yes it does, thank you very much for your counsel.

Charles: Thank you very much for your question, you are a devoted student in whom we are well pleased.

Machiventa: Greetings my treasured comrades, I am Machiventa dropping in on my students at this juncture where the question arises about how to achieve your greatest spiritual gifts. As you will recall, we spent some number of years developing certain curriculum and going over some of the basics. It may be likened to the boot camp of spiritual training and we then came to a point of realization that we had covered the materials and would now be engaged in attempting to apply the lessons learned out in the real world.

I submit to you that you have now been in that part of your training for some time, where you are in the laboratory experimenting with translating all that you have learned to your brethren as it is needed under the circumstances. So many lessons have you mastered and have command of that you have a great arsenal of tools to be used when your brethren are forced by this spiritual pressure to consider realignment, consider changing their stance and you who have developed the spiritual stance can maintain throughout to pursue your course steady on and to demonstrate that you have the firm footing that helps you navigate your way through the turbulence before you, to maintain your balance and your posture because it is rooted in spiritual connection.

No matter what the experiment of Urantia may cause to arise before you, the lessons we have learned still apply, always throughout the changing environment the lessons remain relevant, the practice remains the same. It is the patient that changes and so it brings me great pleasure to stop by and bring you this acknowledgement that I see you are strong in your training, that you are devout in your desire to assist and I encourage you to see that your seeking is meeting with certain success. You feel the pressure, you feel the difference, you see opportunities before you that have been created, you are aware of the changes around you which permit such great potential. These are the gifts of grace you have been waiting for, these are the opportunities brought to you and you have become the masters of your own choice, deciding when to jump in and play and when to stand aside and let that go by.

I stand in humble gratitude for your dedication throughout this process. I assure you, it will not go unnoticed. I will look forward to our next encounter, until then, farewell.

Comment: I would like to thank Machiventa for the touch he gave me with Donna D'Ingillo years and years ago. He offered something and I didn't know at that time how to take it up so I want to thank him though for putting an appearance in my life.

Machiventa: My friend, I am here again to join you to offer you my sincere gratitude for you membership on the team. Make no mistake, it has always been this way. We have been working together for some time. I am not interested in claiming any responsibility as time goes by but I assure you that you have worked under my tutelage throughout and I appreciate your willingness to go where spirit may lead you. This is what we need in this process, those willing to follow the path of spirit and so it is I who stand in gratitude to you for joining the team and being a valuable team member. We are spread all about and linked together in a way that is not recognized at this juncture of human experience but you will be graced with the true perspective of what you have been involved in as your spiritual development so allows. Thank you my associate.

Comment: Thank you Machiventa and in a way you were the first being I transmitted, thank you.

Machiventa: It's been a joy to share our partnership.

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