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This activity that appears as prophecy is not the prediction of events to come but more correctly a demonstration of what can manifest through yourselves and a rally call to your fellows that they likewise can undertake the same and thereby accomplish the hoped for conditions. Therefore, it is not the best orientation to speak of events as impinging upon you, something to be waited for. Instead, these apparently prophetic changes are instigated within you and will make their outworking obvious. So, when you do attempt to let it be known the kingdom of heaven is at hand, as your Master said 2000 years ago, underline the very principle that he taught, that the kingdom of heaven is within, that the expression of the great changes to come emerges from the well of deep relationship you have with the Father. That is all that is needed, that this be recognized. Your fellows may not seek the inner dialogue and not recognize this potential. It may appear as an event that will rise up and overcome them, but it is an event that will rise up and come from them. - Malvantra <http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=1998-03-22-Preparing_For_Your_Health_Failures_As_You_Age#Prophecy>
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