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You as mortals of the realm are inherently shortsighted and fear ridden. As a species, as a race, your tendencies are to look for the outside forces you yearn for to show themselves, to make themselves known, to make their presences undeniable and overwhelming to all. This is your double edged sword, for, while it would remove all doubt as to the significance of the unseen principles, it also carries with it great disharmony, dysfunction in its implementation.

I would challenge everyone, each of you, to not place any significant amount of your life energies in the arenas of cataclysmic changes or undeniable intervention from higher forces. You, indeed, have intervention from higher forces in your lives this very hour. This is your circumstance, these are your parameters of reality. I would encourage you to embrace these that are at your feet, that surround you, that are sent to uplift you. Refrain from the temptation to even inwardly seek such overt signs of outward domination.

The desire of your race to have all things either put right or destroyed has been with your race since the beginning. All of your ancestors have had a similar thought pattern run through their existence, the desire to be shown overwhelmingly and with force the right way and the fear that this force brings with it, the destruction of all that we have come to know. It is true that, if you truly live with God in your hearts, you will learn to loosen your expectations to allow for the reality to be embraced. This goes as well for this phenomenon of seeking outside intervention, of, indeed, hoping for outside intervention. - Malvantra <http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=1997-11-02-Acting_With_The_Father's_Will#Intervention.2C_Catastrophism>

In the original company of Jesus were many expecting dramatic events to establish the 'kingdom' as they understood it. Likewise, there are many in the world today who have their own expectations of dramatic events to occur at this time. They look forward to heavenly intervention of an apocalyptic nature, and in the process, so often fail to see the actual intervention that is occurring. - Aaron <http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=2002-08-30-Fifth_Epochal_Revelation_Comparison#Lesson>

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