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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2017-06-15
Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan, Dr. Mendoza
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, please join us as we embark on this journey of spirit together. Join us as one of the adventurers out on life's joyous ride that you have provided. Be with us as we shove off from the shores and embark on this journey. Be with us even now.

Machiventa: Greetings to you all assembled here and thank you for the invocation of my name, I am Machiventa here to be with you in this forum. The question on the floor as I understand it is the ever present 'what is meant by the reference to the turning of an epic or the turning of a page?' It is only possible to have some sense of what that is in context and so your hearing my words that this is the closing of a chapter has no real reference for you until some time has passed and some experience has been gained in this arena.

You know nothing of epochs, you know nothing of these grand swaths of time. You have not experienced the distinction between one from another and so you have no real basis on which to judge what is turning and what is different except that you are ideally suited and placed to make these observations for yourselves with what context you can bring into the equation. This is where your spirit connection can be so beneficial as it provides you with a whole other line of awareness that you can access and incorporate into your assessment.

So while it may not be possible for you to accurately define or interpret one era from another, one chapter from the entire work, in time, as it were, you will put such things into context with more experience to draw from in your assessment. You can however broaden your scope of awareness with the addition of this spirit component; you can actually be more than you are by choosing to bring onboard this component of spirit and allow it to influence your equation. You all assembled here tonight have already put this together, you have already registered that when you are with spirit there is more of you, you are greater somehow and this is all I am referring to about this current earthly life experience that is challenging you, it is providing you with the opportunity to take a stance, to come from a position and in this position you can incorporate faith, spirit and love. These are things that you can bring and make part of your position, your stance against all that is out there.

This is the only aspect you have jurisdiction over, what your stance will be. So it is a pleasure to come to meetings such as this where the students are eager to practice the stance. It is a real pleasure to be considered and asked by name for comment. I hope my suggestion has given you something for consideration. I now withdraw to allow for others, questions or dialog.

Jonathan: I would take the opportunity to greet you as well, I am Jonathan. I can't stay away from a meeting of my friends. I would seize on the offering made before in such a lively conversation. This notion of your association to the turning of a page, the chapter going by or the next phase and stage is a common mortal thread always tending to wonder where we are on the scale of where we have been and where we are going. Will it be seen as an epic time as in the time of Michael, the time of the year of our Lord, or will it be another epic moment that may be recognized only in future times? The delightful thing is that we are all tied together on this great string of time. We all share association to events, past, present and future. We all are part of this matrix of experience that is woven together with this force of time.

As we grow in spirit we come to know that we are less and less about time and that it is less and less relevant as a dominant force in our experience. And so it is good to treasure and savor this experience of time, what it feels like to be a spot on this timeline, to not know what the future will unfold as and to have our treasured experiences of the past and to be anchored somewhere in between. This is what is so treasured about the mortal experience, this being linked and tied to time so thoroughly.

Every day as the sun rises and sets you are aware of time and its passage. Every day as you grow older you are aware of time and its passage. This is only true here in this existence as fledgling spiritual beings. So this anxiety, this tension that you may feel, wondering about time and what it's going to be and what the future may hold and how you will be in relationship to it, savor this experience even though it may be unsettling at times. It is your essence of experience as a mortal being bound to this passage of time. So I invite you to see it in light of a fleeting experience you will treasure having had and enjoy it as it unfolds for you.

Thank you for the opportunity to throw my two cents in. No worries my friends, truly no worries, for what do you have to be afraid of, your spirit, your soul, they are already saved. It is only the experience before you as it unfolds. Thank you for allowing this forum. I appreciate the opportunity any time to join you my friends. Now, I invite you to see time from perhaps a slightly different vantage point, farewell.

Dr. Mendoza: Thank you, I receive your welcome in warmness. I am Dr. Mendoza and I would greatly enjoy taking this opportunity to focus such minds of spirit on a particular healing exercise that you all may join with me in if you so please. I invite you to consider applying your intention to seeing in your minds eye an image for you of the reducing of the friction of time against your being. This is a personal exercise and is deserving of your attention.

See in your minds eye the notion of a soothing salve that reduces the friction, the abrasion that happens as life skids by you and slides on your being. Smooth over your experience with the application of spirit lubrication allowing life to flow by with less friction, less burning, less sensation on your being. Visualize for yourselves this insulation between you and all that is sliding by as a glacier next to you. It need not be so abrasive if you condition that environment where contact is made. See yourselves as providing this area of transition that is free and easy and smooth so that as life goes by you it does not rub you raw.

This is within your jurisdiction to do, this is an exercise you may freely undertake and I invite you to consider seeing yourselves in this protected way because in fact, you are protected, you are surrounded by your Father's love, your Mother's love. The peace that this brings is the lubricant that can surround and protect you. Here we have an exercise for the good of the order, for all involved. Take it as you so desire. Thank you very much for your attention span.

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