[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2017-06-11

Tom Newbill t.oldbill at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 11:08:30 PDT 2017

Subject: No. Idaho Team 2017-06-11
Teacher: Machiventa
T/R: Cathy Morris

Machiventa: I have had an involvement with this world for most of its development. As the progression towards the end of this era draws to a close I am most encouraged that we are moving towards the era of Light and Life. Your group brings forward the connection with the Father as the one God and Creator. You have been trained through the Teaching Mission and soon we will be using this training in the up-liftment of Urantia. I am encouraged by your dedication and commitment to the teachers and this process. There will be increasing opportunity to use your knowledge and skills. I join you to encourage your use of intention to bring forward the changes we are seeking. There is a greater spiritual movement than you are aware of. Together we can bring spirit to a greater prominence in the world.

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