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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2017-05-11
Teacher: Charles, Monjoronson, Jonathan
T/R: Mark Rogers

Charles: I most readily most accept your invitation my friends. Thank you all for extending it in my direction with this platform that you provide. There were a number of good thoughts woven into todays tapestry of understanding and I must say that it is pleasing when the students join together and eagerly offer their strands to be woven together into this fabric of awareness. In keeping with this sentiment, I would chime in with my own strand of awareness and pick up on this sentiment of a deep trust, a profound faith that you are cared for, that your Father does know best in truth and that you simply relying on this basic premise and truth puts you in alignment with such truth. It fixes your compass on your chosen direction.

That is one of the features and factors in this group that I enjoy so much, this profound faith in the underlying goodness of all and beyond having store and stock in this belief, you go even further in your faith to trust that all will be made to the most divine reflection that could be had. In fact, it is your faith which allows it to be so for without your having made room for this truth, it might have no home but your having created the space for this reality gives it a place to exist, a place to reside, a place to call home.

That is one observation I make of the participants in this steadfast and faithful group. You all take your faith to the next level of action, of creating the reality that this faith has afforded you, and manifesting this reality with intention and thus finding your very purpose in the scheme of things. So it is always a joy to observe and witness this growth in action and it is a thrill to be asked to participate. I am grateful always for this gesture you make in my direction. My love for you all is profound. Thank you for pulling up a place at your table for me. I now push back and allow perhaps others around the table an opportunity to be with you again.

Monjoronson: A good evening to you all, I greet you in this form that you choose. I am Monjoronson and I recognize with you that it has been some time since I have joined you in this way. I have been proud to call you and number you among my steadfast followers, the ones who were able to accept me from the start and embrace me throughout this unfolding process. I come to you now, again as I came to you before, to ask you for your support.

I have attempted to provide you with a sense of your context and your roles within this unfolding Magisterial Mission and I have registered that you all have committed to all of us on high your energies as we would have need of them. I approach you now to reignite this flame that has burned bright and to fuel it now with even greater intention. I have perceived in your sharing a great sense of apprehension about what may lie ahead and so I am here to ask you to work with me and many others to condition and create what will happen ahead.

In advance of its arrival I'd like to participate with you in its creation, even now. I would invite you all to join me in the construction of a space, a place where this new reality can reside. This place must begin within you. This place must be arranged by you, must be formed by your sheer will and must be made to accommodate those divine dimensions that you would choose to have included. I invite you to undertake this exercise in preparation for what is to come. I would seize on a previous observation made that if one could simply keep things at arms length, they seem to be able to be endured more easily. I invite you all to adopt the perspective of the observer within who looks out upon the world about them but realizes that they are not bound by this world; they are a part of this world, attached to it, but they are an individual aspect of it, an observer of their part of the whole.

So let us all work to create these spaces of grace, of goodness, peace, truth, beauty and love. These are the things we want in this space that we are creating, that we will eventually combine, that eventually will house the reality that is, the reality we have made space for and created in advance of its arrival. This is our prerogative as divine creators like our Parents. Let it be so, even now. Thank you for accepting my contribution to your tapestry of understanding. I bid you be about life's excursion in peace. I will be in further contact, good day to you all.

Mark: Trying to see if there is anyone who wants to follow that.

Jonathan: You know I will my friend, Jonathan here. When the invitation is extended I am not far away, I always love a good gathering. It brings me distinct pleasure on this occasion to hear with you from our associate Monjoronson. As I will recall with you, the advent of him came as a new and separate twist in our special odyssey and so it required yet another growing pain, another stretch of our capacities to accommodate reality and I join you in the recollection that we were able to rise up and accept this additional truth. And so when we revisit this today it has special meaning and purpose to those of us who were boots on the ground, so to speak, in the conception of this whole aspect of reality.

Ah, what a sweet memory to add to our sum total, this notion of having stretched out in faith and having been rewarded for such efforts that we can recognize even now. I just wanted to stop by because I could and because I knew I was welcome and I am always touched by that. I invite you to enjoy dissecting out the many lessons that were presented today for your edification. I intend to work on that assignment myself. Love you all, take care.

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