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*New Era Conversations #73 – Next economic downturn; Michael’s plan;
Resistance to 6 core values; Education – Jul. 12, 2016*

*Machiventa Melchizedek*


Current status of our work

A need for more co-workers

The next economic woes

Selfishness and self-centered narcissism

There is a plan

Weathering the next economic downturn

What is it like to do God’s Will?

Training yourself to do the right thing

The complexity of our societies

Our Creator Son, Christ Michael

What causes the resistance to the 6 core values?

Waking people up to living in reality

The errors of omission of action

There is no organization to teach families the 6 core values


The role of the Most Highs in working with school boards

Education in America is not working

The experience of life and living

Material and social sustainability

Urantia is Machiventa’s home

Machiventa’s parting words

TR: Daniel Raphael, PhD

Team members: Roxanne Andrews and a Student


*July 12, 2016*

*Current status of our work*

*MACHIVENTA:* Many of our Celestial teams, who are associated with the
Correcting Time, are now on a vacation of sorts, time to be away, time to
be with friends, a time to return to their groups from which they came to
assist here on Urantia. I remain here. I am your perennial Planetary
Manager, this is my home, this is where I reside, this is where I occupy my
time and my efforts in support of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time. This
is my professional life; this is my vocation, my avocation, and my hobby.
It is my personal interest to assist the spiritual evolution and social
evolution of this planet to come into its light as one of the other planets
in Nebadon with an equal status, by making up lost time, lost centuries,
lost millennia of growth and development.

Our primary work to assist the planet, your civilization and national
societies is one of social evolution. As you know from missionaries, who
have done missionary work in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, one of the first
principles of getting the attention and feeding the hearts, minds and souls
of the people is to assure that their stomachs are full. When their
stomachs are full, then you can have their attention, and they will be
grateful and they will listen to what you have to say. On your planet that
is also the case, but for those involved in the developed mature
democracies and economies, there is still a deep, deep abiding hunger for
peace, for social stability, for that which continues on. And so, that
should tell you that your societies are socially immature and that they
must evolve to become more socially mature, politically mature and
economically mature. Social evolution is the vehicle by which your planet
will attain the Days of Light and Life. This means ongoing social change,
yet with what our work will do, which will soon become more observable,
more measurable, you will see that those changes are evolutionary, that
they are changing with a conscious effort, a conscious intention to bring
your world, your societies, your neighborhoods and your families into a
higher resonance of social evolution and development and maturity. Then we
can begin feeding people more and more of the spiritual truths of the
universe that are everywhere present in most planets that have a more
mature and developed civilization than your own.

*A need for more co-workers*

There are those of you who are much progressed in your spiritual
development and the information you have about how the universe works. You
can, and you will, be of tremendous use for us as you go about visiting
neighbors, friends and family around the world to help inform them of what
is occurring through these positive, constructive social evolutionary
changes. And yes, finally you will see that someone is in charge; someone
does have a plan and the plan of the New Era is to bring your whole planet
and civilization into the Era of Light and Life that first must be preceded
by social stability and peace, which are no easy factors to accomplish.

*The next economic woes*

Because of the complete universe doctrine of non-intervention of will
decisions of mortal creatures who are on the ascension plan, your planet
still must go through, *will* go through the throes of much chaos and
turmoil, tribulation and catastrophic, cataclysmic developments and events
in the future, as they have accrued from the backlog of unresolved social
issues and the lack of social maturity and plans for the conscious
evolution of your societies by mortals. Thus, you will have many
challenges in the future for your lives. Whether you are young or old,
most of you who are listening and reading this conversation, this session,
will come into an era before too long of much economic chaos. The
disasters of 2008-2009 will revisit you with a vengeance, but they will be
much more catastrophic, and although we do not expect that they will be
logarithmically catastrophic, they will be at least arithmetically or
exponentially more severe. At the least, this next economic cataclysm will
be ten times more devastating that what you experienced in ‘08-’09. This
is most unfortunate because economics is an area that is well known for
principles of stable economics that is well ingrained. Unfortunately,
there is unwillingness on the part of executives and investors to be
cautious risk-takers at the expense of those who have little. The middle
class and lower socio-economic populations will eventually be called upon,
through their taxes and other assessments, to make right the tremendous
deficits that will be caused from this economic cataclysm.

We have spoken of the global pandemic that will occur and there is no need
to refresh your minds about that. What I want to instill in you in this
session today is that social evolution is necessary, *is a must*, so that
social stability and peace can come about in all nations. Many
conservative-minded individuals would want things to stay the same as they
are, yet this is not the way of growth. The second primary value of human
existence is growth, and growth is also the secondary value of
civilization, of societies, national societies, and communities, families
and individuals for without growth, there is no improvement in your lives,
whether socially, politically, or economically.

*Selfishness and self-centered narcissism*

Without a plan, without a means of making improvements, without a thought
of future generations, then there is that selfishness, that self-centered
narcissism that is so endemic in mature democracies as to be revolting to
many of you and certainly anathema to spiritual growth. The future is
filled with events of leveling that will bring about the leveling of
population, economics and so on. There will be a tremendous global cry
from people economically, socially, and politically for stability, for
finding the truth, for finding that which brings about the permanence of
stability. Yes, there can be stability in social evolution. Change does
not mean that there is chaos and frantic, traumatic revolutions, revolts,
rebellions and standoffishness. No, conscious social evolution brings
about the peace, the awareness and stability and confidence in individuals
that they can sustain themselves as they go into the future without great
cataclysmic changes. Your nations, your constitutions, the founding
documents of large organizations and corporations were never brought into
existence with a conscious intention to become sustainable into the
future. The erroneous assumption was that if you make a profit today, you
will make a profit next year and the following years and everything will be
fine, but such is not the case. Simply existing to make a profit and line
the pockets of investors and stockholders is not sufficient to ward off
change and cataclysmic loss, whether for a corporation, a sole
proprietorship, or a highly successful democratic nation. Change does not
mean catastrophe when there is a conscious intention to incorporate change
as a factor in decision-making processes so that change becomes
constructive and positive and brings about social stability and peace.

*There is a plan*

Yes, I have pounded this into your heads and have said this many, many
times in the past, and it will continue to be the message that we send
forth to you that there is a plan. You can either work with us with that
plan or you can resist and dig your heels in and fall off the cliff as
change brings your world forward to a precipice that is either up or down.
Our intentions for the world is bringing your change to the precipice where
you are at the bottom of the precipice and looking up for positive change
in the ascension of your civilizations.

*Weathering the next economic downturn*

*Roxie:* Machiventa, you spoke of our next economic downturn being ten
times worse than the last one we had. Do you have any suggestions on how
we can weather that storm?

*MACHIVENTA:* Yes, most definitely. As we have said before, “Get your
personal house in order. Stop becoming more and more indebted.” Those of
you who are indebted, you have creditors who will be looking to you for
payment for the goods that you have. Those of you who are encumbered by
large mortgages will have great difficulty as there will be a searching for
all possible assets by large mortgage holders to collect and protect
themselves from their own demise. We anticipate that there will be a huge
economic change in the future necessitated by the loss of debtors, and the
holding of immense debt. That dual situation will create an economic dark
ages if there is not the inventiveness to heal the credit and debt wounds
of your world at that time. If there is resistance to make changes that
are healing, then your world will surely experience a long, long era of
economic depression—not just recession, but depression and hard times for
many people. These are dire words that I speak, and I do not share them
with you easily or with any humor at all; before there is great travail,
there will be great travail in those of you who remain after the loss of
many people, and the loss of your economic sustenance and existence. Yes,
we have a plan for that as well, but there must be a willingness to be open
to that.

*What is it like to do God’s Will?*

I would like to go sideways now and change the subject a bit: Many of you
wonder what it is to do God’s Will. You wonder what it is to be led. You
wonder what it is like to know what is ahead for you. It would [work] this
way for those of you who are in tune, those of you who take time from your
busy schedules to take a time out, whether it is in the early part of the
day or later, a time to reflect, a time to meditate, contemplate, to wonder
about your situation, to be in stillness, to be in that wonderful state of
“no thought” where your Thought Adjuster can lead you, as well as your
Guardian can lead you. And, it looks like this, it feels like this: you
have that little nudging, that little niggling feeling that something is
needed, that there is something to be done, something that is next, and
that yes, you might put it off and put it off and eventually time passes
where it is not relevant anymore, and so that little urging, that nudging,
that niggling feeling of necessity to do something passes. It is most
important that you become aware of these nudging feelings. It is much like
how you feel when you are at home or at work and you have this feeling,
this intuitive kind of knowing that your child on the playground has broken
their arm as they fell off the overhead bars. And so, you put down your
work, get your coat and go to the schoolyard, even as the ambulance is
arriving to take your child to the hospital. This is what we are talking
about, that you become more and more sensitive—and the key word is
“sensitive” to this inner urging. That feeling is generated by your
midwayer, your angel, your Thought Adjuster, nudging you forward to take
some action, to write an article, to read a book, to call a neighbor, to
discuss with a friend—whatever it might be. And you can be assured that
when the nudging comes from us, rather than your intuition, which could
bring many things into your life, that this nudging and urging is for your
higher good, for you to grow into some small part of the potential you
brought into life with you at birth.

*Training yourself to do the right thing*

*Student:* Machiventa, that nudging that you talk about, I have
experienced it, which I am thrilled to say, but sometimes I really wonder
if it is my own intuition, just my own thoughts of training myself to do
the right thing. Can you elaborate a bit more on that, please?

*MACHIVENTA:* Yes, then it is time to go into stillness and ask your
Thought Adjuster, your guardian or midwayers for an affirmation, whether
this is from them or not. Something will come about to you in the next
hours or days where there will be some kind of affirmation that this is
from them. As we say, for those of you who are entering into this
spiritual development, this is called the “leading,” and you are being led
into your higher good, and so, if you were wondering about that yourself,
then you can ask yourself, “Would this serve my higher good?” “Is it
something that could benefit my spiritual growth in my ascension career and
contact with my Thought Adjuster and my guardian?”

*The complexity of our societies*

*Student:* I would like to ask about the complexity that is our societies,
and from what you have said many times, our societies are very complex. By
using the 6 core values, this will obviously, to my way of thinking, make
our societies less complex. Is this correct?


*Student:* Would you talk about it please?

*MACHIVENTA:* Certainly. Let us imagine that you have a residence with a
tall fence around the property, and you have been watching a plastic sack
blow around in the vacant area of your backyard, going to and fro as the
wind blows it. You watch this and you think, “Well, my goodness! It just
goes wherever the wind blows it.” And so, just for fun, you teach your
child about wind direction. You pound a stake in the ground and you tie a
long string to it, and you tie the other end to the plastic sack. When you
go back in the house, you and your child look at this sack and it pretty
much blows in a steady direction; as the wind changes around it, as the
prevailing force of it blows pretty much one direction. Now, this metaphor
represents the complexity of your society. A complexity occurs because
there is no tethering stake, something that is solid, permanent, unmovable,
immutable and timeless in its nature, to hold your society in place when
changes occur around it. The 6 core values that have sustained your
species for 40,000 to 500,000 years—depending on which archaeologist or
social anthropologist or geneticist you talk to—provides that stake; it is
the one solid point of reference for all societies to come into stability.
And when societies come into stability then the winds calm and peace
prevails, and the wavering nature of your society’s social change, which
causes so much havoc socially, politically and economically is stilled;
there then is economic peace, political peace and social peace. This is a
stable state that then prepares your societies for the Days of Light and
Life. Does this make sense to you?

*Student:* Yes, it does, Sir. It really does. I’m trying to figure out
in my mind how long it’s going to take? It’s going to take a long time—I
realize that—and the complexity of our societies is just so huge! Social
sustainability is much simpler, but to have it, where do you really start?
I know you start with yourself, but. . .

*Our Creator Son, Christ Michael*

*MACHIVENTA:* Let me provide some answers for you. What you start with is
a benevolent caring, loving, compassionate, empathic Creator Son, the
Sovereign Creator of Nebadon, who loves you and this planet as a whole.
And he loves you so much that he has created a program to bring your world
into stability and peace and harmony. He has assigned a Planetary Manager
to this world that is very familiar with your races, your genetics, your
social existence and the complexities of your world. And in that plan
there is the revelation of the truth of all humanity that you are all
created by God and that you have the attributes, which were created in you
by the Creator, Christ Michael, your Creator, of the necessity of seeking
and improving quality of life, and the urgent “need” of each of you to grow
into your potential, and to do so equally as anyone else. Further, if that
were not enough of his generosity, he invested in you and your genetics,
and your heritage, and your heredity, the ability to be empathic, to place
yourself in the position of another, and to feel what is in their heart and
in their lives.

He gave you compassion to reach out and help others as you would hope that
they would help you. So this bond between yourself and others generates
through thousands and millions and billions of other people, as a love of
humanity—and that is where you begin. It is then necessary for those who
listen to pay attention, to be present, to follow through and stay in
touch, and work with us to assist your planet to achieve that state of
stable existence. Now, it may take one generation, if everyone on this
planet knew about it, but it would take two generations for the second
generation, the third generation following, to actually have those values
invested in them through the socialization from their parents and the
enculturation of their parents, and educational institutions.

So, my Dear, your presence here in this session today is vital to assisting
thousands, millions and billions of other people to understand their
contribution, just as you understand your contribution here today. This is
a simple task; a simple plan; and it is not complex, but it does have to
take into account the history of cultures and enculturation of many
cultures and people and of groups and nationalities throughout the world.
It will take more than your lifetime, or the lifetime of several other
generations to accomplish this in a meaningful way. And even after several
hundred years, there will still be those resistive pockets of culture, much
as there is in the Appalachians where there are hide-away cultures that
still preserve the language and culture and folkways of many generations
passed. So you see, the Days of Light and Life, a settled state, will not
come about for hundreds of years after that. But we must begin somewhere,
mustn’t we? Christ Michael has given you that hope in your heart of better
times ahead, and only hope can engender confidence, which is sufficient for
many people to move forward in action to make changes, positive and
constructive. There you have the spiritual metaphysical, energetic
theories in action of Christ Michael on the individual and personal plane.

*What causes the resistance to the 6 core values?*

*Student:* Thank you, Sir. Yes, it makes sense. The 6 core values and
social sustainability to me, sounds very straight forward and simple. Why
is it that people seem to find it complex? Is it because they have to get
out of their little box to consciously work with it?

*MACHIVENTA:* Rather than “why,” it is “what” causes their resistance,
would probably be a better rephrasing of your question. And what causes
that resistance is the fact that part of your heredity has been overlaid so
many times with the fact that all civilizations, all societies, all
nationalities, all organizations, administrations, empires, governments,
dynasties, and so on, have failed. When it comes to the social level of
existence, there is no genetic heredity available for organizations. The
old adage of “I’ll get mine first,” has played the paramount role in the
world, and now there are so many people trying to “get theirs first” that
there is not enough of anything, even love or compassion to go around, to
be shared and learned from. The real difficulties lie in the cognitive
difference as well. Social sustainability is so cognitively dissonant from
how your lives have been led through generations and thousands of
generations that to come into a rational organization of your morals and
ideologies for living is almost totally opposite to what you have been
taught and how you have lived, and what is so deeply ingrained in your
minds from the time you were infants to now as the elder people.

*Waking people up to living in reality*

*Student:* Yes, Sir, you are absolutely right, and sometimes I just know
it’s wrong when I think this way; I know it’s very wrong, but I sometimes
wish I could pick people up and just shake them and shake them and shake
them until they realize that they are not living in reality; they are just
living in another world.

*MACHIVENTA:* (Laughing) Well, Dear, you echo some of our thoughts as
well. Though we are not ones to shake people, we sometimes wish there was
something to wake people up. I chuckle because although we celestials do
not experience deep throws of disappointment, we do experience frustration
and mild disappointment at the lack of perseverance and discipline and
tenacity of people who “know” the right way to live, but do not. These are
the ones who should be shaken and woken up to the realities that are around
them that life can be quite simple, quite pleasurable on a daily basis,
almost regardless of how much money you earn and the house you live in.
Thank you for your question.

*Student:* And also the fact too that people know these values are the way
to be living their life, and yet me, myself, as an individual, I don’t want
to keep at them all the time because I don’t want them to just shut it
out. It’s a dilemma I’m having, because I want it to be done more
consciously. In so many other people, they do do it, to a degree, but I’d
like to see more and more momentum happen, but I don’t want to turn them
away. So, that’s my dilemma that I’ll have to figure out.

*The errors of omission of action*

*MACHIVENTA:* There are more errors caused by humanity by the omission of
action than by those that make decisions with action. There are millions,
billions of people who know better who take no action to change how their
life is proceeding. The necessity of survival, however, will bring that
face to face to them, to make conscious decisions as to what supports their
continued survival and existence, and which does not. When that level of
necessity occurs, then conscious living becomes evident immediately, and
those who do not make those conscious decisions then will pass away. There
is nothing we can do about that other than to make this knowledge and
wisdom available so that you consciously make decisions to evolve as a
social being and as a spiritual being. This is very difficult. Your world
is in a tremendous crux and many people are totally unaware of it. And,
there are many who are aware but choose to do nothing because doing
something would then decrease their equity, their investments, their
dividends and their wealth, power, and control.

Christ Michael has presented your humanity, your civilization with the most
plausible, possible, and affordable plan for all humanity, for your
civilization and for you as individuals. It is the best thing short of a
miracle to heal your entire world, which would in itself create a disaster
of ascension for all people on your world. That is not an option given any
thought of or considered in the Correcting Time and by the Triumvirate and
by the executive team of Christ Michael.

*Student:* Thank you, Machiventa. I’m going to stop for now. Maybe
somebody else has some questions.

*There is no organization to teach families the 6 core values*

*Roxie:* I’m finding it difficult to even get members of my own family
interested in this work that we are doing. It seems like everybody has
their own ideas of the way things work and they aren’t interested in
finding better ways. I know that we have to start with the young children
in families, but there is no organization that families have for learning
these 6 core values.

*MACHIVENTA:* It is our plan to correct that. It is our plan to turn the
heads of spiritually inclined people who do not accept what you are trying
to teach them so that they look sideways, look askance and say, “Huh?” with
a question mark and cause them to pause and stop in their thinking. It is
at that moment, in that instant that they are making a decision either to
accept and hear more of what you have to say, or reject it more
thoroughly. It is part of our plan, as we have said in weeks past, to work
more closely with the mortal material plane with you to turn heads around
and ask that question, “Huh? How does this come about?”


For those of you who read these words, we know that some of you have said,
“Oh yeah, I bet.” And you wait skeptically—though perhaps not
cynically—for our action on your mortal plane. Not knowing the timing of
this development, you wonder too when that might occur. Some of you have
the true knowledge and faith that it will occur, but you do not know when
it will occur either, so there is that necessary skepticism. Skepticism is
a worthwhile value; it is something that is necessary when situations have
not come into balance, when the truth of a situation is not known. True
skepticism is a valuable trait, though when it is perennial, persistent and
tenacious, then it works against the good of the individual.

*The role of the Most Highs in working with school boards*

*Roxie:* In our society we have thousands of different school districts.
Do you have suggestions on how to get all of them on board with us so that
at least the education with the children can begin?

*MACHIVENTA:* Yes. And it follows the plan that I have described that is
Christ Michael’s plan. We cannot make those decisions for those school
board members, this is something where the Most Highs would be working with
to be of influence to those members in those thousands of school districts
around the nation—this nation—and the tens of thousands school districts in
other nations. They must come to understand through this “organization”
that you mention that will disseminate the educational material of the 6
core values and part of which must include an intention for education, and
that these values, which are common to all human beings around the world,
become the standard by which education develops its intention and
interprets those values from infants in “diaper daycare,” through post
graduate studies. We cannot change those minds, but I can assure you that
there will be that nudging, that niggling urging in the minds of those
school board members and of parents in their school district to adopt those
6 core values and develop a creedal intention for their school district,
and an operating philosophy, mission and so on—and objectives and curricula
that will fulfill that. Then uniformity will occur, though of course there
will always be cultural and ethnic differences between school districts.
The uniformity of their underlying intention for education will then come
into place.

*Roxie:* I know the school district where I live has gotten into a huge
political battle, and it just seems to override everything that they do,
but it is all in the wrong direction. It’s hard to be optimistic about
changing the situation. Do they need to have maybe a book written strictly
pointed towards the educational systems?

*MACHIVENTA:* We look forward to someone writing a secondary work pointed
at education from infancy through post graduate studies about these 6 core
values. There will be some new “John Dewey” who will come forward and
present this to education and share it with everyone involved. The
education that you are foreseeing is the reinvention of education in modern
societies. Right now, at this time, there is too much invested interest in
the control of the educational platform of life to make a difference. It
is very much like the choosing Supreme Court nominees for the Supreme Court
of the United States because the conservatives and liberals can hope for
outcomes which are more in their favor in the future.

*Education in America is not working*

Certainly your societies are aware that education—at least in America—is
not working; it is kaput, defunct, very crippled, and in fact dysfunctional
and does not graduate individuals with competency to read or write at the
level of their intelligence. It is a miserable state of existence where no
one has the answer. So, we again are coming forward with these values and
the means by which to inform the world about them. This One has written
well over 175 articles that are posted in LinkedIn and Face Book, and
Academia.edu that point out many of these truths of social sustainability.
This is a beginning, but it is one that is incomplete and articles of only
350- 500 words are insufficient to persuade individuals in academic realms
and their ivory towers to change their ways. They have too much invested
in what exists and they do not want to see their tenure forfeited. It is
up to the educational rebels of the world to bring about the creation of a
new educational platform for your national societies. This is something
that is being striven to be done through your bridge schools and charter
schools around your nation, but these too, are inconsistent. What you have
sought through your earlier question is consistency and uniformity that
families can anticipate that by grade 4 or 5 or at the developmental level
thereof that children can read and do basic arithmetic. In your current
educational system there are some schools which fail that test even when
students are seniors in high school. This is a pathetic statement of your
society as a democracy.

*Roxie:* I totally agree with you. It is a sad state of affairs.

*The experience of life and living*

In the *Urantia Book*, there is a saying that I really like: “. . . the
religion of living experience . . . functions as a moral stabilizer, social
guide, and spiritual pilot.” My question is: Are any of earth’s religions
like that currently?

*MACHIVENTA:* What you are speaking about is the religion of life and
living through experience, not religion itself. Religions are manmade, as
you know, but life and living is human made. The experience of life and
living is an organic education that everyone needs to experience, yet those
who are deprived of a full experience as a human in their lives come away
with only a partial education in the arts of life and living. Without
that, they lose the capacity to be empathic and compassionate to those who
have less than they have. The religion of life and living through
experience is vital to your own personal spiritual ascension. This truly
is the religion that is most complete, when it is then invested with the
spirituality of the ascension plan and of right living, then you have a
full religion that is worthy of your sacraments.

*Roxie:* Thank you. That is all the questions that I have right now.
Student, do you have any additional ones?

*Material and social sustainability*

*Student:* Yes, please, I have one. Machiventa, when we talked at the
last group that we had a few weeks ago, what we have been finding out when
we talk about the 6 core values, is we also talk about material
sustainability, and we have found that by bringing the two together as a
comparison, you actually need one as well as the other, and there seems to
be much more comprehension of the 6 core values and the material
sustainability. Would you talk about that, please? Are we on the right

*MACHIVENTA:* Yes, you most definitely are on the right track, and I would
suggest to you that you begin an outline for the authorship of a secondary
work on material and social sustainability. This is a field which is
essential to the understanding of social sustainability that you must [not]
have one without the other, and that the empathy that you have, the values
that you have extends to your compassion to assist those who have less.
Material sustainability is a wonderful way to understand the holism, the
synergism that exists between material sustainability and social
sustainability in a society that has social equity, social justice and
knows “what is fair.” One without the other does not lead to a stable and
balanced and peaceful society. Yes, you are most definitely on the right
track and we give our utmost encouragement in allowing us to participate
with you in writing this book/outline. Thank you for your question and we
encourage you very much.

*Student:* Sir, you want me to write an outline? (*Machiventa:* Yes.)
Oh! Wow! I will need help, please.

*MACHIVENTA:* This One has had the use of Avilah who is of great
assistance to him, though never speaking to him while he writes. There is
always that next word that comes spontaneously when words seem to be
short. With such an assist from Avilah or some other writing expert, you
will never experience writer’s block.

*Student:* Thank you, Sir; I’ve never done it before, but I will certainly
give it a try.

*MACHIVENTA:* Please do; you might work with someone else who would like
to work with you and carry on the work if you are unable to, or care not to.

*Student:* No, no. Of course I will carry it on! It is what I believe
in. Thank you, Sir, very much. And may I ask one more question? (
*Machiventa*: Please) You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, but
are you really here?

*Urantia is Machiventa’s home*

*MACHIVENTA:* Oh yes, of course! Urantia is my home. This is where I
reside. I do not have a morontial residence yet, but I have what you might
call a “lean-to shed,” (laughing) that suffices for the moment. It is my
hope that with you and others who are approaching your morontial realm era
of your lives that you would assist me in at least building a one-room
cabin for me to reside in. But I am here; I am here in strength with my
staff and this is where we work and we live. We have our fingers, so to
speak, on the pulse of your civilization, your societies and nations,
cultures, ethnic groups, politics, social doings and economic mischief, and
we are here to make the most of our efforts over time, co-creatively with
you. If there is any lack of speed in our accomplishment of our mission,
it is most likely because we do not have co-creative partners to carry our
work forward.

*Student:* Thank you for answering my question, and anytime you want
something built, I will build it! (Everyone on both sides is laughing!)

*Machiventa’s parting words*

*MACHIVENTA:* Let us bring our session to a close today. I thank you for
your presence and those who are present in mind and consciousness with us
at this moment. This is quite an adventure, is it not? And as some of you
say, “Well, it’s going to be interesting to see how this all shakes out.”
And we do too, as it involves one half of the equation, which involves
mortals, some of whom know better but still make decisions which compromise
the progress of our work, and compromise the progress of even their own
happiness. Yes, there is a plan; yes, we are present; yes, we are making
progress; and yes, it will involve social evolution through the mechanics
of living on a complex world, one that has been deprived of guidance for so
many thousands of years. We are here; there is a plan, someone is in
charge, and we need volunteers to come forward to assist us. You will be
made aware in the coming months and years of the assistance that is
necessary in a meaningful material way that you will recognize as
meaningful to your life and to the rest of your civilization.

Thank you for your day and we gleefully engage you who see this, who are
rubbing your hands together and saying, “I can’t wait.” Thank you and good

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