[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2016-08-07

Tom Newbill t.oldbill at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 10:41:16 PDT 2016

Subject: No. Idaho Team 2016-08-07
Teacher: Monjoronson
T/R: Cathy Morris

Monjoronson: I am pleased with your efforts to build community. As groups come together with love and sharing, the problems of your world will seem more approachable. The feeling of helplessness will change into action and hope. Each of you has the ability to reach out in service and bring spirit to the daily problems of this planet. Individuals can bond into communities and communities will link together into larger groups. This is the change that will transform the ways of living together on this world. Each individual has connection to the whole. There is a unity of purpose as was designed into the Father's original plan. Together you will move into a compassionate community that leads us into Light and Life.

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