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Machiventa―Magisterial Mission Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

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June 26, 2016

Topic: Action of the Holy Spirit through personal and collective

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are here today to participate with our
celestial host to build more of the spiritual circuits necessary for our
world to transform and to also bring the Magisterial Mission to materialize
here on the planet. You know what is occurring within our planet's system
of consciousness and we are grateful for the changes you are bringing to us.
As you know, this is an act of faith on our part to collaborate with the
heavenly realms, and we thank you for helping us attain more of the
necessary insights we need to stay the course of our own personal
transformations that we may participate more fully in the Correcting Time.
So we thank you for what we will accomplish today with our celestial helpers
and, as always, may your WILL be done. Thank you.

MACHIVENTA: Greetings one and all! This is Machiventa Melchizedek. During
our last time together, we invited you to open yourselves more fully for the
action of your Divine Mother to move through your own system of
consciousness, and to also have this be applied through the planetary
circuitry. We will continue in this manner again today to support your own
efforts at spiritual development that you may receive more of the life
currents from your Mother to extricate your minds and the subtle influences
of the various institutions of your culture that have adversely impacted

Take some deep breaths. Release the inner tension as well as any fear you
may harbor due to the unsettledness of your world during this time of
correction. Find that place of inner quiet where the Father within you
resides. Steady your internal gaze on the Father Within. Invite the action
of the Holy Spirit to move in you now as we provide certain circuits and
structures for your own individual systems of consciousness to imprint upon
what you need to stay the course of transformation and assist Michael in
this time of planetary correction. We begin. (Pause)

Your Mother's LOVE for this world is reaching new heights of expression.
Soon you will witness more evidence of Her LOVE bathing this world as more
RIGHT-MINDEDNESS moving through the circuits of human consciousness. The
outward expression of Her LOVE is predicated upon an inward movement of Her
spiritual vitality moving through human consciousness. When this deep
abiding LOVE is experienced within, it cannot be contained. It must be

There is a time coming when the action of LOVE will blaze a bright path
through human consciousness. You are approaching the moment in time when
this will occur and change human life forever. We have invited you to open
again and again to Spirit, encouraging you to develop the habitual practice
of stilling your mind that your indwelling Father fragments may bring you
into that state of grace wherein the action of the Holy Spirit is able to
function more deeply, more profoundly through your beings. All that is
truly necessary for transformation to occur is for Her presence in you to
gain space, dimension, movement, and expression. And the Father within is
well equipped to guide you through this process that you may become those
living vessels of LOVE so necessary for your brothers and sisters to
experience as this world undergoes more transformational change and
reorientation of itself into the Family of Creation.

I share these words with you today to assist in the deepening of Her LOVE
into you and through you. And as these words impinge upon your minds, let
them go deep as seeds for your souls to grow and develop greater willingness
in your part to be the Father's WILL upon Urantia. Continue to receive on

Let us now engage your minds toward the upliftment of your planet's mass
consciousness. As you know, this arena is one wherein there is much turmoil
underway as the circuits are shifting out of rebellion-centered ideologies
and moving into the greater environment of the Cosmic Mind of creation. In
our last time together, we invited you to focus on the ACTION OF THE HOLY to
build more of the Father's WILL into Urantian consciousness.

We will continue in this attempt, inviting you once again to see Urantia
before you in your mind's eye. Project that beam of love from your hearts
as you invite the ACTION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to move through this infusion of
around the globe, counter-clockwise, north to south poles. We are doing
what we can to amplify your energies into these streams of consciousness.

There are those among you who will be invited into greater opportunities for
service. We look for those individuals who are willing to move out of
self-centered complacency and to embark upon their own paths of inner
transformation that they may be more open and fluid vessels for LOVE to flow
through them into another individual or individuals. This is a type of
power that is to be unleashed upon Urantian consciousness. It is a
commanding force, and those individuals who have prepared themselves to be
these living vessels of LOVE are being given opportunities to demonstrate
certain types of responsibility and comprehension of what this means.

LOVE is the most powerful force in creation. You grow in your understanding
and application of its uses through your daily life experiences. You must
be willing to cast aside self-centered needs and gains and be able to say to
the Father Within, "I wish to see this situation from your perspective and
how you wish to move through this through my actions, my thoughts, my
words." We have been preparing you to be these vessels of LOVE for many
years now, but it is by and large up to you how you will move forward in
support of the correction now underway in this planetary mass consciousness.

You will see much confusion, much fear in the coming days, and so it is
important for you to remain steadfast and steady and in that place of LOVE
and COMPASSION, and do what you can to help your brothers and sisters move
out of fear into faith. I say these words to prepare you now, and to help
you perceive that what is occurring upon this world is the outworking of the
rebellion legacy and the in-working of the power of LOVE. Continue to allow
that stream of energy from your hearts to bathe the world's consciousness as
we continue to move in these circuits of IT IS TIME TO BUILD THE FATHER'S

LOVE trumps fear! In the coming days when you feel yourselves succumbing to
any doubts or fears, call upon your Mother. Ask for Her ACTION to build you
in more LOVE, that you may perceive the leadings of the Father within you
more clearly and directly. And of course, your Father Michael is here to
support your engagements with your Spirits of Truth to augment you in His
LOVE and further empower you. Be assured that the heavenly realms are
vested with the interest of Urantia and that everything is being done to
help this world resurrect its original way of life in a way that will
support all life here to align more in the WILL of the Father.

Let us engage together in the act of communing with the Father in Paradise
and for the action and presence of the Paradise Deities reverberating upon
this world building it more in the circuits of LOVE. Take a few moments to
thank the Father Within for His presence within you, as well as thanksgiving
for how you are being prepared to be of greater service during your Father
Michael's times of correction for this world. (Pause)

My dear brethren, take a few moments to return to that place wherein your
reality exists in Urantian consciousness. You have so much to look forward
to as this world casts aside the virus of materialism and embraces a way of
living that is truly reflective of Paradise GLORY. But this is a process
and you are invested in this now. And we encourage you to stay this course,
that you may receive and perceive more LOVE flowing through you and be able
to serve Michael and the Correcting Time to the best of your abilities.

You have hardly scratched the surface of your potential for LOVE, my
brethren; and while we know that this new what you are undergoing, your
faith will lead you well through this time and the victory that you will
experience, not only of how you are learning more about mastering your human
life experience, but how you see and experience the hand of God moving
through this world and helping it achieve its progression into the era of
Light and Life.

You are on that path now, so rejoice in that and never lose sight of the
Father's presence within you, Michael's TRUTH alive and vibrating in you,
and the ACTION of your Holy Mother Spirit forging new paths of enlightenment
that you may be living instruments of the Father's WILL upon Urantia.

On behalf of the celestial host, I thank you for the opportunity to be of
service to you as the planetary administrator for this world. We are
pledged to serve Michael during this time of correction to bring about these
changes in Urantian consciousness, and we appreciate your efforts to
participate in this change. May you enjoy this time and reap great benefits
from your efforts. Remember, the Father lives within you and so you are
always victorious in Him.

I leave you with much to consider and integrate, my brethren, and I take my
leave of you now in this manner. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I wish you
a most joyful good day!

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