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New Era Conversations #70 - Social evolution; Education; War - May 30, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager


Update on Celestial's part of co-creation

Political turmoil in the US

Need for revision of social institutions

Social evolution

The independent Order of Melchizedeks

Becoming more involved through sharing

What motivates people?

Public versus private schools

Education is a public responsibility

Teaching social sustainability at the college level

Discussion on subject of war

War and population control

Speculative cause of increase in homosexuality

The Spirits of Trust

"Uncertainty is the secret of contented continuity"

Creativity in the afterlife

Robots in our future

Space travel

Software problem in the brain

Parting comments

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray, and a Student


May 30, 2016

Update on Celestial's part of co-creation

MACHIVENTA: Good Morning, this is Machiventa. It is good to be here with you once more. We have mentioned in the past, and mention again now that we have been working our way through the people-individuals and organizations from the local level to the communities and states, regions, and nations, from individuals to companies and corporations, and governmental agencies, and those that are non-profit and philanthropic, and so on, to assist us in this work that we have with you. As this is co-creative, it is important that we enlist every individual, whether they are a local retired citizen or actively employed, or whether they are part of a board of directors, or trustees, and so on, of a corporation or non-profit organization or church. Individuals have always been the bottom rung, the solid rung, the foundation where we start, and so it is with individuals who occupy positions of authority, decision-making, and influence that we have been appealing to them with our message of peace, social stability, and social sustainability.

Political turmoil in the US

You are now in the throes of immense political turmoil in the United States, as the world looks on to the debacles of your archaic political system. We have plans for you; we have many ideas from individuals that can be brought forward to make your staid democratic processes much more effective, and do so without having to uproot the traditions of your democracy. We are able to always think outside the box because we are not part of your culture; we are not part of your rational system and organization of your societies, politically or economically. We have, of course, had many of our "point people" who have written to organizations of national and international stature and size, to provide them with new ideas about their society and the way of doing business. You have the new influence of environmental sustainability, which is a major factor for organizations and profit-making companies and corporations to think about. It has been a process of softening up their thinking from profit-only to that of service and of profit-making that is compliant and assisting of the social, environmental and economic benefit or helpfulness of individuals, families and small communities.

Need for revision of social institutions

As your have seen, the development of your industrialism has progressed mightily forward, to the age of information and technologies, and now you are into the necessary revision of your social institutions, whether it is the police and criminal courts, or whether it is government and even the basic forms of your democracy. Billions of people of developed nations realize that the old social institutions and social processes are not working, that they are actually working against the good of the people who are the foundation and the authority for all democracies. This has a need to come full circle so that citizens are once again the authority of the foundations, and the legitimacy of democratic operation. Where once democracies were founded upon the public as the final authority for the operation and installation of democratic governments, the public is now intelligent enough generally to participate in some way on a regular basis with their public executives, whether those executives are appointed or elected. It is necessary to complete the loop of democracy and of freedom and liberty, so that it continues to circle through the public and on to their governmental processes on a regular basis. Participating in such a distant and detached way on election day is not sufficient to keep a democratic nation or government in efficiency or effectiveness, or in compliance with the evolving needs of the public.

Social evolution

As always, we do not advocate revolution or violence, however we do advocate social evolution, which would then carry over into your social institutions and organizations. Social evolution is a process that must become conscious among the populace so that there is an anticipation that social change will bring about improvements, rather than simply the next edition of the next cell phone. Social evolution is the way to the Days of Light and Life; you cannot have one without the other. This subtle times of Days of Light and Life require that your societies, your governments, and your economies evolve-evolve to become effective, efficient and more directly involved in that evolution of those societies.

It is a tedious process and the one from your unconscious participation in government, to the conscious participation and on. Anticipating the conscious evolution of your societies brings about transcendence. This is a state of consciousness that sees in the current generation that they exist for their own development and evolution, and for the foundations of future generations. The selfishness of current generations is insufferable and cannot be tolerated and creates egregious disparities among people. When there is an anticipation of future generations, then the current generation must and will come to realize that what is fair is, and what is socially just and equitably just is primary to the establishment of sustainable, sustaining generations into the future.

In summary of my opening statement, it is because of this that the Days of Light and Life will come about. It is because of this social evolution that you will have social stability and social peace, which allows individuals to have time to reflect upon their current situation in their lives and to gather the motivation to explore even more. It is because of leisure time that your cultures develop and evolve to become more capable and competent, and more inward looking, rather than outward looking. The evolution of a culture and social evolution means that the culture will become eventually less dependent upon material orientations for the value of individuals, and more on what they think and how they live and create a more stable and positive and constructive moral society.

The independent Order of Melchizedeks

Roxie: Machiventa, in the Urantia Book it says that the Order of Melchizedeks has a self-governing system. Are any points of that helpful to guiding us into being more self-sufficient and having a better form of government, or have you already conveyed all of those ideas?

MACHIVENTA: You have asked several questions and I will begin at the beginning of your statement. Yes, we are an Independent Order of Beings; the Melchizedeks are administrators and teachers, and as an Independent Order. I was selected and I volunteered to become incarnate on your world as the Sage of Salem, to bring about a refreshing of the concepts of God, the "One God," the sole God, the I AM, the Creator of this world and the universe. This was in preparation for the time and life and appearance of Christ Michael as Jesus, some years in the future. The "One God" concept provided for an evolved religion, an evolved relationship between the individual and the Creator. Jesus brought forward the Father image, the Father figure of the Creator, the perfect Father relationship between the individual and God. This is an essential part of your relationship, which will be completely thoroughgoing through your ascendant career until you truly meet your Father Creator in Paradise.

You know that we are here in force to teach and work with [many] individuals. Many individuals have consulting mentors, Melchizedeks who are consulting mentors to individuals in addition to their Guardian Angel and their Celestial Teacher-if the individual has chosen to have a Celestial Teacher. It is important that even those who do not believe in God are guided by the best interests of Nebadon and of Christ Michael, and of Urantia in their daily conduct. Just because a person does not believe in God does not mean that they are incapable of making moral decisions that are helpful to the social evolution of your planet, and to your nation and to its societies. It is most unfortunate however, that an individual could be making wonderful decisions that support the good of humanity and of this world and not have that same experience contribute to their soul growth and the density of their soul, as they progress through life. This is, however, their personal choice. The Father and we choose to accept all of you, individually, whether you believe in God and the afterlife or not.

You can trust that the Independent Order of Melchizedeks works completely in alignment with Father Melchizedek and [our] relationship with Christ Michael. You can accept that we work with the Most Highs in their efforts within organizations. We see within organizations, whether they are corporations, churches, non-profit or philanthropic organizations, or your school's Parent Teacher Associations, opportunities for teaching. There is something for everyone to learn in teaching environments, and in teaching, we gain experience with you mortals who become our mouthpieces. We offer individuals who are teachers in schools and other places, insights into their lessons. Some follow them more deeply than others, and some make tremendous contributions to the students, whether the students are adults or children. You never know within a teaching situation when a child or student will have an "ah-ha" moment that gives them insight into greater realities of the world and of the universe. It is a wonderful facet of the Thought Adjusters who work in the minds of individuals to bring about those "ah-ha" moments, which are inspiring and motivating for greater inquiry and for the later development of their curiosity. It is most fortunate that humans are natively curious, that they have within them the ability to search into areas and to think about areas that other people have disregarded-or even that they might have disregarded totally in the past. So, curiosity is one of the motivating factors that the Seven Mind Adjutants use to help individuals "configure" the programs of their mental activity.

Roxie: Thank you, Machiventa. Does anyone else have questions related to the opening statements?

Becoming more involved through sharing

Student: I have one I'd like to ask, please. Machiventa, when you were talking about people in government, whether it is a political or whatever type community, to be effective you cannot just 'do it on your own.' I sort of had an "ah-ha" moment in the fact that the word 'sharing' came into my mind and it clicked because of the 6 core values; by bringing these consciously into peoples' minds, they will start to share and become more involved in their communities and in their government. Am I on the right track?

MACHIVENTA: You most certainly are and we are delighted for your "ah-ha" moment.

Student: I sit in sometimes at our local community level council meetings. How can I introduce sharing of the public, into the councilors' minds, because they all think they have their own Ideas as they are elected officials. Have you any suggestions, please?

What motivates people?

MACHIVENTA: Yes. Remember that the values are innate to everyone. They are the motivating factors of all humans for what they choose in their hierarchies of needs. The question you might share is, "What motivates people to participate in government committees as volunteers?" "What motivates people to benefit the public and their community, other than being selfishly oriented toward their own good?" This is the human motivation theory that is based on these values. People are motivated to think of higher things, besides what they basically need. When you have a large percentage of the public who are in material need, who do not have the fundamental elements that support their physical existence, then you have despair in a society and this must be directly engaged by governmental agencies and programs, and/or with non-profit organizations.

The motivation to do that has to do with empathy. It is important that the empathy that people have for others is not dismissed as some religious element or carryover from church on Sunday. Your empathy is innate to yourself; your willingness to reach out in compassion to aid others is innate to you. This is how you aid others who are in need, without looking for benefit to yourselves. The difference in true service that Jesus taught is that you reach out in compassion to others to assist them without ever having a thought of return to yourself, that you would do this without thought of being praised or receiving public acclaim for your services and duties. The motivation to do good must become a conscious element of your council meetings, if you can make them curious about that, Dear One.

Student: Oh yes, thank you! And now I have another question: I'm going to talk to some high school students this week, and my biggest thing was how do I come across with the 6 core values so that maybe they will completely understand it? What you just said about motivate, and also if I ask the question as to what motivates them, then if they. empathy; yes, empathy absolutely! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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