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New Era Conversations #64 - Cultural Change; Leadership; Unifying religionists - Mar. 11, 2016

Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager and Planetary Prince


Purpose of the Planetary Management team

Individual participation in organizations

False sentiment toward degenerate stocks

Teachings of Dalamatia

Social association as survival insurance

Cultural change is outpacing biologic evolution

Do inter-racial marriages effect cultural civilization?

Unifying religionists

Leadership and vision

Leadership and facilitation

The quality of organized religions

Surviving disasters by creating new societies

Coping with violence after the disasters

Visual presentation of 6 core values

Whether to reveal celestial sources or not

Machiventa's closing words

TR: Daniel Raphael

Team members: Roxanne Andrews, Michael McCray and a Student


March 11, 2016

MACHIVENTA: Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek with several others who are present with me. (Group greetings to all.)

Purpose of the Planetary Management team

As you are seeing around your planet in the various nations, there is much discord, difficulty with the weather and climatic circumstances are creating havoc

in your cities and your populations. Again, these were not presented to you as overt acts of the Creator, but as the result of creation that brings about these changes of weather and tectonics and so on. The discord that is among humanity in the nations and political parties and various factions are all human made. There is no one of our regime of the planetary management that has supported such actions or initiated them.

We are here to assist you in the act of Planetary Management on an individual basis, serving peace and social stability for individuals, families, communities and nations. Whole societies are changing; social change is endemic around the world, even in the most remote regions, cultural and ethnic regions around the world-even within the Amazon Basin and the Himalayas-there are groups of individuals who are undergoing non-traditional change, bringing about great thought and turmoil in their lives. It is most important as you engage change that you do so consciously, with the thought of social evolution being foremost in your mind.

Of course, without a standard to measure social growth and progress, and give direction to your efforts to bring about positive social change, you live in chaos; your live in uncertainty, not knowing how or what will be the outcome of developments that you generate, whether as a corporation, a non-profit organization, or as a government. Without the use of the 6 core values of social sustainability as a basis for a social morality of decision-making, there is no uniformity among the nations, and never will be. Because of the innate nature of these values for all human beings, they are applicable to all human societies, all human governments, and all organizations. Therefore, they provide the basis for uniformity of social action, planning, and policies for all organizations.

Individual participation in organizations

It is important that you realize that you-as individuals-participate in these organizations. Organizations can then become the extension of your values, literally your writing arm, your mind, your ability, and your finances. You who know of these values can influence your organizations to change the course of your families, your communities, your societies and your governments. These values bring about positive change, rather than adverse change. Yes, there will be social change and change is difficult to accept. Nonetheless, this is positive change that brings about social evolution for all humanity, whether they are democratic nations or others.

MMc: I'd like to ask a question about what has just been said. Machiventa, you say that organizations become an extension of self. Should we be very careful of which organizations we become associated with? Should we only become involved in those organizations that represent our values?

MACHIVENTA: As your social organizations now exist, there are no organizations that espouse these six values. It is important that you, as individuals, join any or all organizations where you can be an effective element to make contributions and to motivate the organization to accept and use these values that will bring about social stability. Even if you belong to the Ku Klux Klan and use these values, your organization would change to become benign and accept differences and end its prejudicial bigotry.

MMc: I hoped that that's where you were going with this.

False sentiment toward degenerate stocks

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