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Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

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June 14, 2015

Topic: The energies of Change and Trusting in Humanity

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, we're grateful to have this opportunity to meet
in this forum as you connect us heart to heart, soul to soul, and spirit to
spirit. As you know, we are most eager for the Magisterial Mission to
materialize on Urantia and yet we await your perfect timing. So in
anticipation of that event we are here to seed into our planetary
consciousness the energies of Spirit that are necessary for this world to
continue to grow in love, in peace, compassion, tolerance, mercy and
forgiveness that more people will comprehend the nature of reality and their
role in it. We open ourselves to you now and thank you for guiding this
call. We thank our Magisterial Son for His personality helping us change
the course of this beautiful world. We thank our celestial helpers for
their participation, and may your WILL be done now. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings, my stalwart brethren! This is Monjoronson. I am
delighted to join you once again in this forum of dedicated truth seekers
and way-showers upon Urantia. It is a great pleasure to collaborate with
you to build these circuits of transformation for all life here to benefit.

We have been collaborating with you for some time now and the changes that
are necessary for the Magisterial Mission to materialize are taking stronger
root within your consciousness. More and more people are recognizing that
your way of life is taking you on a course of destruction. And while there
are still individuals who maintain their control and hold sway of their own
interests, more and more people are recognizing the error of this and are
clamoring for more change to occur.

One of the most important components in this time of correction is for you
to gain a greater sense of trust in one another, that the energies of
suspicion, competition, and other forms of relationship negativity would
yield to the ways of cooperation, collaboration, love and faith in human
nature. Human nature contains great potential. Much of this is untapped,
and yet it is incumbent on you to develop your own potential and to provide
that catalyzing charge for another person to see what it means to be an
activated human who is living a more dynamic, productive spiritualized life.

The energies of CHANGE provided by your Father and Mother will help you to
gain a greater sense of connection to desire to trust in your brethren, to
see beyond their limitations, their personal foibles, to help them to
recognize that they have great potential.

And so in today's infusion we ask you to simply focus on receiving more of
these energies of CHANGE, and to set your own intention to the desire to
trust in your brothers and sisters more as well as to trust in yourselves,
and to recognize that the potential within you has been seeded in you by the
Paradise Father Himself. And it is His expression through you that brings
you into this wonderful accomplishment of developing your human potential.

As we begin, simply allow the energies of CHANGE to move in you, help you to
further acclimate to them. Begin at this point and then we will move into
other areas of focusing as our call progresses. Let your hearts respond to
the energies of CHANGE as you receive us now, my dear brothers and sisters.

Your bodies and minds are being acclimating to the energies of CHANGE. We
have helped you to receive these over the long period of our collaboration.
And you recognize that it is safe and important for these change energies to
continue to move you into the ways of the Father's WILL. More and more,
your bodies are acclimating to these energies of CHANGE, and even though
there is discomfort at times, this is all part of the purification process
to wean you from the circuits of your planetary consciousness that you may
participate more fully and freely in the evolving consciousness of the
Planetary Supreme-your Mother Urantia.

More and more you are beginning to sense that your human evolutionary
process is a beautiful undertaking put in place by the Paradise Father
Himself for human free will children to evolve to higher states of being and
consciousness. It is a beautiful process and plan, and it is His desire
that you would feel more of this innate goodness and truth, and accept the
beautiful nature of your evolutionary ascending stature, and to recognize
that all individuals are a part of this evolving fabric of creation.

Much of what the rebellion did in your consciousness was to separate you
from this concept-to create certain barriers within your consciousness that
perverted you from trusting in your brethren. But this is all being changed
and corrected. Much of this occurs on the human level as you learn to love
your brethren more, cooperate with them more willingly, tolerate the
differences of opinion, and recognize that each person has a spark of
divinity within each individual.

I invite you to open yourselves to this concept of trusting in your brethren
more and more, trusting in yourselves that you have this innate evolutionary
ascending personality that is good, true and beautiful. Accept this part of
your nature that you may gain more trust in yourselves and one another. Let
your minds open to this awareness. Let your hearts desire this that it may
feed your souls to help you acclimate to more of the change energies, and we
will continue to minister to you. (Pause)

There is an innate quality within your personality structure, you might say,
that desires to trust. As we minister to you, let your mind's eye settle on
this awareness of TRUST IN HUMANITY that more correction may be applied
within your own system of consciousness. Hold that intention or desire
within your heart to trust in your brothers and sisters more. After all, in
terms of creating a better social structure you will need to trust one
another more. This fosters greater harmony, cooperation, unity of purpose,
and of course, deep personal affection between individuals. Let these words
TRUST IN HUMANITY take deeper root within your consciousness. (Pause)

Trusting in humanity is a major step forward in healing this world. We
invite you now to move into the collective planetary consciousness circuits.
Center your gaze on these energies of TRUST IN HUMANITY. Let them spiral
around the world in that counter-clockwise rotation, north to south pole.
Let your hearts be full of love and the desire for humanity to have more
trust in one another, establish greater relationship bonds with one another,
grow in more love and compassion for one another. This is Michael's desire
for His children of this world, and this will foster greater receptivity and
desire for peace. We will join you in this circuit of focusing now as you
gaze out into the world with the TRUST IN HUMANITY energies breathing new
life into your planet's consciousness. (Pause)

While we minister in and impart the energies of CHANGE onto the planet, take
some time to seed the energies of TRUST IN HUMANITY into those places,
relationships, circumstances, situations around the globe where these
energies are needed. Let the Father within you direct your gaze to these
various places. Feel your heart's desire for more change to occur here that
more people will respond to engage in a more trusting manner with one
another, to let the barriers of separation, discord, acrimony yield to love.
Take your time. We will follow your gaze and seed what we can into what you
are bringing into this specific circumstance. (Pause)

Planetary consciousness is changing. The changes are necessary if you are
to create a better world for yourselves for future generations. But do not
fear the passing of the ways of the rebellion as they yield to the Father's
WILL for it is a time of great joyful celebration even though humanity does
witness the worse of itself. This is a great purge, you might say, of these
rebellion energies and humans are being compelled to choose if they will
continue this destructive path or cooperate with laws of creation.

As these energies of CHANGE continue to grow in your consciousness, you will
find it more natural to want to trust in your brothers and sisters, to trust
in yourselves that you have this magnificent potential to bring forward.
Some of you will have a wider scope of influence than others, but it does
not matter because it all serves the greater growing circuit of the
Planetary Supreme Mind, and it is all important and necessary for this world
to heal. Continue your focusing for a few more moments before we lift our
gaze to our Father in Paradise. (Pause)

My dear brethren, let us spend these remaining moments worshiping our
Creator Source. Let your love for the Father awakens new potentials within
you to shine and share His love with your brothers and sisters as we join
you in worship. Let your hearts be light with the awareness that Urantia is
moving in the direction toward the Father, and that all ills and wrongs are
being corrected.

Father, we thank you for receiving us in this space of worship. We thank
you for your ways of creation being more fully imparted on this beloved
sphere. We thank you for the fortification of your presence in these men
and women that they may come into a deeper, fuller comprehension of their
intrinsic evolutionary nature and be empowered to co-create in Your WILL
through your LOVE. Thank you. (Pause)

Beloved brethren, take a few moments to descend back to Urantia. In your
mind's eye envision yourself standing on the ground, and with great love and
care plant these words into the earth: TRUST IN HUMANITY. Let these seeds
go deep. Let love from your heart water these seeds that more
transformation may occur and humanity to cast off mistrust and suspicion of
one another into the UNITY and HARMONY of all life being a part of the
Paradise Father and the ways of CREATION. (Pause)

Your Mother Urantia is taking these seeds and using them in the construction
of this fabric of Her Divine Mind to help the inhabitants of this world to
comprehend the deeper meanings of what this represents to your
consciousness. May all life align in the Father's WILL and may Urantia
thrive in the beauty and joy of the creative process of evolutionary

On behalf of your celestial brethren, I thank you for your participation
today. In your stillness practice spend some time focusing on the energies
of TRUST IN HUMANITY that you may find a deeper repository of love and trust
for your brethren, to help you develop your potential and share your
particular gifts to the world.

The more you trust in humanity the greater will the trust be in yourself,
and the Father's presence within you will be able to stir you to greater
heights of achievement and transformation. Revel in this awareness my
brethren. It is your divine birthright, after all, and it is time for
Urantia to truly live this to the fullest of Her potential through your
individual efforts and desires. My blessings are upon you, and I wish you a
most joyful good day.

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