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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2015-03-05
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Divine Parents, come be with us as we feel the joy of spirit, feel the love that spirit has with us. Help us to all come together around this theme, this certainty that we are all on the field of play, that in our desire to be of service to you our Divine Parents, that we are in fact doing this very thing. Help us to take this certainty with us throughout the process because it is so easy to wonder if we are doing the right thing, if we are on track, if we are following the correct leading or perhaps being led astray. We have mortal concerns like this and then as in this very moment we come to you seeking assurance, seeking comfort that we are on the team together, a valuable member, making contributions as we so will, as we discern your will and attempt to execute it. We are ever willing to receive your guidance so that we may put our steps in motion and make our efforts pleasing in your sight for that is our greatest desire. Let it be so, even now, here, this time, in this moment, let us embrace this act of grace, even now, thank you.

Machiventa Melchizedek: Yes, hello to you all, I am here. You know me as Machiventa Melchizedek. I am drawn to this petition, that you be reassured of your position, the part that you play in this great scheme of spirit that we are involved in and I willingly come to offer such reassurance. I know each and every one of you by name. I have a certain fondness for each and every one of you who will so earnestly apply yourselves in whatever direction you think to be most true and most beautiful. This is all that can be asked of an individual, that they be true to their convictions and that they move forward in demonstration of these convictions with faith as their energetic force. I look around this circle and I see all of you are indeed on the team, you are indeed members of this tribe who come together willingly to pursue where spirit may lead and then go the second mile to take this direction and guidance and apply yourselves in taking the steps necessary to move you in the direction of your perception.

Some of you have been with us since the beginning of this experiment we call the Teaching Mission. Some of you have come much later but are no less devout. You all are aware that we will accept any and all contributions from sincere believers and among this group all are sincere believers. So, let us rally up together once again, let us come to the middle of the field and put our hands in the center of this circle. Let us feel the presence of all the others of us in this circle together. Let us sense this feeling of togetherness, of unity in purpose. Even though we may not be fully aware of what the next move out on the field may be, we are all of deep conviction that we have a part to play.

This sense of conviction drives us forward even though we may not have absolute conviction of the next step, we await the guidance, we seek the direction provided from on high and then, with this perception we proceed to act, we proceed to function in our capacities as valued members of the team. I will never tire of coming and bringing this sense of conviction and assurance. We all need from time to time to hear the coach rally the team once again and bring everyone to the same page, the same moment, the same feeling of unity and togetherness. It is my great pleasure to offer this service to you here and now. Just as I offer this service to you, likewise it is your opportunity to go out and be of service to all those around you, to bring a sense of this peace and love and light that you experience even now to all of your brothers and sisters around you.

As was mentioned, it may not even require words, merely your disposition, your posture, your sense of peace and stability will be apparent in all your interactions with your fellows. In this way you may be, as was mentioned, the only example of the Teaching Mission that anyone ever experiences. So, as is your desire, make it a good one, make it a positive impression. Make your countenance so full of this love and peace that it is brimming with the joy of your existence, with your awareness that you are a child of God, that you belong to a divine family and that there are innumerable assistants available to you because you are a part of this family. You are loved and cared for and you may demonstrate your knowledge of this. You may bring your awareness of this truth out and make it real in this world and among your fellows. This is where your understanding of this peace, your awareness of this grace not only transforms you, but your demonstration of this is transformative to those around you. It may never become necessary for you to use words to define why you are the way you are, merely your example will be enough. So as your Master said, the gospel he brought is not merely to be discussed, it is rather to be lived. It is meant to be transforming. It is a tool that may be used to change yourself and as a result, change the world.

If I could bring you any words of comfort this evening it might be, don't worry, fear not that you are somehow disassociated in any way for this is simply not the case. I call you all to witness in this very hour, the sense of connection and belonging that is established, to take this in to your own being, to drink of this cup for it is meant for you, it is meant for us. And so avail yourselves of this offer of grace, this connection to who you are, where you belong and what you are a part of. Let this become so thoroughly a part of your being that you cannot imagine life without it. Embrace this to the degree that you become this truth, that you exemplify this reality in your everyday living.

I would say this is your mission, but really, this is your gift of grace, this is your purpose unfolding. This is not in any way a mandate but rather an offering and you all who have become devoted students of spirit, understand such an offering and extend yourselves to embrace it. That's what makes you devoted students. That's what makes me proud to have you in my classrooms and as my associates. I claim you all, each one, as scholars of spirit, willing to sign up for higher and higher education and willing to extend the effort necessary for you to move from one level to the next and the next.

I harbor no doubts that you will continue to show yourselves in this way, to demonstrate your abilities and capacities. So let us be about this with as much joy as we can summon in the process for these labors of spirit should not be oppressive. They should not be confining, rather they should be liberating and joyous. Let it be so, even now, as we gather together here at this time. Let this feeling of joy pervade our energy field; let is so influence and color our perception that we are changed and lifted up.

I am in deep gratitude for your devoted attention to my words. It has been my pleasure on a number of occasions to come among you and fellowship with you and I look forward to future encounters as well. I will now take my leave of this forum but will remain in attendance and observance of all that transpires with you my eager students. Be at peace, go in peace, thank you for your attention, farewell.

Light: Hello to you all, my name is Light. I am here to share the microphone if you will for some thoughts I would offer into the thought stream. You all know well that light dispels darkness, that even a small amount of light dispels darkness, in fact there can be no total darkness if there is any light at all present. This is one of the roles that you play as members on this great team we are on. You are the ones who may bring light into every darkened corner and into every shadowed edge. You are the ones who may shine light directly on aspects of your reality you perceive as dark. Where there is doubt and uncertainty you may shine a light and illuminate the way. Where there may be untruths, as you perceive them, you may shine light on the equation and help to discern the true values contained within.

You have spoken of these areas of discord between certain groups and members of groups. Surely enough light directed onto the misunderstandings will illuminate the truth for all. This light of truth that may emanate from you is one of the great tools you have. You bring this energetic force with you and bring it to bear on all manner of circumstances and equations in your lives, and each time, every time you apply your intention in this way to merely bring the light of truth, the light of beauty, the light of goodness with you into the room of your experience then the entire room may be illuminated by your very act of will. No situation or circumstance will remain unaffected if it is your desire to influence it with the light of love, the light of truth, of peace, of grace. Any circumstance or situation that you can imagine will be transformed if illuminated with the intention of one who will bring these divine values and meanings into the equation.

I hear you all talking about roles that you play, teams that you're on and the parts that you see yourselves taking in these scenarios and I would encourage you to see yourself as custodian of the light, bringer of the light, a practitioner of light and this light comes from on high. This light may be brought forth through you, may be enhanced by you, may be focused as a matter of your intention. But this light is generated from on high and is there in your equation as a result of your connection to bring it through, to transmit it, to conduct it through your being. Each one of you is, in a very real sense, a portal to this divine energy, a portal which may allow the means whereby this light may be brought into your very realm, into your very room, your very relationships, your life. You are the means that can transmit this light and bring this light to bear in your life equations.

So when you are visualizing what your role may be and how you may function so that it is pleasing in the sight of your Divine Parents, I remind you that you have this great force at play. The fact that you are a portal and can transport divine meaning and value into the material realm is a sacred gift. Use it freely, use it as you can think to do so, not only for the benefit of others, but put yourselves in this light as well. See yourselves as the conduit for this light, that you may bring it in to your equations at will and then, be of great joy that this is so and be about this process. Enjoy, have fun, for that is the true desire of your Divine Parents, that you live a life that knows joy, that contains fun and that feels peace and love.

So for all this talk of being in service and being pleasing, do not ever forget to take care of your individual selves for you are the only one that can do this to the delight of your parents. You are the only one that can give you what you need in this life and yes, it is good and noble to be about thinking of service and how you may be beneficial to others but as well, I encourage you to think of yourselves. What service are you in need of? How might you help yourself because nothing, nothing will delight your parents better than you seeing to your needs, tending to your desires and fostering your growth and peace. In the end, no one else may do these tasks for you. In the end, the measure of your completeness as an individual will be the measure of how well you were able to look after yourself as well as the desire to look after others. So don't forget when looking around for how to be of service, to occasionally look in the mirror and see one who is a child of God, who is a member of a divine family, who has needs and requirements like all the others and grant yourself the same love that you would grant others, the same desire for peace that you would bring to others. Drink the cup of grace as it passes by.

What a pleasure it is to be allowed these moments of fellowship with you. Thank you all dear ones for your devoted efforts at seeking spirit for divine values. It's a pleasure to meet with you under such circumstances and a pleasure to remind you of how valuable you are to the team for no player on any team can be truly helpful if they are unfulfilled or compromised in any way. See to your own needs so that you may be the best team player. It has been a pleasure to join you. I bid you all farewell this evening and remind you of this sense of belonging that we feel even now, being here together under this common umbrella of awareness. Take this sense with you and reconstruct it at will. It is here for you to use, for us to use. Good evening to you all, thank you and farewell.

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