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Lightline Teleconference 2015-01-01
Teacher: Charles, Jonathan, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers

Prayer: Thank you, thank you Divine Parents for all of your gifts of grace that sustain us and keep us going and literally help us to survive. We cling to these gifts of grace and the awareness that we are part of your divine family. I would express a joint sentiment to the universe at large that we do feel poised, we do feel on the brink. Perhaps from your perspective as spirit beings, it may be hard to understand this feeling of 'impending something' since your perspectives are so much greater than ours but we do feel these tugs of universe tension on the strains of our souls. We would like to know how to interface, how to co-mingle with the divine plan, how to be part of the solution in all cases, how to function best as ambassadors of the grace that we understand is you. Help us to be instruments of your peace and guardians of your grace.

Charles: I'll take up this opportunity you provide, I am Charles and I will come among you tonight to resonate with you about these feelings of being tied to the energies of all that is around you. Truly this life force energy is felt by all of us. We are all attached to this web of energy, this force field that we are a part of and whatever happens anywhere migrates through the system and is felt by all. This is one of your greatest occasions that you can point to and feel, that in fact you are spiritual beings because it is your spiritual component, the aspect of yourselves that is spirit which feels this, which senses this, which feels as though it has its finger on the web and on the pulse of the energy of the universe.

This is what is so marvelous about these encounters that you have, where you feel this connection, because it is ringing your spirit bells, it is affirming for you that you are indeed connected, you are a part and attached to the web, you are an integral part of the spiritual family that is all around you and as such, you are intertwined and you are privy to many things which happen not directly to you but rather to the force that you reckon as the collective conscience. It is always a joy to witness as developing mortals of the realm contact spirit and become aware that they have done so. It brings alive a whole other aspect of what it is to be mortal and human and at the same time to realize that you are connected to eternity and divinity.

So on this first day of this new cycle of this next year, perhaps we might take the opportunity to seize control of ourselves in this process so that we may the better apply ourselves to the process. You see, it is very important that your choices be conscious and therefore real and that your actions be guided by your highest intentions. When this is so you will witness that your choices will be easier, smoother, and in more harmony with your desire to grow spiritually. This is what we can do at a juncture such as this, a beginning of a new cycle. We can declare that we will be more conscious, more active, we will take more control, we will seize the opportunity before us and put ourselves in play more often.

There will no doubt be ample opportunities provided out there as life transpires all around you. It is about seeing the opportunities and seizing the opportunities that you may become more effective in the process and apply your spiritual intentions more effectively. So perhaps as we enter this new cycle we can seek constant realignment with this desire to be in the moment, to be present, to be active in our role we play as ambassadors of a Divine family and not to be simply passive. This is the opportunity we are granted, this is the grace that we find in our times, the opportunity to insert our spiritual intentions, to redirect the path onto our spiritual ideals, to take charge of the situation and move it to a higher dimension, one that is infused with spirit.

All of these represent simple choices that we could make and act upon and do at will. There is no magic, the magic is in realizing it could happen in that moment, in every moment, in any moment. That's what makes it transpire, bringing awareness into the equation and then acting as if you believe, acting with the faith and assurance, acting with conviction in your beliefs. And if these steps fall into place, then whatever it is you desire to focus on or participate in is changed, has been rearranged by your efforts at infusing the equation with spirit. Every time this is done the circumstance is elevated, the experience for all is enhanced and the values contained within the circumstance are more clearly demonstrated.

This will be the opportunity that you all have as life swirls around you, to look for and seize the moments, the opportunities, the places where you can act as a spiritual fulcrum and then simply and naturally insert yourselves in the process. Let your will be done and let your will be a reflection of our Father's will so that His will ultimately may be done. Let it be so through you and as you in the process. Let you do what your Master would have done, let you say what Jesus would say. This is what I would wish for all of you, a rich and bountiful opportunity placed before you, one after the other, as you are ready and willing. This is what you will rise to the challenge of, one after the other, opportunities arising before you and your recognizing them and seizing them and applying yourself to the circumstance, being used as an instrument from your Divine Parents because it is your will to do so.

I always appreciate the opportunity to be welcome among you and to share thoughts into the thought stream of the evening. I will now bid you all farewell and allow this space for others, thank you.

Jonathan: I'll greet you all, my name is Jonathan and I'd like to have a few words about the New Year's tradition about making resolutions. The active taking stock of where you have been and where you would like to go is a good and valuable human trait. Every cycle, every so often, it is beneficial for everyone to consider what has happened and what they would like to see happen, what steps might be required and then to resolve, to have conviction, to have the necessary energy devoted to moving in a certain direction.

This act of co-creation is one that is literally done all the time. With every act you do, every step you take is in some direction, is with intention to go in some manner, to achieve some goal, to have some result. Every action taken is a means to that end and so it is just simple universe principles at play, having intention, deciding what you want to do, formulating a plan, speaking the words, making it so and then applying yourself, the deed of getting it done and it is done. Simple thought, word and deed put into action is creation in motion. Whether it is in planning to go out to the movies or whether it is planning your career or anything in between, the same principles apply. Thought, word and deed, they are simple, they are basic, they are forever true.

So I invite you on this beginning of a New Year to make a resolution to see this process in action everywhere, all of the time, in all different capacities, to be conscious of this co-creation which is happening all the time and to more sincerely steer such things as has been discussed, to apply yourself to make it simply more effective. This would be an invitation I would offer to all of us for the New Year ahead; to be more focused; to bring more of our intention to the process; to apply ourselves with more focus.

It is always a pleasure to join such a group of seekers. What a wonderful witnessing of the grace of this process, that we can join together in this way, fellowship in this manner, be together in this spiritual realm. I applaud you all for joining me here in this dimension, for bringing yourself to this place of openness and awareness. I feel with you the gratitude for creating and occupying such a space as we share. This is truly a meeting place where we have come from our different dimensions and fellowship here in this citadel of spirit. I stand with you in gratitude for the opportunity to be here now. Thank you all for having me. I bid you all good bye.

Machiventa: Thank you my friend, I come among you at this occasion because as cycles go round and round and circumstances evolve, it now brings us to the time where many of you have been involved in my classrooms for some time. You have been dedicated students of the teachings. You have had the curriculum introduced and then re-introduced to you and I am very pleased to say that much of what we have presented to you has truly taken. There comes a time when the members of the classroom have been well versed enough in the materials that the next logical step is for them to be dispersed as the teachers, as the seeds of the next generation.

And so it is my great honor to invite those of you who have been steadfast and long term students to feel as though you have been given your graduation papers from this initial school and now you are entitled to promote the teachings abroad, have them as your own lesson plan, use them as they have been useful to you. Present them to those out there as a personal possession of yours, something that has been incorporated in your lives, in fact, to the degree that you are able to manifest these traits, become them and in this way illuminate others about them.

It is useful and helpful from time to time to tell the students that they have reached levels of competence with the material so that they feel as though they can own it, possess it and demonstrate it. This is where we find you, versed in the material, eager to be of service, ready and armed with the lesson plan and now simply the next step of taking the next step, of feeling qualified, of welcoming the opportunity. So there has been talk of opportunities and there will be great ones rise up before you. I invite you to feel as though you are prepared. You are equal to the challenges. Stand tall in faith and conviction and certainly you will triumph and vanquish fear and doubt.

It has indeed been a pleasure to watch you grow through this process. As we formed these classrooms and presented you with these lesson plans, we were wholly unaware how they would be received and how this gigantic experiment would fare. But we are glad to see that certain advancements have been clearly made as we witness even this opportunity we share in this moment, a true advancement that has been as the result of the efforts of the participants. Thank you all, all of you, the participants, for your energies and your efforts. We build this spiritual scaffolding together and we rely on your energy as well as ours. Without the donation of your energies we are unable to push forward. It takes combined energies which is the consent of spirit and when we have such a consent, we may move forward. When we lack it, it is not within our capacities to create it where it doesn't exist.

That is what is so valuable about all of you who venture forth in spirit willingly, who invest your energies into the process so that they may be used, guided and directed. Be bold in these times before you for that is what is needed, conviction of the heart, conviction of spirit. Hold strong to your faith, that is what will show others that you are the children of God. I bless you all in this New Year and always, peace be upon you, farewell.

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