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Monjoronson - Magisterial Mission Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

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September 14, 2014

TOPIC: Imprinting upon Monjoronson's MERCY, focusing His MERCY and JUSTICE
into the heart circuits of planetary consciousness, Focusing Father's GLORY
into the planet

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for weaving us together in your
presence as one heart, one soul, moving us in this circuit of preparation
for the Magisterial Mission. Thank you for guiding our efforts today as we
focus from our hearts, and that what we generate may be put to your higher
purposes toward planetary healing and the materialization of the Magisterial
Mission when the time is right. We thank you for this opportunity to
participate with you and our celestial brothers and sisters. We settle in
our hearts, we open ourselves to you that your will may be done. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my dear brethren! This is Monjoronson and I
welcome you to our time together today in this forum. This is a thrilling
and adventurous time upon Urantia. Much is being accomplished to outwork
the legacy of the rebellion and to prepare the peoples of this world to
receive my Magisterial Mission. Much of what is being outworked is in the
realms of your consciousness. We are carefully adding in new spiritual
currents, you might say, to help the children of this world receive the
energies of LIGHT, LOVE and LIFE that purify the consciousness that is
contained within how you think, feel and act.

As you know, this is a mighty undertaking, and it takes time, and yet, there
is much good that is being produced at this time. We anticipate more good
will to come forward by your efforts and those of many others who are
assisting us in healing this planet's consciousness and restoring more of
the Father's WILL into the hearts and minds of all life here.

As we begin today, let your focus move to your heart centers. Simply ask
for more of my personality essence to grow within you. Allow this desire to
deepen within your hearts. I know that you have longed for the
materialization of my presence and my staff here and it is coming. You
might say it is here already albeit more in of a morontia form, and we do
understand your desire to see us in the form of humanity like you. And so,
it will occur one day and you will know it within your hearts.

So we gather today to assist you to receive more of that imprint of who I
am, that you may partake more of my MERCY ministry to help you engage more
mercifully with your brothers and sisters, especially towards those who are
still sleeping and resistant to moving in this new direction of planetary
change and healing. So simply invite me in, and your angelic sisters create
new pathways for you to imprint upon my energy signature. We will conduct
this for several minutes before we move into our usual focusing upon the
planet. For now, simply receive me and allow this imprinting to beat upon
your souls-my energy presence of MERCY. (Pause)

There is an extension of MERCY from the Father Himself holding this world in
His LIGHT. I am what you might call a representative of His MERCY through
my parentage of the Eternal Mother-Son and Infinite Spirit. This is the
type of mercy ministry the world has not yet experienced, but it is
occurring. It is gaining momentum, and one day it will be fully applied to
this world. You are being prepared as harbingers of this era of MERCY when
so much around you will seem to crumble and fall away, and yet the endowment
of MERCY will usher in a new era of the Fatherhood of God and the
brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity.

Let me come close to you, my dear brethren. Feel your need to be more
merciful towards your brothers and sisters that affords you more compassion,
understanding and forgiveness to convey before them when you are engaged
with them. It is as if there is a signal that comes from your souls that
communicates something very powerful to nurture them. It is very healing,
and yet it is very powerful spiritual energy that uproots that which is
misaligned in the Father's WILL

We have invited you to join with us to focus your energies of the heart into
the heart structure of the planet's consciousness. And today, I invite you
to also ask for these energies of MERCY to be infused there as well. The
energies of your world's consciousness for retribution, revenge slowly ebb
away as more MERCY infuses the circuit.

So shift your focus now, and simply ask for these energies contained in your
own hearts to be directed towards the heart circuitry of the planet's
collective mind. You may see the world in your mind's eye before you, you
may superimpose a heart beating over the planet, or you may focus on the
words PLANETARY HEART CONSCIOUSNESS. It is not so important what you focus,
but that you do desire this to bathe the world now in my MERCY and let it
gain strength here for all to receive, to benefit when they are ready to
open their hearts. (Pause)

Ask for MERCY to be applied in those areas of resistance within the heart
consciousness of the planet. We know where those places are located. We
ask you as participants with us to send forth that desire from your hearts
for MERCY to be applied in those areas. It is more important for us to have
your desires than for you to know where they are in this particular point of
your focusing. Let us use what you generate-the purity and desire of your
hearts-for this world to be healed.

Hold no thoughts of anger or retribution toward those who are still
resistant. View them as erring children who have yet to awaken and respond
to FORGIVENESS and MERCY, to LOVE, LIGHT and LIFE. Hold the intention that
these individuals still living in the circuits of resistance to join our
family. They have much to contribute after they receive Michael's LOVE, and
my MERCY. They are your brothers and sisters who will become your
associates and colleagues working alongside you. Send your desire for them
to receive what they need spiritually to awaken, to be healed. (Pause)

There is a time of judgment coming. It is not something that you will
necessarily participate in, but you certainly can hold the focus now for
energies of JUSTICE to bathe this world. You know that the Father is
merciful, fair and just, and that the rulers of the superuniverse are
perfect in their judgment.

I invite you to simply hold that desire within your own hearts for JUSTICE
to permeate this planet's consciousness of the heart. It is not so
important for you to understand what this means as it is for you to hold
that desire for this to unfold now. It is a matter for the higher universe
authorities to act upon. We do invite your desires for this to continue to
grow, and that JUSTICE would be meted fairly, bountifully, in a way that is
commensurate with the Father's MERCY for those individuals who are still
operating in resistance. Do your best to continue to feel your desire for
MERCY and as well JUSTICE to be constructed into this heart consciousness.
We continue to minister in these circuits of the Father's WILL (Pause)

There is one more layer of spiritual energy that I invite you to gaze upon
in your mind's eye. That is the of Father's GLORY. Ask for the Father's
GLORY to bathe this world. Feel your desire in your own heart for His GLORY
to become more fully vibrant within your own being. Send that desire into
this heart circuitry of the planet's consciousness. We will meet you there
and add what we can.

Father, we lift this world up to you that your GLORY may shine upon it,
infusing all life with your MAJESTY and SPLENDOR. This tiny world, so full
of promise, needs to vibrate in your GLORY, shake off the ways of sin and
iniquity to revel in the BEAUTY of who you are and the ways and will of your
CREATION. Our hearts open in gratitude of your GLORY shining down here upon
Urantia, gaining strength in your children and all life here to perceive
your presence and know you. (Pause)

My dear brothers and sisters, I thank you for your participation today.
Those of my staff are pledged to serve you well, supporting your efforts to
build Father's WILL upon Urantia. Soon you will know of a mighty truth
gaining strength within your hearts to build these ways of Light and Life
more consistently, devotedly, sincerely, consecratedly each and every day.
And it will be your joy for you to participate with us. Many of you are
already partaking in this joy of conscious, dedicated cooperation and
communion in the Father's WILL, and this will continue to grow, and your
lights will shine forth from your souls helping your brothers and sisters
open to what they have within them.

So enjoy this time of change and know we are with you. One day, when the
celestial presences are here in person you will indeed marvel at what you
did to bring forth this Magisterial Mission to change the course of this
planet's history. I leave you in the Father's LOVE. Good day.

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