[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2013-12-15

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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-12-15
Teacher: Unknown Source, Jonathan, Machiventa
T/R: Cathy Morris, Allene Vick

Unknown: [Cathy] During the group meditation on the Portal I received this from an unknown source :
From the heart send light

From the mind send light

From the spirit send light

From the mouth send light

From the eye send light

From the Father send light

Be a conduit

Be a beacon

Be the light

Jonathan: [Cathy] I wish to join in the light bath you are creating. It is a most useful and glorious endeavor. Each of you is more powerful than you could ever imagine. Your skills have developed. We have grown into spirit. This is the creation we have formed together with our unified will. Others will benefit from this creation in many ways unknown on this world. In the process we become stronger and more effective. Together we can be a difference in this time of correction. I feel blessed to stay in communion with your spirit. I will be with you whenever action is initiated. Stay in tune.

Machiventa: [Allene] Greetings, this is Machiventa. I wish to extend an invitation to the dedicated souls in this group and to all who desire to be of service to come to me in your quiet time and let us have a conversation about all of your concerns. All you need to do to take me up on my invitation is to sit in your quiet time, relax your body, take a couple of deep breaths and rest your mind. Turn your intention to me and say silently, ”Machiventa I would like to talk to you about . . . .” then be still and allow my words to come to you. I am offering you this invitation at this time because it is a very opportune time for you and I to begin a conversation. It is my wish that you come to know my presence and to come to know that while I don’t live in you, whenever you call my name I will be right by your side. In fact, you may even find that before you even call me, you will hear my words when you are contemplating something. This bond between us will prove to have many benefits in the times ahead for you and for your celestial counterparts in the Correcting Time.

I am very much looking forward to conversing with each one of you. It is my desire that my words with you will alleviate your concerns with greater understanding bringing you peace and confidence to move forward with your lives and your service to Father.

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