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Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

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August 25, 2013

Topic: Receiving the energies of RIGHTFUL ACTION, Focusing the CALL TO
RIGHTFUL ACTION into the planet, lifting Urantia up to our Paradise Creators

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are here today to assist in the furthering of
the presence of the Magisterial Mission here on Urantia. We thank you for
bringing us together in a unified field of love and intention; connecting us
heart to heart, soul to soul, Adjuster to Adjuster that where we focus in
support of the Magisterial Mission may be put to good use and have the
desired effect in your WILL. We open our hearts. We quiet our minds and
thank you for our celestial brothers and sisters who support our efforts and
use them where we are being guided to focus. Thank you, and may your will
be done.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, one and all, my dear brethren. This is Monjoronson
and I am pleased to be with you once again on these very important focusing
calls. As you will recall, you have been conjoining with us to build the
energies necessary for the Magisterial Mission to materialize here upon
Urantia, and that time is drawing closer. We ask for you to be patient
however, and to appreciate that even when we are here amongst you, it will
take many decades to completely rectify the energies of the rebellion, and
that your patience is a commodity that will be most useful to us and to your
brothers and sisters during this time.

My presence among you is by and large an energetic experience, and it is a
matter of your faith: Faith in your Father Michael's plan of correction and
salvation for this world, and faith that the Magesterial Mission will be
made manifest here in material reality during your human lifetime, and faith
in your own ability to perceive this message, and to join in this time of
correction in whatever ways you feel you are being guided to serve.

Today as we move into these energies of RIGHTFUL ACTION, I invite you to
draw upon these as your celestial brothers and sisters help you perceive
this in your being to a greater depth. There is a CALL FOR RIGHTFUL ACTION
now that is stirring in the hearts of humanity: this call to do, to
participate, to demonstrate the ways of spirit. And as we progress during
this call today, I invite you to go in that place within your heart where
you are ready to receive this call, and not only receive this call, but to
act upon those internal impulses that you will begin to sense, and they grow
over time and move you out into these fields for service to your brothers
and sisters.

So open your hearts, and let us move in this circuit now as we build these
circuits of RIGHTFUL ACTION in you, that this call may be better recognized
within your being. Relax. Set that intention and desire to receive us now,
my beloved brethren. You may focus on the words I AM RIGHTFUL ACTION, if it
helps to keep your mind occupied while you are receiving what we are sharing
with you. I AM RIGHTFUL ACTION. Let your gaze settle on these words. Feel
your desire for this to go deeper within your being. (Pause)

RIGHTFUL ACTION comes from an inner place-the desire to do the will of the
Father in Paradise. When you are thus aligned in your own mind and heart,
there ensues this surge of energy to propel you forward. It is the lure of
service. And it is, for the faith-led son and daughter, a natural state of
existence, for the animal nature and the need for self recognition of what
you call the ego mind has now yielded to the bigger SELF contained within
the personhood of the Father; the needs of the self yielding to the needs of
the greater humanity.

When you are functioning from this greater SELF dimension, you are more
capable of receiving divine power, which comes from the action of the Holy
Spirit. So few humans of this world have ever dared function from this
place. We are here to encourage you and to stimulate those creative
potentials within you that you would more consistently operate from this
place within your most beautiful and aligned sense of will and self. It is
a growth process. It is experiential. It evolves through your daily habits
and practices being engaged with your brothers and sisters.

As we continue to move in you, we can only encourage you to allow these
energies of RIGHTFUL ACTION to further stimulate your own desires to be of
service-to help you continue to shift from your own sense of self-awareness
to the greater selfhood of the Father in which all benefit from your aligned
will and action.

It is not so important that you understand all of the meanings and
implications of the words I speak to you, but that you desire this and that
you strive to do your best every day to exemplify this in your
relationships, in your encounters with your brothers and sisters. For this
truly is at the core of the Magisterial Mission, and the mercy that you
receive that you will then be able to feed to your brothers and sisters will
benefit all greatly and expand you in ways you have yet to understand and
receive. So, we will continue to minister to you for the next few moments,
before we ask you to turn your gaze outward upon the world. Let yourselves
feel this RIGHTFUL ACTION energy imprint upon you. Let this CALL FOR
RIGHTFUL ACTION strike deeply within your hearts. I AM RIGHTFUL ACTION, I AM

It is time to turn your gaze upon the world as you focus from the heart and
draw that line of energy from your heart to the planet in your mind's eye.
Envision the words CALL TO RIGHTFUL ACTION. Begin at the North Pole, and
like a ribbon, weave around the planet's energy field in a counter
clock-wise rotation going down to the South Pole, and feel your desire to be
connected into the circuits of the universe. Begin with this focus, and
then we will move you into other arenas once this is completed. Take your
time as you do this. Truly feel your desire for this CALL TO RIGHTFUL
ACTION to be woven tightly into the fabric of this Urantia consciousness.

It is a joy, is it not, to see a brother or sister to awaken to the call of
Spirit? There are so many who are very close to the awakening. Feel your
desire for these children to receive this call. All over the world there
are many, many people who are now responding to that spiritual pressure, and
there are many on our side who are moving in these circuits to help them
receive these energies. So, feel your love for your brothers and sisters.
Seed your desire for more mercy to touch their lives that they would know
the love of their Divine Parents and begin to perceive the faint glimmers of
the presence of the Father in Paradise within them. (Pause)

Feel your desire for the energy of RIGHTFUL ACTION to penetrate more deeply
into the fabric of consciousness all around the world. Some places have
more receptivity than others. You may certainly take your time and place
your gaze upon those areas where you would wish to see this energy more
firmly applied. But, we ask for you to come from that place of great mercy
and compassion. Do not engage in judgment, or speculation to the best of
your ability. Come from that place of love. Come from that place of desire
for that human heart to open and to love, compassion, mercy and peace.

Let us now add another level to this focusing. In your mind's eye simply
see the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION. Again, beginning at the North Pole, let
them circle the globe in this ribbon-like manner counter clock-wise, down to
the South Pole that they may engage with the energies of RIGHTFUL ACTION,
and weave more tightly into this consciousness of the Urantian circuits of
mind. (Pause)

Urantia has never had a Magisterial Mission as an endowment of the
revelation of TRUTH, so this is a time of great adventure for you and for
all the children of this world. You have a little bit more of awareness of
what this may mean. In the coming days, simply invite these energies to
continue to pour into the planet's consciousness, both the CALL FOR RIGHTFUL
may indeed shine forth upon this beautiful planet. Feel your desire for
this, my brethren. Ask Michael's hands to embrace this world in His LOVE.
May the CALL FOR RIGHTFUL ACTION penetrate deeply into the hearts of the
children of this world, and recognize the Fatherhood of God and the
brotherhood of humanity. (Pause)

So lift your gaze now to the Father in Paradise for His WILL and His LOVE to
rain down upon Urantia. Lift your hearts in appreciation to the Father for
His creative plan, and in your mind's eye lift this world up into His hands
as He holds Urantia in His WILL and shines His LOVE upon it.

Paradise Creators, we lift this world up to you in faith and hope and
service that what you seed into this world will minister to your children.
Heal their lives. Transform their hearts and minds. Bring them home to you.
We hold this us to you in appreciation and thanksgiving. (Pause)

Let us close the circuit now by returning to the earth plane. With your
hands, lovingly take the words FATHER'S WILL and plant it into the ground in
your mind's eye. Let this word energy be planted deeply and sweetly as you
feel your love for this world, and your desire to see the FATHERS LOVE
blossom in the hearts of humanity. Plant this into the earth that your
brothers and sisters may feed upon this-feed deeply, be enriched and
enhanced in many ways. Once you have done that, step back. See yourself
standing on the planet, on the ground, on the fertile earth. As one heart
and mind, let us invite the action of the Holy Spirit to catalyze the seed
in the children here, that the Father's WILL and LOVE will feed the
children's hearts and minds of each individual. (Pause)

My beautiful brethren, thank you for your efforts today to bring the
Father's WILL into this earth plane. I invite you to come to this place
again as we meet you to continue to seed these energies into this fabric of
consciousness that all may partake of the BEAUTY of the Father and His
divine WILL moving in the hearts of humanity. Let His GRACE fill your lives
and bring you great joy. I will be with you whenever you call, and again on
our next time together as a group, working towards the healing and
transformation of beautiful Urantia. Good day.

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