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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-05-19
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa, Jonathan, Teacher Gorman
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Charles and it is my pleasure to jump into such an energetic and thought provoking discussion as was offered here this morning. So many good footholds and handholds to start with here today that I'll just jump in and start to climb. First I'd like to resonate a little bit with your observation of how things are the same and at the same time, things are different than they have been before. You are correct to observe that mankind has been faced with many similar paradigms in its past and has had to come and grapple with solutions of the day. Likewise, you are faced with scenarios of the day that you must grapple with and find solutions to in your hour, in your day that you live. These situations and solutions will only be found in this time and these circumstances, in fact these opportunities as you may suggest.

So when you consider the magnitude of all that rises up before you, the challenges to be faced that confront you in this life, you are right to consider that with so many challenges, there are so many opportunities. You are also correct to consider that the old adage of fighting fire with fire, of striking back with even greater force in [order] to subdue force is an old mindset, is an old pattern of thinking that your ancestors have fallen into over eons of time. While it is rather normal, natural and innate for you to look at circumstances through this lens, the solutions that you seek are in fact not seen through such a lens. The idea of making peace by escalating war is an outgrown mode of operation, albeit you witness it still exists to this day.

What is needed is a wholesale paradigm shift and this occurs when enough individuals within the equation become aware and under such circumstances there becomes a tipping point. You are all aware of the 'hundredth monkey syndrome' wherein when enough of the tribe or the culture accepts a new way of thinking, a new thought pattern as being self evident and true, then suddenly there is a swing and a shift which encompasses the entire tribe or culture or society. You have witnessed this swing a number of times in your own short life experiences.

You have seen smoking for instance, change from being a desirable and fashionable state of being to one that has been outlawed and subjected and relegated to the outer realms of acceptable culture. You have seen regulations mandating your vehicles and thus creating much safer environments for driving just in the course of your lives. You have seen a massive change recently in the communications on your world wherein a brief couple of decades ago there was little of no mobile communications and internet access and now as in the wholesale shift that you observe, much of your culture is shifting over to not only accept these new forms of communication but embrace them wholeheartedly.

Likewise it will be with other scenarios within your paradigm. Your energy will make a similar shift, your communication a similar shift, your acceptance of corporate structure and government structure will likewise become embroiled in these shifts of consciousness as more and more of the culture become aware and make their realities conform to their beliefs through the use of their actions and intentions. I understand that it is most difficult for those of you who are enduring this experience on Urantia at this time to accept that such changes could come about and override what appear to be such dominant forces and patterns that exist on your world, but I assure you, it has happened before as in the examples I just cited and it will happen again. This is how progress is made and evolution occurs on a world. One by one these shifts happen and there is a new paradigm established and from a universal perspective, these shifts are indeed sudden and expansive. While some may take a generation on your world, this is still seen as 'sudden' in the evolution of a planet.

Now I would address the ever present inquiry as to what you, each one as individuals, can do about so much that you witness to be ungodly and outside your consideration of what you would deem to be righteous on this planet. You are also correct to make these discernments and observations. You are also correct in your inclinations that the greatest work that you can do as individuals in context with these realities which exist side by side, is to present an offer, a different one, to be one of the hundred monkeys demonstrating in your lives the belief in an alternative, the truth and the reality of such an alternative, the one who holds fast to higher ideals and principles so that some of the others in the tribe may observe your position, your stance in relationship to all these other things which may in fact exist but which you will not support in favor of supporting the version of truth and reality that your minds eye can conjure up as a result of your spiritual exploration.

All these great leaders and individuals who you point to as pivot points have all stood fast in their ideals, in their dreams of a better and more godly truth and reality. They have acted as anchors for this reality while others have caught up with them. They have been the ones to put forth the new direction that could be chosen, the ones to stand up, not as much in opposition as in projection. This is your opportunity, to not embroil yourselves and become entangled with the laws of the land which you perceive to be unjust, because in fact, they are designed to overtake those who present formal opposition. Rather, your task might be seen as the ones to offer the alternative, to chisel the pattern out of stone so that others may see it, accept it and choose it.

This is a difficult task to undertake because those in this position are often alone, standing firm, holding on to an ideal and nourished by an unseen component of spirit. But I call you to witness, that all those who have stood firm and portrayed a dream, an ideal, a purpose that is higher, that history recalls these as the powerful and influential, ones among you who would offer the alternative, the bigger picture, the greater scenario. So it is ever true what you stated earlier, that the solution to the problem is not following in the pattern of the problem. The solution to the problem is creating a new pattern and having others choose the new version, the higher version, the better version. This takes visionaries an pioneers who are willing to rise up in contrast, not so much in opposition, but contrast.

While it is ever true that comparisons will be made and contrasts will be drawn, let others decide the relative goodness or badness. Let you stand firm in your belief and your faith in your position, simply, genuinely and honestly portrayed. Let not your motivation be to dismantle, take down and overcome other processes. Let your mission be to launch a new process and then allow that sacred gift of choice that all your brothers and sisters are endowed with, play out, and if they choose your position over others, then truth, beauty and goodness may be fostered in comparison with the innate desire to have revenge on those who have misled you down a false path, even have tried to circumvent your free will choice. That is for their eternal karma, if you will, to deal with. That is their choice that they will have to own as they move forward in their ascension career.

But make every attempt to bring no malice, no evil intentions into your equation. Make every attempt for it to be as godly and as holy as possible, making the contrast that much more observable, that much more distinct. In so doing, trust that the will of the Father will speak to the hearts of the choosers, that the Indwelling Fragment of the Father will urge and foster the choosers to go for the light. Let this be your opportunity at hand for no matter what happens, if you have followed this course, you have succeeded regardless of how many behind you may or may not have chosen this alternative. In your life, if you create it, you have succeeded, you have overcome the challenges before you by not choosing them and creating a new version of truth, beauty and goodness that you as an individual are privileged enough to portray.

To those who have ears, I pray that they hear. This is the message of hope. This is the message of peace and faith for regardless of what transpires around you and about you, this is your key to your success and to the success of the whole because if everyone were to follow this path, then everyone would be successful in bringing their own awareness and consciousness into a higher realm which would then alter the course of the collective and cause the shift referred to. Stay the course, do not over concern yourself with evil because it simply exists. Rather do your best to insulate yourself from this force that exists on your world while creating an alternate dimension in which you will reside.

This constitutes my best advice to all of you who are so sincerely seeking for direction and have to navigate your way through such a complex and at times, intense paradigm. Trust as well that to all who believe, you are saved. There is nothing that can befall you which can derail you from your ultimate goal of ascension and unification with your Divine Parents. But, that being said, I understand the magnitude of your life that presses down upon you and I offer these suggestions for all you really have ultimate control over is your inner environment and your positioning to all that is around you. Position yourselves well and rest in peace and assurance that this is a grand task. Even though [it seems] as though there are so many grand issues to be confronted, I assure you, change starts with the individual and when enough individuals have taken it upon themselves to undergo these changes, there is an opportunity for sudden shifts to occur. Trust in the process, have faith in your safety within the process and move forward in confidence.

Bless you all, be in peace and in good cheer. Farewell for now, good day.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is good to be here in this circle of friendship, circle of consciousness, it is I, Machiventa. Spirituality is a general term which refers to a personal religious experience. This religious experience is brought on by the relationship between the Indwelling Adjuster and the mortal of its habitation. A personal religious experience needs no acknowledgement and no qualification, it is something that the individual knows beyond a shadow of a doubt of its powerful reality. It can change the very nature of the being you intend to be and who you are.

This was not necessarily so many years ago when I had to come down to the planet personally to deal with the affairs of you humans but the stage was preparing for a different play at that time. Michael, the Creator Son, had vowed to incarnate on this world of Urantia and in doing so, bring the Spirit of Truth to your world so that the Thought Adjusters could henceforth come and indwell the totality of the human population from that time on. Then again, such was not the case when I had to make an emergency landing on this world. At the time, the universe was caught with its pants down. On one hand, the Creator Son was coming down to the planet to indwell in the likeness of human flesh, as a baby, to grow up in a realm to teach of the coming Thought Adjusters and to inaugurate an era of peace.

Ironically, coming down here there were not many individuals indwelt with the Thought Adjusters and there was no religion which had consolidated into a singular belief in one God. I came here before the birth of Abraham and I left the planet right before Abraham passed. In my stay here I took the opportunity to teach, especially those with Thought Adjusters, for it seems like because of my mission, there appeared those of you with Thought Adjusters that I could work with and train as missionaries. We did train missionaries and they were sent to all parts of the world where large populations of the human race lived.

The matter of Abraham was a delicate matter for Abraham was needed to create a religion with a belief in one God and it was my task to cull the human tendency at the time and to arrange them into an episode which would generate the birth of the Jewish religion, the Jewish state. Abraham did not have a personal religious experience. Abraham was excited that he was making a pact with God and therefore God was granting him favor. But the deal was that Abraham had to do something that had never been done on the planet before; he had to organize his people into accepting and believing in one God. This is a tremendous task with participants who had no idea who a God was, didn't even have Thought Adjusters, had no personal religious experience.

Nonetheless, the task was somewhat successful in that it did create a religion, a human religion which believed in one God, the God Yaweh. What transpired in the two thousand years between Abraham and the appearance as a babe of the realm, Michael of Nebadon appeared on the world, a helpless babe, beset at risk to grow, to train men and women, to teach them of the Father who was soon to indwell everyone personally, and to demonstrate a life with such integrity that in the thousands of years since, has rarely been matched.

As a spiritual being I have access to a tremendous ideal, and when I came here, having to deal with humans in their current condition, I had to accept the human condition and I had to deal with it. For example, all of the inuendos which I had savored upon Abraham were tossed aside until Abraham became an older man and he had done what he felt was important in subduing his neighbors to his wishes and bringing them into a singular family, a family called the Jewish race. I say this because the universe had to bend backwards to accommodate Abraham so that this task, the task of creating a race and a religion to the belief of one God was somewhat costly.

Nonetheless, in all of its artificialness, at times it became tremendously real and it became the stage upon which Christ Michael entered Urantia, walked and talked on Urantia, and was crucified. The difference today is that all individuals are indwelt with the Adjuster; everyone is capable of having a personal religious experience and everyone is capable of bringing a spiritual reality to bear upon the living of life on Urantia. Ever since the Lucifer Rebellion, evil found its way onto Urantia. It has made a permanent home here, it is doing quite well these days. You should not be shocked that such a thing still exists, that such a thing is as powerful as it is. This must be confronted every day in your personal lives as you make decisions to strengthen your personal religious experience and the moral beliefs which accompany this experience.

My children, do not be frightened by the power and the roar of evil when it raises its ugly head, just be conscious and aware, and in your prayers and in your quiet moments, strengthen the spiritual natures of your souls for it is the unchanging destiny of your soul to become one with the God which indwells you, that aspect of God, to eventually leave this planet and ascend into the greater universe. The breeding ground upon which you live will always be beset for the time being, with abnormalities, with un-godlike activities, un-godlike activities even in the name of God; just wait around, you will get to see it all on Urantia.

Use this to strengthen your belief in who you are and what you must do in your personal lives and the daily lives of your friends and associates. This is what is important, not that evil seems to be dominating everything, but that you have taken control of your soul, you have made personal decisions to live your lives with a certain moral character. Just remember that the time you are here is a brief part of the time of your total existence, tremendously brief, and that you were born on a world in which you had fought battles with evil and have conquered the evil in your souls, not the evil in your soul but conquered evil with your soul.

This is an insight into spirituality. It is unfortunate that the majority of the individuals are not totally conscious at this point. Everyone has different paths. Do not forsake the path you have chosen and honor the spiritual experiences you do have for they are real and true and one day they may even add to others having a personal spiritual experience. This is what is important, the inside life will always bear on the outside existence, the true meanings of the soul growth which you have engendered. Do not misunderstand who you are. Kindness is not weakness and dominant aggression is not strength.

Thank you for your discussion today. Go in peace, be of good cheer, thank you.

Jonathan: [Mark] Hello to all my friends and associates in this forum at this time. I greet you once again from my perspective, I am Jonathan. I would offer a few words in relationship to these marvelous lessons offered here this morning for your consideration and I would start out with the familiar phrase that sometimes it is difficult to see the forest for all the trees that are around you. I call you all to witness the truth of these words. There was a time when we together embraced this glorious offering of love and devotion that we refer to as the Urantia Book, this gift of grace from on high that we all felt so lucky to have come in contact with and had the opportunity to choose and embrace. There was a time not so long ago when such a gift of grace did not exist and then 'suddenly' there was this gift that changed our lives and motivated us in our spiritual pursuits, that we felt so very very grateful for, that we couldn't have imagined our life without it.

But there was a time before it existed and 'suddenly' it sprang into existence. Then, in another such miracle, we were granted the gift of grace that we now refer to as the Teaching Mission. Beforehand it was not, and then, seemingly all of a 'sudden' it was and there were some bumps in the road of having to come to terms and embrace the potential that was being made actual and real as we experienced in our lives. Then after having accepted and embraced this new experience as valid and true and real we enjoyed this experience to such another extent that again, we could not imagine a time when it wasn't in our lives and we were greatly benefitted by this 'sudden' juncture of time and space.

Then throughout this process we were becoming used to our experience in the forest when we were introduced to the Magisterial Mission and told of plans for our planet that were underway. 'Suddenly' there was a new paradigm to consider and we were excited to embrace the opportunity to enlarge our scope of perception. At each juncture this opportunity provided all the associated individuals with the opportunity to choose. Some fell away, choosing it not, some drew their lines in the sand in various places saying this was real to them but that certainly could not be.

Then, and I go on with this analogy in context with these dear individuals I have been associated with, then there became the opportunity to work in conjunction with spirit and to explore the co-creative potentials inherent in being both a mortal and a spiritual being and as a result there was the great gift of grace in the form of Light. Still and even more, there was the possibility of 'suddenly' opening the door to dialog with the Inner Guide which has been issued and which resides within. Again, each of these representing a new threshold, a new 'suddenly' of experience, a new opportunity to choose.

Many have persevered and have remained open to the possibilities and have chosen this series of opportunities and thus they have become real in your lives. Most recently I give you the 'suddenly' of the gift of grace that exists here and now. It will only be at some point in the future that we all may be able to appreciate, in the grand scheme of reality, how significant these opportunities of 'suddenly' have been in our experience for those of us who would accept them and embrace them. But I tell you plainly, with so many trees in your forests, it may be hard at times for you to remain as the child that is in awe of the process and in acceptance of the process for such is our experience that we have had so many gifts of grace, so many 'sudden-lies', so may opportunities, that they may seem routine and normal.

And, while on the one hand I am witness that they are normal because they are a part of our experience and because we have sought such spiritual experiences, so we have been granted them. But to those who seek, there is no end to the 'sudden' appearance of opportunity, to the 'sudden' change of heart that is required when one reaches out beyond the scope of their awareness to the 'sudden' gift of grace that is bestowed upon those who are willing to venture out in faith. This pattern holds true to all those who remain open and willing to receive these gifts of grace from on high.

And so I am here to remind you of the truth that I have just portrayed so that there may be an opportunity once again to gain a vantage point on the ridge top and peer out over the forest of opportunities and 'sudden-lies' and changes and realize that it is the journey that is important and that the heading that you maintain on this journey is what is a significant factor and as you each strive to maintain your heading for that which is true, beautiful and good, that which is Godly and righteous in your estimation, that you will be so thoroughly presented with opportunities to choose and choose again and choose again, that these run the risk of seeming routine when in fact, each and everyone has the potential to be the 'suddenly' in your lives and in the life and experience of the Supreme.

I offer these as another gift of grace for all of us who have been on this journey together and who can bear witness to these truths and these gifts. Let us remain ever grateful, let us remain ever faithful to the course, let us adopt the attitude of gratitude and of good cheer. Although we may be confronted with great challenges, may we see them as great opportunities and may we be secure in the realization that our own journeys may be continual gifts of grace should we be willing to accept them as they are presented to us such as we have and such as we do even in this moment.

I give you all my deepest love and affection. Thank you for accepting me and my words. I go now in peace and invite you to do so as well, farewell.

Teacher Gorman: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning my friends, the most important thing to the quality of ones life and to the experiences of your soul are the decisions which you make. It is ironic that there is no right decision and wrong decision. There is no good decision or bad decision or correct or incorrect. For example, those of you who think you make all of the right and correct decisions may not be experiencing what you need to be experiencing in your life right now. Many a time, those of you who had made the incorrect decision may have experienced that it may have turned out for your benefit.

What I am saying is that you don't know how the decision will turn out but that is no reason not to decide. You must take your experiences and you must take the opportunities given to you to choose the life you want to live as you see it and as you feel it. At some point you will begin to make decisions which start to alter and change the course of your life, to give you a deeper religious experience and to help you to become a better person than you previously were. With all of the seeming and real disproportionate acts which plague your world, all of the imperfection does not in any way hamper an individual from seeking his or her own pursuit of happiness, pursuit of perfection. This is a God given right to choose how you see, how you feel, to choose how you find it appropriate at the time and if part of the lesson you are needing to learn reveals itself in the decision you have chosen to live by, then you may find in the areas of your life, qualities and dimensions which could not express themselves until you were in such a position that they could present themselves to you.

You are aware that there is a tremendous gap between the inner world and the outer world. Begin to strengthen the inner world, begin to take the choices given you and choose to do something about it from the inside. The outside will begin to change once the majority of individuals have begun to change the inside quality of their lives. It will become obvious that there is a need for change on the outside to accommodate that which has shifted on the inside. The only way to see a quantum shift on the outside is to begin by shifting the inside.

Not all decisions are easy decisions. The thing about the decisions is that they define you, they define who you are and who you are becoming. The worst thing you can do for yourself is to feel that you are perfect like you are and that you don't need to change a thing. Nothing in the universe is that static except a tombstone. So my friends, exercise your free will. You are greater than the animals around you, act like it.

Thank you for allowing me these few thoughts, it is I, Gorman. Have a very good week, go in peace, thank you.

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