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Serena & Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

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April 28, 2013

Topic: Connecting to the personality energies of the Magisterial Misson's
Staff; Growing in FAITH; Seeding SALVATION and RIGHTFUL ACTION into the
fabric of planetary consciousness; Manifesting the WILL of Father upon
Urantia; Lifting Urantia up to our Paradise Father

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, we're grateful to be here today to receive the
presence of our Magisterial Son and his staff as we learn to move in concert
to the energies of this mission. Thank you for weaving us together in a
unified heart-field-soul-field, that our energies that we generate may be
used in service to Monjoronson and his staff to build more of the presence
of the Magisterial Mission here on Urantia. We lift this circuit up to you
and we thank you for providing the protection from any outside interference,
that your WILL be made more manifest here on Urantia through our efforts
today. Thank you.

SERENA: My greetings to you, my dear brothers and sisters. This is Serena,
and I will be conducting a portion of today's call, and then I will yield
the floor to Monjoronson who will conduct the remainder of this call. My
objective today in ministering to you is to help you become more encircuited
in the energies of the Magisterial Mission's staff-of my associates and me
who are here to help perform certain functions in conscious co-creation with
you when the time is right.

Many of you are receiving more 11:11 prompts and becoming more attuned to
the higher purpose or calling for your lives. This is all intended to work
together in a unified whole, to bring more of the energies of the Correcting
Time into Urantian consciousness. To begin for today, we ask that you open
yourselves to imprinting upon the personality energy signatures of the
Mission's celestial staff. This is a type of energy circuit that we
construct around and into you to help you pick up on those subtle energies
of our presence, and to help you feel more connected to this wonderful
installation of a new era upon Urantia.

We invite you to focus in your hearts, to let your mind open to FAITH, and
to let us minister to you now to help you grow in these endowments. If you
wish to focus on a particular image, simply focus on the words MAGISTERIAL
MISSION STAFF over your heart centers and feel your desire to become more
connected to us. It is this simple. Thank you, and let us begin. (Pause)

The staff of Monjoronson is quite vast and is full of a variety of celestial
personalities-some orders you may be familiar with from your reading of the
Urantia text, and others that are still quite unknown to you. Irrespective
of your understanding of who we are, it is your desire to receive us that
builds these connections, to forge new ideas and new information into your
minds about how you may be used by Michael and Monjoronson when the time is

Some of you will be called into a larger field of service than others, but
truly, each one of you is vital and being more consistently connected to
these streams of circuits that emanate from Michael as He builds these
energies of Correcting Time upon Urantia through your efforts and the
efforts of other children who are spiritually awakened.

Continue to receive from us for a few more moments and then I will withdraw
and yield the forum to Monjoronson. (Pause)

The circuits of mind upon Urantia are being outworked of an ingrained
rebellion mindset that has long disturbed the course of peace and prosperity
upon Urantia. So we infuse these energies of our personalities into you to
help you stay this course of change, to help you experience that inner
prompting of FAITH, you might say, that keeps you focused on Michael and His
LOVE for you and this world, for truly it is this FAITH lure that will carry
you through this time and to help you feel you are not alone, that we are
with you, supporting you, and ministering to you in ways that you have still
yet to comprehend. So in the coming days, in your stillness time, come to
us, and we will respond and share more of what we can with you to help you
grow in that faith stature and to know in your hearts and souls that all is
well. (Pause)

I will withdraw now as Monjoronson steps forward to speak to you and to lead
you in focusing in what we wish to bring into this planet's consciousness of
the Father's LOVE and MERCY. Thank you, my dear brothers and sisters, for
your dedication and devotion to Michael and the Correcting Time. Be in His
PEACE and let FAITH fill your hearts. Good day.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my dear brethren. This is Monjoronson, and I am
delighted to be here with you again in this forum as we come together in
unity of purpose to build the energies of MERCY, RIGHTMINDEDNESS, LOYALTY TO
THE FATHER'S WILL and PEACE upon Urantia. Today, I invite you to conjoin
with me as we build the desire for SALVATION upon the planet, and into a
strata of planetary consciousness that is still ingrained and resistant to
the Father's WILL.

The energies of SALVATION will help individuals yield to this resistance,
for within this energy field of SALVATION, there is an assurance that they
are indeed worthy and redeemable, and capable of receiving Michael's
generous offers of MERCY and FORGIVENESS. He loves all of His children of
this world beyond their ability to comprehend, just as He loves you, His
children who have awakened and are loyal to Him. Today I invite you to focus
on this word SALVATION and, as we have done in so many visualizations to
project this desire for SALVATION to bathe the planet. To let the planet be
held in this field of living energy, that the true meaning and value of this
word can be more perceived within the hearts of the citizens of this world.

It is not necessary that you truly understand the depths to which this
SALVATION can reach, or the depths of its meaning and purpose as it is your
desire for this, as this has the ability to cut through resistance within
the human mind. And as we have built many circuits upon Urantia, it is to
say that the pump is primed for this energy to flow through Urantian
consciousness now and enter into the hearts and minds for many children to
receive the MERCY and FORGIVENESS that is readily available to all. As
usual, as you focus on this visualization, we will step in and do what we do
in the places where it will provide the most productive fruits of the spirit
in the Father's GOODNESS. Let us begin.

As you project this desire from your hearts and see the world held in this
word of SALVATION, let your hearts be full of compassion as well for those
who are still resistant. They need your love. They need your compassion. All
of the Father's children are worthy if they wish to step up and receive the
GRACE that He so freely bestows. So let your hearts be light and with joy
and celebration as you send this energy forth into the planet as we minister
together with you in these fields of transformation. (Pause)

SALVATION is an overarching energy for individuals to have a change of
heart. It helps to clear the mind of these feelings of unworthiness and the
potential to help individuals understand that their actions are wrongful,
that their hearts can be cleansed and receive MERCY and FORGIVENESS. There
are many who need this energy now, for they truly do not understand from a
cosmological perspective the repercussions of their actions. This SALVATION
will help them to remove the blinders from their hearts and minds and truly
change their ways.

You might say this is a tall order to accomplish on Urantia, but it is
possible. And it is through our combined efforts that we are building the
potential for this to manifest in the material sense, through this change of
heart, this expansion of mind into the ways of the Father-His TRUTH and
GOODNESS. So continue to focus as you have for the next few moments as we
continue to minister in these fields of consciousness. (Pause)

Your Father Michael is entering into these fields. It is as if this
SALVATION is parting the ways of the mind that His power-presence can step
into His children to offer them a better way. Feel your desire for Michael's
presence to expand, vibrate, and radiate into this energy field of
SALVATION. Feel your desire for His presence to touch the hearts of every
child of Urantia, whether they are adults or little ones. His LOVE is the
greatest power this world could ever know at this time. You are helping Him
gain a power presence and stature here in these fields of Urantian
consciousness. Let your hearts be filled with JOY and FAITH to hold this
focus of SALVATION for Michael's presence to soak in deeply here. (Pause)

And now join us in another visualization, and that is the focalization of
RIGHTFUL ACTION into the planet's consciousness. Again, in your mind's eye,
project from your heart these words as you hold the planet in this language
of RIGHTFUL ACTION. Feel your desire for this, and again, we will minister
and build these energies and living words of the Father's WILL into this
Urantian consciousness. RIGHTFUL ACTION-let it stream from your hearts and
cover the planet. (Pause)

As we have done in the past, I invite you now to envision the words in your
from the North Pole, and in your mind's eye, weave around the planet in a
counter-clockwise rotation until it covers the South Pole. Feel your desire
for this to manifest truly here upon this world, a deeper revelation of
Father's WILL in the hearts and minds of all this planet's citizenry. IT IS
JOY as you do this. (Pause)

I invite you now to join with me, my staff, and the host of a wide variety
of celestial personalities who are ministering to these circuits, to lift
Urantia up to the Father in Paradise.

Father, you hold this world in the very palm of your hand. We thank you for
moving in this circuit and revealing your GLORY upon this world. Your Son
Michael has a plan of redemption and salvation, co-creation and correction,
and I thank you for my assignment here on this world to reveal your MERCY to
your children. We thank you for your presence in the form of the Father
Fragments being more activated here in these circuits of consciousness. And
we thank you for your LOVE-changing lives, opening hearts, clearing minds of
sin and rebellion, that the children of this world may know you and love you
as you LOVE them. Receive the thanks of your children, Father, and bless
them with your GLORY, through your GRACE, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

My dear brothers and sisters, as you take some time to return your focus to
this world, let yourselves be grounded in what you have received and
generated today in the Father's LOVE and WILL. The time is upon you to go
out into the fields of change and transformation-to love, forgive, as best
you can each day, what it is you see outworking in the planet's
consciousness. For this truly is a time of great change, and you will long
remember these days as you progress on your ascension journey, that you
played a part in building the Father's WILL on Urantia, serving your Father,
Christ Michael, through the power of the Holy Spirit that is alive and
operative in you.

Find JOY, HOPE, and GLORY in these days, for truly, the hand of Michael is
moving upon Urantia, and you are building His PEACE here through efforts
large and small, each and every day. Remember to replenish yourselves in
SPIRIT when you feel you are diminished emotionally, mentally, physically,
and you will be renewed. When you need help in a situation that is beyond
your ability to understand or control, call on us, and we will help you and
support you with what you need. So be of peace and good cheer and above
all, trust in the Father's LOVE, as Urantia opens her heart to the GLORY of
the Father and her place in His creative plan. Good day.

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