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Monjoronson--Magisterial Mission Conference Call

Center for Christ Consciousness

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February 24, 2013

Topic: Seeding Michael's WILL into areas of conflict on the planet; Lifting
Urantia up to Paradise Trinity

T/R: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Mother and Father, as we join this circuit today, we thank you for
weaving us together in your ONENESS that our hearts, our minds may become
linked together in your will. We thank you for the Adjuster liaison today as
we collaborate with our Magisterial Son in the furtherance of His mission
here on Urantia. We thank you for providing that celestial protection for
this circuit from any outside interference. We open ourselves to you so that
we may focus where we are being guided so that your will may prevail here on
Urantia. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Greetings once and all! This is Monjoronson. I welcome you to
this forum today that you may participate with us in furthering the energies
of the Magisterial Mission to come closer into the hearts of the citizens of
this world. Recently you were introduced to Serena and other members of my
staff. You received those signatures of energy to help you recognize their
personalities when we are here among you.

Today, as part of the downstepping of energy into this fabric of planetary
consciousness, I invite you to open your hearts to me and to my staff and to
receive what we share with you to prepare you for the focusing of your heart
energies as we progress in today's call. As you are now focusing in your
heart centers, invite us to radiate our personality energies into you. Relax
and receive us now, my beloved brethren. (Pause)

If it is helpful to visualize to deepen your focus, may I suggest that you
concentrate on the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION and allow the energies of what
this means to circulate through your system. Receive us for the next few
minutes before we progress onto other things.

The time is upon you when corrections are being made upon this world. You
are participating in this time of correction through focusing your heart
energy that the WILL of Michael and His PEACE prevail upon this planet.
Today I invite you to focus in your heart centers. Feel your desire for His
PEACE, His LOVE, His WILL and His WAYS to permeate into this blanket of
Urantian consciousness that still needs His loving touch. There are many
areas of conflict on your planet. Some you are well aware of and some you
are not. Yet in today's focusing, it is not significant that you focus where
these conflicts are, but that these conflicts are. The existence of these
conflicts is what we wish to shift and bring in more spiritual light and

Here is where you can be most helpful and productive to us in your focusing
as you simply hold that desire for these areas of conflict to receive more
of what we can seed into them. Feel your love for Michael and simply invite
JUSTICE to enter into this fabric of consciousness where this conflict
resides. Also feel your desire for those energetic imprints of consciousness
that Jesus left here to also enter into these areas of conflict. It is your
heart energy that we need, my brethren-your desire, your intentions that are
so pivotal and fundamental to help this strata of human creation to move
into more divine alignment.

So if it helps you to focus, simply focus on the words MICHAEL'S WILL from
your heart into the planet as a whole, and we will take your energies and
place them where they will do the most good in these areas of conflict. Hold
your focus as best you can. Relax and breathe, and we will move in what you
are generating now. (Pause)

There is a growing weariness in the human heart of what it has become
accustomed to perceiving, to feeling-these weapons of mass destruction:
intolerance, greed, bigotry, hate, are all pressing within the hearts of
those people who are still firmly attached to these belief systems that
stimulate these emotions. What we ask you to provide today is that heart
energy of love, compassion, mercy, faith and truth through your love of
Michael and your desire for His WILL to be made more manifest here. As you
focus on Michael's WILL and His LOVE, as you allow His presence to move
through you into this fabric of planetary consciousness, will these children
who desperately need Michael begin to feel that pressure, and it is hoped
that they will lay down these burdens that they carry and return to the
Father within them.

It is hard to appreciate at your end all of the good that you are doing. We
ask that you trust us and continue to project your heart energy as you relax
and breathe, and allow our Father to move through you and place His WILL,
His LOVE into these circuits for His children to feed upon and grow.

Feel your desire for your erring brothers and sisters to receive this light
and Michael's LOVE. They are in desperate need of it, and yet they know not
of the glory and the majesty of His healing power and the salvation that
comes into the human heart. Let your love grow for these individuals, your
compassion, that my MERCY may expand you and help you hold that focus as we
seed more change into those arenas of conflict. (Pause)

Take a few moments to envision in your mind's eye the phrase: IT IS GOOD TO
DO THE WILL OF FATHER. As you see this in your mind's eye, project it as a
blanket-its language, its coding-that it may penetrate into these areas of
conflict. IT IS GOOD TO DO THE WILL OF FATHER. Feel your desire for your
brothers and sisters to open to this awareness that they may use this energy
to make certain decisions about their understanding and behaviors. IT IS

Now I invite you to add one more phrase to visualize and to project into
this arena that we are upstepping: IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST WHAT FATHER WILLS
your mind's eye, send that energy into this strata of planetary
consciousness. (Pause)

My dear precious citizens of Urantia! The time is here. The hour is upon
you. Change of the ages is unfolding now and will be for many years to
come. You are participating in evoking these changes in your participation
with us to uproot those areas of conflict and to seed in the new ways. You
will witness the outworking of these old belief systems that have spawned
this planetary disarray and chaos. You will see the hand of Spirit move in
these institutions as they yield to the LIGHT and the TRUTH of Father's
creative plan.

So join with me now as we lift Urantia up to the Father in Paradise, to the
Eternal Mother/Son, to the Infinite Spirit. Lift this world up in joyful
celebration. Time of correction is progressing and leading this world into
its new place, to its destiny toward LIGHT AND LIFE. Open your hearts and
thank the Father for His creative plan, and thank Michael and Mother for
their corrective actions and plans that continue to embrace Urantia and fill
this world with the LIGHT of LIFE. (Pause)

We lift this world up to you, our Creators in Paradise, and we thank you for
what you provide to this planet to help it regain its trajectory in the
circuits of the universe. Receive the thanksgiving and celebration of your
children. May Your GLORY fill their hearts and this world. (Pause)

Now take a few moments to make your return to this earth, to this material
plane on which you live. For the next few moments, open yourselves to this
circuit that your Master Jesus provided to this world as a gift. If it helps
you to visualize, see yourself standing in these words JESUS CIRCUIT. Feel
your need for this circuit to envelop you and fill you with wonderful gifts
that your beloved elder brother Jesus left for all humanity to participate.
Allow your helpers to come close to you to weave these circuits into your
energy systems. Drink deeply of the Master's energies.

Let his love of life, his love and understanding of humanity reach into
those places in your being that you may perceive as he experienced. As you
perceive this, feel your desire to embody this. Let these energies circulate
around your system, bathing and nurturing your body and your mind.

I will leave you now, my brethren, as you bask in the glory of all that is
around you. If you wish to remain in this state of reception after I leave
this circuit, you will continue to receive what is being provided to you to
help you imprint and integrate these nourishing energies of Spirit. I speak
for those who attend to you, their appreciation and joy that you are
becoming more consciously participatory with us in this adventure of
building LIGHT and LIFE upon Urantia.

Glory in the Father's LOVE, my children. It is yours. It is your destiny to
embody and embrace the Father a little bit more each and every day. Good

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