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DATE: February 7, 2013

LOCATION: Light Line

T/R: Gerdean O'Dell


TOPICS: Assessments, Human and Divine; The Folly of Predictions; Near Death Experiences

Prayer: Father God and Mother Spirit thank you again for your being in our life and letting us be in yours. It's such an adventure, and we are only just starting out. We have no idea what's in store for us for the rest of eternity, but I'm sure if it's anything like what we've known so far, it's going to be challenging, exciting, rewarding, gratifying, and sometimes more than we know what to do with, but that you are with us, and that what we are doing is participating in the creation of the Evolving Supreme. What a privilege! So I trust we're not making too big a mess of things and if we do, you'll know what to do about it; you'll know how to fix it. Send us a Teacher that will speak to our needs. Tell us what we need to know. Plant the seeds that will grow into fruitful trees as they did through Michael's life here as Jesus, our great example, our great inspiration. In his name we pray. Amen.

0802-AB JACK here. That's the easy part. Now that I'm here, what'll we do with ourselves? That's always the question and it's been that way for many years with many groupings of people. Eagerly we come together and then we go "now what?" Well, we'll think of something; we'll get there. It doesn't have to be profound; it doesn't have to be exalted. Just getting together to share this camaraderie is worth the effort. It's not everyone, after all, who has an adventurous forum such as this in which to express yourself and expand your faith. Having your eyes closed or allowing your mind to wander without undue restraint gives yourself the chance to ponder the words, the concepts that come through, regardless of the names attached to either the Teacher or the transmitter. Truth is truth, and if it's intended for you to hear it, it will be heard and if it is not heard, it will go in one ear and out the other, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Having said that as somewhat of an introductory comment, I again ask you if there is something you'd like to talk about or someone you'd like to talk with. You know the mechanics of this set-up; if you want to be heard, you need to press *6, which will open the line for you to be heard, and then you do that again and you go back into mute range.

Ineara: Hello. This is Ineara.

JACK: Yes, Ineara.

Ineara: I was wondering if Abraham is around tonight.

JACK: I haven't done a roll call but I'd happy to look and see. Did you want to talk to him?

Ineara: Sure! Just, in general, how the Teaching Mission is going.

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham, and I am here. I am glad to be here. Often, you know, we observe the efforts of our fellows and avail ourselves when called upon for service. What can I do for you my dear? Did you have a question? Or did you just want to hear from me? Hearing nothing .

Ineara: I was just glad to hear from Abraham and just wondering how he's doing, how you're doing, and how we are doing here in the Teaching Mission.

ABRAHAM: Thank you. I smile at your question and for some reason these words come to mind, the words to a song: "I've grown accustomed to your face." And I smile because I have grown accustomed to your asking, "How are we doing?" "How am I doing?" "Can we have an update?" Yes, of course. Overall, you are doing as well as expected. Individually, some are forging ahead and some are dragging their feet. It would not be fair to pick out who is which but, overall, we are very pleased, pleased that you still hold high the mission, you still attend our gatherings, you still bear with the limitations of the human condition in good grace and in patience.

We observe you dealing with humanity and have noted among ourselves the improvements that have come to rest within you each and all over the years. Perhaps you yourself have begun to notice the new ones that come along, how their inexperience in these lessons is made apparent by their eager zeal . and who would be so foolish as to discourage that youthful exuberance, for time itself will mature these souls as you have been matured on the anvil of experience.

There was a recent discussion about the character of Jesus and his rugged qualities as compared to the gentle Jesus that so many are innately drawn to, especially those who have been abused or hard-pressed in service to the needs of humanity. Gentle he was, and gracious he is, but even so he is a man of strength, of rugged character, able to withstand the vagaries of such a life on such a planet, able to witness the sophistries of those who would trip him up, able to glean the spirit hunger in those who don't even yet realize it in themselves, and thus draw them forth, draw them out.

Sometimes we joke among ourselves and say, My God, what have we done here by encouraging this one or that one to come out of their self-imposed prison? For they come out bounding and laughing loudly -- as you would say, a bull in a china shop. But these indications of healthy, youthful exuberance are really so short-lived, it is important that you appreciate this phase that they go through, that all of you go through as you become wizened in the ways set before you.

You must never overlook the importance of such exuberance, such joy, as those who experience God as a personal reality for the first time, those who discover Jesus as a personal savior and mentor and friend. It is truly all-powerful an experience, eclipsing all other human experiences. We must never scoff nor laugh at the faith of young children. Time enough for them to learn the realities of adulthood.

And how are you in this assessment? Well, you are still very young. Many of you are still very immature, even as many of you are what they might call 'an old soul'. Overall, however, you do well.

I will not spend time on the fact of your many disagreements, although we are certainly aware of their existence and of the effect such disagreements have near and far, but these are experiential lessons that must be learned through your own actions, your own decisions, and observing the results of your own cause and effect, rather than for us to tell you what to do. How else would you learn firsthand, and, as you know, experience is the best teacher.

Nor will I go into the experiences I had, many of which were foolish, even hostile to the kingdom. My training was something other than what was needed from me, but once my mind was set on a higher track, I was able to develop my skills and put them to work for a better cause than mere militancy. I failed a number of tests, some of which are still being worked out today on your world. But overall, I have been approved On High as one in service to God in more ways than I could imagine and so I will not quibble. I will be grateful for the divine assessment, and it would behoove you to adopt the same attitude, that being, you are probably making mistakes, but you are also probably doing more good than harm.

Mary is with me and she would like to add a few words.

MARY: Oh, indeed, I would. I have been known throughout the ages as one who had made many mistakes. Indeed, "they" seem to take delight in pointing out the errors of women, as if women were defenseless and could carry the burden of all humankind, inasmuch as men seem reluctant to acknowledge their mistakes, as if to apologize or retract their position would somehow lessen their power in the minds of other men. And yet, when all is said and done, it is not really man that matters. It is what God thinks of you that matters. It is what your Indwelling Adjuster thinks of you that will determine whether there is a new betrothal on Mansonia or whether you are to fade into obscurity.

None of you here have to worry about fading into obscurity. Your faces, some of them soiled with the tears of your dirty hands, are none-the-less innocent and cherubic to our devoted Parents who understand the circumstances of your life here and will represent you will On High. And this is all by way of saying: it is your assessment as much as ours that makes a difference, for when you begin to understand this about yourself, then you will have the courage of your own convictions; you will not fear your weaknesses nor be stifled by your ignorance; rather, you will be emboldened by your faith and empowered by your confidence in divine overcare.

I believe our time has come to an end. I will leave you now, along with Abraham and return you to your host, with thanks for the opportunity to visit and to shed our love and our light on you this day. Shalom.

JACK: Jack's back. Funny thing happens, you know. I sit back with you and listen to these teachers talk and I, like you, get questions and yet when the opportunity is presented, it's like my mind has gone blank and I can't remember anymore what the question was I wanted to ask. But I'm sure I'll have the opportunity again, either tomorrow or some other day. Every day is an opportunity for an assessment. Each instance, each decision, each new venue is another opportunity to ponder the effects of your cause, a chance to count the cost of being his disciple. And when you yourself cannot see the forest for the trees, call up a friend and ask them to give you a reality check, to see if you have your feet on the ground even as you have your head in the air, as it were. Are there other questions?

Gary: Yes. I have a question that related back to, I guess, the Monjoronson site and how all that went down with R.B. He seems to be in charge of all the archives and everything, then with all the predictions that he made that never came through, Monjoronson had made some statements that he wasn't questioning himself or his T/R or where his information was coming from, he was just basically writing and believing everything he said, especially about the ABC Summaries, and my question was that -- I think it was M.Mc., I guess -- had asked Monjoronson in a prior time, a year before this went down; he had questions about his ability to transmit and come up with all this information about the Summaries and how he didn't quite believe it and it didn't jive with what everybody else was saying. My question was: Why wasn't the authorities stepping in before all of that occurred? And let it go on for as long as it did? Was there a reason for that?

JACK: Well, first let me go back to the beginning of your discourse as to the results of his, Mr. B's, predictions. There have often been occasions when events have been predicted that did not come about. There have also been occasions when they did come about but you were not aware of it because they did not come about in the manner that you perceived they would come about. This is one of the things about morontia reality as compared to finite reality, and even though I am invisible, I am considered a material being, so I don't completely understand morontia reality either, except to say that things go on in realms outside our vision that may be in keeping with the prediction but it has not gotten to you yet. It may be in the process of coming down even now.

And then, too, for example, the prediction of an end of an age or the beginning of a dispensation. These are huge cosmic events, as I understand it, that do not happen in an instant of our time frame. It would not be possible to say it will happen on December 30th or April 14th or October 9th because it's not that specific, and what do they care about our calendar? They operate altogether differently with time and space than we do. You can be assured that ages end and dispensations begin, the specificities of which may not be clear to anyone.

Gary: Yeah, I kind of agree with that, too, to a certain extent because some of the stuff in there that one individual - just like the article that was on the ultimaton, and although I have some engineering background, I found it quite profound that the - I don't know if he could have come up with that out of his own mind. If it is, he's really a genius. That was hard to dispute some of that information, although, as you say, it might not be happening at a certain time or a certain date but some of it had to be - maybe he got caught up in - and maybe he wasn't supposed to be receiving it or however he received it, like you say, you can't put an exact date on this stuff.

JACK: The students in the Teaching Mission have never been encouraged to predict anything. It is really not a good idea, because there are so many opportunities for them to fail.

Gary: Right. I agree completely.

JACK: And we don't need failures! We don't need failures particularly that come about through your will, or the will of those who believe that if enough people believe in something, it will happen. Maybe it will, but you cannot force it to happen on Thursday afternoon or Tuesday evening. It's just not that specific. It might not happen, in fact, for 20 years, or 250.000 years. We just continue to work in that direction and trust that when the good things come down, they come down because it's TIME.

There are a lot of different kinds of mind in service to this mission, and here I speak to Michael's mission of expanding the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Within that mission there is the Teaching Mission, the Monjoronson Mission, and myriad other missions, sacred and profane, that come about when people of like minds get together and attempt to do something. And so inherently they are 'error waiting to happen.' This, again, is how you learn, and this is why no one is stopped from doing what they intend to do or making the mistakes that they are making. None of them, you see, rise to the level of rebellion against the Father's will. They may be rebellious against a lot of other things, including the status quo, but in general there is nothing wrong with that.

Rebellion in and of itself is not a bad thing. You'll have to talk to Teacher Paulo about that; he has spoken more than once about the value of rebellion, but it's a natural part of tearing down the walls of what was in order to create what can be. Tearing down what was is an act of rebellion against what was but you cannot build a new shopping center where the old tenements slums used to stand. They must be torn down first, even though there will be many politicians and residents of the tenements who will feel it is all about rebellion and they may rebel against the developers, but if the end goal is a new shopping center where the tenements once stood, then eventually that will take place.

That's a crude example, perhaps, but it serves to illustrate that there are many ways of looking at these things. It's when you get in a glitch of opposing perspectives such that the polarity loses flexibility, that it becomes problematic. Even there it will eventually erode; time itself will take care of that. Perhaps everyone will eventually die and it will need to be rekindled or perhaps something will occur that will cause one or another key member to change their mind, to suddenly see it from another perspective, and so the gears of progress can commence once more.

But there is no point in stopping the gears of progress from turning, even when they are seemingly, temporarily stuck. Sometimes that stuck place is there for a reason, so that one or the other does not go off half-cocked and cause untold damage, just like in government there are checks and balances. The Most Highs sometimes set it up that way so that there is a little bit od traction and a little bit of grease, and that by working toward the end goal, progress can eventually be made.

I think the problem with the mission as it is perceived here is that there are no real goals, aside from the goal of light and life which is very nebulous and very far off. Some short-term goals might be helpful. I know there are short-term goals like publishing a book or putting out a CD or putting on a presentation at a meeting hall, or these kinds of things and those are good. They are individual efforts, to be lauded and encouraged, but as a group you have so few, if any, mutual goals. That might be something you can think of. Perhaps that could get the gears turning again.

Gary: And then again patience, I guess, is something that I/we really have to learn.

JACK: Well, patience does come with age, and it goes back to the earlier discussion about youthful exuberance. And I tell you, someone with a bright idea can manifest youthful exuberance even when they are 80 years old, so it is not necessarily a matter of chronology.

Gary: So there's still hope for me then?

JACK: Undying hope.

Gary: Okay, Jack. Thanks a lot. That helps a lot.

JACK: Glad for the chat. How are we fixed for time? It's about time, I think, to wind it up. There is time for one more question. Anyone out there with a question?

Eva: Well, Gerdean, hi, and hi everybody. This is Eva and I have a question but mine don't ever take less than five minutes to express. I'll try. If you don't want to give me an answer this week, I'll tune in again next week. But thanks for validating mistakes, Jack, and reminding us there's no need for finger-pointing and yes, the wheels of progress turn. It all comes out in the wash. Goals would be helpful. I think Gerdean's publication of a newsletter helps in that respect. Maybe we could all think about questions all week or maybe we could all think of a forum where we could share our experiences or our successes. If we won a soul that week, or thought we did. But here's my question:

Sometimes I hear about experiences that occur, usually in an operating theater, that lead to, oh, floating into the ethers and floating through a tunnel and it's a beautiful translucent-- It never talks about our awaking in Mansonia where we are going to be betrothed with our indwelling guide, our indwelling spirit. Is that ostensibly because we will not have a ride yet, when we are sent back in these cases? We hear of people having these out of body experiences but they are sent back. Their mission has not been fulfilled. Is that because we have not matured?

JACK: It has nothing to do with maturity. You will remember that these are called "near death experiences." Near death is not the same as complete and total death. There is a process to dying, yes, and these very viable experiences that are in the borderland of light and death do indicate the life that exists beyond the mortal frame, and the light at the end of the tunnel is the holy grail of immortality that awaits, but it is not attained as long as the Adjuster remains on earth with the body, and so it is only when that final pronouncement of death is made that the Adjuster leaves for Divinington and the seraphim embrace the soul to depart for the resurrection hall, or to that place where they will sleep until they are called forth in the roll call.

Therefore, these stories that you are very real but they are not true resurrections. They are certainly a glimpse, a peek of what you can expect, and very encouraging for their messages, which are usually to return and give testimony to the further existence once the body is removed from the picture, and the message to love one another and to share that message of love which seems to be the overpowering desire of those who have returned, is to tell their story again and again, and to love their children and their circumstances with a newfound divine affection.

Eva: Absolutely. Thank you so much Jack. Wonderful. Not only did it answer my question but it reminded me of one time I interviewed a person, I was thinking of this man, who came back 180 degrees different, didn't have a reason to live before, boy does he now! His whole life has changed. He is telling everyone life is precious, love is all that matters. His family, his children, his spouse, absolutely, has given his life a new purpose. He's always saying "Something happened to me over there." But it's amazing, and I . Thank you, Jack, for explaining it to us.

JACK: You are welcome, Eva, and thank you for joining us.

Eva: Oh, my pleasure.

JACK: Well, this has been a most enjoyable evening. New personalities and an assortment of questions unanticipated. Well done, class. Thank you, Abraham and Mary, and we look forward to our next get together. Next week, as it happens, Mark Rogers is host and we'll tune in to hear what visitors and teachers he provides.

Blessed be art thou, kids. Later!

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