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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2013-01-13
Teacher: Light, Jonathan, Eisenhower, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Light: [Mark] Good morning my dear ones, I am Light and I approve of your discussion before, the metaphor used of wrapping stands of light around and around encircling and embracing an object with your intention, with your purpose guiding the beams of light, the strands of energy and surrounding your object of intention and creating around this a force, a field, something that becomes real and tangible as in your description earlier. This is, in a very interesting sense, a great analogy for what happens in the spiritual dimension. You cast your intentions out before you in golden strands of light if you were to visualize them perhaps, and these strands which you have to give, like the spider, come from you and bind together those things that you wish to string onto your line.

Having strung together many things, it brings you a great force not unlike the web brings to the spider. You have cast yourself out and about and attached your intention to these many points of reference and they now provide for you an antenna, a receptor, so that you can receive input from all these points that you have intentionally attached to. If anything happens to the web on any one of these points it is transferrable to you who have constructed this web and sit atop of your construction. In this way you are quite literally building your network of reception, your ability to have reference to all these different points, all these different people, all these different events, all this different stimuli that you have as a result of your long experience and stringing these all onto your line.

I appreciate your bringing to the table a metaphor that is so useful, these strings that attach to so many things which can be used to then create a cocoon for transformation as well. In this way you have taken the same filaments and constructed an environment wherein you may be transformed. So I bring you some thoughts for your consideration this morning in this discussion of weaving together your energies, having woven the nest, having brought yourselves together on line, having strung your intentions and will together to create the very environment, the very cocoon for yourselves to engage in this process. I assure you, engaging in such a process certainly brings great transformation and you may be transformed by this experience as it is only natural, only a part of natural law that engaging in such activities creates transformation.

Thank you for the opportunity to weave my energy in among and with yours. Our web does indeed become strong as a result of our will and our desire to create it. So I take my place in this process alongside you as one who will do my spiritual work as you do yours and wield my intention to create this portal with you, to weave this web and to be a part, an aspect of this whole. Thank you for this opportunity to do so and be with you. I now allow this forum for use by others, thank you.

Jonathan: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am here to join you, I am Jonathan here to defend myself as it were. It brings me such great joy to be a part of this coming together of our energies, this weaving together that happens as a result of our intentions to be engaged in this process. Having decided and committed our energies, it is then simply a matter of step by step pursuing our spiritual leadings and inevitably and invariably we are led to that which our heart desires in this process. This is how simple and great the process is as we all are coming to understand.

It is true, I acknowledge the statement offered earlier, how rare an opportunity this represents, for us to still be on the same team, part of the same web, still fixed to each other and, to be in awareness that this is so. That is what true glory is, that is where the miracle lies. This is a statement of how far we have come with faith, those who have grown in their faith to come to a point of acceptance, to be able to allow this faith to open doors and to take you in directions that were unforeseen or unknown, to utilize this faith muscle that an existence on Urantia so aptly provides the opportunity for.

It is often stated that we, as those who began on Urantia, will be known as the ones who came from the days of agondonters and rebellion and this is true because those things are significant opportunities that we have been provided. Those things distinguish us from an ordinary and common existence. And so these things we will share forever. These will be our common factors. They will be our web, they will be in our nest, they will be in our circle and in our circuit. So it is with joy that I come to visit you in acknowledgement that we share these things and we will forever share these humble beginnings. But I recognize that from such a humble beginning, the strides that all of you have made in your spiritual progress and advancement are indeed impressive.

You mentioned that different individuals move on at different rates into their universe ascension career and certainly this is true, but likewise is it true that your entire ascension is under your jurisdiction, that is, you determine your rate based upon your desire to be of service and to maximize your experience on route. Oftentimes individuals choose to linger in certain classrooms in order to garner a unique opportunity that is only present in that environment. It represents my desire to linger close to my home, to you, to my beginnings and yours, to maximize the experience that is possible here, now. And so I will be along side as we are able to maximize our experience in this regard. Being aware that this is so we can truly maximize our experiences. This is a unique opportunity presented and I accept it as do you. And so it is, and now we simply move forward.

Thank you so much for all of this that you make possible, that we make possible. I look forward to being a part of your continued investments of energy, and just so that you know, I long since invited myself into the nest. [group laughter] I knew it would meet with your approval. Thank you for the chance to be together, I cherish it and we will be together again. Now there is time for others. Have a great day, good bye.

Kathy: I had mentioned earlier about reading the transcript from Dwight David Eisenhower and for some reason I'm talking to him here, mostly because I seem to be open to the possibility.

Dwight D. Eisenhower: [Kathy] I am most appreciative of your consideration of my experiences. I shared the incident to place focus on the potential for residence of darkness and evil that may approach you as the light intensifies on our planet. I realize that the experience had an unreality to it. I experienced it at the time and took the rest of my earth life to process and accept it as a reality. We humans have only a shadowed concept of many of the aspects that affect our world; that you are willing to consider what may seem as outrageous will strengthen your resolve in future experience. It is most important that you hold fast to the truth you know and the light you hold. Do not become confused when aspects of darkness emerge to attempt to hold their power. Although many have been removed from your planet, there remains the residue of their evil that needs to be decontaminated for the Correcting Time to complete its work towards Light and Life. I thank you for the consideration of my words.

Machiventa: [Cathy] I also join briefly to encourage your practice of weaving light. You will find it most beneficial as we proceed to this next phase of change and disruption.

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