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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2013-01-10
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa, Michael
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: [Mark] Divine Parents, what a joy it is to come together as truth seekers, as those who have a genuine desire to go the second mile, to gain what is being offered immediately before us, to take advantage of the plan that you have created for us, the opportunities that you provide for us. Help us to be willing participants; help us to be eager players in the game. Help us to never stop seeking because it is in this seeking that invariably we find you in your various manifestations throughout the process. It is only us that changes in our awareness and our perception, in our capacity to receive that which you would bring us. And so, since it is us that do the changing, may we readily accept the opportunity that this changing brings to us and embrace it with you even now in this opportunity that is provided. We come to you as those eager participants and provide our energies into the equation to make this opportunity so. In faith we execute this task. Let it be so, even now.

Charles: [Mark] Yes, I am Charles glad to accept the opportunity you provide here tonight and eager to be a participant with you in the process. In consideration of the questions tendered here tonight, first the observation of where you are at in the line of spiritual progression, this consideration of a first miler or a second miler. It is safe for all of you to assume who are here that you have agreed to go the extra distance. If you were a first miler, in fact you would have fallen off by now. First milers are ones who only are willing to put in a limited amount of energy into the equation and then consider their obligations finished and return to their original course.

Second milers are ones who are willing to invest the added energy into the equation, to move into another realm of working or agreeing to stick with it and go for it with no real end in sight, no real goal that one can accomplish and then be finished. You all are coming to realize in your own experiences, this is a long term project, an eternal goal, that there is no rush, there is no need for anxiety and there is a certain appreciation of this continuum that one gains when they turn themselves over to this truth. So those who are willing to keep going are invariably second milers even though they may go a hundred or a thousand miles in their quest, the distance is irrelevant because they have accepted that it is the journey that is significant and that having set out on this long term endeavor, one then might ask themselves, what now? What are the appropriate questions to ask? What should I be learning, what should I be doing to make the most of this journey to maximize this potential? Those are fitting and proper attitudes to have and questions to seek the answers to.

So it is quite normal for you to consider the next level of question asking, what is appropriate for beings who are into the third, fourth, fifth or fiftieth mile? What are proper things to be observing, learning and embracing as truth so that you can move forward in the process? One invariably finds that those things that you should be seeking are brought before you, the questions arise, the circumstances materialize to bring you these next set of questions, the next opportunity to grow and to learn appears suddenly before you as if it were magic, but in fact it is all a result of this universe principle we have just discussed in play. These are normal and natural steps in the process to be encountering and traversing in your process.

And so it is I'm able to weave these concepts, these questions, this seeking together into this lesson that you have so neatly provided having contributed all of the aspects and simply looking for the spiritual thread that runs through them. This is what defines you as seekers, as one in search of greater and better realities, truths and awarenesses. What a pleasure it is to come to this group and simply weave together all of the elements that have been provided into a pictorial image. Thank you for this opportunity. I understand its magnitude and I would offer it now, up to the next speaker as I understand there are others. Thank you, farewell.

Prayer: [Henry] Thank you Father for this gift of life, this opportunity to be here to partake in this sacred space which is created by our willingness to ground and grasp in your presence.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I Machiventa here to help shed a little light on the irregularities of life. It is true that spirit working within one works as a whole concept that maybe at one moment one particular part is being focused on. But in a sense it is like an onion, once you peel back one layer, once light has shown on some imperfection that somehow you are able to bring it to a level where it is less imperfect, then another level reappears, then another one. There are many aspects to imperfection and spiritual growth.

This is actually the second mile because in this mile you become conscious of who you are, you become conscious of your co-creative life with divinity, that divinity has actually chosen to take the ride with you to act as a guide as a captain. It is in this awareness that you begin to see all that you are not and all that you could be and feel that you want to be. This feeling that you want to be is very important because this is the intention, this is the spiritual aspect of your consciousness which shows you that you could almost be perfect, you could almost have a palpable sense of it.

It is against this backdrop, this perspective that one begins to view ones imperfections, ones shortcomings, those things that one must tidy up, not to mention the perpetual focus, poise and stance one must maintain in the process. Life does present the variables into the equation. Sometimes there are suddenly variables but variables nonetheless. Life is designed for you to make choices and to move forward with those choices. If the choice is not working for you, well you are able to move into another understanding by making another choice. Making a choice from experience is different from making a choice that you are forced to make suddenly because the choices you have to make suddenly, you have to go with this instinct, this gut feeling, not necessarily in understanding or knowingness, it's just in the moment. Your instinct shows you which choice, it is kind of synchronous and spontaneous at the same time.

If you are consciously living your life and Father's will, doing all that you can do, then you are in synchronicity with your spiritual life and you can trust that the choices you make and the work you have to do will eventually lead you to a greater and in depth spiritual awareness where you begin to find this peace within, this knowingness, this understanding. It is kind of like the mind of the Master. The Master literally walked through battlefields every day, but he was poised. He was poised with an unshakeable character about him, an understanding of the Father, the Father's love, the Father's love for his fellows, an in depth stance, he could just walk through life unfazed, unreacted to life, that he was in complete control at all times.

This is what this spiritual mind is, is something [that] as a human you develop. It doesn't all of a sudden automatically just happen but there are aspects to it that do suddenly propel you into awareness that all of a sudden you go wow, and it gives you a sort of mental ease, an understanding because you see yourself as not the most important thing, but as a little part of the whole picture. And so we are where we are now, we are in a new year, you are in a new understanding, the understanding that something from the outside is not going to come and make things easier for you, that the program is still the same as it ever was, that you are indwelt with a divine aspect of the Father, that this Divine Aspect is growing you daily, that you can either help move this along and grow with this or you can ignore it.

People are still suffering, situations become compromised politically. More of the western worlds are looking more like third worlds every day, even parts of your own country. There is a tremendous amount that you can do as a spiritually compassionate and aware person. Everything is affected by everything else. Every decision you make, every act that you perform reverberates. It is like a domino, it either knocks down other dominoes or it's like a ripple in the water, it grows exponentially as it moves out.

So my friends, if you want things to get better you are going to have to make them better. We are here to help you, we are not going to do it for you but we hold you in a tremendously loving embrace and we are willing to guide and help you every inch of the way, just allow us, just ask us, just work with us. It is a slow and tedious process. Most of your growth work actually will not be here, it will be on our side when you are with us. The work will never be completed in your lifetime on this planet or by you. But know that one day it shall be accomplished and the part that you perform now is part of the foundation required to build a strong spiritual foundation on this planet amongst the social character of its people and into the lifestyle of everyone.

Be of good cheer and be in peace my friends. The task is at hand, the time is now to act. Take control of yourselves; do what must be done. Take care of what's in front of you. It is easy to pretend that you can camouflage yourself and slip and avoid something you don't want to face but it will only resurface down the road in a different form because you must learn things in a certain sequence. This is all predetermined for you. So good luck my friends, know that you are in good hands. I thank you for this opportunity to have spoken and I now leave this platform for others, thank you.

Michael: [Mark] Hello to all of you my dear ones, I am Michael. I am your Father, it is true enough to say and that you are my creations but I also have another role that I can play with you that I invite you to consider in the ever growing consideration and expansion of your awareness of the different dimensions of our relationship, yours and mine. So I would bring a few more words to seed in your consciousness and invite you to nourish and grow within. I invite you to more fully embrace the truth that I have arranged this experience for you as part of my creative objectives and there has been much talk about your journey and your choices, your direction, your purpose, whether you are in the first or second mile.

All of this is worthy of your consideration, but I invite you to consider that all of these are part of the greater dimensions that [are] going on simultaneously alongside your everyday choices and experiences and that is that you are growing an experiential base that is your gift back to the First Source and Center. And, to the degree that you are willing and in awareness, there is another added dimension which increases the scope of your experience and that is to make it our experience, to invite me in to more fully share what is your experience, to live vicariously, if you will, though you and in this way, having been invited, I may share with you these experiences which then I will help you bring to the First Source and Center and these experiences may turn into our gifts.

So while it is so very true that you are on a singular journey, meaning it is your choice, it is your energy that propels the craft. It may also be a shared experience between us if you will so invite me to share it with you and I will bring my assurance that all is well throughout the process, that there are no contingencies that I have not provided for. I am aware of the entire scope of the journey and should you desire to take counsel with me, I can certainly bring some of my perspective to be shared with you. This perspective, this overarching view is what makes the journey more palatable, more reasonable, more correct as the greater your perspective provides, the greater your sense of well being within the design follows.

I just thought I would take this opportunity to plant these truths within your being. I invite you to nurture them and to return to them, to see them as a gift to you, those of you who ask what direction should I go and what questions should be asked. I have just provided you that with which you seek. Be in good cheer indeed. Be in love with me and the Father who cherish you all in this experience and in the part you have to play, the contribution you have to make to the One, to the Supreme, to us. Let it be so; for those with ears to hear, let them hear.

Take now my peace, my love. Assume the authority that I grant you in this moment, to share my peace, my love, your sense of awareness of these things and your deeper understandings of my nature and the nature of the Father whom I represent. I not only empower you to do so, I request that you spread my love among all my beloved children, brothers and sisters alike. Thank you for your attention. Thank you for your consideration. Thank you for seeking me, us, truth, beauty and goodness in your process. It determines our relationship to each other and it grows and becomes closer with the passage of the growth and awareness that comes to you in the process. Be at peace, be in love and be in remembrance of me. This is my desire, let it be so, farewell.

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