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Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2012-08-30

Teacher: Machiventa, Michael

T/R: Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for providing this life and this opportunity to come in and en-circuit with this circle of friendship of which we are all connected this evening, to assist us in discerning with greater wisdom some of the greater truths and realities which we all are striving towards. Thank you.

Machiventa: Greetings to you this evening, this is one called Machiventa and I am here this evening to share in this circle, in this circle of faith and love, in this search for wisdom and understanding in a greater spiritual capacity. In this spiritual capacity, know that everything is God. Everything that you see and are experiencing in this time and space universe is God; it is from the mind of God, it is of the substance of God, it is of the breath and the heartbeat of the Eternal God. This heartbeat is love, so this whole universe is a loving organism. All and in part, your participation in this experience of life and this connection with spirit is of a great and significant reality.

Coming from a world which is out of sorts with the general curriculum of spiritual reality, it is good to connect with a growing number on this planet who are aware and are understanding in this spiritual nature that within them is the Great Spirit of which this whole universe is taking part in. So, even if you are living in a somewhat non-real reality, it is still possible to bring your own personal reality into a greater sense of realness. There is tremendous discussion these days about change, eminent change, presumed change and anticipated change. My question to you is: Are you ready to become the change which you anticipate? Are you ready to make the necessary changes within your own person to become as you would like it to be in the greater spiritual sense? It is not that you are to become separate from anything but that you are to become an integral part of everything, that you are to become interconnected with this notion, this reality of spirit, and this reality of the ever present physical vehicle of your human nature and all of the situations and conditions which dis-engender.

It is one thing to talk about change but what is external change except that it delays one from pursuing the much more prevalent inner change. External change rearranges things. Internal change puts order to everything, puts understanding and awareness in the human mind which borders on the sense of greater understanding, seeing a bigger picture. Though you can never ever at this point in your career fathom or comprehend or see the total picture, just seeing a real part of the picture is enough of a perspective on the depths of spiritual reality.

This greater sense of self, this knowingness, this eminent feeling of a greater reality is evidence of a spiritual yearning, a spiritual desire to understand peace, to help create peace, to help create a greater and sustainable resourcefulness in the human economy of things. There is this genuine feeling of greatness within, the impinging qualities of the Adjuster consciousness which definitely is preparing the human mind for greater things, greater adventures, greater lessons, a greater understanding of who you are now. The who you are now part is being able to become responsible in owning who you are, what you are doing and what you are becoming.

So in this sense, this impending change which is getting this tremendous discussion, is a result of this impinging sense of change from within, this notion that there could be a better way to do things, that there has to be some way in which we can all be on the same page or if not, that we can live with this understanding in our singular lives as if we are at peace with ourselves and the universe, we can live as if peace does exist in the greater sense of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, that we can respect the Father and the Father in each of us. We can understand that together we are all part of the Father; everything is part of the Father. Nothing escapes the Father's grasp, the Father's understanding, the Father's passion, the Father's mercy and the Father's love.

The Father holds even complete error in total love and compassion and mercy, not that the Father is condoning error, but the Father chooses to hold no judgment. Just hold everything in love and eventually, if there is any substance in these things they will return to love for the love of the Father, in creating the universe and the types of evolutionary beings which exist in this grand universe, the Father knows that imperfection is being created, that in this imperfection and in this sorting out and coming to terms of understanding and the confusion that imperfection creates, that one day you will know and understand as a human recipient of spirit, that the greatness of the universe was created for the greatness within you, that all goodness was created for the goodness of you.

The Father has created beautiful habitats with all of the necessary resources to sustain races of people over time. There are the devices of the suns which routinely warm the planet, help to create the seasons, help to create and maintain life. All of this was created so that you would come to the understanding, the greater understanding of who you are and who we are in God's eye. So there is no judgment from a spiritual universe standpoint. There is patience and compassion and understanding and willingness to work differences out, to negotiate these differences. This is how the universes work.

You yourself at this very moment should begin your own negotiations with spirit which resides within your own mind. You can begin to discover the unending possibilities which exist in connection with this divine spirit, to trust in this spirit enough to guide you in times of change, in times of decision making and in times of routine. This will pull you through any times of external change you may be going through, not to say that external change is not important and in some cases even necessary, but that the permanent change which results upon ones acting upon the understanding which you do have, is of a much greater significance and will become eyed by those who are confused and are tumbled about as times of changes do to people. You then become as an anchor, an anchor of light, and anchor of understanding, a helping hand so to speak.

So in this great and grand universe, here you are as individuals beginning to understand that there is something greater and something compelling about the future within this spiritual universe in which you yourselves are to partake of once you leave this planet. Consider that all life is nothing more than a reflection of how you see it in your mind because this is how it really is, it is really how you see it, not that it responds to how you see it necessarily unless you are seeing it correctly. All of a sudden things become of a greater synchronicity and a greater clarity, but to see life as you can understand, not only what you see but also how it could be and moving in this direction of how it could be.

How does one actually know that they have grown spiritually? It is not like the vine where you can look at it every week and notice that it has grown tremendously, it has added new leaves, and it may even be bearing fruit, but the spiritual growth is detected in an offhand way. It is only in retrospect that you see that you have grown, that you are handling things differently. You are making decisions which are bringing situations which are more favorable to your lifestyle that you can begin to evidence in your own lives, you're being of greater comfort with yourselves and your understanding that you are beginning to believe how you see and how you feel. You are becoming convicted and convinced in this sincerity which puts forth this notion that you are to respect and pretend to love one another. At least respect them, and then grow to love them, as you understand them.

We know that it is tremendously difficult for humans to actually love one another. We know that when we tell you these things we are merely acknowledging their existence, their possibility. It is you who have the unique opportunity at this time to put this into a greater reality through your own decisions and through your own willingness to act as such. It is with these thoughts this evening that I take my leave from you, thankful that I have given you a simplified and clear version of a simple spiritual truth and reality. I also thank you all for your presence, take care.

Michael: Thank you and greetings to you this evening, it is I, Michael your spiritual brother and your spiritual Father, here this evening to warm hands with you and share hearts, to be here to share my presence in your presence, to become one with you this evening. It is true that we do share something in common besides the fact that I once incarnated on the very earth you are on now. We share a common love for the Father and each other. This is what we do in this circle. We come together to share this love and rejoice in this understanding, to get a sense that it is real and it is all right. It is okay to share this camaraderie with spirit, this brotherly/fatherly oneness, and this heartfelt connection through our minds. This is where it takes place. You definitely give it impetus by your willful and loving nature.

But I am here to be one in presence with you. One of the things about spirit that is so illusive for a human is the ability to get a sense of spirit, of spirit and spirit presence. The mind can understand spirit intellectually, the mind can understand a tremendous amount about spirit intellectually, yet to feel the presence of spirit, to feel that spirit is one with you, that spirit enjoys being with you, is a sense spirit intends to go beyond the intellect and into a felt sense, a gut feeling, to know that we share compassionately in the turmoil of your experience, in the human spiritual conflict.

We of such greater spiritual capacity can truly understand and comprehend this. This is why we hold you so dearly, close to us, each and every one of you whether you know it or not. We hold you in this great esteem as one of us, that even though we are completely different we do share in the love of the Father and an understanding of His presence. Sharing that, we can share the same space as brothers, spiritual brothers in arms locked together in the forward and upward struggle for peace and integrity for moral virtues, for outstanding fidelity and for the knowingness that we stand in a united group in this moment.

I choose to leave you with this felt sense this evening. My love in mercy and compassion go out to all of you and know that we are always there for you. We are never too busy to answer a call of need or recognition or acknowledgement or just to hold hands and be buddies. So go in peace my friends, go in peace as faithful servants dedicated to serving my Father's will and to fostering a greater sense of a spiritual religion on this planet. Thank you and good evening.

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