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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-05-13
Teacher: Charles, Michael, Light, Nebadonia, Machiventa
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue, Cathy Morris

Charles: [Mark] Good morning folks, I am Charles, inviting myself into
your conversation as naturally as if I were sitting around your
circle. I'll pick up on a couple of threads here and see if we can
weave them into the tapestry. I observe the doubts and even
frustrations evident in the statements offered and I will try to bring
some perspective and some balance into the equation. I will validate
the observation first and foremost, the statement just having been
offered, that indeed you are all clueless; by that I mean clueless
about how the ripples that you cause in the 'water', in the very
fabric of awareness, go out and influence so many different
individuals that are also resident on the 'pond.'

It may seem as though after having made a ripple or caused a wave that
it doesn't have much impact because it moves and travels away from
you, that from your perspective, what was the big deal? It was just a
splash, it was just a small wave, yet the entire pond has been
rippled. The entire surface has been disturbed by your contribution,
has been made to be rocked by what you offer into the equation. While
it may seem from where you are positioned, that this normal everyday
activity that you are engaged in, this routine accomplishment of
jumping in and making a splash amounts to very little because it is
the same for you and your perspective has not changed to afford you
the opportunity of understanding how these ripples that are caused
affect the entire surface of the pond. But they do, and they go out
well beyond your point of generation and they invariably elevate all
those that are on the surface of the pond if even for just an instant
in time, they are raised by virtue of your actions. They are shaken
into an awareness of your presence and contribution; it cannot help
but be otherwise because you are all part of the same pool.

I understand, that as a mortal of the realm, your most challenging
aspect is to proceed in faith and act in faith as if all you have
discovered in faith is real and genuine although the material signs
and symbols are lacking and that when you act in faith, there is so
very little material indication that anything at all has transpired,
that you have not really made any waves, all you did was jump in
again. But it is true that any time one enters or leaves the pool,
there is a disturbance, there is an impact, there is a contribution to
the whole.

I hear in the conversation, the statement that one in service may not
feel as though their act of service registers as anything significant
or different or other than normal actions. Let's discuss the paradigm
of those who are involved in service because true enough, the best
servants are the ones who do not bring self importance overmuch into
the equation. The truest servants are the ones who see themselves as
simply normal, simply doing what comes naturally, not seeking
recognition or observation of their efforts, but rather making their
contributions in a humble and sincere gesture of the heart.

Again, this represents an act of faith. One does this not seeking the
external rewards, the mortal signs of accomplishment, but rather one
does true service with an act of selflessness, an act that they're
offering for the greater good, not for the recognition of the self.
And so it is that some of your finest messengers of truth have been
the most selfless individuals, viewing themselves as simply a part of
the chain, a cog in the mechanism, an actor on the stage but not
seeking the limelight for themselves, content to provide a supporting
role and to back up the real project and to offer their assistance in
this project.

Such as it is with any act of service and even this act of t/ring that
you refer to. If one has a personality predisposed to wanting self
recognition and being in the limelight, then they will not make as
pure a messenger as one who is willing to operate and function in the
shadows behind the scenes and in support of the greater project. But
herein lies the catch 22; how do individuals who perform in such
capacities of supporting cast and crew retain the desire to function
in service without any such public recognition of their roles. This is
most challenging; the best messengers are indeed humble and how then
are they rewarded for their efforts and maintain a humble posture? And
we return to the idea of these acts being acts of faith and acts of
the heart wherein you do derive satisfaction, you do achieve a sense
of accomplishment, there is a sense of awareness and appreciation in
the spiritual realm. It may not come from those who are being served
soup in the soup line for they are not focused on the volunteers
providing the soup. They are after the nourishment of the soup itself,
nevertheless there is the satisfaction of those who indulge in
offering the soup being provided.

So in conclusion here, I will just state that it is indeed the supreme
mortal challenge to maintain your focus of spiritual contribution and
as well be content to derive your sense of awareness and
accomplishment from other sources. It is true, the act is yours, the
results are God's, but that is a statement and words that may be hard
for the mortal to live by. Nevertheless, the believer knows them to be
true and can take comfort and solace in having given in service
regardless of any tangible results from such service. Go in peace and
know the truth of the statement that all things offered in service and
with love are maintained and cherished as part of the fabric that the
Father is weaving into the ascension career.

All acts of kindness will reside with you. You may not be aware of how
the ripples move the water as they cross the pond but be assured that
they do and that others will feel them and that is beyond your
jurisdiction, but it is as a direct result of your action, your being
in motion to allow it to happen. Be content with that observation and
awareness in your lives and go to spirit to receive the acknowledgment
that your contributions were in fact received in grace and as well
accept the appreciation and awareness from all of us on our side that
such actions are what we build our hope and our dreams for this world
on. They are the seeds of all that will grow up to ripen into fruits
and we are grateful even if those appear as only words to you, it is

Thank you all, it is my pleasure to join you once again. I will now
open up this forum, farewell.

Michael: [Henry] Greetings my friends, it is I, Michael here today to
take this opportunity to speak about the discussion you were having
this morning. It reminded me of listening to the twelve, how they
always entertained their doubts while they were being led forward by
their certainty, their certainty and trueness of me but that did
nothing to change their doubtful human minds. And having lived in a
human body with a human mind, I observed it is a tremendous process
one must develop to bring the mind to a greater likeness, to fill it
with pure love and compassion for your humanness and your fellow

It is true that what this process called t/ring does is allow a brief
access for spirit and humans to interface in real time. The pool
analogy by Charles is a tremendously accurate analogy. Coming down and
living in the flesh, many a time I myself created waves on the surface
of the pool purposely to deliver awareness, to live as a true
messenger, to deliver the message in a living sense and in that sense,
you all as deliverers of my message walk alone amongst the strength of
others. Living my life in the flesh. was somewhat easier for me in the
sense that I had a greater recognition of what I was doing because I
was conscious of my part as Creator, of being able to visualize the
outcome, visualize the relationship.

That relationship pulled me through the earth life, that relationship
with Father and pure spirit, and I did not have to doubt. I knew where
I was and what I was doing. I did not expect a greater response. I
accepted the way things were. They did not affect what I had to do and
what I did was bring a greater awareness of spirit to my fellow men. I
brought this awareness, this greater awareness of spirit for the
purpose of showing that this greater awareness of spirit can lead to a
greater awareness in men of a greater life that can be lived. All of
you who walk and serve in my stead, in my shoes, at some point are
doing this. You are bringing a greater awareness of what could be to
the actuality of what is.

As an incarnated Creator Son in the flesh, I had to use a mortar and
pestle and grind trust into minute granules. I had to bring truth down
into something tremendously simple as the love of a Father for his
children and the love of the children for each other. I could not
serve chunks of truth, just a light broth with a singular attitude and
throughout my brief life here, I exhibited this truth in a loving,
kind, and conscious gesture as you do when you serve the ministry of
the great brotherhood. My dear ones, do not lose your footing on a
weak hold of doubt. Remember the uphill climb guarantees for certain,
a true stronghold.

Know that I am with you, each of you, and all of you together as I am
here this morning in the relationship of a loving parent. Know beyond
any shadow of a doubt, that what is done in this t/r process is to
bring the great love of the Father into the hearts of all men, that as
a server and as a messenger it is not up to you to decide what is
served and it is not up to you to comprehend how what is served
affects others. You act in our stead, you are our hands and our feet
and for a brief moment you become the voice of spirit and in that
brief moment you know that we are real. Thank you for this connection
this morning, may you continue to grow in service, thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Light. I'd like to share a few
words about light and relationship. As you all know, we refer to you
as beacons or generators of light for you indeed shine out to the
spiritual world as ones who have gathered to yourself the ability to
generate great light and beam it forward. Now to the one who is the
source of light, your perspective always has your environment around
you lit up so wherever you are, the darkness is dispelled. You cannot
appreciate from your perspective what others are able to see when they
approach you and witness your light because you are surrounded by it,
but when another sees your light, they have something that attracts
[them] and to which they now can form a relationship.

The beam generated in the lighthouse has no conception of the
otherness of individuals out there, it merely shines a beam out for
all to see. When the ship's captain makes contact with that beam and
sees that light, now there is a relationship, a proximity, now there
is something to guide and to orient from. There is a relationship
formed of those who observe from the outside, the light that is
generated. So it is with each of you as beacons of your own,
generating light and having it emanate forth from you. Others may see
that your light is on, that you are willing to shine light and shed
light into corners of darkness and just your very proximity [to] them,
your very relationship to it changes for when anything approaches
light, it is changed and any darkness is dispelled or is relegated
into the shadows.

Yet the light does not perceive that it is so influential, that it is
making so many changes. It just is being the light and doing what it
does normally and naturally and as a result of its existence, others
out there are able to draw their bearings from this light, to
associate and have a relationship with this light because it is a
point that exists. It is as a star in the heavens, something that may
be used in perspective. All the while the light is just being the
light, being itself and everything else out there is finding itself in
relationship to this point of brilliance.

So it is not hard to see that as these points of light, you fail to
register all around you that is impacted because it is so normal and
natural that it is illuminated by your presence, that these ripples
and waves have indeed come from you in light form and have indeed
illuminated these darker places. All the while you would say to
yourselves, I am doing nothing, I am simply being myself, what great
goodness is accomplished? So the lighthouse might ask itself, I am
doing nothing great, I am simply who I am, what does it matter? Yet,
the ships captain has been saved and all aboard have been saved by
virtue of one who will stand strong with the light.

So you are each one, lighthouses in your own universe of experience,
your mini-verse of self, standing as the lighthouse with that which
you know and the faith that you have as your solid foundation on which
you stand. The lightwaves which emanate from you are as normal and
natural as your doubts that they have any effect. I wish it were true,
for words to convey to you from our side that they do have an impact,
that their effect is known. You will have to accept this in faith for
the time being until you can see for yourselves with the eyes of
spirit, how these simple actions actually were grand-stands for faith
and for the love that you have come to know in this process.

I bid you all farewell and that you have a wonderful and fruitful
week, go in peace.

Nebadonia: [Cathy] My children, I am your Mother. Each one of you
holds a unique place in my sphere of spirit. I glory in your growth
and expansion of your capabilities in contacting spirit. My mind
spirits are working within each of you to bring wisdom and worship.
Michael's Spirit of Truth is guiding you to new truths about spirit.
Your trust in us is most gratifying from the view of a parent. As we
want to step forward into unknown avenues of spirit contact and spirit
action, we will be safe and secure as a mortal parent holds the
child's hand. You need not fear misstep in this process as we are
always with you.

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, it is I Machiventa
here to share a few thoughts about the discussion this morning,
especially the t/ring process and to bring light to the fact that this
t/ring process is a process and demonstration of faith in the ability
of one to participate in this process as a messenger. This notion of a
demonstration of faith is a tremendously powerful circuit which draws
other faith seekers and uses to demonstrate faith in their daily lives
that this demonstration of faith encourages others like cosmic drops
of water seeking to reunite with each other to become one, this
current of faith energizes, it strengthens faith in others. It is a
dynamic process of faith between the mind of spirit and the mind of
man. Is it actually possible for the mind of spirit to be perceived
through the mind of men? Can this process actually help you gain
insight into a greater functioning of this life dynamic between spirit
and humans?

So do not lose sight of this aspect that faith is tremendously
strengthened, living faith strengthened by living truth in a living
reality of the greater light which is to come. Have a great week and
we will talk to you again soon, thank you.

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