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Conference Call with Monjoronson

Center for Christ Consciousness

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January 8, 2012

Topic: Merciful Rightmindedness

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father, for another opportunity to enjoin with
our Magisterial Son and focus on the planetary upliftment, especially as we
start this new year with such anticipation and hopefulness. Thank you for
amplifying our heart energies today that they may be used in service where
Monjoronson and his staff direct it. Help us to stay focused and grounded in
the ways we are being guided to generate from our hearts and our intentions
this day. As always, we thank you for your will and your grace in our lives.
May your Will be done more and more each day.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Welcome to a new
year of planetary transformation and vigorous spiritual growth. Today I
invite you to open yourselves once again to my presence and energy
signature, that it may impress mightily upon your energy being, a quality of
KINDNESS for your brothers and sisters who are still so very much immersed
in the ways of darkness.

Much of what is transpiring upon Urantia is truly a marvel to behold as the
Father's WILL activates and generates new potentials of spiritual
attainment. You are all being tethered to spiritual circuits and tested, you
might say, to ensure that these circuits are indeed connected to you in the
ways you need.

So let us now begin as we focus on your heart. Feel that longing, that
desire, that passion to receive me, and many will come close to you and help
you become more enmeshed in these spiritual energies of my presence. Receive
me now, my brethren, and drink in my MERCY. (Pause)

Now, from your heart, project the energies of RIGHTMINDEDNESS to encircle
the globe: the world as you envision it before you. Let us create a powerful
blanket of MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS over this world. Let the energies
penetrate deeply into the fabric of Urantia consciousness: MERCIFUL
RIGHTMINDEDNESS. Simply feel the love for your world and your desire for
this type of consciousness to prevail in the thoughts and feelings of the
citizens of this world. Do your best to hold this focus now for the next
several minutes as we enjoin with you and amplify your efforts and energies.

A construct of morontia consciousness is being carefully built around this
world, and it is through this construct of consciousness that will foster
these changes that Michael has planned for Urantia. The awareness of
MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS will pave the way for these changes to progress, as
the human heart seek not for vengeance, but to forgive and to love; that the
human mind is not poised toward conflict, but toward resolution and peace.
As you well may imagine, these are mighty changes that will be implemented
over the course of many generations, but here is where the direction is
turned. As you continue to focus on these energies and constructs in your
own stillness, will you be adding more morontia material to this growing
fabric of planetary consciousness. We will be there to amplify your efforts
when you call on us.

Each time you focus on this, when you call on us, you are adding more
substance to this planetary fabric, even though you may not see or
understand the impact of what you do. You are generating more spiritual
energy for the human hearts of this world to resonate upon, whether or not
these individuals are consciously aware. Let your hearts be light as you
continue to focus on this construct of MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS around the
planet. Let it penetrate deep into this world's consciousness. Let it
infiltrate places where the desire for vengeance, punishment, intolerance,
separation from Spirit-all those areas of darkness that are still holding
sway. We will direct your energies there with great love and compassion.

Let us expand the focus now. In your mind's eye, see my presence embracing
the world, whatever way this may appear in your mind's eye. I am holding
your world in my energy circuit, you might say. Simply envision this phrase
enveloping the world: "I AM MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS." Feel your desire for
the WILL of Father to operate through me to embrace this world.

The ways and means of this planet are changing and much is in readiness for
new threads of spiritual circuitry to connect to the individual hearts of
the residents of this planet. When you are with your brothers and sisters,
remember to draw that line of energy from your heart to theirs and ask for
more spiritual energy to come into their heart, ask for their helpers to
connect them more to the spiritual circuits that they need. Remember wherein
lies your power and strength. While the words of encouragement and
hopefulness that you speak to your brothers and sisters are important, also
communing with them at the spiritual level, a heart-to-heart connection,
will be most advantageous to their growth. Simply love the best you can,
each day a little bit more, and help us by turning your focus so those
energies of MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS will grow strong, vibrant, dynamic, on
this world. Continue to focus on the "I AM MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS" now
enfolding this world. We will continue to move in this projection that we
are constructing together. (Pause)

One day this world will know the power of LOVE. This power is gaining
strength, depth and breadth upon Urantia. One day, when it is fully
operative, the glories and the wonders of the Father's WILL can be magnified
here and the world will truly be entering that phase of Light and Life. Feel
your desire for this power of LOVE to add into this circuit that we are

As you elevate your thoughts to the Father in Paradise, thank him for his
LOVE that he is sending to this world from the very center of all creation.
Simply take a few moments to thank the Father for his LOVE of this world,
and allow this feeling of LOVE to return to you and magnify in your being.

My brethren, I leave you in the Father's LIGHT. I hope for each one of you
is that this LOVE continues to reach deeply into the places of your being to
fill you with all that you need to grow in GRACE, TRUTH and GOODNESS to
bring your beautiful personalities into the blossoming stage of who you are
as a beloved child. On behalf of those who have ministered to you today, we
thank you for your focusing efforts. We invite you to turn your attention to
this place of desire for MERCIFUL RIGHTMINDEDNESS and LOVE to weave more
cohesively into the fabric of Urantian consciousness. You can do this
several times a day by just taking a few moments to reorient your thinking,
feeling what we have co-created here today. Keep adding that energy to what
the citizens of this world need. Feed your brothers and sisters with that
which they need to grow in grace and beauty in their own selves, their own
sonship with the Father.

We will again be with you in this manner in two weeks. In the interim, enjoy
your lives! Know that all things are moving well ahead in the plans of
Michael and the love of our Mother and the light of our Father. Good

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