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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2012-01-01
Teacher: Michael, Machiventa
T/R: Cathy Morris

Michael: I was indeed most pleased to discover that I had the
opportunity to live a fully human existence such as all my children
live. As your group discussed, I was aware of my history as Creator
Son living on Urantia in my 7th bestowal; my human mind however, was
operating much as yours in the actions of daily living to enable
survival. Often I would go to the Father in quest of the next step,
the next way of bringing forth His message of the kingdom. In this I
feel a great love for you my children, who are going to the stillness
for guidance. Your strength will be in the guidance of your Inner
Light, your Adjuster. In [the] future this will be most important as
the traditions are unravelled and new light is woven into the
consciousness of this planet. All is prepared on our side, all is
being brought forth to aid you but it awaits your action and
commitment. It is a process that will combine the spiritual pressure
from our side with your willingness to minister where you are. Your
efforts to bring light to your brothers and sisters will be the
catalyst to start the change that is needed. I will always be with you
in this effort and only need you to invite me to join with you. My
love is with you always.

Machiventa: As planetary administrator I too am available to forward
our plan. We have worked together for some time, in your view, to
bring forth the spiritual opportunities for up-liftment. You have been
apt students and we are most pleased with the progress of our
Correcting Time. I know of the human life from the time I lived on the
earth in mortal form. I know of the obstacles to be removed from the
history of corruption of the divine plan for Urantia. Together we will
need to move forward in faith that great things are possible with
spirit. I am with you in this endeavor, let us begin.

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