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Subject: No. Idaho Team  2011-09-25
Teacher: Charles,  Machiventa Melchizedek, LIght, Metatron, MIchael
T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers

Prayer: [Mark] It is our will and our intention that our piece of the  
puzzle be useful and serviceable to those spiritual ministries who can  
then use it and we can use it and in this way we can bridge the gap  
having made this with our intention and our desire as part of our  
purpose. We are all deeply grateful to be involved with such a  
project, such an opportunity to be of service. We do this in faith  
because we do not know the extent of what we do, Divine Parents, but  
we do this in faith and we offer it as it may be useful to those  
spiritual ministries who may have need of it and find it pleasing. May  
we recall in this process that we draw from this energy source, this  
energy portal, each one of us, and may we remember that we can don  
this as a cloak, as a robe, as a statue, as a presence of that that we  
know we have created in this portal and that we feel as part of being  
part of this project. Help us to remember that we have this  
association at all times and that we benefit from our connection to  
this source, to each other, and to you our Divine Parents. Thank you  
so much for this gift of grace.

Charles: [Henry] Good morning to you all, this is Charles. Again it is  
good and wonderful to be here in this circle of friendship, this  
circle of trust, and this circle of light. It seems this morning to be  
appropriate and speak about the light. You notice that when the sun is  
shining through the atmosphere of the planet, that the sky appears  
blue and it may or may not incorporate a movement dance of cloud work  
in various forms and various textures and in certain times of the day,  
in various colors.

Then you will notice that when the light is not shining that there is  
no sky, there is nothing, just clearness, darkness and little stars,  
basically black and white. You become aware that most of the interplay  
between black and white occurs when the light is shining. Let's take  
this to the spiritual level. Most people live in the night. All they  
can see is darkness and little pinpricks, light points of stars. This  
is why it is important to live in spiritual light because it adds a  
dimension that otherwise does not exist, for the spiritual light is  
able to illuminate everything into your life, whether it is dark  
clouds preparing to thunder and rain all over you or it is clear and  
the light is beaming and you are feeling one hundred percent.

The difference between physical sunlight and spiritual light is that  
the nuclear sunlight is reflecting heat as well. Though there is heat  
associated with spiritual light, the heat is not as intense and  
nuclear as the sun. And to take this one step further, beams of light  
have transmuted all of the cells in their bodies into little nuclear  
reactions that have transformed everything into a frequency of light  
and this is where we are heading, to transform the physical,  
emotional, psychological, gesticulations of life into harmony and  
clarity through the addition of spiritual light and love. As light  
comes from the universe it comes also in the form of love so that love  
and life are an eternal interplay. They are like the infinity sign,  
they have no beginning and no end, they just weave themselves together.

This is what has been woven into your portal project, this universal  
love and light which rains down into a focused configuration affecting  
all those who are part of the configuration as well as those who are  
put into its light. A source of personal and individual light resides  
within each and every one of you. Identifying and nurturing this  
source of light is called spiritual growth. This is the task at hand,  
to grow spiritually, to have the capacity to accommodate any actuality  
which exists outside of yourself, whether it be physical, emotional,  
or psychological.

You are all equipped with the fail-safe devices which can mobilize  
energy to protect and sustain you as well as nurture and grow you  
spiritually. It matters not what others are calling it and using terms  
and names to identify that which you are intimately connected to and  
working with. The ability to be open to all information allows you a  
greater opportunity to coordinate in a larger sense, things which are  
already connected in an infinite sense. You are beginning to move from  
the linear path into the dimensional environment. You are beginning to  
understand that thoughts, intention, has a power associated with the  
ability to hold forth these precepts in consciousness.

You have been given all the tools to make it real to realize your  
thoughts and intentions. The universe is constantly assisting in  
helping manifest all genuine and heartfelt intentions. It is within  
the power of light to transform everything that it touches. This is  
why physical light has such a tremendously corrosive nature in the  
physical universe because it is transformative. It is also necessary  
for life to cohabit on a planet and in a spiritual sense, spiritual  
light is necessary for you to cohabit in a spiritual universe.

You are living in times that are truly on the cutting edge of  
receiving great amounts of spiritual light. Anchor yourself to this  
light and anchor this light into everything that you do, in all  
thought and action, in all relationships, in all health and healing  
and in all service to those who are not as fortunate to comprehend  
such as you are. Go forth my friends, it is a bright and sunny day  
inside. Move forward in peace and love and I remain as your friend  
Charles, thank you.

Machiventa: [Mark] Hello to those assembled, I am Machiventa  
Melchizedek. In having had the privilege of listening in on your  
conversation I would like to add a few words at this time utilizing  
thought patterns that I have observed. I make reference the thought  
patterns of the possibility of three days of darkness and I bring this  
up in reference to that which has just been offered to you about how  
this spiritual light may remain within at all times.

So, what if there were three days of darkness? This would cause  
everyone to take notice. This would be distinctly different and  
therefore make everyone stop and pause and consider that one of the  
greatest constants in life, this return of light each day was somehow  
not constant, somehow not reliable. This sense of having to confront  
this loss of stability may be very unsettling for some, but here is  
where those who have developed this reliability on the spiritual light  
within would be so much greater served in navigating through such an  
unsettling circumstance because once again, we reference you to the  
fact that no matter what happens out there, you are quite safe and  
secure inside and you are beginning to rely on this truth and this  
fact more and more. This direction will serve you well as will your  
willingness to be open minded and positive in your interpretation of  
all that is before you.

So I echo these sentiments of Charles recalling to you that there is  
this great source of light within so that if the external source of  
light without should diminish or be interrupted, you might still  
maintain the flame and the flicker of faith that you have within, that  
you have developed, that you have nurtured and built up throughout all  
these spiritual exercises. I have no doubt you will be called upon to  
rely on your inner experience, your inner faith, your inner trust, and  
this is a gift of grace as well. This is an opportunity for you to  
utilize that part of yourself that has been grown and developed  
throughout all of your attempts at spirit growth.

I assure you once again, that all the vast resources of the universe  
are available and are in play to assist any and all in navigating  
through unforeseen events. I remind you to utilize these sources and  
refer to them, to lean on them, to access these relationships that  
have been developed for this will be most useful and comforting to  
you. I certainly offer my services as well to help as requested.

My friends, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be on this journey  
with you. We have been privileged enough to enjoy each others company  
for some time and this relationship we have is as enduring and as  
eternal as your very existence. Let it be so, let it flourish and  
grow, let it shine forever as containing such sacred value. Let it be  
pleasing in the sight of our Divine Parents. Thank you for this  
opportunity to join you today. I allow this opportunity to be used by  
others. Go in peace and hold this peace, farewell.

LIght: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am Light. I am here to be with you  
once again to share in the camaraderie and the joy of our association.  
I have petitioned and have been granted permission to speak with you  
quite directly and confidently to affirm for you that as a result of  
your efforts at putting together the pieces as you refer to it, I am  
pleased to bring you affirmation that you are indeed correct, that as  
you have surmised for some time I will point out, great events are now  
immediately before you. I simply delight in bringing you this  
affirmation because you have so thoroughly pursued the truth in these  
matters that now it is my pleasure to affirm for you that your efforts  
have met with success and that we may now speak plainly and boldly  
together because you have so thoroughly exercised your intentions and  
your faith in this process.

My message today is simple, fear not, remember the light. Remember all  
of the associations and relationships which have been developed and  
enjoyed. Remember the assurance that all is well and all is in  
transformation towards [the] better. But these things you know well  
because you have been trained, you have been diligent, you have been  
resourceful and you have been true in your pursuits and so all of  
these truths you have heard and you know. Still, there is a great  
desire to bring words of comfort and once again, to offer reassurance.  
It is always appropriate to bring words of love and reassurance. This  
is never in vain, always appropriate at any stage, at any time, and so  
you will find I will delight in reminding you of this. As we move  
forward this will not change, this constant will be there, this love,  
this peace, this grace we feel in this moment is eternal. It is who we  
are now and it is an eternal aspect of us as well. And so we may  
return, we will return, we are returning.

Let us join together now and move forward as the process unfolds and  
as we navigate our way through it, step by step, hour by hour, let us  
be bold in our faith. I pray it be true for all of us. May peace and  
love guide and surround us. Let is be so, farewell.

Metatron: [Henry] I have been called forth, I am Metatron, the supreme  
commander of all life in the universes and all brotherhoods and in all  
federations. Light anchors, bunker down, ground your light as we  
prepare to assist in the tremendous spiritualizing changes that are  
presenting themselves at this time on your world. You are not alone.  
The universe has foreseen such activities and has prepared relief  
crews to assist in holding forth and maintaining the light during  
disruptive changes in operation on the evolutionary worlds. You who  
have become conscious of the light within, begin to cleanse the bodily  
temple that this light may shine forth as beacons from within,  
illuminating everything around you. We are on our way, thank you.

MIchael: [Henry] Greetings to you my children, we are your Divine  
Parents. I greet you this morning as Michael to assure you of our  
unbroken and continual embrace of love for you and your kind on this,  
my beloved planet. You are being prepared now to hold in consciousness  
that which will be carried over into the new days which will be  
presenting themselves shortly. With our guidance and your focus on  
consciousness and spiritual light, we will surely be victorious in  
efforts to move the planet forward as it is embodied in light. We do  
look forward to the coming day when all on your world will live in  
peace and begin to intelligently enjoy the happiness which is hidden  
within each and every one of you.

Dispelled will be the doubts and fear, the oppression and injustice  
and truly you will begin to live as enlightened ones. We hold these  
times in great sensitivity to the qualifying nature of light. The  
light will show you what is real and what must be discarded. The time  
of the great harvest is near and as worthy vintners, we all shall  
enjoy a great harvest on your world. Doubt not my words. You are about  
ready to experience your true worth and value to the universe and your  
planet. In all that you do, continue to remain in integrity and hope  
for the intention to live and love in peace and light. As I  
continually embrace you and send my love, be in peace my children,  
thank you.

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