[tmtranscripts] No. Idaho Team 2011-09-18

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Wed Sep 21 23:52:05 PDT 2011

Subject: No. Idaho Team  2011-09-18
Teacher: Charles, Machiventa, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Charles: [Mark] Greetings to you all, I am Charles. It is my pleasure  
once again to enter the space created for me here and to join with you  
even as one of you. All this talk and discussion about the portal, the  
project, the nest, the construction, the feathering, the building, all  
is of prime interest to me as this project and all the different ways  
you refer to it is the very purpose of my having been granted my  
request to be assigned to this group for such a project. It has been  
my pleasure to join with you these many times and to work with you to  
contribute and maintain this project to further 'feather the nest' as  
it were.

You are correct in your assertion that it is an act of faith that is  
required to continue to work on projects which are only tangible in  
the spiritual plane while you are still so surrounded by your mortal  
status. Nevertheless you proceed forward using this faith to take the  
next step as you are so guided and you will all witness you are so  
guided, you here now, and involved in this project. So we have in deed  
and in fact been working on and accomplishing this project for some  
time now and one day you will see with the eyes of spirit, the  
significance of the contribution that you make on a regular basis over  
this time period and for this purpose.

You provide such a great opportunity to be joined and worked with as  
you bring such momentum, such desire, to be engaged with spirit that  
it is easy then to step in and offer some direction and some  
instruction as to how you might proceed forward with all this  
intention. We are indeed and in fact accomplishing vast amounts of the  
creation of this link between two realms and bridging across the  
curtain as you suggest. One day this avenue that we have constructed  
will be utilized by many, even yourselves as you so desire.

But like any significant project, there is some significant time  
required in construction, maintenance, and preparation before all is  
in place and we have been diligent in showing up at the construction  
site and donning our proper attire of attitude and approaching the  
project by rolling up our sleeves in the material plane and focusing  
in the spiritual plane.

Thank you all so very much for showing up at the job site with your  
tool belt about you and your having read the briefings and  
understanding the blueprints to the very limits of your capacity. It  
is indeed such a pleasure to show  up to work with those who are so  
ready to be about the task and only are in need of pointing in the  
right direction. I am extremely grateful to be assigned a position to  
be a landmark for you and attempt to point you in the right direction.  
There is all this co-creative potential and there is only to connect  
that and the flash of creation happens. What a joy it has been to be  
around and witness these connections and these flashes, to be a part  
of the assembling of the pieces necessary to bring about such  
connections and flashes. I withdraw now to allow this forum for  
others. I leave you my peace and my love and my gratitude for the  
chance to work together with you in whatever service capacity we may  
find ourselves, thank you.

  Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you this morning, this is  
Machiventa. It is good to be here in this circle of friendship and  
love which is created and held forth weekly. Not all of the times do I  
make a presentation but nonetheless, I am here taking in the topics of  
concern and conversation. I want to acknowledge and confirm for you  
that no project is more important than another. There are many  
projects, many things that need to be done; all are important. You may  
get the sense that what someone else is doing may receive more  
acknowledgement but nonetheless, remember that what you are doing,  
your project, your focus, your attention, is just as important as  
anyone else's.

This is in a spiritual sense, in a material sense there is tremendous  
posturing within the human races, but in the spiritual sense, all has  
been positioned for your benefit. As spiritual agencies, it is  
necessary for us to work with all that is going on, all the different  
and diverse and divergent projects in all of the areas on the planet  
at once which consumes our energies for as you maintain intention and  
focus on the portal and you get the sense that nothing tremendously  
important is happening, do not lose sight of the fact that what you  
are creating is a project that will serve us greatly in the near  
future and already services you in the present now.

This concept of a portal of light goes beyond the mental intention of  
the individual and creates in time and space a portal of light that is  
shared by many, that is created by many, and is supported by many. The  
more portals of light that are created on the planet help to ground  
the individual in their own light. At the present time this is a  
tremendous thing, to support individuals in their endeavors to work  
with the light and in the light.

Know that as this planet moves forward in times of change, these  
portals serve as reminders to the spiritual human collective endeavor  
to connect and bring what is above and within to the surface. In each  
generation it is important to find your voice, your focus and your  
intention, your well meaning desire, to bring the spiritual joy and  
happiness which exists in our realm down into your very midst, to find  
the meaning and purpose as it is shown to you from within to  
collectively find ways to communicate these ideas and to move forward  
with cooperation in coordinating thoughts and focus, to express the  
inner beauty of reality which exists.

There is tremendous consciousness in these present times all over the  
world amongst individuals perceiving the light and beginning to become  
conscious and work with the light and in the light. With these  
thoughts I leave you my friends, ever here as coordinator of spiritual  
agencies on this planet to support all that is good and all well  
meaning intentions within the human social context. Thank you for  
creating this circle of love and friendship as a vehicle for us to  
carry forth these conversations. Thank you.

Light: [Mark] Hello friends, I am Light and speaking of all this  
working with the light, I thought I would try to provide a metaphor  
using the thought patterns present within my associate. You may all be  
familiar with a tradition within your culture where for some grand  
opening or for some great show they will institute the use of  
spotlights that are positioned outside and shown up into the night sky  
and the purpose of these is to attract attention that there is  
something going on.

If you add a couple of more lights and you have two or three shining  
up in the heavens, you can attract a great deal of attention to  
yourself because these powerful spotlights command the attention of  
those around, wondering what is going on that makes such a bright  
light shining up into the heavens. And so in this way they are able to  
draw a crowd to their event because of the use of these bright lights  
focused toward the heavens.

What you are doing each week with your getting together and combining  
your energies to focus energy on this portal project, is each one of  
you is bringing your powerful spotlight together into a group and you  
are all focusing straight up together and combining your individual  
beams into one enormous beam which is projected heavenward and in this  
way, all those around you will begin to take notice that there is this  
bright spot and they will be attracted to know wherefore does this  
light emanate and shine so steadfastly into the heavens.

Such a great focus of light, such a great beam of light can transcend  
unimaginable distances with great ease and draw the attention of all  
those around for they will see the bright spot in the environment and  
just like the 'grand opening', they will be curious as to what is  
going on over there and might be drawn to make their way and come and  
find where this light source is and what gives it its power and  
strength to make such great light and draw to it all those who are  
curious about this light.

I hope this analogy serves to illustrate that it doesn't take much  
focus and intention when you take the light that you are and combine  
them and shine them together. They greatly illuminate the entire  
region and are a great example of bringing the many different light  
sources together to make one grand source. Thanks for the chance to  
join you again today. As you may notice, Charles and I are availing  
ourselves regularly of your willingness to have us. We are taking our  
assignments quite seriously and we acknowledge that you are as well.  
It is a pleasure to join with you once again. I bid you all have a  
good week, farewell.

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