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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-08-14
Teacher: Machiventa, Light, Mantoube
T/R: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris

Machiventa: [Mark] Hello my friends, I am Machiventa here to enjoy
sharing a few thoughts and words with you. As you all well know who
have been associated with me throughout this project that we refer to
as the Teaching Mission, this unique opportunity we have accessed in
our experiences together, there has been associated with this Teaching
Mission as lesson plan as you have referred to it, and we have been
working and reworking the curriculum for as long as we have been
together in this process.

Now, we stand together at the juncture of the next stage of the
Teaching Mission, the stage of dissemination where the lesson plans
have been developed, they have been tried and experimented with, they
have been altered and upgraded as we have learned of their success. So
now, by no accident, we are here ready to launch these lesson plans
out into their next level. In order to accomplish this, it is required
in this age and time that we find ourselves operating, to have access
to ports that we may use as portals to get these lesson plans out, to
bring those lessons that have been archived and developed into places
where they may be found more easily and readily by the mainstream.

Let me say that I completely understand your frustrations at having
been involved with this project over this period of time and having
seen with your eyes, so little growth, expansion, and change within
the movement, but I will point out to you that this is by design as
well. Whenever a movement of any type begins, it requires a nucleus, a
center, it requires those who are well versed, who are trained, and
who have proven themselves willing and worthy. After this time period
of shakedown of any organization, the true leaders arise, the true
workers roll up their sleeves and things can move out from their
center to the farthest reaches that are known.

This is what we have been doing. We have been building the center
nucleus, we have been developing the curriculum, we have been testing
the waters of reception, we have been preparing the materials which
shall be issued when the signal is given. For when this upcoming shift
occurs, the tides will change and interests will shift and there will
be a great need to be met and although these many years you have
entertained visions of setting places for many who would arrive and
perhaps been disappointed in your vision of how your efforts would
meet with success, I assure you that all is becoming in readiness for
many to flood the halls that you have prepared and to accept the
gestures of love that are represented in your building the foundations
upon which we may build the enduring presence that we all so long to

I marvel at you agondonters, I am humbled by the faith that your
experience as agondonters has brought to you for you must keep taking
the steps forward with no guarantee of any particular outcome, no
tangible signs that all that you do in service meets with the approval
of those on high, except of course, what I strive to bring you and
what your Divine Parents strive to bring you and all of your
associates and friends on our side endeavor to provide for you, some
measure of reward for your extensions of faith, some confirmation of
your efforts having been placed properly. These are what we endeavor
to bring as you endeavor to simply take the next step into the darkness.

But more and more you have your own light, you are able to illuminate
that which is immediately before you and it is not dark. It is not
dark by virtue of your light and your faith. I have many great
experiences that I can attribute to my position but among these, I
tell you I most certainly cherish being here with you at the edge of
being an agondonter, at the brink of being something new and enhanced
and to be here together to comfort each other and share the
camaraderie of those who had fore-tasted in time this moment is
something I will always cherish.

I thank you for this chance once again to share energies with you and
to be a part of your journey as you are a part of mine. Hold fast to
your compass heading of faith and most surely you will arrive at your
destination and I will be there along side as we navigate together
through our individual experiences to our collective destination. So
be it, it is so. I leave you now to allow space for others of your
friends. I will return, thank you, farewell.

LIght: [Mark] I am Light, I would avail myself of this opportunity.
Let's talk for a moment about experiments. This entire project of this
world and the brotherhood of man can be said to be an experiment.
Michael's journey here, His experience on this world, was another
experiment to see what would happen. Your social order, your society,
is nothing more than an experiment in operating under certain
conditions and see what happens. Civilizations have risen and fallen
and can be seen as experiments each one.

The Teaching Mission was an experiment, is an ongoing experiment where
something has been tried that didn't before exist and we monitor it
and see if it works. I myself and you yourself can be considered to be
experiments in time and space, the coming together of all the needed
elements so that there may be a 'me' to have an experience. This whole
plan of mankind unfolding in this way and of Urantia being a world of
agondonters, has been an experiment, has been a plan that has been put
into action so that we see what happens. And now we are nearing the
end of that experiment. There will be a transformation and a new set
of experiential parameters and thus we launch our newest, latest,
experiment in experience.

I say experiment because the results are not known in all of these
cases. They are in flux and they are largely a matter of those who are
present at the time of the experience and therefore rely on all the
factors and conditions together to determine the outcome of the
experiment. It has brought me such great pleasure and joy to be an
experiment along with you, along with the Teaching Mission which has
brought us together, along with your experience of 'agondonter-ship'
which has brought you such great faith. And as any good experiment,
finally comes an end because conditions change and the parameters are
not the same so you have a new experience, a new experiment.

I encourage you to view all these different impacts on your life as
experiments in progress. If they exist, they are in progress, they are
in motion, they have a life force about them which will bring together
in time and space, elements, elements such as yourselves, and the
bringing together of these elements is what will determine the outcome
of the experiment.

I welcome the opportunity to be an element with you, to be a part of
the conditions inherent in this experiment so that we may work
together, combine our elements and influence the experiment towards
that which we perceive to be the highest and best, most holy
objective. Thank you for the chance to share these words with you
today. I cherish the opportunity that we have on these days to be so
close and I look forward to working with you all indefinitely. I take
my leave now and create space, farewell.

Mantoube: [Cathy] I am here in answer to your inquiry about the group
being formed. It would be most beneficial to come together in amicable
group action. In the future you will be beset by seekers and need
structure to support you in the effort to share your light. In the
past, organizations have formed and lost their path. Individuals have
come forward and moved into their own projects. This has been a period
of growth in the individual and formation of a group of uplifted
individuals to contact the seekers in the population at large. In the
future, the spiritual pressure will propel large interest in a
spiritual path to growth. You are the trained guides. You have the
ability to be contactable. You have the knowledge and the vision of a
path to follow. You have the faith to take action and proceed in the
face of uncertainty. This is a time to prepare yourself to move
forward into a more public forum in service and in certainty. We on
this side are in full support of all your efforts. The documentation
is available on line to support you. This is a great opportunity for
service and love to the planet and the Father. Be assured of our love
and care.

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