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This is a reposting with an expanded question posed by an individual that
was omitted in the transcribing process.

Conference Call with Monjoronson
Center for Christ Consciousness
www.ctrforchristcon.org <http://www.ctrforchristcon.org/>
March 27, 2011

Topic: Continuing to focus the energy circuit of MERCY
Transmitter: Donna D'Ingillo

PRAYER: Thank you, Mother and Father for this time with my brothers and
sisters that we may all work together collaboratively with one mind, one
heart, one intention to serve our Magisterial Son in his mission of
planetary upliftment and adjudication. Thank you for weaving us together as
one. We stand ready to serve him and focus as we are guided to the best of
our ability, moving in your will and your grace.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. It is indeed a
pleasure to conjoin with your efforts today as we continue to focus on the
weaving of the energies of MERCY into the fabric of Urantian consciousness.
This is a major shift in the direction of how you would perceive your
brothers and sisters. We have been encouraging you to see those who are in
darkness with more compassion and understanding. These qualities of MERCY
are so highly transformative for human development. This fabric of MERCY is
gaining strength and expression in various places on the planet. But more is
necessary. There are many, many areas that require diligent and persistent

Today, I invite you to feel your desire for your world to be embraced in
MERCY--for this MERCY fabric to grow tighter around the entire world as a
whole. This will afford many changes that will take your world into the dawn
of Light and Life. But as you know, this is not planned to be a sudden,
momentous change, but a slow opening of the human heart to choose good, to
choose the path of MERCY as the best way to resolve so many of the social,
economic and religious differences of the world. We will guide your
thoughts today where this MERCY fabric needs to be tighter, where the
qualities of MERCY are most favorable to be received by the human hearts.

As you focus in your heart, feel your desires for MERCY to embrace the
world. You may even envision the word MERCY as a large, vibrant ball of
energy and your world is nestled safely within its language, within its
vibrational structure of information. As you do this, ask us to seed this
where it will produce the most effective results. We will take it from
there, but we need your efforts to grow this as it is part of what you add
as residents of this world to the evolving fabric of the Supreme Being. Let
us begin. (Pause)

The qualities of MERCY show a certain kind of openness and willingness to
respond to the spiritual currents which flow within the human hearts and
minds. You provide your brothers and sisters some of the information that
they have lacked in their own conceptualizing of their reality and feeling
the presence of the Father within their own lives. The strains of the
rebellion have placed a very heavy burden on the human heart. It is this
quality of MERCY that helps people to realize that their load is being

Feel your love for your brothers and sisters who live in geographic regions
where political repression, economic poverty, religious intolerance have
held sway. There are innumerable places on this planet where these
conditions are still very entrenched. Send your heart-felt feelings of MERCY
and compassion to these people who are suffering under these oppressive
regimes. Feel your love for them. Feel your desire for them to have better
quality of lives. And we will move in these areas where the need is most
pressing. (Pause)

There is a growing power of spiritual pressure that is increasing its hold
upon this world. As you spend time in stillness, communing with your
indwelling Adjusters each day, feel your desire for this circuitry to
expand, for more spiritual help to come into your world. Your brothers and
sisters need this spiritual energy to uproot the attachments to the
rebellion mindset that has flourished here for thousands of years. As you
well understand this is no small feat: to turn a mind that has been so
indoctrinated by fear to a courageous, fearless citizen of the universe.
Many new qualities and energies of Spirit are now impinging upon your
planetary consciousness, opening the door, you might say, to the circuits of
mind to indeed be more receptive and responsive to Michael's love, his
thoughts, his presence. The agencies of Holy Spirit are expanding the minds
of the children.

I invite you to drink deeply of this energy. Let it nourish and replenish
you. Invite it to go deeply into your cells, infuse your physical bodies
with strains of heavenly chords of tolerance, patience, peace, compassion,
forgiveness, and love.

Now each of you, in your own particular areas of interest: where would you
like to send MERCY today? There are many of you on the call this day, and in
focusing on specific areas near and dear to your heart, we will amplify your
individual efforts and weave them together as a unified whole. So take a
few moments and focus MERCY where your spirits are guiding you. It matters
not where you focus. The quality, the purity of your intentions, your
heartfelt desire, is what will make your focus more effective. Spend a few
moments doing this and we will add into what you are sending. (Pause)

Thank you for these efforts into these various areas. Take a few moments to
shift focus and invite me to embrace each of you personally that you may
feel more of my presence in your being. You may ingest more MERCY into your
overall fabric of understanding and awareness, to help you deal with your
brothers and sisters who are still suffering from many misconceptions and
errors in thinking. Receive me, my dear brethren. (Pause)

This is a time of great rejoicing as the universe witnesses the planets of
the Lucifer Rebellion turning to the circuits of divine operation. Truly all
of Nebadon has its eyes on this world. You are joined by innumerable
brethren who are praying for you, who send you their love and wishes for the
dawning of Light and Life upon this world to those who were once lost. Take
a few moments to appreciate your cosmic brothers and sisters, still unknown
to you, nonetheless real and cheering you on. Let them know you appreciate
their efforts and intentions toward you. This will help your Adjusters
infuse within your mind a deeper appreciation of what it is to be a
conscious citizen of the universe. This will help you become more
responsible as your thoughts move toward where you are actively growing and
gaining awareness of the Supreme Mind. These thoughts make a difference.
Your emotions, too, change the fabric of life when they are loving,
peaceful, productive and positive. (Pause)

Now let us spend a few moments in worshipping our Paradise Father.
Appreciate your indwelling Adjusters and the marvelous ministry they perform
in your minds, tilling the soil of your minds to discover the beautiful
facets of your personalities. You have experiences to demonstrate these
qualities of spirit that indicate your growth as divine children.

There are many individuals on the planet that are ready to receive the
awareness of cosmic citizen status, who are ready to hear that they are not
alone. As you worship the Father, remember each person on this world has the
presence of the Father within. Thank the Father for this universal bestowal,
these fragments of his being. We will add substance to your worship.

Thank you, dear children. Thank you for your faith, your hope, your trust in
this unseen adventure in which you participate. Today, as you shift your
focus from the internal awareness of your heart to the concerns and
questions of your mind, I will be happy to entertain these for you for a
moment before we conclude. Take your time to reorient yourselves and you
may speak when you are ready.

QUESTION: Is this group here assembled today one of those groups around the
planet which will be used as a pool to recruit from to augment the spoken of
corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia (an entirely different corps
than the mortal reserve corp of destiny), which numbered over one thousand
mortals when Paper 114 in the Urantia Book was put together, which will be
utilized to expand Michael's Correcting Time mission on this planet?

Note: This question refers to the following Urantia Book passage in
parenthesis and found on page 1258:
"(The cosmic reserve corps of universe-conscious citizens on Urantia now
numbers over one thousand mortals whose insight of cosmic citizenship far
transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abode, but I am forbidden to
reveal the real nature of the function of this unique group of living human

MONJORONSON: The corps of which you speak is a growing pool of individuals
who are becoming conscious of their relationship to the evolving Supreme
Being. This was placed in your Urantia text to stimulate your thinking and
desires for this. Many consider what you are participating in as part of
this pool, however, bear in mind that these are not necessarily the same as
the Reserve Corps who may be enacted or called upon to enact during certain
times of great planetary need. The pool of universally-conscious citizens is
made up of those who are adding, you might say, into the fabric of the
Supreme Being, the greater repository of information that others may receive
from the cosmic mind, information that will help them in their ascension
journeys. So what we hope and are now witnessing is that as your minds
expand, as you become more universally-conscious of your responsibilities to
this Supreme Being, that this pool would grow the mind of, you might call
it, the Cosmic Father on Urantia, which will lead to the brotherhood of

We encourage you to be mindful of the quality of the thoughts you think, the
words you express, the motivations of your hearts. This is a time of
verification that you would become more attuned to when you are in or out of
alignment with the Father's will. Indeed, indulge yourself in thinking about
your responsibilities to the Supreme Being. Give your indwelling Father
Fragment the latitude--a need to expand your awareness into this growing
pool of universally-conscious citizens. You will be guided and be open to
celestial help in this way. There are many beings who are very eager to
attend to you to infuse your mind with new ideas, encouragement, and
guidance. So yes, in answer to your question, my son, we are using this
group to draw upon those minds and hearts who are ready to serve in this
great uplifting that is under way now on Urantia.

QUESTION: Thank you. This is a great confirmation of something I've been
sensing for a year in working with a master seraphim. So, we can now call
on these seraphim and other personalities at will, consciously and in our
sleep, who are rehearsing many of us us now?

MONJORONSON: Yes. The help is available to you. It is important for you to
ask for it and to know that it will be given. Some people will be more
consciously attuned to it, and this is why we advocate the practice of
stillness. This is still the underlying foundational activity that you can
do each and every day. Some of you will be more attuned to the vibrations of
these helpers you have available to assist you.

You must ensure that your bodies are clear and clean open vessels. This is
why we advocate that you spend time in stillness and properly take care of
your physical bodies that you may be more open and clear conduits of the
spiritual energies within you. We encourage you to do your best each and
every day, to not become frustrated with your frailties and the times when
you do not perhaps meet your own expectations, but keep your eye focused on
your motivations and to be of service and ask for help when you need it, and
you will receive. Let us move on and see if there are other questions from
other individuals if you are satisfied in your heart, my son.

QUESTION: I had a question about the LOVE field that Machiventa discussed we
might have access to. Could you discuss that, please?

MONJORONSON: The field of LOVE that you speak of is all around you. What
separates you from the field of LOVE is the quality of mindedness that you
have operating within you. It is not only that which is of your conscious
awareness, but there are many deep, internal, unconscious currents that have
formed a barrier or a shield from your actively participating in this LOVE

These are the remnants of the energy perpetuated by the rebellion legacy on
this world, and some of the vibrations of systems that are still operating
somewhat in and around you. It is important that you spend time in
stillness, going to your divine parent and ask to be imprinted upon their
personalities, that you may increasingly grow in light. And as you grow in
light, your attachment to this LOVE field becomes stronger for your
abilities to use this field of LOVE for advancement and for the healing of
yourself and others grows.

This love field is manipulable but it is only used when it is by a person
who is in alignment with the Father's WILL. Your use of this LOVE field is
commensurate with your lightness of being. So as you tap into this, as you
grow and go within, ask for those impediments of this Luciferic effect to be
expunged from your being. Spend time asking your parents to increase the
spiritual energy of their presence within you, to expand your vibrational
rate, upstep them so you have more access to this field that is ever present
and available to you. Does this answer your question, my son?

QUESTION: The author of this paper in the Urantia Book (Paper 114) writes
that he's forbidden to elaborate on the corps of universally-conscious
citizens. Is such a corps critical to your mission, and why would the author
be forbidden to elaborate?

MONJORONSON: When these papers were compiled and experimented with, it
seemed appropriate to whet the appetite of readers of that generation and
future generations, and in anticipation of the Correcting Time. Michael had
his plan in place and yet we well understood that there would be, from your
material perspective, a seeming time lag, because there needed to be a
larger band of individuals who would become consciously aware of their
cosmic citizen status, who would be willing to cooperate with us and the
plans that Michael had entrusted to many helpers to bring Urantia to this
new era. So this was always planned, but it was deemed wise not to reveal
this other phase because that would have been too much information for those
individuals at the time. You must keep in mind the mindset in the early part
of the 20th century that this was a huge leap forward in their understanding
and it would have been too much to share at that time had the plans of
correction and rehabilitation been shared with them. Does this answer your

QUESTION: Yes. Serena spoke of 'circuitry bonding' beginning in 2005, and I
feel certain that this process is one for those who would be coming into
this corps to more consciously be aware of and familiar with. Can you speak
to this? (the reader might choose to reference <http://tmarchives.com>
tmarchives.com and Browse the 6-8 transcripts where this term is used).

MONJORONSON: The path is open to all. It is a matter of asking. You have
shared information with your brothers and sisters that they may avail
themselves of, if they so desire. It is important to remember that this path
will take you into areas where you will be transforming yourselves and
becoming more fully aware of who you are. There is still much trauma and
pain within the human mind and heart to unburden yourselves of as you ask
for this circuitry bonding to upstep you.

For those of you who are ready, we encourage you to step up and receive, and
for those of you who might not yet be ready, this is fine also. We are here
to facilitate your growth in whatever way you choose, as you are all being
orchestrated by your indwelling Adjusters as to how you wish to grow. Are
there any other questions by any other individuals before we conclude?

QUESTION: Would you care to comment on the topic of the coming cataclysm
we've heard about?

MONJORONSON: There are many seeming cataclysms that will affect your
planetary life. This is not necessarily new because there have been
cataclysms all over the world at any given moment. What is new is what this
is doing within the human heart. This is what they are speaking of, the
opening of the human heart to the truth that has long been repressed on
Urantia. When people become aware of what has been inside of them it will
seem like a cataclysm inside, almost as if an internal volcano was erupting
because the spiritual pressure on their hearts and minds becomes so
difficult to bear that they must know and see the truth.

You must be mindful that we are making this Correcting Time as easy and
gentle as possible. There will be some who will have very deep and burdening
challenges to overcome because of the energy of the repression of truth
within the human heart. The pain is so huge that they feel it deeply and it
is very difficult to bear. But yes, there will be upheavals of physical life
for some people in some areas, but you must be prepared for them as well as
for the internal eruptions. Stay close to your indwelling Father Fragment,
to Michael, Nebadonia and me. We may help you through these changes so you
will have as little disruption to your lives as possible. Does this help
you, my son?

QUESTION: What is the relationship between the physical cataclysms and this
new attitude that is developing?

MONJORONSON: There is a slight correlation insofar as certain areas that
have been repressed socially and economically may have certain areas of
physical change to them. This, however, should not be an indication that
this area is suffering from what you might call, the wrath of God, for this
would be incorrect. But many individuals will not understand the larger
implications of what is transpiring here. We encourage you to always keep in
mind that it is the human heart that is most important here: to open that as
you feel you are being guided and to spend time in conjunction with your
Adjusters and Divine Parents to gain strength. Too much attention is
directed toward speculation of these physical cataclysms. While we well
understand your concerns because this is the physical environment in which
you live, we encourage you to turn your focus to your spiritual stability
that will provide a much stronger foundation for you to endure these
physical cataclysms if they were to occur in your vicinity. Does this answer
your question?

QUESTION: I am somewhat concerned about T/Rs including some of their own
personal "'cataclysmic baggage" so to speak, in their transcripts from
time-to-time. May you comment on this?

MONJORONSON: I will succinctly advise each and every one of you to read with
the eye of Spirit. You must look at this information from the highest
vantage point of your indwelling Father Fragment and to ask for Michael's
clarification if anything engenders fear, anxiety or mistrust. Each
individual reading this information will experience it differently, based on
your own inner environment. Transmitters do their best, and as you know,
this is not a perfect process. So it is up to each individual who reads this
material to ask for guidance and clarification within. This is why we,
again, advocate the practice of stillness to gain strength and confidence in
your own discerning abilities. I cannot stress that enough at this time.

My brethren, be light of heart. Be joyful, knowing there are many wonderful
changes coming to Urantia, but you must appreciate that this process and its
outworking may not be as quick as you would like it; that would cause even
more cataclysmic disruption for your brothers and sisters. Be patient, but
be ever mindful and aware that the Light of Truth is gaining strength on
Urantia. One day when you are further progressed in your ascension career,
you will understand why it must be so. So be light of heart and be grateful
to Michael and Nebadonia for their plan of correction and redemption here.
Always turn within when you feel your own human emotions and body losing
strength and vitality.

I share with you the greetings of Michael and Nebadonia with you here today.
Know that the universe of Nebadon watches over you, prays for you, and is
appreciative of your efforts to make this world a better place. Good

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