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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-03-27
Teacher: Monjoronson, Charles
T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Prayer: Monjoronson: [Mark] Greetings this morning team, it is my
pleasure to join you once again, I am Monjoronson. I have been
informed that there have been discussions about me and my whereabouts,
even requests to hear from me and while it's been true that I may have
appeared to be absent from this group for sometime, I remain informed
always about the progress and growth and potential service
opportunities that are present as a result of this configuration of
spiritual seekers.

It is quite true that I am, as you would say, very busy involved in
the processes of transformation that are all around us. As I said that
I would be from the very beginning, that it delights me to take time
to return to this group and refresh the familiarity between our energy
signatures. All of the years of practice and participation on your
part with pursuing spirit wherever it may be are exactly the
conditions we now rely on as we move forward in the process. Primary
among these is your willingness to go where spirit may lead, even in
your ignorance of where that may be. This is what makes a spiritual
associate in this endeavor so valuable, this willingness to have an
open mind if you will, and be ready to embrace that which arises
before you to be embraced rather than holding fast to your ideas of
how you think it should manifest and therefore missing the
opportunities immediately before you.

I have always appreciated about this group, the willingness to reach
out beyond the boundaries and the safe harbors that you have developed
and into the as yet unknown territory that we are exploring together.
It was mentioned earlier, this idea of being pioneers and that is a
very good analogy for individuals who are willing to strike out in the
direction of spirit, even in the absence of any maps or conventional
paths. This is what makes for a versatile comrade as we move together
through what promises to be boundless opportunities before us. The
willingness to move forward boldly through these new territories
brings with it a certain constance of assurance that wherever we go
and whatever path we forge and make through the maze we are assured of
our ultimate success for it is in the applying ourselves that the
success of the endeavor is measured and there is no shortage of
willingness in this group to apply yourselves.

So as we move forward in this process we are comforted that the moves
we make, the choices before us that we activate are another
representation of the grace that is bestowed upon us because as we
rise up to one challenge, overcome one obstacle, another will present
itself as a confirmation that we have mastered the opportunity before
us sufficiently to be offered more. So rather than see the waves of
challenges as obstacles in any way, we will learn to view them as the
next opportunity directed at us for our benefit. This is a key concept
because we tend to want to refer so much to the service part of
ourselves and to how this service may impact others. But the true
crowning jewel in any service project are certainly attained by the
one in service. True enough the impact is felt by others but the
greatest rewards are to one who functions in service.

So as we go about in our attempt to do good, especially to do good to
others in service, be constantly minded that there is something in
each and every instance for you, some gem that you may take from your
act of service as your own, some permanent transformation of good
accompanies you as you direct your energies service-ward. In this way
we learn to see all things as gifts even if they require much energy
and demand much attention and become significant as they rise up
before us they are each a gift to us as well as to all others. It is
for us to become aware that this is so earlier in the process so that
we may use the leverage of our awareness to turn the circumstance into
the positive benefits as directly as possible. Hopefully this
awareness will begin to moderate your thinking and have you
immediately seeking for the silver lining that you know is within the
dark clouds.

Thank you for this opportunity to join you once again. It is my
pleasure and while I may seem at times to be disassociated, I assure
you I maintain a constant observation of you as a group and even as
individuals. You are among those who I depend upon to manifest these
teachings and portray these lessons into the material plane for that
is something that you must do, I cannot. For now, this job falls to
you and the others who have this awareness. Thank you for picking up
this cause and making it yours, making it ours and playing your role.
It is so, thank you.

Charles: [Henry] Greetings my friends, this is your friend Charles
this morning, ever present at this time when this group forms it's
circle and meet. This morning my message to you is a simple one. It
has to do with being prepared and in the context of being prepared in
the spiritual dimension remember to walk around with your bag of
spiritual tools. As you were reminded by Monjoronson, it is important
to have an open mind with the capacity to realize that when situations
unfold and present themselves differently than you had visualized them
unfolding, do not hesitate to seize upon this opportunity to bring to
the situation a resemblance of spiritual import.

You who have access to a larger picture are able to delicately walk
within the minefields of denial, of criticism, of consequences of bad
human decisions, knowing that you are spiritually equipped with the
tools of faith and trust and knowingness, with the tools of
understanding, patience, and the knowledge with which to negotiate
situations delicately as they may present themselves. Think of it as
your raincoat because right now the rain is not stopping. Every time
you go out you will need this raincoat to protect you. This my friend
is what the satchel of spiritual tools are, protection to assist every
situation that presents itself with love, kindness, and understanding.
In this way you present yourself in the highest form of human service
as it represents the will of our Divine Father in Paradise.

And it is so that all situations present themselves as
opportunities. It does not necessarily follow that all opportunities
will resolve themselves in the correct manner but that by handling the
situation correctly, there exists a greater chance for its success. My
friends, again, you are our eyes, you are our hands and having aligned
your mind to the presence and the will of the Divine Father, cannot
fail. In this respect you will gain a greater understanding. Greater
awarenesses will begin to unfold which will further maintain and
support the position in which you operate and walk in.

Be always minded, stay firm in your practice, remain grounded to truth
and the desire of its expression as you go about in your daily lives.
There is no place you can be that will not present opportunities for
you to use your spiritual tools and as you grapple with impending
situations, know that you are not alone, that we as spirit are with
you 100%, energetically, mentally, and in purpose for we all are an
expression of our Divine Parents. Go in peace my friends and may your
days be long and full and as happiness begins to decrease externally
keep the fires of happiness alive within your heart, with joy, with
love, with happiness. I leave you in peace. I am Charles, thank you.

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