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Subject: No. Idaho Team 2011-03-13

Teacher: Machiventa, Charles

T/R: Mark Rogers, Henry Zeringue

Machiventa: [Mark] Hello friends, if I might be so bold as to step
into your conversation today, I am Machiventa. In hearing the
offerings into the pool of wisdom that you gather around, I would
attempt to throw a little more into the well. With all this discussion
of changes afoot and the uncertainties that attend such changes, it's
good to get some perspective on ones relationship to change and the
key to this is as just been offered, that is the awareness of the
bigger picture involved in the assessment of the change at hand. If
one remains certain of their relationship to enduring spirit, then
change may be viewed as simply another obstacle, another challenge and
to those who can master it, even an opportunity to be exercised and

Viewing it from this vantage point of enduring certainty, trust, and
faith, provides you the necessary lubrication when friction arises,
when doubt rears its ugly head and uncertainty seems to reign. The
conviction of a long term perspective means that even the biggest bump
in the road is still viewed as just a bump in the road. Certainly
challenges may be greater or smaller but they may be all viewed as
challenges one could turn into opportunities and ride the energy of
these into awareness and understanding.

On the other hand of course, one becomes fearful of change and this
fear is a stifling life force. Doubts and uncertainties can easily
contribute or translate directly into this state of fear where one is
not inclined to move in any direction due to lack of certainty and
therefore becomes paralyzed and locked by this state of fear, chained
to their place by these shackles of fear. When there is great
uncertainty that arises, it is a normal, natural, and common human
tendency to retreat away from the unknown and the uncertain and to
move in the direction of certainty even if this certainty is so
unhealthy and unprofitable as fear, hatred, and doubt produce.

And so it is, one of your greatest human challenges [is] to orient
yourself so that each wave that comes ashore can be used to bolster
your conviction that it is simply one among many, there will be
others, there have been others. They merely represent the challenge
and opportunity of the moment. They are not ultimately destructive but
rather ultimately productive of growth, of wisdom, and of awareness.
So to the degree that one is able to lay down their fears and act in
faith, act in love, be in peace, then they are truly the masters of
their destiny because they are not chained to an old familiar and
unhealthy circumstance. Rather are they free to expand out and gain
from the momentum of any experience, the wisdom and faith that are
gained as a result of extending out and not withdrawing to the
perceived safety of previous ways and sheltered environment.

So it is very true what your Master said about a true believer in the
kingdom, not having fear or overmuch concern about earthly matters.
But it is also true as you know, that to be an effective mortal of the
realm, one must consider how to be most effective, how to not only
navigate through the series of the changes before you from a personal
standpoint, but also how to channel your willingness and desire to be
of service to greatest effect. Again, this tool comes into play, to
simply have trust and faith, that your efforts to do so will meet with
success, that your intention, your direction, and your purpose will
bear fruit and to proceed forward in faith that this is so. Invariably
you come to know of a certainty that this is so, when it works, when
it happens and this builds on your realization and your trust and your

So proceed as you are led to move in faith and with conviction that
you are indeed acting out the desires of your highest self and these
will bear great fruit, both in the kingdom of men and as well in the
kingdom of heaven. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to insert
myself into your dialog today. It is always my pleasure to interface
with you in this way. I withdraw to allow for others. Fare well this

Charles: [Henry] Good morning, this is Charles here this morning and I
join you around this warm campfire. I even brought my own piece of
crackling wood to add to the fire. So much of life's ancestry has
spent time around the campfire, keeping warm, being comforted by the
radiance of heat which the fire provides. In the darkness of the night
it is such a comfort to have the light of the fire and its warmth.
That which burns as desire within your soul is truly a fire, consuming
all negativity to illuminate the resulting positiveness and to comfort
the coldness which the dark imposes.

Your world is moving into a phase where the evening campfire is again
becoming prominent as many people becoming displaced through the
changes which the earth is going through. Again huddling around the
fire in counsel, a healthy place to be rather than isolated with the
coldness of electronic media, non communicative. Many times it is the
elements imposing upon the human condition reducing it to the
necessity and simpleness of human dignity, of coming together to
anticipate a meal and a discussion of the news in the evening, the
safeguarding of children, taking care of their needs, and instilling
hope and seeing beyond the momentary predicament, seeing beyond the
bump in the road and being comforted by the warmth of the fire.

Spiritual light pretends to the same effect as the campfire, to
comfort the doubt filled necessities of life. The logs of faith burn
true and slowly begin to reveal the outworking of all of the confusion
and tangled-ness which fetters within the human mind, the fear based
animal response. Faith is the blanket which warms and protects you
against the outside elements, keeping you safe, assured in its ability
to reveal the larger picture. It is important in these times to have
the larger picture for the road is getting bumpy, rutty, in places
disconnected. So it is important to have a map in your mind upon which
to glance and reassure yourself that the temporary quality of life
only desires service to negotiate the dignity of all men and women and
children, to comfort their fears and to prepare them for the sunshine
which will again be there when the dust is settled.

Help men to learn to channel their activity into making willful
decisions and acting upon them. This is what the bigger picture
allows, allows you to see past the momentary shock of reality into the
sustaining aftereffect of its aftermath. There truly is an impressive
quality within humans that is only revealed in times understandably
tragic in which this is brought out. Therefore, as spirit, we rejoice
in such days for many more are brought to the table, the table of
living light, the brotherhood of man, the table where all are fed with
the understanding and reality of a loving Father, lovingly caring for
all of His children.

It is the desire of spirit to not lose one, to have all enjoy the
supreme knowledge and understanding and comfort in the love and mercy
of our Divine Parents. You are not forsaken. It is our estimation that
all will fare well. As men begin to refocus their priorities, being
forced to grapple with the error of human ways, and this is what is
going on. All life draws itself into balance. It is noticed, the
greater life becomes unbalanced, for it is further to bring it back to
balance from that standpoint. Thank you for this campfire. Thank you
for the warmth of the hearth. Thank you for the warmth of your hearts
and thank you for the light of your flames. Go in peace, I am Charles.

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