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> No. Idaho Team 2011-02-13
> Teacher: Light, MIchael, Siraya, Machiventa
> T/R: Henry Zeringue, Mark Rogers
> LIght: [Henry] Greetings to you all this morning, this is Light. It
> is good to be here to witness the awareness and revelation within
> the group, to witness the functioning of thought, the holding of
> intention, and the ability to correctly discern the situation you
> have to know that in all talk of light you immediately bring me into
> focus. My abilities have a much more profound nature when I am
> consciously called in and focused on. The tremendous metaphors for
> light which are available as a resource on this planet are
> tremendously varied. For example, almost every belief, religious
> group, has sacred texts which contain nuggets of light, nuggets of
> truth and awareness and it is these nuggets of gold which carry the
> whole weight of these sacred scriptures for all of these various
> religious factions existing presently on your world.
> It is the effort of spirit to illuminate, to stoke the embers of
> these golden nuggets, to flame enthusiasm, consciousness, and
> awareness at this time within all of these groups. Of course, any
> time truth is highlighted at the forefront it is usually competing
> with what isn't true, demanding a tremendous amount of patience to
> allow the misbelief to express itself to the point that it may be
> viewed as empty, thereby requiring that it is aligned to the nugget
> of truth. Light is a tremendously powerful phenomenon. It is not
> only the intense reflection of radiation, it is the means by which
> infinite and eternal truths and revelation is able to minister to
> the worlds of time and space.
> Light at its source is brilliant, light at a distance illuminates,
> and light to the misconception creates shadow. So many are hiding in
> the shadows, it is time to step into the light. You will begin to
> notice the light begin to illuminate on your world. This is the
> intention of spirit. As it begins to illuminate it will create
> intense confusion and polarization. This is to be expected. Before
> things become one they must accumulate in diametrically opposing
> force or polar opposites. So you will begin to see factions begin to
> posture themselves in a positive and negative light. Know that this
> is the time when the light grows stronger and when the angle of the
> light begins to dispel all shadows.
> This is truly the entrance into Light and Life, when the light
> becomes greater than the shadow. Hold fast the light, may it ever
> shine brilliantly in the hearts and minds of all illumined indwelt
> mortals on earth. Thank you this morning for allowing me to give
> voice to light and continue in your ability as a group to work
> through ideas and to seek resolution in consciousness. Thank you.
> Michael: [Mark] Hello my dear ones, I am Michael. It is my great
> pleasure to come among you once again on this day and to gather you
> close to me, that I may express my words of affection to you. I
> recognize that at this time of year for you there is an occasion
> that you observe, that you refer to as Valentine's Day in which it
> is observed that individuals make overt gestures of affection to one
> another. And so it is that I embrace your tradition and would make
> such an overt gesture to you my dear ones.
> This thing that we have between us, which we use the word love to
> describe, is such a deep and profound force that certainly no word
> alone could ever be used to symbolize such a potent, powerful, and
> real force as we feel between us and among us. Yet in this life that
> you are engaged in at this time and that you so willingly welcome me
> to share with you, this force of love while being unseen, may be
> observed in the tenderness of the gestures you offer to one another
> and the gesture that you offer when you come to Me and your Mother
> as your Divine Parents, when you exercise your intention to approach
> us and bring to us in every way that you know how to demonstrate it,
> your sincere desire to show your affection in our direction. Please
> welcome the acknowledgement I bring to you now that we receive these
> gestures and in turn as you are growing to feel in your own
> experience, we continue to shower you with ours.
> There has been some discussion of perhaps a rearranging or changing
> of the guard as it were, for who or how many or by what authority
> things may appear different to you from your perspective. But
> certain things will remain forever a constant. The relationship of
> parents and children remains forever a constant. Throughout many
> ascensions and even an eternal career, this relationship is
> indelible, never to be removed from your condition or mine. So I ask
> for your trust when I tell you that I shall never be far from you
> and that we shall never have a diminished relationship. We shall
> always remain tied to each other as families are tied in this way.
> It is true that there will be many shifts and changes as we move
> through this process together but there will always be a constant
> thread of love that binds us and ties us together forever. And so I
> bring you these tidings on your upcoming Valentine's Day and ask you
> all to expand those who you would demonstrate your affections to, to
> include us, your Divine Parents as well because we are always
> connected. We have this bond between us which shall never be broken
> and I shall never forsake you nor be too far from you at any time.
> Even in moments of your personal distress it can be said then, I am
> the closest, we are the closest. We are wiping your brow as it were,
> as you undergo the process of mortal life and we are ever there to
> bring our love to bear in the equation in relationship to your
> capacity to receive it.
> So once again, it is my great pleasure to utilize this avenue to
> bring you this affirmation and to gather you ever closer to us in
> this process. I pray that you may be in peace and in certainty and
> conviction of this truth. Let it be so Father, even now. I am with
> you on Valentine's Day and always with an equal affection as I know
> you look to me and to us with the same fond regards. I take my leave
> but as I have said, I do not retreat far from you ever. Let us have
> peace together, so be it. Thank you.
> Siraya: [Henry] Greetings to all of you this morning. I come as a
> Master of Light. I am that which is called Siraya, here not as a
> teacher but in a functional capacity, to shift the quality of light
> that it may more greatly reveal what is hidden by the shadow. The
> shifting of this light will become evident as grounded light workers
> begin to experience a supercharge in light, giving them more and
> greater power to be anchors and beacons of the light grid, like the
> net which surrounds your orb. My capacity in this manner is called
> forth at this time as your universe begins to move into a greater
> frequency of light and energy currents. At this time I thank you for
> allowing me to present this information as to my functioning and as
> it specifically relates to this world in the universe of Nebadon.
> Thank you.
> Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you today, this is Machiventa. I am
> here today to draw a distinction between the work of spirit on your
> world and the functioning of Siraya. The greater portion of spirit
> on your world works within the shadows. True, we work to bring
> people into the light which necessitates us going into the shadows
> for the largest part of our work. Therefore we do not focus
> exclusively on those which do work with the light as our task mainly
> deals with bringing the light out inside of those who would cover it
> up with a bushel, for is not this where the greatest work is to be
> found?
> As your Master said on the earth: "I have not come to serve the
> righteous but to seek out the sinner." Continue in all that you do
> and trust that greater revelation will be able to reveal itself the
> closer you get this civilization [to] crawl towards LIght and Life.
> You are still children. Much of the workings of the universes are
> not revealed to you. There is so much fight and conflict over the
> little light that you do have it would be ridiculous for us to turn
> it on full blast when you can handle so very little. Know that as
> your Divine Parents, we also hold the peoples on your planet as a
> family, a loving family and a loving brotherhood reflecting the
> Fatherhood of God. Know that we continue and will continue to be
> here in an endeavor to move the consciousness of the races forward.
> I thank you this morning and continue in all of your efforts to
> serve the light.

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