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Conference Call with Monjoronson

Center for Christ Consciousness

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December 12, 2010

Topics: Mercy

Transmitter: Donna D'Ingillo

Prayer: Mother and Father, we are here today to receive the words and
presence of our Magisterial Son. We thank you for preparing us in the
various ways which you do to make us ready to collaborate with him, not only
when he is here with us in this manner, but when he is here in person. Thank
you for encircuiting us in your presence that we may form this unified bond
of love and share it with our brothers and sisters. We are ready to receive
him. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my brethren. This is Monjoronson. Welcome to our
time together to build the circuit of MERCY on your world. As we began on
our last call, we will focus on this word, this living language of love and
forgiveness. It is being applied in various places around the globe where
those hearts and minds need to receive a deeper quality of love and
compassion. There are many places upon Urantia where traditions of greed and
corruption have long decimated the quality of life for many people. It is
time for these poisonous roots, you might call them, in the collective
conscious mind of Urantia to be removed; for the dead branches to be pruned
and for the light of Michael's truth to shine more brightly within the
hearts and minds of all people.

What you do in events such as this is to generate heart energy. This heart
energy forms a field of love where we labor on your behalf, creating new
inroads in the mindal circuits of people who are still greatly attached to
these poisonous roots. As you may imagine, this is a massive undertaking,
and it is one that still, in terms of the overall human population, there
are very few participants in the pruning process. Yet you provide a pattern
that can be replicated in many places around the world. It is in providing
this environment for others that these MERCY circles and MERCY patterns will
replicate over and over, blanketing the world in this tightly woven mesh of
MERCY language to recode the humans who are still harboring and influenced
by many deleterious thought patterns.

Today I invite you again to envision the world, Urantia, before you.
Envision that all of you are in a circle, holding hands, with the globe in
the center of your circle. Your hearts are beaming a shaft of love into the
matrix of the planetary consciousness. As you envision this in your mind's
eye, invite my presence as a minister of MERCY to engulf the world, and
those who attend me and work on behalf of the Correcting Time will bring
your energies to the places where MERCY is most required and necessary for
planetary transformation. Take your time now to envision this and we will
add what we can into this now. (Pause)

When you err, do you want to be punished? No! You want to be corrected, to
be shown a better way. Those individuals who are still harboring under
delusions of a planetary plan of evolution that is erroneous need to be
brought back into the fold. They need to be able to see that they have been
misguided. It requires a high degree of spiritual development to appreciate
these erring children need MERCY. They need a quality of loving forgiveness
that wipes the slate clean and says "You are free to start over. You have a
second chance." So much of your planetary culture is rooted in vengeance,
retribution and punishment. And it is quite common for people to seek
retaliation toward those who have perpetuated a culture of planetary
rebellion. Yet I say to you, lay down these weapons. They are not the way of
love. They are not the way of the Father. You are being asked to step beyond
your own ideas of retribution and to see these individuals as truly
misguided still, in the cosmic sense of the word, and need loving
ministrations to correct. People will open to loving mercy and some people
will not. However, it is not for you to judge them, but to look up on them
with compassion and appreciate that they have something within them that is
not allowing them to open to love and the Father's will.

You will need this in the coming days and my MERCY to free you from any
sense of vengeance or retaliation. This is not something that humans will
take to kindly or easily, but yet I ask you to be the forerunners of MERCY
and allow what we are building today to resonate deep, deep within your
hearts. To go deep, deep within your souls, and to render a new
understanding of these perpetrators of the great falsehood, so that you can
appreciate them as brothers and sisters who have yet to see the light of
TRUTH. Let us move in you now and help you ingest more MERCY into your own
energy systems and thought streams. (Pause)

As thought currents change on Urantia, as the weapons of greed, corruption,
ignorance and poverty begin to change hands, as you might say, into ideas of
sharing, compassion, kindness, fairness, equality and justice, you will see
a power play of those who are in leadership positions who have attained
control still refuse to yield to the growing light of truth. I implore you
to look kindly upon them and be merciful in appraisals of their behavior;
for even though they truly are stubborn, they know not what they are doing.
They are operating in a way that seems normal and natural to them, based on
their orientation and the way they have been conditioned to respond--think
and react.

So you have a mighty charge in front of you, but you do not need to fear
because I am here to nurture these growing buds of MERCY within your heart.
Turn to me when you feel you have anger or feelings of judgment against
these individuals and power systems. I will feed you. I will help you
overcome that natural inclination to resent. It is so vital for you to hold
this mental environment of MERCY now, so more can be added to the planet, so
that these weapons of mass destruction-mental mass destruction-can be
eliminated once and for all. While this will take years to fully accomplish,
let this be the dawn. Let this be the time when you, who are on the front
lines, demonstrate this mightily and readily to your brothers and sisters,
no matter how much they may grievously err in front of you. I will pause now
and give you some time to incorporate these ideas into your consciousness.
Let your hearts open to these words and let them go deep into your being.

The MERCY you demonstrate to your brothers and sisters will return to you
many, many times over. You will actually be building a bigger field of mercy
to be wielded in the face of great injustice. We encourage you with these
words, but it is truly your actions that are forging a new pattern of life
on Urantia. We can help you to many degrees, but it is your effort, your
change of heart and mind that are spearheading this new way of living here
on Michael's world.

We will give you a few moments to collect your thoughts and today I will
entertain your questions about demonstrating MERCY during this dynamic time
of planetary change.

STUDENT: You were speaking about how it's important to show MERCY to the
rulers and the elitists of the world who are doing things that are hurting
mankind, who have been doing it for thousands of years. I understand your
sentiment, and I certainly want that to happen, but I have difficulty
showing mercy toward those who are well aware of what they are doing yet
keep doing it. There is a small portion of the world who rule over the
rulers keeping mankind enslaved, but can you tell me how to show MERCY to
those who keep doing what they're doing, despite they know what they're
doing is wrong?

MONJORONSON: There is a distinction to make between being merciful and
delivering justice. There is a time growing when justice will be served, but
it is not your decision to make. It is not your action to impart. What we
suggest in these exercises is to build an energetic field of MERCY that
comes from your heart centers that goes into a planetary pool of
consciousness that creates an incredible amount of spiritual pressure, and
within that spiritual pressure those individuals who are operating in ways
that are contrary to the Father's will will give them more impetus to lay
down their weapons. You must leave the justice to those in a position to
wield it.

But what you are doing is preliminary for the laying down of these weapons
that these power elites, as you call them, are using. This is not to say
that you will not be happy to see justice served. We understand that and it
is normal that you would feel a sense of elation or a sense of "finally, you
are now being removed from power!" But what you must recognize is that these
are your brothers and sisters underneath all of their wrongful thinking and
action. These are your brothers and sisters and that is what is the
foundation under the root of it all. So do the best you can. We do not
expect you to become masters of MERCY at this point in time, but we do ask
that you hold this idea and this energy in your hearts to create the field
that you can see justice served and these people will be given an
opportunity to repent and redeem themselves.

STUDENT: I never really thought of it that way. I never considered these
individuals as my brothers and sisters, so that is something that I will
have to work on. Just one more question. Perhaps you could talk about the
energetic consciousness that we're contributing to?

MONJORONSON: Think of the ways in which your planetary evolution has
evolved. You have a culture of war and competition and these are all mind
sets, are they not? They are all behavior patterns that have been
demonstrated over long periods of time because these ideas of people
fighting against one another are very deeply entrenched within your field of
consciousness. So what we are encouraging you to do is to change your mind,
to change your heart, to open your hearts to love. And in that you generate
more emotional power for the planetary field of consciousness to shift. You
are beginning to understand the power of thought. This is a new arena of
Urantians to engage and use. You are learning to think positively, and that
thought form creates a field of energy, and that field of energy is
something that people can tap into and think from. So you are changing your
collective pool of consciousness from one that is rebellion-oriented to one
that is Father-centered. This is part of the growing consciousness of the
Supreme Being for your planet, so you are contributing to a level of cosmic
consciousness that is necessary for the entire universe to exist within, as
the circuits of light and life grow within this region of Nebadon. Does this
answer your question, my brother?

STUDENT: Yes, thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your participation and do your best each day to
think about these things and know that it is very much appreciated what you
contribute to this growing planetary consciousness of MERCY.

STUDENT: I'd like to make a comment on what we had tonight from you. I see
the picture of the Prodigal Son when he comes home and the father asks the
brother to make a feast, to make a meal to enjoy that the brother is back
home. I feel that the love that the father has for the lost son, and I like
to relate that to our brothers who are going the wrong way. I want to catch
the love for the brothers who walk the wrong way.

MONJORONSON: And in keeping with that parable of the Prodigal Son, you can
make this seem more personal to you. It is important for you to see these
brothers and sisters of yours as truly lost and now they are being given a
way to find their way home, to enter into the Father's family. I appreciate
you bringing the parable up, because this is what the Master taught, and it
is an easy reminder to think about the bigger ideas that we share with you
in a more personal way. Thank you for your participation and your

STUDENT: I would like to ask you a question and present a situation. I am a
doctor of chiropractic and I do massage and go to people's homes, and I
received a call from a man who was inappropriate. He sounded intimidated by
my saying that he lived too far for me to travel to his home to massage him
and his wife. A red flag came up when he called. I investigated him, and the
person he said was his wife was not his wife. My higher self wants to give
it over to Michael and to you and to and to have mercy upon them, which I
have done, but on an earthly level, am I do to something else with this?

MONJORONSON: These are the questions that you must take to your indwelling
Father Fragment and intuit if this is a person that you wish to treat. There
is never any need to put yourself into any kind of physical danger and if
you are receiving a feeling of, as you say a red flag coming up for you,
then it is important for you to honor that and to follow your internal
guidance. Of course, show mercy to this individual, you may pray for this
person and envision this person receiving Michael's love and care, but that
does not mean that you must personally compromise your own safety and well
being. It will be those people that you will need to pass by because you are
not in a strong enough position to help them in the way that your heart may
wish to. Does this help?

STUDENT: I will pay attention to what I need to do. Thank you so much.

MONJORONSON: In listening to what is within your heart, you will be able to
know and appreciate when it is time to take action and when it is time to
step back. I thank you for your participation.

As we have asked you in the past, focus on MERCY and the growing field of
MERCY CONSCIOUSNESS. This will facilitate the continued shifting of
planetary consciousness to one that you wish to create. It is time to take
responsibility for the thoughts you emit into the growing pool of the
planetary supreme. And this MERCY CONSCIOUSNESS will not only serve you
well, but it will foster the kind of changes you wish to see and make here
on Urantia.

On behalf of those who minister to you, I thank you and I will come to you
when you call on me when you need more MERCY perspective and any other
situations that you face in your lives. Be generous in your application of
MERCY and above all, love your brothers and sisters as Michael has
demonstrated to you. After all, he was one of the greatest victims of the
Great Deception and yet he loved all humanity and showed mercy to them.
Follow his example and you will always receive more living truth, mercy,
love, goodness and wisdom to use in and throughout your day. Good afternoon.

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