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Conference Call with Monjoronson

Center for Christ Consciousness

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November 28, 2010

Topics: Mercy

Transmitter: Donna D'Ingillo

Prayer: Mother and Father, we thank you again for another opportunity to
collaborate with our Magisterial Son in the upliftment plan for Urantia.
Thank you for using the energies that we generate from our hearts and our
intentions and our thoughts that we add to the web of light that you are
building on this world. Thank you for weaving us together energetically in
this unifying manner in that you are amplifying what we generate here today
to increase the greater good on our world. We invite his presence now to
serve in our hearts and motivate us in new ways as we listen and receive his
presence today.

MONJORONSON: Greetings one and all, my beloved brethren. This is
Monjoronson. Today there are some new developments where I wish to lead you
as you collaborate with us to increasingly weave this web of love through
the fabric of planetary consciousness. We have been guiding you in the
becoming more mindfully attuned to the presences of spirit around you,
including those of your indwelling Father Fragments. Today as the circuits
of light impinge on the hearts of Urantian mortals, I ask you to focus with
me on the living language of MERCY.

Many of your earthly brethren are suffering under many delusions of
long-established religious traditions which have kept them enslaved not only
in certain types of physical bondage but a type of intellectual enslavement
that deflects their own indwelling Father Fragments from operating fully in
their minds and their hearts. Today, in keeping with the plans of
Michael--his love, his compassion, his overarching mercy for this world and
the worlds who have participated in the Lucifer Rebellion--we are here to
build more of that MERCY endowment within these hearts and minds.

So today I invite you to open your hearts to your brothers and sisters who
are still in the dark. Feel your compassion for them, especially those who
seem to be truly lost in the dark--ones stubbornly entrenched in
institutionalized forms of operation refusing to see the light and those who
have lost their lives to all kinds of addictions. These are the ones who
need your love, your compassion and love. As we move in you, as we build
this fabric of MERCY, keep your minds focused on those people who are most

We will begin. Envision in your mind's eye the word MERCY in front of you in
a large pool of light, radiant energy, pulsating and vibrating with life.
Invite that word to go deeply into your heart and then send it out into the
world. We will gather these heart energies and combine them. We will direct
them where they can do the most good. It will be very helpful if you can
continue to remain in your heart. Feel your love for your brethren. Ask for
merciful ministrations of Michael and myself to join with your heart energy.
Amplify it, putting to the best use possible during this conference call.
Let us begin. (Pause)

Light workers abound on Urantia now. There are many people in places all
over the globe who are feeling these emanations of love deep in their
hearts. When we gather together in a unified frame of mind and intention,
what has been generated by those who are in the light of Michael's love adds
to this growing effort. Those who have sequestered themselves in darkness
need this MERCY now. It will help them to open their hearts, penetrate
through those defenses that have kept them in various forms of bondage. They
need MERCY to regain some of the dignity they have lost. They know not their
status as children of God. The confusion and the abandonment they have
experienced are deep within them. Yet allowing MERCY to flow into them, to
seep into their souls and their minds a little bit more builds build
self-confidence, forgiveness, self-understanding. Help them begin to
experience more of what their Adjusters wish to provide for them.

Know that in holding this light focus of MERCY in your heart what you
generate will be put to good use. You are serving your brothers and sisters
who you cannot see. You also serve those who you can, and with whom you
interact, if you allow this MERCY energy to radiate in your heart and begin
to embody it in various dimensions of your lives.

Rage not against those who have not yet awakened when they do foolish and
unkind things that may affect you. Forgive them. Love them. Above all, be
merciful. The Father in heaven is merciful to you. Let His MERCY in you
grow, to continue to help you gain a greater footing in this living language
of the Father's will, augmented by your Mother Nebadonia and her daughters,
and the other workers who are participating in this call today. (Pause)

We are building a field of MERCY on the planet, my brethren for those who
have not walked in the light of Michael's truth to lay down their weapons of
anger, malice, greed, corruption. The field must be tightly woven, highly
vibrational, so that these individuals feel safe, feel that energy of
forgiveness and compassion for them to lay down these weapons. Truly, these
are the weapons of mass destruction. It is those hearts so closed to love
that have actually made these weapons now take physical form. Continue to
feel your desire for mercy to grow into this tightly-woven web on Urantia.
The lives of many of your brothers and sisters are at stake here now.

We will be building this field for many weeks to come now, my brethren, a
field of MERCY where you will labor. Keep yourselves strong. Spend some time
each day asking for the field to grow stronger in your hearts and on the
planet. It will serve you well in ways that you will see and in ways that
you will not perceive yet. (Pause)

On behalf of those who serve you and attend to you, who have used your
energies to building this fabric of MERCY on the world, we thank you. We
look to these times of gathering with you as pivotal moments in the
transformation of the Urantia mindset from that of rebellion orientation to
that of aligning with the will of the Father. Take pride in what you are
doing during these sessions, know that your heartfelt intention to serve
opens many doors of life and love in your own hearts and minds. We ask you
to remember to focus on this each day. Help us continue to build. It is so
needed and necessary for transformation. Remember, it is your efforts that
are making this planet the jewel of all Nebadon.

May the peace of Michael, the love of Nebadonia and the grace of the
Paradise Father be upon you, my brethren. Enjoy your day. Glory in the
Father's Love. Good day.

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