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> Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2010-10-28
> Teacher: Monjoronson, Michael
> T/R: Mark Rogers
> Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents for this chance to assemble
> together for one common purpose, one common tie, to pool our
> energies together, to form this energy grid around us, between us,
> on us. This is a wonderful life, this is a great opportunity, this
> is a gift of divine grace from you, our Divine Parents. All that we
> experience, our lives and everything in it, we owe to you. So it is
> with this open heart that we come to you tonight in joy and in
> gratitude and we ask that you come and join us and drink this cup of
> goodness with us. Join us as we celebrate the goodness of this life
> that you have given us. Breathe deeply the atmosphere of this life
> that you have enabled us to experience. It is a good one, no, it is
> a great one. So many people to love, so much experience to be had in
> this life and all this you give to us as your gift, you bring to us
> this chance for life and experience and love and growth. We embrace
> it and we say thank you for these things. We would share them with
> you, we would offer them to you for the goodness that they are. Join
> us as we revel in the goodness.
> I now invite into this forum, celestial personalities to access this
> opportunity you provide by gathering under the umbrella of this
> intention, to having an open mind and open heart to your leading. We
> ask to hear from any who would join us at this time, drink this cup
> with us, share this experience. It is a gift of grace that we would
> share and join in and be in together. Thank you for this gift.
> Monjoronson: It is with great pleasure that I accept this invitation
> offered. I would indulge in this opportunity offered to spend a
> little more time with you and grow more familiar with each other. I
> am Monjoronson or least I am this ones very best rendition of what
> he believes my energy signature to represent. You see, we are all
> energetic spiritual beings, we all have an energy signature, a
> composite of that that we are composed of and this is our universal
> identification, the unique combination that we possess of traits
> which are conveyed in an energy signature, a unique tone, a unique
> flavor, a unique representation of the composite being that is you
> and that is me.
> Under the best circumstances, this is how we see each other, in
> spirit form, from spirit form. But, my friends, you all will concede
> you live far far away from the best possible spiritual condition. So
> we work with what we have in this process to feel each other as we
> are so able, to best convey a sense of our presence and our
> signature through word symbols and inflections of voice when in fact
> these are two different arenas and can only be dimly recognized and
> identified by alternate paradigms.
> In the true spiritual dimension it is not easy to derive a
> misunderstanding about the nature of another because they are
> clearly represented by the true aspects of their being. In the
> material realm we must make descriptions and references and use
> language, merely signposts and symbols to attempt to define a
> reality, a truth, a sense, an awareness. This translation will not
> be complete with words, it must be experienced personally, embraced
> as part of your individual experience.
> You have on your world the concept that it is necessary in the
> university to both study in the classroom the traits and
> characteristics of that which you attempt to describe but then as
> well you see it is necessary to go into the lab or the field to
> truly see for yourself and have the experience for yourself before
> the lesson is truly embraced. And so it is that we describe and talk
> about and make our best attempts to describe and illuminate and
> accurately convey what we would say but our best attempts are left
> behind in the classroom and while they were useful and instrumental
> to our understanding without personally engaging in the experiments
> of life, we do not have personal command over the principles
> expressed.
> That is what is so pleasing about exercises such as this. This is
> venturing out beyond the mere intellectual aspect of assembling
> these word symbols into relative meaning but applying yourself as
> well to the spiritual component of the feeling it, the sensing it,
> the acknowledging it, to go into the field of life and walk out and
> see what it feels like to the senses to be in this spiritual plane,
> to acknowledge the environment. Each time this is done there is a
> greater recognition, an easier recognition, an easier pathway
> becomes well worn and established and that is the value of a meeting
> such as this, to exercise your spiritual muscles and feel that part
> of yourself, to extend into that realm of your being and push to
> explore its dimension.
> I would make comment here, regarding this difficulty in any direct
> translation of concept into thought, word, and even print. There
> lies a great difficulty in this process of this transfer of the
> sense of one dimension, making accurate transfer into the word
> symbols in another dimension. We certainly will do the very best we
> can and acknowledge and appreciate all that we have to work with in
> this process, acknowledging the limitations inherent within this
> process. We do not live, function, and operate in a world of
> perfection and must, in many cases, work with the closest thing we
> have to it that will cross over and make it into the concepts,
> vocabulary, and interpretation of those who are devotedly trying to
> assist us. It is no surprise to you that all things in your world
> are imperfect and this is another one example. That is why it is
> incumbent upon you, each and every one, to seek within for a
> confirmation to all that comes your way.
> I sense an energy shift at this time and would like to thank you all
> for this opportunity you have provided to join with you at this
> time. Your reaching out into this forum and creating this
> opportunity makes this connection possible and I am in gratitude to
> you all for that. I would withdraw from any further comments at this
> time and would open the floor of this arena for any other
> personalities, any earthly personalities who would like to offer
> comments, questions, suggestions. We are in fact on the team
> together. I accept that you have a respectful attitude towards my
> presence but I have a respectful attitude towards yours as well. So
> I would desire to hear from any who would take the offer as I have
> here today.
> Mark: I would like to welcome celestial personalities by name. I
> would welcome Light, I would welcome Charles, of course, Michael,
> Mother, Serena, Machiventa, any and all of you. I would like you to
> drink this cup with us, to participate openly and freely to make me
> an instrument of your peace, thank you.
> Michael: Greetings my dear ones, I am Michael. I am your Father and
> I was as your brother. I know what it is like to live a life in the
> flesh as you are enjoying at this time and I am so pleased to be
> offered this opportunity to openly join with you in the celebration
> of your life, to drink in with you this grace and this peace and
> this love. Truly, I relish the opportunity to be with you as
> directly as this even though I acknowledge there is a gap to be
> overcome in this process. But my dear ones, this gap grows smaller
> with each day, each practice that you do to come to me in spirit,
> each effort that you make to acknowledge your higher side, to be
> with your Inner Guide, these are measures of success, each one,
> every one, and I am aware of them.
> I have made it my joy and my privilege to know you and to be with
> you and to cherish those times when you would invite me to be with
> you and be in awareness that we together. That is all that it takes
> my dear ones, simply your acknowledgement, your desire stated within
> to be with me opens the door and I am there. This I have pledged to
> you. If you will knock, I will open the door and if you will open
> the door, I will enter. It is a great privilege to be with my
> children as they go through the episodes of their lives, the events
> of their experience. I live vicariously through you, I drink these
> cups with you whether you are fully aware of my presence or not. I
> see you in your moments of trials and your moments of perceived
> defeat. I observe you as any good parent would if they could and so
> I am aware and I am in love with you as any good parent would be.
> And so you can the further understand how I cherish your coming to
> me, your desiring to be with me as I so desire to be with you. Thank
> you for this invitation. These welcome arms, this joyful embrace. I
> will accept it anytime, every time, that you can remember to offer
> it to me and include me. I am so very pleased with all of you, each
> of you, every one of you, as any good parent would be. I bring you
> my love always, every time. I bring you my peace even if you know
> not to ask for it, it is offered, it is there for you. And so once
> again, even now, I bring you my peace and my love and this special
> opportunity that we both enjoy in the ability to make this
> connection through one more form of circuitry, one more avenue we
> have between us, one more gift of grace we share.
> I will take my leave of this mode we are sharing but I never leave
> you my dear ones. I am never far away. The good parent always hears
> the cry of the children and the children always recognize the loving
> voice of the parent. So be it, so it is. I love you and you know it.
> Be at peace and in my love and turn to me when you can, I will be
> there. Thank you.

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